How to change mouseover color of navigation??

Hi All -
Building a website with iWeb 08 and trying to figure out how to change the mouseover color of the navigation links. I don't think there is a way to do so in iWeb itself. At least I have not found a way. If there is that would be great.
Assuming there is not a way, does anyone know how to accomplish this any other way?
I would think you could go in to the published files and find the code to change this, but every time you published you would lose it all.
Does anyone have a good way to do this? Man, this is so important, I'm shocked (well, not really that it isn't included in iWeb itself.

Hey Roddy,
Thanks.. I knew of that, but would rather use the navigation system of iWeb if it is possible in any way.. for ease of use and also because I do not see a way to have links have a color set to them if you are ON that page, like the iWeb navigation does. Maybe there is a way to do that that I am missing?

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  • How to change the color of navigation menu text?

    Hello guys,
    is there any way to change the color of navigation menu text? (Home, Contact About us,etc)
    Thank you,

    To create your own navigation bar, you can use a textbox and use colour fill with any colour you want and then enter the names of your pages in this and create hyperlinks to these pages. The text can then be any colour you want.
    You can also use shapes if you want to and use the shapes to create individual buttons.
    To hide the original nav bar, go to page and it has a couple of boxes with hide nav bar and include in page. Uncheck these and the original nav bar will disappear. You can't delete them however.

  • How to change the color of Menu links in obiee

    Does anyone knows how to change the colors of Menu links in obiee. With menu I mean the menu links default right top (Search, homepage, Catalogus, Dashboards, new, Open). This should be set in skin and style files, not? I searched a lot. I could not find It. It is now Oracle blue, we want to change this.

    You have to customize portal banner and portal content CSS files as needed in OBIEE server.
    below links will guide u but will will not tell you exactly but your req can be done by customizing portal content and portal banner CSS files. try to identify the exact code using firebug in mozilla.
    Customization of login page, banner,logo in obiee11g

  • How to change front color in Visual composer

    Dear friend,
    i am taking numerical expression box into visual composer table view
    and try to change the front color in style tab for that field property
    but front color is  not changing in output(back ground color is changing ).
    how to change front color in visual composer?
    and can we change the symbol color too?
    thanks and regards,

    Hi Vani!
    1. Unfortunately one of my requirements is that I can only get data from queries and not from Web Services or other sources, so no WS calling would be allowed in my deployed I-View, but thanks anyway for your suggestion.
    2. You are right, I was not clear enough in my first post. Let's say I have 3 rows and 12 columns, what I want is the following:
    ROW3 = ROW1 / ROW2
    obviously for each column. Do you have an idea about how it could be done??
    Thanks a lot,

  • How to change background color to JCheckBox in a JTable?

    Dear Friends,
    I have an JTable in my application. It has four columns. First, third and fourth column contains JCheckBox (JCheckBox is created using Boolean.class), secod column contains values.
    I have to change some of the cell color where JCheckBox is present.
    Could anyone please tell me how to change the color of the cell in the JTable?
    Thanks in advance,
    Sathish kumar D

    You would use a custom renderer.
    To get better help sooner, post a SSCCE that clearly demonstrates your problem.
    Use code tags to post codes -- [code]CODE[/code] will display asCODEOr click the CODE button and paste your code between the {code} tags that appear.
    Alternative link: SSCCE
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  • How to change background color in online editor

    How to change background color in online editor

    if you try to change all the plsql keywords to the same background color (that is not either white or black or blue) via the options panel in SQL Developer (Code Editor > PLSQL syntax colors), you will get the new background color in the worksheet only for the areas with plsql text, while the areas without any text will have the same background color as the base color scheme you started with. This means that there is no way to change the "general background" color via the options panel, but you have to use the same background color of one of the predefined color schemes.
    This seems to me a bug, but probably it's not considered high priority, so it will not be fixed for the time being.
    I would like to stress the fact that being able to change the color scheme of the development environment that you use every day about 8 hours a day can make quite a difference on your eyes at the end of the day.

  • How to change background color in photoshop cs3

    how to change background color in photoshop cs3
    Please help me...

    Background for what? You need to explain better and be more specific.

  • How to change background color of multilevel textbox in oracle form 6i

    How To Change background Color of the Text.
    In One Multilevel Block 10 Record is Display At a Time in a Text Box (Name is AMTt)
    This Text Box display , Buffer and Record Length is 10
    In Case Of Amount is Less 500 then Text Color Is Red(Or Any) and In Case Amount Is More 500 Then Color is Green (Or Any).
    Me Use This Code in PRE_RECORD EVENT
    TCMTL is Block name
    TCMTL_AMT is Text Box Name
    if :TCMTL.TCMTL_AMT >5000 then
         g_fun.msgbox('Values is more');
         Set_Item_Property('TCMTL_AMT' , BACKGROUND_COLOR, 'r50g100b100');
         g_fun.msgbox('Values is Less');
         Set_Item_Property('TCMTL_AMT' , BACKGROUND_COLOR, 'r50g100b10');
    end if;     
    but This Code Is Refer Only 10th Value and change color depend on value.
    possible to Different color in One Block Text Box Then how?

         cur_itm VARCHAR2(80);
         cur_block VARCHAR2(80) := Name_in('system.trigger_block') ;
         cur_itm := Get_Block_Property( cur_block, FIRST_ITEM );
    WHILE ( cur_itm IS NOT NULL ) LOOP
              cur_itm := cur_block||'.'||cur_itm;
              --:global.VISUAL_ATTRIBUTE:= 'BACKGROUND_COLOR';
              --:global.VISUAL_ATTRIBUTE:= get_item_property(cur_block||'.'||cur_itm ,Background_Color);
              IF :TCMTL.TCMTL_AMT >= 500 THEN
                             Set_Item_Instance_Property( cur_itm, CURRENT_RECORD, VISUAL_ATTRIBUTE,'r50g100b100');
                             Set_Item_Instance_Property( cur_itm, CURRENT_RECORD, VISUAL_ATTRIBUTE,'r5g100b10');
                   END IF;
                             cur_itm := Get_Item_Property( cur_itm, NEXTITEM );
                   END LOOP;
    this is my in that how to set a VISUAL_ATTRIBUTE, and where to set so get a background color of text and change

  • How to change a color for a row in ALV grid display

       how to change a color for a row in ALV grid display based on a condition.Any sample code plz

    Hello Ramya,
    Did you check in [SCN|How to color a row of  alv grid]

  • How to change the color of specific row in ALV tree

    I m using method set_table_for_first_display of a class CL_GUI_ALV_TREE.
    The req is to change the color of specific row. Now can anybody tell me how to change the color of ALV tree. As in ALV tree and in this method 'set_table_for_first_display', there is no parameter IS_Layout.
    Pls suggest...

    hope this code will help you.
    Reward if help.
    REPORT zsharad_test1.
    TABLES: ekko.
    TYPE-POOLS: slis. "ALV Declarations
    *Data Declaration
    TYPES: BEGIN OF t_ekko,
    ebeln TYPE ekpo-ebeln,
    ebelp TYPE ekpo-ebelp,
    statu TYPE ekpo-statu,
    aedat TYPE ekpo-aedat,
    matnr TYPE ekpo-matnr,
    menge TYPE ekpo-menge,
    meins TYPE ekpo-meins,
    netpr TYPE ekpo-netpr,
    peinh TYPE ekpo-peinh,
    line_color(4) TYPE c, "Used to store row color attributes
    END OF t_ekko.
    wa_ekko TYPE t_ekko.
    *ALV data declarations
    DATA: fieldcatalog TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv WITH HEADER LINE,
    gd_tab_group TYPE slis_t_sp_group_alv,
    gd_layout TYPE slis_layout_alv,
    gd_repid LIKE sy-repid.
    PERFORM data_retrieval.
    PERFORM build_fieldcatalog.
    PERFORM build_layout.
    PERFORM display_alv_report.
    Build Fieldcatalog for ALV Report
    FORM build_fieldcatalog.
    There are a number of ways to create a fieldcat.
    For the purpose of this example i will build the fieldcatalog manualy
    by populating the internal table fields individually and then
    appending the rows. This method can be the most time consuming but can
    also allow you more control of the final product.
    Beware though, you need to ensure that all fields required are
    populated. When using some of functionality available via ALV, such as
    total. You may need to provide more information than if you were
    simply displaying the result
    I.e. Field type may be required in-order for
    the 'TOTAL' function to work.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'EBELN'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'Purchase Order'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 0.
    fieldcatalog-outputlen = 10.
    fieldcatalog-emphasize = 'X'.
    fieldcatalog-key = 'X'.
    fieldcatalog-do_sum = 'X'.
    fieldcatalog-no_zero = 'X'.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'EBELP'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'PO Item'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 1.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'STATU'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'Status'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 2.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'AEDAT'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'Item change date'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 3.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'MATNR'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'Material Number'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 4.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'MENGE'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'PO quantity'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 5.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'MEINS'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'Order Unit'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 6.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'NETPR'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'Net Price'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 7.
    fieldcatalog-outputlen = 15.
    fieldcatalog-datatype = 'CURR'.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    fieldcatalog-fieldname = 'PEINH'.
    fieldcatalog-seltext_m = 'Price Unit'.
    fieldcatalog-col_pos = 8.
    APPEND fieldcatalog TO fieldcatalog.
    CLEAR fieldcatalog.
    *& Form BUILD_LAYOUT
    Build layout for ALV grid report
    FORM build_layout.
    gd_layout-no_input = 'X'.
    gd_layout-colwidth_optimize = 'X'.
    gd_layout-totals_text = 'Totals'(201).
    Set layout field for row attributes(i.e. color)
    gd_layout-info_fieldname = 'LINE_COLOR'.
    gd_layout-totals_only = 'X'.
    gd_layout-f2code = 'DISP'. "Sets fcode for when double
    "click(press f2)
    gd_layout-zebra = 'X'.
    gd_layout-group_change_edit = 'X'.
    gd_layout-header_text = 'helllllo'.
    Display report using ALV grid
    FORM display_alv_report.
    gd_repid = sy-repid.
    i_callback_program = gd_repid
    i_callback_top_of_page = 'TOP-OF-PAGE' "see FORM
    i_callback_user_command = 'USER_COMMAND'
    i_grid_title = outtext
    is_layout = gd_layout
    it_fieldcat = fieldcatalog[]
    it_special_groups = gd_tabgroup
    i_save = 'X'
    is_variant = z_template
    t_outtab = it_ekko
    program_error = 1
    OTHERS = 2.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    Retrieve data form EKPO table and populate itab it_ekko
    FORM data_retrieval.
    DATA: ld_color(1) TYPE c.
    SELECT ebeln ebelp statu aedat matnr menge meins netpr peinh
    UP TO 10 ROWS
    FROM ekpo
    INTO TABLE it_ekko.
    *Populate field with color attributes
    LOOP AT it_ekko INTO wa_ekko.
    Populate color variable with colour properties
    Char 1 = C (This is a color property)
    Char 2 = 3 (Color codes: 1 - 7)
    Char 3 = Intensified on/off ( 1 or 0 )
    Char 4 = Inverse display on/off ( 1 or 0 )
    i.e. wa_ekko-line_color = 'C410'
    ld_color = ld_color + 1.
    Only 7 colours so need to reset color value
    IF ld_color = 8.
    ld_color = 1.
    CONCATENATE 'C' ld_color '10' INTO wa_ekko-line_color.
    wa_ekko-line_color = 'C410'.
    MODIFY it_ekko FROM wa_ekko.

  • How to change the color of SAP screen?

    Hi Frens,
    I know it has nothing to do with SD Community, but still I am asking. Can anyone tell me "How to change the color of SAP screen?" It is needed especially when you are working on System Landscape including PRD, Qua & Dev. There are chances that you end up making a test case in PRD instead of Dev or Qua. To avoid that, different color of SAP screen may be very useful and safe.
    Vikas Chhabra
    SD/CIN Consultant

    We had a clone of SAP for testing
    Only GUIXT solution was available for users to distinguish between real Prod & Clone as SID was same
    Created 2 scripts n C:\guixt\scripts
    BOTH having identical code
    if V[_ashost=]
      TitlePrefix "CLONE18"
      TitleSuffix "(CLONE8)"
    if V[_ashost=]
      TitlePrefix "PROD25"
      TitleSuffix "(PROD25)"
    After much research - this was only solution.
    GUIXT will be around; like SAPSCRIPT & SMARTFORMS
    despite the enticement of Adobe Forms!
    After some time you may set GUIXT profile start window HIDDEN
    This you do by clicking profile button of GUIXT menu
    If you want to see GUIXT Window again
    CMD.exe Dos prompt
    cd C:\Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui
    guixt visible
    Jayanta Narayan Choudhuri

  • How to change the color background in Pages for iPad?

    how to change the color background in Pages for iPad?

    You can find many themes at  There's a download zip button on the right side of the page.
    Unzip and and copy the .dvtcolortheme files into /Users/YourUsername/Library/Developer/XCode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes Create the directory if it doesn't exist.
    If you can't find the Library directory you can get to it by using Finder's "Go to Folder..." option under "Go" or press shift + cmd + G then type the path.

  • How to change the color of SOLIDS ?

    Hi there,
    In the Effects panel, I select the color solids, we only have green and a few colors. I chose the green one as the background.
    Then I wanna choose my own color by changing the color of the green but my eyes are blind, I cannot find where the selection are ?
    Can anyone be kind enuf to let me know where the switch is ? How to change the color of the solids to be used as background ?

    Luis Sequeira1 wrote:
    Drag your generator to the timeline. Select int. Look at the Inspector, in the top right corner (if the inspector is not open, you can use Cmd-4 to open it). At the top of the inspector, you have three buttons: "Generator", "Video", and "Info". Click on "Generator" and you get a drop down menu allowing you to choose one of six colors.
    If none of these six serves you well, you can then click on "Video", and use the Color tools to set it to anything you want.
    Thanks Luis for your detailed explanation ... it worked !

  • How to change the color for HTML words in JEditorPane?

    Hi Sir,
    In the JTextPane , we could change the word's color by using:
    Style style = doc.addStyle("test",null);
    we can change the text into red color,which range is from 10 to 30.
    But how to change the color for HTML words in JEditorPane?

    you can use an AttributeSet to apply the foreground color. Let's say, doc is a HTMLDocument, then SimpleAttributeSet set = new SimpleAttributeSet();
    doc.getStyleSheet().addCSSAttribute(set, CSS.Attribute.COLOR, "#0D0D0D"); would apply a color to a given AttributeSet. The AttributeSet with your color then can be applied to a selected range of text in a JEditorPane by   /**
       * set the attributes for a given editor. If a range of
       * text is selected, the attributes are applied to the selection.
       * If nothing is selected, the input attributes of the given
       * editor are set thus applying the given attributes to future
       * inputs.
       * @param editor  the editor pane to apply the attributes to
       * @param a  the set of attributes to apply
      public void applyAttributes(JEditorPane editor, AttributeSet a) {
        ((HTMLDocument) editor.getDocument()).getStyleSheet().addCSSAttribute(set, CSS.Attribute.COLOR, "#0D0D0D");
        int start = editor.getSelectionStart();
        int end = editor.getSelectionEnd();
        if(end != start) {
          doc.setCharacterAttributes(start, end - start, a, false);
        else {
          MutableAttributeSet inputAttributes =
            ((SHTMLEditorKit) editor.getEditorKit()).getInputAttributes();
      } Ulrich

  • How to change the color of the text field of form

    Hi ,
    Is there any way to change the color of the text field of the form........
    Thnx in advance .......

    Hi Bob. I'm new to these forums and I'm not sure of protocol and exactly how this is supposed to work, so If I'm doing this wrong then please excuse me and let me know.
    I liked you solution on 'How to change the color of an Item on a form' using <blink>.
    I'm new to this application and coding as well so its kind of foreign to me.
    Working on a Report Page,
    I would like to have item, :P1_JOB_NO blink when the difference between sysdate and :P1_DATE_DUE < 7 days.
    I can identify the job_no which should blink by using the sql statement:
    SQL> select job_no from oax_projects07 where
    2 (sysdate - date_due < 7) and
    3 emp_name = 'GARY PILKENTON';
    20060627 050
    But I dont know the proper syntax to make it blink,
    or when to plug the syntax into.
    ie, is it a process, a validation, etc.
    Do you have any advice for me?

Maybe you are looking for