How to change at run-time the type of a step?

How topic title, i need to know how change at run-time the type of a step. I have, i my sub-sequence, a step whose type must change at run-time based upon the occurrence of a condition. How can do it?

I need to do this: At verify of a condition, one specific step at the end of sequence must change from statement to numeric limit test and viceversa.
However, is right to no writing self-modifyinf sequence  unless handle rece condition on step that i want change at run-time.
Moreover i ask myself: If for change the type of a step i need first delete the substep and later create a new one relative to the step that I want, then it is better and make more sense to create dynamically the step that i would like to have depending on the condition that occurs, right?

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    is there any way to change default selected value for servers start mode while you are creating a new domain based on a template, through configuration wizard? By default development mode radio button is selected but I would like to change default selection to production mode at wizard screen

    In GUI wizard there is no such option you have to select manually to change from development to production mode only.

  • Can the position of a vertical line object be changed in run time

    Post Author: KennyG
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    I added some vertical line objects into my report in design mode, but the position of them can't be determined until the run time. So I have to change the position dynamically, such as "  lineObject.Left = 200; ........" . But I'm confronted with an exception, System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException, and it says that " The line object's coordinates are not valid. Only vertical or horizontal lines are supported.". Finally, can the position of a vertical line object be changed in run time? if can, how to do it??
    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Making buttons move is my thing. Attached you will find VIs that make advanced use of the postion property.
    Moving_Menu.llb ‏176 KB ‏139 KB ‏54 KB

  • At times, the type in the bookmarks toolbar as well as the tabs changes to white with a drop shadow on a white background, making it very difficult to read. I do not know what it causing the colors to change. Is there any way to fix this?

    At times, the type in the bookmarks toolbar as well as the tabs changes to white with a drop shadow on a white background, making it very difficult to read. I do not know what it causing the colors to change. Is there any way to fix this?

    quick test based on screendump from your picture
    1: hue & saturation : master sat -100
    2:levels : input white=67
    OK ?

  • How to use database control to execute sql queries which change at run time

    Hi all,
    I need to execute sql queries using database controls , where the sql changes
    at run time
    based on some condition. For eg. based on the condition , I can add some where
    Eg. sql = select id,name from emp where id = ?.
    based on some condition , I can add the following condition .
    and location = ?.
    Have anybody had this kind of situation.

    From the perspective of the database control, you've got two options:
    1) use the sql: keyword to do parameter substitution. Your observation
    about {foo} style sbustitution is correct -- this is like using a
    PreparedStatement. To do substitution into the rest of the SQL
    statement, you can use the {sql: foo} substitution syntax which was
    undocumented in GA but is documented in SP2. Then, you can build up
    the filter clause String yourself in a JPF / JWS / etc and pass it into
    the DB control.
    For example:
    * @jc:sql statement="select * from product {sql: filter}"
    public Product[] getProducts(String filter) throws SQLException;
    This will substitute the String filter directly into the statement that
    is executed. The filter string could be null, "", "WHERE ID=12345", etc.
    2) you can use the DatabaseFilter object to build up a set of custom
    sorts and filters and pass that object into the DB control method.
    There have been other posts here about doing this, look for the subject
    "DatabaseFilter example".
    Hope that helps...
    Dan Hayes wrote:
    "Sathish Venkatesan" <[email protected]> wrote:
    Hi Maruthi,
    The parameter substituion , I guess is used like setting the values for
    What I'm trying to do , is change the sql at run time based on some condition.
    For example ,
    consider the following query :
    select col1,col2 from table t where t.col3 > 1
    At run time , based on some condition , I need to add one more and condition.
    i.e. select col1,col2 from table t where t.col3 > 1 and t.col4 < 10.
    This MAY not address your issue but if you are trying to add "optional" parameters
    you may try including ALL the possible parameters in the SQL but send in null
    for those params that you don't want to filter on in any particular case. Then,
    if you word your query
    as follows:
    select col1, col2 from table t where t.col3 > 1 and (t.col4 = {col4param} or
    {col4param} is null) and (t.col5 = {col5param} or {col5param} is null) ...
    you will get "dynamic" filters. In other words, col4 and col5 will only be
    filtered if you send in non-null parameters for those arguments.
    I have not tried this in a WL Workshop database control but I've used
    this strategy dozens of times in stored procedures or jdbc prepared statements.
    Good luck,

  • How to install Vision run-time engine to a desktop PC converted to real-time target

    Hi, all
    I don't know how can I install the vision run-time engine to a desktop PC which I converted to a real-time target.  The same problem applies to installing real-time run-time engine and labview run-time engine to the real-time target.  The only way to install software to real-time target is through "add/remove software" in MAX for remote system, but it is not for all types of run-time engine installation.  
    I am also confused about how to activate those run-time engines for the desktop PC as real-time target.
    Please help and great thanks.

    Hi turtle,
    Here is a link that explains how to set up a desktop PC as a real-time target.  The section for Formatting & Setup should help you the most.
    NI Developer Zone Tutorial: Requirements for Desktop PCs as LabVIEW Real-Time Targets
    Justin D.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How to debug  a run time error encountered while executing ZFunction Module

    Hi all,
    My requirement is to create a ZFunction Module that Generated a sales order
    for multiple line items and works for both Variant Configurable material and a Normal Material.
    I am using BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI in my Zfunction Module to create a
    Sales order
    My ZFunction Module works well if I give normal material as input.
    It also works well and generates a sales order if I give all Variant Configurable materials as input.
    But if I give both Variant Configurable material and a normal material it throws a run time error.
    Can some one tell me what is wrong? can some one suggest me how to debug this run time error
    Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLCRM_CONFIG_OW" - in                            
    The main program was "RS_TESTFRAME_CALL ".                                                                               
    In the source code you have the termination point in line 63
    of the (Include) program "LCRM_CONFIG_OWF02".                                                
    Source Code Extract                                                                               
    Line SourceCde                                                                               
    |   33|                                       LT_CUXI_CUPRT                                       
    |   34|                                       LT_CUXI_CUVAL                                       
    |   35|                                       LT_CUXI_CUVK                                        
    |   36|                                       LS_CUXI_CUCFG.                                      
    |   38|  PERFORM CREATE_PRICING_CSTIC USING IS_CONFIG-CUCFG-CFGINFO.                              
    |   40|* set config to cbase                                                                      
    |   41|  CALL FUNCTION 'COM_CUXI_SET_SINGLE_CFG'                                                  
    |   42|       EXPORTING                                                                           
    |   43|            I_CFG_HEADER          = LS_CUXI_CUCFG                                          
    |   44|            I_ROOT_INSTANCE       = CV_INT_OBJ_NO                                          
    |   45|            I_LOGSYS              = LV_LOGSYS                                              
    |   46|       IMPORTING                                                                           
    |   47|            E_ROOT_INSTANCE       = CV_INT_OBJ_NO                                          
    |   48|       TABLES                                                                               
    |   49|            I_TAB_INSTANCES       = LT_CUXI_CUINS                                          
    |   50|            I_TAB_PART_OF         = LT_CUXI_CUPRT                                          
    |   51|            I_TAB_VALUES          = LT_CUXI_CUVAL                                          
    |   52|            I_TAB_VAR_KEYS        = LT_CUXI_CUVK                                           
    |   53|            I_TAB_RESTRICTIONS    = LT_CUXI_CURES                                          
    |   54|       EXCEPTIONS                                                                          
    |   55|            INVALID_INSTANCE      = 1                                                      
    |   56|            INTERNAL_ERROR        = 2                                                     
    OTHERS                = 3.                                                        58
    |   59|  IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.                                                        
    |   60|    if sy-msgno is initial.                                                      
    |   62|    else.                                                                             
    |   64|              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    |   65|    endif.                                                                               
    |   66|  ENDIF.                                                                               
    |   68|ENDFORM.                               " CONFIG_TO_CBASE                                   

    Hey Amit...
    Can I Create a Sales order for VC and Non VC items using BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI
    Is it a limitation for BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI
    I am trying to create a Sales Order using a Zprogram. I have used BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI. If I give the input as Normal material I am able to generate a sale order. If I give the input as VC material I am able to generate a sales order. But if I give both VC and Normal material as input, I get a run time error as follows.
    Is it a limitation for BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI that we cannot create a sales order with both VC and Non-VC items or am I missing some data which I need to pass when I give both VC and Non VC items? I get this error only for my Zprogram. But if I try to create an order on screen manually I donu2019t get any error. This happens only if I create an order with my Zprogram.
    Some one please help me u2026I am just stuggling to get this doneu2026
    I dint find any posts that gives me information about this error.
    CUX1 034 u201CNo root instance found in header datau201D                                                                               
    In the source code you have the termination point in line 63                                   of the (Include) program "LCRM_CONFIG_OWF02".

  • How to change password on time capsule

    How to change password on time capsule?

    The Time Capsule has two passwords.....a device password and a wireless network password.
    Which password are you referring to here?
    In order to provide detailed step by step instructions for how to change the password, we will need for you to also post back to let us know what type of operating system....Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc, that you are using on your Mac.

  • As an update, I installed an update 5.7on my Mac laptop, now the Lightroom 5.0 has become a "Lightroom Mobile" version.  How can change it back to the laptop version?

    As an update, I installed an update 5.7on my Mac laptop, now the Lightroom 5.0 has become a "Lightroom Mobile" version.  How can change it back to the laptop version 5.7?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    LR on your laptop is still a desktop version.  It is just now able to upload to the cloud to replicate photos to either or an iPad that has LR Mobile installed.
    I think you probably just want to change the LR 5 identity plate back so it doesn’t mention LR Mobile all the time.  Hover over the identity-plate area, and click on the little triangle that appears, then choose Change Identity Plate.

  • How to change a label of User Type in OIM 11g

    How to change a label of User Type in OIM 11g. If we have to change label of First Name or Last name then we can change in User.xml and some in resource properties file but what is the procedure to change for User Type.

    Follow this:
    i .Copy the $OIM_ORACLE_HOME/server/apps/oim.ear/admin.war/WEB-INF/lib/IdentityTaskFlow.jar to a local work directory, unzip it and locate at /oracle/iam/resources/IdentityTaskFlow.
    ii. Update the file in the IdentityTaskFlow.jar/oracle/iam/resources/IdentityTaskFlow and create a new IdentityTaskFlow.jar
    iii. Copy the updated IdentityTaskFlow.jar to $OIM_ORACLE_HOME/ server/apps/oim.ear/admin.war/WEB-INF/lib/
    For "User Type", try putting the property name as "user_type" or try "role". One should work.

  • How to Install crystal run time programs with out designer.

    Can anyone suggest me  how to install crystal run time program with out installing entire designer software.
    Is it coming along with CR software package, which we have to do custom install or is it coming as a different package.  
    Currently my client is using only the run time programs to trigger crystal  report from VB app but developers have installed entire software for development.  We need to figure out how this install can be done, as it was done long time before and folks who have done it left the company.  
    Any suggestion on this would be of great help to me.

    See this wiki:

  • In SAP 4.6c In classical reports output how to change Font size and Font type

    Dear Experts,
    In SAP 4.6c, in classical and interactive reports  output how to change font size and font type.

    These are HTML formatting questions. Nothing to do with the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL languages.
    With old-style HTML, the font size and family are set using the font tag.
    With modern style HTML, that is done using cascading style sheets (CSS).
    Your favourite search engine will turn up tons of information on both.

  • How can i  manipulate run time  LOV

    i have created a LOV for assign_to field .
    LOV used view object which is based on the Login(loginid,loginname) field.
    now i want to manipulate LOV data run time
    the person who is login to application those name not shown in LOV. which is based on processScope variable value.
    i have also create view criteria for login viewobject using bind variable. but how can i use it.

    Hi Manish,
    1. create a view object to get the assigned_to list.
    2. create a view criteria where you will pass the logged in user through bind variable.
         3. use not equal to operation in view criteria and filter the logged in user from assgined to list.
    4. Check the following link to achieve the dependant LOV's .
    if these input not solving your problem update more information about your requirement.

  • How to measure query run time and mnitor performance

    Hai All,
                   A simple question. How to measure query run time and mnitor performance? I want to see the parameters like how long it took to execute, how much space it took etc.
    Thank you.

    some ways
    1. use transaction st03, expert mode.
    2. tables rsddstat*
    3. install bw statistics (technical content)
    there are docs on this, also bi knowledge performance center.
    BW Performance Tuning Knowledge Center - SAP Developer Network (SDN)
    Business Intelligence Performance Tuning [original link is broken]
    also take a look
    Prakash's weblog on this topic..
    oss note
    557870 'FAQ BW Query Performance'
    and 567746 'Composite note BW 3.x performance Query and Web'.

  • How does iOS 7 run on the iPhone 4S?

    I have an iPhone 4S (64GB) running 5.1.1 and would like to know how iOS 7 actually runs on the 4S. I have read so many conflicting reports about iOS 7 on the 4S that I do not know who to believe anymore. I never updated to iOS 6 because of the much published “WiFi greyed out” issue that haunts the 4S. From what I read, this is ongoing with iOS 7 with no fix in sight as it's hardware issue as a result of shoddy build quality.
    My only previous update experience (from one version of iOS to another) is with a 3rd generation iPod Touch which after the update to iOS4 (which broke the video app) and then iOS5 (which at least fixed the video app) is only good for playing music. It so laggy that doing anything else with it is basically impossible.
    The iPhone 4S was designed for iOS 5 and not iOS 7. Is the iPhone 4S’s processor up to the task of running iOS 7 without any glitches and lagging? I'd rather stay on 5.1.1 than having my user experience tanked by a phone that it not quite capable of running the new version of iOS problem free. I am not one of those people that MUST have the latest version of iOS not matter what. My phone working reliably (and having WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity) is much more important than a flashy (some would say ugly) new iOS. The only reason I am considering upgrading is for the new call/sms blocking feature. I know Apple says that they are compatible, but they also said that iOS4 & iOS5 will run on a 3rd generation iPod Touch and it just does not....
    Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Tyler
    is the other 4S user frequently cleaning the tasks that run in the background?
    - if not: double push the home button and swipe away the unused 'running"-Apps.
    (this is also new: it used to be push and hold - then press the X. Now simply swipe them away)
    I also have an iPad 1st Gen with iOS5 and find it very helpful to restart it once in a while. This also helps to increase the performance and reduces crashes.
    Ok, I have to admit that my 4S also froze in the past, but maximum once in a month or two.  Usually this happened when I tried to do to many things at the same time.
    However what I experienced, that the camera App crashed more often when trying to shoot multiple HDR pictures. I believe it is due to the computing, which has to be done by the phone, since HDR means, shooting 3 Pictures and merging them.
    My Battery is, as the phone 2 years old and last about a day in business use. I turn off wifi and BT when I don't need it, further reduce the display brightness. This increased my battery life significantly.
    Observation with WhatsApp: sometimes I need to close and reboot it (in the task manager), but I related this issue rather to the App than the iOS.
    Good luck

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