How to change my Apple ID for iTunes & Support Communities

I currently have my personal domain email address as my Apple ID for iTunes, Apple Support Communities, and for iCloud (though I haven't setup a .me email address yet in iCloud).  I want to stop using my personal domain email address and create a .me address in iCloud that will be my only email address.  The problem is that I need to have a valid email address as my Apple ID in iTunes and I won't have it any longer once I switch email addresses to the new .me address I will create.
Before I do something wrong here, does anyone know how I can create a new .me address in iCloud, and then use that email address as my iTunes, Support Communities, and iCloud Apple ID?

Disregard my question...found out I don't need to do this.  Evidently I can't delete the post, even though there are no replies.

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    I followed the directions on my phone and successfully changed my apple ID for iTunes. But when I to update apps, the old ID still shows. How can I change my Apple ID so I can update my existing apps?

    Correct! The apps I had previously were downloaded using my husband's apple ID. We are now separated, and I would like to download updates under my OWN apple ID. I followed the instructions for changing my AppleID on my phone, and it works with iTunes downloads. Yet the old AppleID continues to show up for App updates/downloads. Can I change the apple ID for App updates? Or must I delete all the apps on my phone that were downloaded under HIS apple ID and then redownload them under my own ID?

  • Hi  recently i changed my apple id for itunes and icloud for my mac ipad and iphone   for the ipad and iphone all is working well  but on my Mac  itunes is ok bit icloud is blocked into my old Apple id and i am not able to change it    Please help

    Hi i recently changed mi apple id for my Mac, ipad  and iphone    With great difficulty i managed to change my Ipad\Iphone id    for itunes and icloud
    But on my mac, itunes is ok but icloud is blocked on to my old Apple id         I thought it would would automatically sync when ichanged the id in itunes
    Obviously not    Can somebody pleas help   Thanks

    You need to go to System Preferences (this may be called Settings in Mountain LIon)>iCloud and sign out. Then sign in with the new ID.

  • HT1311 how to change my apple id in iTunes in my phone

    I have change my apple id in my phone (4S). but i could not update apps in apps stroe. It always ask for previous apple id password. what to do..

    rb2k_mr4l wrote:
    how to change my apple id in my ipad mini..
    If you Create a NEW Apple ID...
    It should be Noted that anything Downloaded with a Particular Apple ID is tied to that Apple ID and Cannot be Merged or Transferred to a Different Apple ID
    Apple ID FAQs
    rb2k_mr4l wrote:
    ...i can't download anything because i forgot my apple id password..
    See Manage your Apple ID here...

  • How I Change my Apple ID, On Itunes Match

    Im From Brazil, and because this I have two apple IDs (One to Brazilian Store and Oyher to US Store), and I have a Account using the Brazilian ID... How can I change the plan to US ID ????

    Well I'm feeling stupid because there's still something wrong here and now I'm not even sure what it is anymore.  My iCloud account had to be set up under because MobileMe was set up on
    I have tried deleting iCloud and re-entering it under @aol and it tells me "This Apple ID's email address cannot be verified.  Change your Apple ID's email address at to sign in to MobileMe."  If I go there I get instructions for changing my Apple ID password -- not e-mail address.  Plus, I'm no longer a MobileMe subscriber and don't care about signing into it.  Isn't there ANY WAY to get iCloud and iTunes under the same ID?
    Or are you saying it doesn't matter?

  • How to change an apple ID for iCloud only.

    I am trying to set up my kids iPods before Christmas morning.  I want their iPhones to have their own apple ID's for iCloud so we don't sync contacts, etc.  I want us to still share an ID for iTunes, which is set up.  Here is the question:
    Do I just.....Go into iCloud on the iPod and press "delete this account" and set up a new iCloud account? 
    Is it that simple, or will "deleting this account" delete the iCloud account associated with that apple ID on ALL devices including my IPad and IPhone?
    To be clear, I currently have the same apple ID for store and iCloud on all four devices.  All I want to do is for two iPods to have new, separate apple ID's for iCloud, without compromising the iCloud account on my iPhone and iPad.  I hope I can.....otherwise I have to take all of these devices back lol!

    Answer to my own question in case anyone else is wondering:
    If you have an iCloud account on a device and you would like to have your apple ID changed ....just go to settings>iCloud>delete this account....and then you can make a new iCloud account with a new apple ID for just that device!  This way you can have one apple ID shared for iTunes in order to share purchases, and then everyone can have their own iCloud account in order to keep messages, contacts, etc separate and personal. 

  • How to change the Apple ID for iPhotos and iMovies(The first ID used in the mac book)?

    I found that every time when I want to update the iphotos and imovies and the native apps in the mac book it is needed to use the first apple id that used for the first time you turn on the mac book.
    Since that id is not used now and i want to change it, any body knows how to change it?
    And although my current admin id has changed, but still when updating iphotos the very first id is needed...

    abelard.xu wrote:
    ... but still when updating iphotos the very first id is needed...
    Correct.  Apps are Tied to the Apple ID that Purchased them...
    From Here
    I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to merge them into a single Apple ID?
    Apple IDs cannot be merged. You should use your preferred Apple ID from now on, but you can still access your purchased items such as music, movies, or software using your other Apple IDs.

  • How to change my Apple ID for iCloud?

    Hey there,
    I have a simple enough question. When I originally signed up with Apple, I was using my Gmail account, so that became my Apple ID. However, I've been slowly migrating off of Gmail as I much prefer my new Apple email address ( For a whole host of reasons, including my disapproval of Google's latest turns in general, I'd rather move completely to than stay with Gmail.
    So, en bref, how do I go about changing my Apple ID? I'd rather be identified with my new and shiny (and sparkly) Apple email,, than Gmail.
    Is there any way to do that?
    I know I could just keep Gmail for the ID but I'd rather really just eventually wean myself off of it.
    Thanks for any info.

    Thank you for your reply
    I wonder why I can't use as my primary ID and address? That's a little foolish, if you ask me....

  • I just changed my apple password for iTunes.  Is it now the password for all apple related accounts, like mail, iCloud, etc.?

    When you change your Apple password, does the same password apply to itunes, mail, icloud etc. or do they all have separate passwords?

    It's the same account and password - iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, Game Center, stores.
    You may need to log out of your account on any iOS devices that you have by tapping on the id in Settings > iTunes & App Store and then log back in with the updated password so as to 'refresh' the account on it, and for Cloud.
    There is an 'Update your settings for devices and services that need your Apple ID password' section on this page : (the page is about resetting a password, but the principle is the same)

  • Yosemite App store - How to change lost apple id for a new one?

    I lost the control of the email (sign in passcode) vinculated to my App Store ID, So i created a new one, but i can't update my apps with the new ID because when i trying to update then comes the old email and required the passcode (i forgot)...  HOW CAN I CHANGE THE OLD EMAIL FOR THE NEW ONE ID? Yosemite version.
    Thank you for answering the question

    Click here and contact the Account Security team. If you can't get into the old Apple ID at all, click here.

  • HT5577 I want to change my apple ID for itunes, I have the apple support page which is not helping.    I'm unable to use my old appleID.   Any suggestions!

    How do I change my appleID in itunes?   My old ID does not work for itunes, when I want to buy an app the old ID appears and I'm unable to change it.   Help

    Select iTunes store.
    Log out then log back in with updated AppleID.

  • How to change my apple id for setting up icloud

    I just changed my Apple ID. Now I want to set up iCloud on my iPhone. But it is defaulting to my old Apple ID and I can't find a way to change it.

    Thank you for your reply
    I wonder why I can't use as my primary ID and address? That's a little foolish, if you ask me....

  • How to change the apple id for daughter's icloud

    We bought our daughter an iphone last year. When we set the phone up for her we used my apple id for her icloud. Now she has her own apple id and would like to have her own icloud. When we go into the icloud settings on her phone it will not allow us to change her apple id. It looks like we can delete the account. If we do this will it delete my icloud account and information? Will this delete all her photos on her phone? Is there another way we can change the icloud apple id on her phone without deleting the account?

    Welcome to the Apple Community gothaupts.
    It won't affect your info on your devices. It will remove her photo stream photos but not her camera roll photos, yes you need to delete the account.

  • How to change the apple id for photo stream

    im using 2 apple ids in 2 different countries. i confirugered all the ios, mac and apple tv in one apple id and when i canged to my primery id only the photo stream cannot be changed, it is still in the old id how to change this plz help. 

    iPhone's Settings > iCloud > Account > sign out and sign in with Apple ID you want to use.
    Your Mac do not support iCloud or Photo Stream. You need OSX 10.7.x Lion.
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  • HT2204 I can't seem to change my apple ID for iTunes and apps on ios6. Means nothing is downloading, how do I do it?

    I've downloaded IOS 6 but I have ended up with the wrong apple ID on the apps store and iTunes, I can't seem to change it.  Can someone tell me how?

    I solved my own problem after reading a number of discussion threads, reset the iPad with the power off button (if that's what you call it), when I switched back on it had an error message on the updates but let me then change the account back to mine. 
    Mind you still not impressed with a few things on ios6 - mainly the shocking maps that miss most country towns or have the tags in the wrong places.  Can we have Google back please Apple? 

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