How to change name of Broadcaster/Precalculation generated workbook file ?

I am using the Broadcaster in 7.0 in order to precalculate workbooks and to send them via email to the users.
The users receive an email with in attachment the workbook with (for example) as name :
The second part is the technical ID (workbook_id) of the workbook. But what the users want to have as filename in their mail is the description of the workbook (to find in table RSRWBINDEXT)
This doesn't look like too big a change, but the problem is this filename is generated automatically and there is nowhere an option to change this.
So I started looking in programs and classes to find where this filename is set (in order to change the coding there) but I have not been able to find the exact place.
I came up with following classes (and the methods there under) :
but I can't find the exact place.
Does anybody know where this can be changed, or has another solution perhaps ?
Thanks in advance !

Hi Axel,
We had similar kind of requirement and here is how we solved it.
As mentioned in the various blogs, its NOT possible to broadcast the Workbooks with
the file name instead of the technical id. But there is a workaround for this requirement.
This can be achieved through Backend
1) Go to SE38 program  RS_PREC_PLAN ( Precal test program). Enter the Technical id and
the Variant ( Its mandatory) for the workbook and execute by entering the emai id.
you will receive the workbook as the attachment with the File name and not technical id.
2) The only issue here is the subject of the mail will always be TEST.
3) Create a copy of this program Z_RS_PREC_PLAN and have the Subject and date field in the Selection screen
. you can make changes so that the date and the Text for the subject will be populated with the values you enter in the selection screen.
Hope this will help in your requirement

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    If you check this blog , you are able to transfer data even without IR content, i.e, there is no message interface , no namespace in IR and stil this works. Reason, there is no validation if the message interafce exists in the IR. In the runtime the SOAP Header is filled with the interfacename and namespace and it uses these values.
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    Thanks & Regards,

    Delete all the data present in the DSO and then try to change the DSO setting.

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    Is there a way to change those original referenced frills to my date-name-index number scheme short of deleting the entire batch and performing a rename again - I have already dome various edits on them and don't want to lose those.
    If you do not need to save the version names, yes.  Batch change the version names and set the flag "Apply to original files".
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    There are two solutions:
    OBN's solution uses a function to get the file name.
    My solution uses the file control. You have to click on the browse button to select the file.
    Both solutions will open the system Open File dialog where the user can select the file. OBN's solution is more obvous to change the parameters. In my solution you have to use property nodes.
    See the VI (LV7.0) how my solution works.
    Using 7.1.1, 8.5.1, 8.6.1, 2009 on XP and RT
    Don't forget to give Kudos to good answers and/or questions
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    A good general step for strange issues is to renew the iPhoto preference file - quit iPhoto and go to "your user name" ==> library ==> preferences ==> and trash it - launch iPhoto which creates a fresh new default preference file and reset any personal preferences you have changed and if you have moved the iPhoto library repoint to it. This may help
    This does not affect your photos or any database information (keywords, faces, places, ratings, etc) in any way - they are stored in the iPhoto library - the iPhoto preference file simply controls how iPhoto works - which is why renewing it is a good first step.
    If that does not cure it backup up your iPhoto library and rebuild it - depress the option and command keys and launch iphoto and use the options there - exact option depends on teh version you have
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    Thanks. I feel a bit like a dummy for not seeing that but so it goes. What I was looking for, in a perfect world, was to set a preference to permanently sert a default folder on an external drive to store the .dvdproj files once they are made.......but your suggestion is close enough to my original intention.
    Thanks again.

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    Have u enabled the refresh option in Live office data connection in usage tab.
    Check it.
    Once u change the data .Go to Live office Properties->Application Options->General Tab --- >Enable all items.
    then export it to portal(Infoview).Now check the Data.
    Since u r Exporting to Flash files.Once it is Exported,again if u r Changing the data means,again u need to export it to Flash
    Hope it Helps U
    Thank u

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    How can i change the value of variable in .bpel file at time of deployment.
    Can it be possible with configplan.xml or deployment descriptor?

    You cannot change the value of variable in .bpel file using config plan. If you want to change value at runtime , you can use Preference variable. Below is the blog to help you understand more.
    Please remember to mark appropriate posts as correct/helpful. For the long run, it will benefit us all.

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