How to change Font Type of the Title Text of a JFrame?

I want to set a different Font Type for the Title text of the titlebar of my JFrame.
Is it possible? Can anyone show me how if it is?

Thanks. It works!
But there was a problem. I was not using the :-
so I have to use it now.
Is it possible to do it without the default decorated look and feel? Because the default LNF title bar has too much height and I am cramped for space.
I know that's no excuse. I tried but it doesn't work.. I am using a extended JFrame like this:-
class Testing extends JFrame
public Testing()
Container container = getContentPane();
/* add components to this container here */
When I use getComponent() for the container, I get an ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception.
When I set the argument to getComponent(0), the font in the title bar is not changed.
What else should I do?

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    LED >Mouse right-click> Create >>> Property Node >>> Label >>> Font >>> Name
    then (or)
    Numeric >Mouse right-click> Create >>> Property Node >>> Numeric Text >>> Font >>> Name

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    I think this issue can be solved by decrease the font size of the date. Is there anyone knows how to do this or where the configuration file of the notification center is? Thanks!

    AFAIK there is no way to customize this font size. You can't resize the window either.
    You need to report it to Apple Feedback so it can be logged and put in the queue to be fixed.

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    I want to catch the drag event in the title bar for jframe, because I have a few more window, dialogs, which I want to move along with my main window

    you can use a listener like tih one works if you don't move to quickly.....
    class SynchroMover extends ComponentAdapter{
      private JFrame master;
      private JFrame[]slaves;
      private int currentX;
      private int currentY;
      public SynchroMover(JFrame master,JFrame[]slaves){
        this.master = master;
        this.slaves = slaves;
        currentX =(int) master.getLocation().getX();
        currentY =(int) master.getLocation().getY();
      public void componentMoved(ComponentEvent e){
        int dx = (int)master.getLocation().getX() - currentX;
        int dy = (int)master.getLocation().getY() - currentY;
        System.out.println(dx+" "+dy);
        for(int i=0;i<slaves.length;i++)
    currentX = (int)master.getLocation().getX();
    currentY = (int)master.getLocation().getY();
    the code isn't you can probably do better

  • How to change page type after the fact

    In the application builder, I click on an application and choose Details in View.
    I get the list of pages I have in my app.
    The page type column has:
    Interactive Report
    Navigation Form
    Dynamic HTML
    DML Form
    How do I change this column after a page has long been created?
    Specifically, I want to the change "Dynamic HTML" to something else.
    Because on this particular page, tabs do not work (error: page not found).
    Buttons created among a regions items do not work (same error, page not found).
    I need to use tab and buttons to go from this page to other pages.
    And I am suspecting the page type may have something to do with my problem.
    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

    Thanks for your consideration!
    For my current app, a clinical management system,
    I'd like to have, say, 1000 items.
    (For other applications I am thinking about, but have no time,
    nor expertise for now, I'd need millions of items,
    each corresponding to a pixel of a graphic.)
    Who cares if the current computers are too slow?
    How about make it a parameter that can be changed
    per app or per apex installation, and default to 100?
    Some forms can be broken up logically, as people have helpfully suggested,
    and I did follow that advise on some pages.
    But other forms cannot be. People have put a lot of thought on designing
    those forms, they are government or legal standards (or at least something more important
    than computer performance), and people have been trained
    with those original forms.
    Consider the hoops I have to jump through to get more than 100 items
    on a page I am currently working on:
    Generate the items (INPUT type="text" and INPUT type="checkbox") using PLSQL
    lots of htp.p('<INPUT ...>').
    a JavaScript function to collect all the values on the page
    and make up an XML string. submits this string to an application
    process, and application process parses the XML string and does insert or update.
    Another JavaScript to populate the items based on the current values of a row,
    using an application process to retrieve the columns of a row.
    There are about 150 items on this particular page.
    All these are ok, because I was aware of the restriction of 100.
    And because I wanted to generate my own HTML to mimic the original
    form anyway.
    Then things started to go weird.
    I need buttons to go back to another page. and I use tabs.
    Buttons to go back from this page,
    when a button is created with "Create a button in a region position",
    it works fine.
    When a button is created with "Create a button displayed among this region's items",
    it does not work, and I get HTTP 404, https://.../apex/wwv_flow.accept, page cannot be found.
    But I need a button to work like the one created with "Create a button in a region position",
    but displayed like the one created with "Create a button displayed among this region's items".
    This is still not too bad. I saw the difference between the two kinds of buttons.
    I copied the HTML code for the button "Create a button in a region position",
    and used a display only item to create a Back button where I wanted:
    '<table class="t15Button" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"><tr><td class="t15L"><img src="/i/themes/theme_15/button-l.gif"/></td>'||
    '<td class="t15C">Back</td>'||
    '<td class="t15R"><img src="/i/themes/theme_15/button-r.gif"/></td></tr></table>'
    Here P145_BACK holds the page number to which I want this page to go back to.
    Then I noticed that the tabs did not work any more. same error, page not found.
    That's is when I got a little frustrated and posted for help on the forum.
    Then I begin to undo my steps, and
    by lucky accident, I noticed that, if none of the checkboxes is checked,
    the tabs work fine. If at least one is checked, I get this error, page not found.
    My current solution is to add a function of my own in the doSubmit(B) function in file apex_3_1.js,
    which unchecks all checkboxes (o.checked=false).
    And now, from this page of about 150 items,
    the tabs are ok, and I have a button that is similar to one
    created with "Create a button displayed among this region's items", except I created myself
    using HTML.
    I think this trick of using a custom function in doSubmit(), that unchecks or even hides
    INPUT type="text" items ( = "hidden"; = "none";)
    should work in general. this function is only invoked when the user clicks the tab,
    or buttons among a region's items.
    Somebody said regarding restrictions on drugs or sex.....
    you will not make people stop, you just make it harder or more expensive.
    Same here and many other things, a restriction is just making things harder.
    People will try to get around it.
    Now that I have a solution, and I am aware of the problem, I'll calm down and
    go back to my own thing for now.

  • How to change font size in the message list pane (showing header lines of messages)

    The list of messages at the top of the Thunderbird window (From / Subject / etc.) uses a font that is very small and hard to read. The issue is: How can the user increase the size of the font so that it is readable?
    The platform is a Mac computer running OS X 10.9.5 with Thunderbird version 31.3.0.

    ''policyjm [[#question-1043939|said]]''
    The list of messages at the top of the Thunderbird window (From / Subject / etc.) uses a font that is very small and hard to read. The issue is: How can the user increase the size of the font so that it is readable?
    The platform is a Mac computer running OS X 10.9.5 with Thunderbird version 31.3.0.
    OK, that solution worked fine. I now have complete control of the fonts, colors, and other Thunderbird features. Thank you very much.

  • How to change font type in java mail script?

    I wrote a bean shell script to send mail on particular event. I want mail message body text font style to be modified.
    Please provide help on this.

    Hi Saloni ,
    You can add the text in the following way by using font tags for message body in your custom mail.
    Message msg = new MimeMessage(session);
    MimeMultipart mp = new MimeMultipart();
    MimeBodyPart mbp1= new MimeBodyPart();
    String htmlText = "<b> This is formatted</b>"+
    "<font size =\"5\" face=\"arial\" >This paragraph is in Arial, size 5</font>";
    It worked for me. Let me know if you face any issue.

  • How to change display type of an existing Text field to a Picklist

    I need to modify an existing Text Field in the Expense report page to a Picklist and associate values to that picklist. Is this possible through Personalization ? If not, can someone let me know how this can be achieved.

    We created an item instead of creating a region and extending it. But here we have one more problem. The item we added is getting displayed at Button Layout section
    Where did you create it, you should choose the appropriate region's create item icon to add it. If think you added it in a wrong place.
    And one more issue that we are facing is - we are getting an error (No current row for View (<ViewInstance>)). when we clicking the save or next button in that page. Please let us know how to update the existing controller and save the value in that picklist item to the database.
    There are two issues here,
    - you are trying to replace the messageTextInput with the poplits, so you should get the viewAttribute and viewUsage name associated with the textinput and provide that as part of the messageChoice definition.
    - the picklist VO which is the datasource for the poplist is not included in the existing seeded AM since you didnot follow the steps I mentioned earlier to create the stacklayout and add it instead of adding it directly. Probably you are on a version earlier than CU2, in which case you need to follow the additional steps mentioned below.
    While adding the poplist donot specify the picklist view definitions,
    1. extend the controller on the page and write your controller
    2. Call super first
    3. get a handle to the root AM and create the viewobject dynamically by using the createViewObject API on the AM.
    4. get a handle to the poplist in the controller, you need to do this first before creating the poplist in the personalization(otherwise the page might error out if you created the poplist first without the picklist view definition properties) and set the display, value attributes as well as the picklist view defintions based on the viewobject you created in step 3.
    5. Use personalization and add your poplist
    6. replace the old controller class with the new one.
    You are done.

  • How do you change the color of the title text?

    The main title text for the tap your currently on shows up centered one line above the tab row. The default is black text, with a gray drop shadow, but that doesn't work with dark background themes/personas. How do I go about changing that text color so that its visible on a dark background. I've tried changing font stylings in general for the browser, and I've tried changing the color values in the about:config for the persona, but none of that works. How do you change the color of the title text?

    That colors option under content doesn't change the color of the title text, but thanks anyways

  • In SAP 4.6c In classical reports output how to change Font size and Font type

    Dear Experts,
    In SAP 4.6c, in classical and interactive reports  output how to change font size and font type.

    These are HTML formatting questions. Nothing to do with the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL languages.
    With old-style HTML, the font size and family are set using the font tag.
    With modern style HTML, that is done using cascading style sheets (CSS).
    Your favourite search engine will turn up tons of information on both.

  • How do I change font size on the safari tool bar

    How do I change font size on the safari tool bar

    You can't in Safari.
    However you CAN with Firefox and the add-on called Theme Font & Size Changer, also include NoSquint and set a global web page zoom level a bit higher, say 150%.
    NoSquint has buttons on the tool bar to increase/decrease each websites size AND IT REMEMBERS IT!
    Under the Tools Menu > Customize you can add more toolbars as well, but they have to have something in it of course.
    (note: the green with yellow type is a person you can add from thousands of choices, it's not the default look of Firefox)
    So this setup, although it may appear large here compared to Safari, is fine on my 17" when sitting back about 3-4 feet, takes up about 1/6th of the screen, so I'm not hunched up close, and I have a lot of screen real estate to play with anyway.

  • How do I change font colors in the navigation bar

    I'm designing a new website for my son's high school lacrosse team. It looks great, and I hope to upload it in the next week. The one thing that I haven't been able to do is change the font colors and font type in the page navigation links a the top of the pages. Can anyone help me with this?

    I outlined methods to change iweb navbar in this thread:
    and cited inefficient of building text base/box navbar:

  • How to change font size, maximum column size in the result screen ?

    hi All
    That's great when using SQL Dev.
    But I also have a trouble that how to change font size, maximum column size in the result screen ?
    My users think that font in result screen is shown very small, and whenever the data in each colum is long then it's not shown full data in column, they must double click for extend the size. Have the option to default the max size for showing full data in each column ? I try but still not to do that .
    Appreciate for anyone to help us.
    Thanks all.

    You can't change the font for the results screen yet, however you will be able to select an auto-fit option for selected columns, so if some columns have slitghtly wider text you'll be able to set the column widths to handle these wider columns.
    Also, there s the option of switching the layout of a record in the grid.

Maybe you are looking for