How to change format of text in ticker view?

Hi all,
How to change format of text in ticker view?

If you want to format the entire ticker with particular format then put in the Beginning text
before Table tag
put the font tag with needed attributes
<Font> <table....>
In the end text after table tag
<table> close the font tag
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Edited by: Vinodh NK on Mar 18, 2010 4:36 AM

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    Edited by: Charu on Sep 13, 2012 4:14 AM

    please don't double post and instead continue with your original threat. In the previous post you got the correct answer to use skinning. You did not like the solution as it doesn't allow per-instance titles. I agree with this and a logical consequence is to file an enhancement request instead of re-posting the question. I'll file the ER, so no need to follow up for you anymore

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       Can any one guide me on how to change the short text of an already existing GUI Status .
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    Hi Ranjita,
    Do this...
    go to SE80
    Open the program.. open node GUI Status
    Double click on the status you want to change
    click on continue or simply enter
    Here change the short text and continue or enter
    activate it
    Hope this helps..

  • How to change color of text is value is equal to 0

    how to change color of text or background if value is equal to 0

    In Template Builder,Insert the conditional region,there you select the column and give condition is equal to 0 and in advanced enter the following code
    <?if:XMLfield=0?><xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block" name="background-color">red</xsl:attribute><?end if?>
    try this it works.

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    Hi Shree,
    Thanks for the response. Please find the Enhancement name here "CNEX0006".

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    Sorry, my English is terrible.
    I'm from Argentina.

    Use 'set long 100000000' at sql prompt. Run your query again.

  • How to change the default text style?

    The MacOS system seems to maintain a collection of text 'styles' available in applications such as TextEdit, Bean, MacJournal, Notebook and DevonThink. This collection contains a default style, used by some (but not all) of these applications as the default text style for new documents.
    At my computers this default style is characterized in the 'favorite styles' panel as 'left aligned, spacing 0.0x' and it has strange tab stops (0.99, 1.98, 2.96, 3.95, 4.94, 5.93, 6.91, 7.90, 8.89, 9.89, 10.86, 11.85 cm).
    I prefer tab stops at 1.00, 2.00, 3.00 etc., and 1.2x line spacing.
    I guess I have changed the default style by accident, as I cannot imagine Apple putting such strange tab stops in a default style (0.0x spacing sounds a bit strange too). If so, it must somehow be possible to change the default style.
    I have tried to change the default style via TextEdit (which does not use the default style as default, but spacing 1.0x and tab stop at each centimeter) and several other applications (Bean, MacJournal, Notebook) in the following way: select a piece of text with the intended format, open the document styles panel, click 'Add to Favorites', enter 'Default' as the name for the style and click 'Replace'. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. Although I do not get an error message, the Default style hasn't changed. I can save my preferred style as, for example, 'Preferred' but that does not prevent MacJournal and other applications from using Default for every new document.
    Any idea how to change this default style, or, if that is not possible, reset it to its original state?

    I suggest you have a look at [ Stationery].
    It won't help you in defining styles, as such, but will give you templates wherein you can set up styles.

  • How to change the default text "There are no items to show in this view" in the visual webpart

    I am using a visual webpart and in that if there are no items in the list it is showing the default text "There are no items to show in this view." I want to change this default text. 
    I checked the forums here there are multiple ways are shown but no one is working for me.
    Kindly help me to change this text.
    Thanks in advanced.

    It seems you're retrieving items inside a specific you.. why not having a <div> inside you're visual web part and check to see if the count of items retrieved is > 0 then insert that in the div, otherwise, insert your custom message and not rendering
    the web part itself. What you're describing is the default message from SharePoint which comes from default views, and this can be changed from xslt in SP 2010 or in JSLink in SP 2013, here's a link how to do so in JSLink : .
    But as said, since you're doing a visual web part, keep your stuff in the visual web part and check for the count of items before adding the rendered data to your div.  
    Mohamed Derhalli
    SharePoint Consultant
    Blog: SharePoint Thoughts

  • How to change a labels text which created at runtime?

    i am creating label controls in runtime dynamically and adding them to a group component. this group component is in another custom component and i have lots of custom comp. in my app.
    my question is how can access (via id) and change a labels text whict created at runtime?
    i can change like this but i am setting id's and want to reach via id.
    var lbl:mx.controls.Label = mx.controls.Label(subMenu5.group_subMenu5.getElementAt(1));
    lbl.text = "good job";
    thank you, have a good day.

    First off, if you are already using a Spark Group, I would suggest you use a Spark Label instead of an MX Label. If you want to reference the Labels from the group, loop through the group's elements and check the if the element id matches the Label you want to assign text to.
    var lbl:Label;
    var n:int = myGroup.numElements;
    for (var i:int = 0; i < n; i++)
         lbl = myGroup.getElementAt(i) as Label;
         if (lbl && == "myLabel")
              lbl.text = "newText";

  • IN OBIEE How to change Writeback input text field into textarea?

    I've got writeback working, OBIEE, but I want a 255 character in that writeback text field with word wrapping. because we Can't see to get input
    type text to wrap, is it possible to change input type="text" to input type="textarea" for a writeback column?
    I tried to included Html with javascript code in Writeback column properties under CSS custom's also not working
    HTML code:
    function expandTextArea(textarealabel,e)
    if((textarealabel.textLength %45==0)&(textarealabel.textLength>1))
    <FORM NAME="Workbook2" ACTION=" " METHOD="">
    <TEXTAREA ID ="Text1" COLS="20" ROWS="2" style="overflow:visible" ONKEYDOWN="expandTextArea this,event);">
    If you have any idea share with me ASAP.
    Edited by: devarasu on Feb 23, 2011 6:57 PM

    Hi thanks for your quick response,
    1) i have cheked you link there is no word Wrapping output, I want to view my writeback filed morethan one line ,is there any way to set instead Horizondal and vertical bar in that writeback filed. like Auto extending TestArea (it have Scrolling bar).
    2) Onemore thing also required,once i gave maximum length of WriteBack field 255 characters. but is not controlling it's allowing morethan 255 characters.kindly tell me how to control the lenth of the writeback field .
    Note: I am using SQL server DB,in DB and BI Answres writeback column properties i given 255 characters only but it's allowing morethan 255 characters.
    once again thanks to you.kindly help me on this ASAP.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • How to change the answer text within the review widget of iBooks Author?

    I want to change the answer text which appears after one has finished a test within the review widget of iBooks Author, but I can't figuere out how to do that.
    I also want to sum up the result of a couple of questions as a percentage. How does that work?
    Can anybody help?

    Notice the answers inside the widget, each with a circle to the left - tap on one of those, which will then appear green with a checkmark in the center to indicate the correct choice.

  • How to change format of OOB columns in sharepoint 2010?

    I have an requirement of changing of date format from 12/05/2014  to 12 May 2014 in a list for 2 Out of Box columns: Created , Modified. Can some one please help me on this.
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    Please check below:
    Hope it helps!
    Avni Bhatt

  • How to change format of phone numbers in PowerShell?

    We need to append the area code and hyphen in front of the office phone number field in their domain user account for all our users that have office phones now that we are changing from 7 digit numbers to 10 digit numbers.
    I found a script that finds and edits phone numbers, but the author chose a different way to format the numbers.
    This is the part of the script I need to change:
    # Format number as xxx xx xx xxx.
            $Phone = '{0}
    {1} {2} {3}' -f$Phone.Substring(0,3),$Phone.Substring(3,2),$Phone.Substring(5,2),$Phone.Substring(7,3)
    I'm trying to figure out how to edit that so that it formats it as xxx-xxx-xxxx
    (3 digit area code, hyphen, 3 digit prefix, hyphen, four digit number) instead of xxx xx xx xxx.
    Can someone show how to rewrite this section?

    The modified script:
    # This format number as xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    $Phone = '{0}-{1}-{2}' -f $Phone.Substring(0,3),$Phone.Substring(3,3),$Phone.Substring(6,4)
    Hope this helps.
    Please take a moment to "Vote as Helpful" and/or "Mark as Answer", where applicable. This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions. Thank you!

  • How to change size of text bounding box in FW CS5?

    I can't find anywhere how to make the text bounding box the same size as the text within it.  Something got switched in my FW so that now every new text box is about 3x or more higher than the text typed inside.  How to change this? t+2.44.37+PM.png

    Moving the text box is the only thing a user can do with it.  The size can't be changed.  You can create a custom page with the same background and add any sized text area you'd like.  This tutorial describes how: 19 - Creating a Custom Page, with the Theme's Background for an iPhoto Book.
    These screenshots are rough examples of adding custom text to a page:

  • How to change appearance of text in HTML snippet?

    Does anyone know if / how I can make the text inside an HTML snippet (when rendered in the overall HTML page) appear like the text on the rest of the page?
    Here, you can see an example of what I mean:
    So, the HTML snippet contains, effectively, a hyperlink to an email adress - now I would like to make the email adress look like all other links on my web page.
    I have tried to insert a <span class=".."> inside the HTML snippet, to no avail.
    Any other ideas, suggestions, and insights will be highly appreciated.

    Normally you would just use a style for the <a> so that you can style the link and rollover.
    If you want to use this code as is, put the CSS into the snippet. You don't need a span "class".
    Change the span to this...
    ... and add the style...
    <style type="text/css">
    span {
        font: 1.0em "Verdana", sans-serif;
        font-style: normal;
        color: #000FFF;
        text-decoration: underline;
        text-transform: normal;
    Change the font type, size and color to taste.
    I have expressed the size in ems but you can use pixels etc.
    If you don't want the underline, change "text-decoration" to "none".

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