How to change the answer text within the review widget of iBooks Author?

I want to change the answer text which appears after one has finished a test within the review widget of iBooks Author, but I can't figuere out how to do that.
I also want to sum up the result of a couple of questions as a percentage. How does that work?
Can anybody help?

Notice the answers inside the widget, each with a circle to the left - tap on one of those, which will then appear green with a checkmark in the center to indicate the correct choice.

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    Hi everyone, I'm creating a review widget on my ibook but I don't get to set which is the right answer to a multiple question. Any clue? thanks in advance

    Notice the answers inside the widget, each with a circle to the left - tap on one of those, which will then appear green with a checkmark in the center to indicate the correct choice.

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    Use a lexical parameter (see online help):
    select ...
    order by &sort_parameter

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    The option to send reset info will only appear if you already have a rescue email address (which is not the same thing as an alternate email address) set up on your account - if it doesn't show then I assume that you don't have a rescue email address (and you won't be able to add until you can answer 2 of your questions), in which case see if the instructions on this user tip helps :

  • Accumulated text within the attempted selection area is rotated other than horizontal or vertical

    I'm trying to see the properties of the font and am getting an error message.  "Accumulated text within the attempted selection area is rotated other than horizontal or vertical.  TouchUp cannot create a text selection."  How can I undo this?

    Hi Elisa0505,
    This problem can be solved by the following ways:
    1) Try opening the Content Navigation pane (left-hand side), in the pane fly-out turn on "Find Content fromSelection", select the text in question, and then delete/edit the text using the Content Pane instead of inside the Document Pane.
    2) Create a blank PDF that has the same dimensions as the original PDF. Just print a blank page from Word and change to landscape orientation. Select the object that contained the text that had given the error (it contained more than the text), cut it, and paste it into the blank PDF. Edit the text in new PDF. Then again cut and paste it back into the original document.
    3) In previous version of Acrobat, rotated text editing was not supported and hence the warning is appearing. But for normal text editing happens. This problem has been fixed in A11. So if you are trying to edit text which is other than horizontal or vertical, then those warnings are expected in Acrobat 10.

  • How to align the item text in the combobox vertically centred after increasing the height of the combobox in mfc?

    I want to make the item text of the combobox to  be aligned vertically(Centred) . Actually I increased the height 
    of the combobox and after the increasing the combobox height, the text is not centred vertically.The code
    snippet for increasing the height is as follows,
    m_SpecifyCombo.SetItemHeight(-1,20);//CCombobox m_SpecifyCombo
    After increasing the height the text in the combobox is not in the centre as shown in the below image,
    But I want the text to be centred as shown in the below image.
    Code snippet for owner drawn combobox:
    #if !defined(AFX_CUSTCOMBOBOX_H__F8528B4F_396E_11D1_9384_00A0248F6145__INCLUDED_)
    #define AFX_CUSTCOMBOBOX_H__F8528B4F_396E_11D1_9384_00A0248F6145__INCLUDED_
    #if _MSC_VER >= 1000
    #pragma once
    #endif // _MSC_VER >= 1000
    typedef enum {FONTS} STYLE; //Why have I enumerated, Cos, Maybe I might want something other than Fonts here
    class COwnerDrawCombo : public CComboBox
    // Construction
    COwnerDrawCombo (STYLE);
    // Attributes
    void SetHilightColors (COLORREF hilight,COLORREF hilightText)
    m_clrHilight = hilight;
    m_clrHilightText = hilightText;
    void SetNormalColors (COLORREF clrBkgnd,COLORREF clrText)
    m_clrNormalText = clrText;
    m_clrBkgnd = clrBkgnd;
    static BOOL CALLBACK EnumFontProc (LPLOGFONT lplf, LPTEXTMETRIC lptm, DWORD dwType, LPARAM lpData);
    void FillFonts ();
    int GetSelFont (LOGFONT&);
    // Operations
    // Overrides
    // ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides
    virtual void DrawItem(LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lpDrawItemStruct);
    virtual void MeasureItem(LPMEASUREITEMSTRUCT lpMeasureItemStruct);
    virtual void PreSubclassWindow();
    // Implementation
    virtual ~COwnerDrawCombo();
    // Generated message map functions
    STYLE m_enStyle;
    COLORREF m_clrHilight;
    COLORREF m_clrNormalText;
    COLORREF m_clrHilightText;
    COLORREF m_clrBkgnd;
    BOOL m_bInitOver;
    void DrawDefault (LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT);
    void DrawFont(LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT);
    void InitFonts ();
    afx_msg int OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct);
    afx_msg void OnDestroy();
    afx_msg long OnInitFonts (WPARAM, LPARAM);
    // Microsoft Developer Studio will insert additional declarations immediately before the previous line.
    #endif //!defined(AFX_CUSTCOMBOBOX_H__F8528B4F_396E_11D1_9384_00A0248F6145__INCLUDED_)
    // OwnerDrawCombo.cpp : implementation file
    #include "stdafx.h"
    #include "combobox.h"
    #include "OwnerDrawCombo.h"
    #ifdef _DEBUG
    #define new DEBUG_NEW
    #undef THIS_FILE
    static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;
    #define WM_INITFONTS (WM_USER + 123)
    //I chose 123 cos nobody might use the same exact number.. I can improve this by use RegisterWindowMessage..
    // COwnerDrawCombo
    //Initial values of the text and highlight stuff
    m_enStyle = FONTS;
    m_clrHilight = GetSysColor (COLOR_HIGHLIGHT);
    m_clrNormalText = GetSysColor (COLOR_WINDOWTEXT);
    m_clrHilightText = GetSysColor (COLOR_HIGHLIGHTTEXT);
    m_clrBkgnd = GetSysColor (COLOR_WINDOW);
    m_bInitOver = FALSE;
    COwnerDrawCombo::COwnerDrawCombo (STYLE enStyle)
    m_enStyle = enStyle;
    m_clrHilight = GetSysColor (COLOR_HIGHLIGHT);
    m_clrNormalText = GetSysColor (COLOR_WINDOWTEXT);
    m_clrHilightText = GetSysColor (COLOR_HIGHLIGHTTEXT);
    m_clrBkgnd = GetSysColor (COLOR_WINDOW);
    m_bInitOver =FALSE;
    BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(COwnerDrawCombo, CComboBox)
    // COwnerDrawCombo message handlers
    void COwnerDrawCombo::DrawItem(LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lpDrawItemStruct)
    //I might want to add something else someday
    switch (m_enStyle)
    case FONTS:
    //I dont need the MeasureItem to do anything. Whatever the system says, it stays
    void COwnerDrawCombo::MeasureItem(LPMEASUREITEMSTRUCT lpMeasureItemStruct)
    void COwnerDrawCombo::DrawFont(LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lpDIS)
    CDC* pDC = CDC::FromHandle(lpDIS->hDC);
    CRect rect;
    TRACE0 ("In Draw Font\n");
    // draw the colored rectangle portion
    pDC->SetBkMode( TRANSPARENT );
    if (lpDIS->itemState & ODS_SELECTED)
    pDC->FillSolidRect (rect,m_clrHilight);
    pDC->SetTextColor (m_clrHilightText);
    pDC->FillSolidRect (rect,m_clrBkgnd);
    pDC->SetTextColor (m_clrNormalText);
    if ((int)(lpDIS->itemID) < 0) // Well its negetive so no need to draw text
    CString strText;
    GetLBText (lpDIS->itemID,strText);
    CFont newFont;
    CFont *pOldFont;
    ((LOGFONT*)lpDIS->itemData)->lfHeight = 90; //9 point size
    ((LOGFONT*)lpDIS->itemData)->lfWidth = 0;
    newFont.CreatePointFontIndirect ((LOGFONT*)lpDIS->itemData);
    pOldFont = pDC->SelectObject (&newFont);
    pDC->DrawText(strText, rect, DT_LEFT | DT_VCENTER | DT_SINGLELINE);
    pDC->SelectObject (pOldFont);
    newFont.DeleteObject ();
    void COwnerDrawCombo::InitFonts ()
    CDC *pDC = GetDC ();
    ResetContent (); //Delete whatever is there
    EnumFonts (pDC->GetSafeHdc(),NULL,(FONTENUMPROC) EnumFontProc,(LPARAM)this);//Enumerate
    m_bInitOver = TRUE;
    BOOL CALLBACK COwnerDrawCombo::EnumFontProc (LPLOGFONT lplf, LPTEXTMETRIC lptm, DWORD dwType, LPARAM lpData)
    if (dwType == TRUETYPE_FONTTYPE) //Add only TTF fellows, If you want you can change it to check for others
    int index = ((COwnerDrawCombo *) lpData)->AddString(lplf->lfFaceName);
    lpLF = new LOGFONT;
    CopyMemory ((PVOID) lpLF,(CONST VOID *) lplf,sizeof (LOGFONT));
    ((COwnerDrawCombo *) lpData)->SetItemData (index,(DWORD) lpLF);
    return TRUE;
    int COwnerDrawCombo::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
    if (CComboBox::OnCreate(lpCreateStruct) == -1)
    return -1;
    // TODO: Add your specialized creation code here
    if (m_enStyle == FONTS)
    PostMessage (WM_INITFONTS,0,0);
    return 0;
    long COwnerDrawCombo::OnInitFonts (WPARAM, LPARAM)
    InitFonts ();
    return 0L;
    void COwnerDrawCombo::OnDestroy()
    if (m_enStyle == FONTS)
    int nCount;
    nCount = GetCount ();
    for (int i = 0; i < nCount; i++)
    delete ((LOGFONT*)GetItemData (i)); //delete the LOGFONTS actually created..
    // TODO: Add your message handler code here
    void COwnerDrawCombo::FillFonts ()
    m_enStyle = FONTS;
    PostMessage (WM_INITFONTS,0,0); //Process in one place
    int COwnerDrawCombo::GetSelFont (LOGFONT& lf)
    int index = GetCurSel ();
    if (index == LB_ERR)
    return LB_ERR;
    LPLOGFONT lpLF = (LPLOGFONT) GetItemData (index);
    CopyMemory ((PVOID)&lf, (CONST VOID *) lpLF, sizeof (LOGFONT));
    return index; //return the index here.. Maybe the user needs it:-)
    void COwnerDrawCombo::PreSubclassWindow()
    // TODO: Add your specialized code here and/or call the base class
    //Tried to do what Roger Onslow did for the button.. Did not work..?? Any R&D guys around :-)
    Can anyone please let me know how can I achieve this.
    Any help can be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi sivavuyyuru,
    I cannot find a easy way to make this.
    I think you may need to draw your own Combo Box control. And you could change the edit control more like static text. Check the article:
    In the resource editor, Owner draw -> variable , Has string->true, type->drop list.
    The result:
    Best regards,
    Shu Hu
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  • How can I Left Align text in the Marker Arrangement tabs?

    It would make it easier to read the heading text of the Arrangement Marker tabs if they were Left Aligned when the project is minimised.
    Is there any way of setting this up or is it a default?

    I'm not aware of a way to make Firefox hide the first tab instead of the last tab; maybe there is an add-on with that feature.
    There is a hidden setting to open the new tab at the end of the bar instead of next to the page you're reading. Then, of course, you won't have this problem. Instead, you'll have the problem that it's hard to figure out which tab had that link in it. In case you want to try it out, here's how.
    (1) In a new tab, type or paste '''about:config''' in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.
    (2) In the search box above the list, type or paste '''tabs''' and pause while the list is filtered
    (3) Double-click the '''browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent''' preference to switch it from true to false (it should turn bold)
    You're done here. You can keep it open in case you hate the change and watch to switch it right back. In that case, double-click again to switch it back to true.

  • Is it possible to customise the text within the drop down boxes. ie attributes in online shop

    Is it possible to customise the text colour and size within the drop down boxes. ie. in the drop down created for attributes in online shops
    In the drop down, the font is black and bigger than I'd like it. I want it grey. How can I customise the text inside these drop downs?

    Hi Liam,
    Please refer to this link:
    Should the class be applied to the actual tag within the 'Shop Product Large' customised layout?

  • Changing color of  text in the input field

    when i disable the input field , the text written in it has very light color. How can i change the color of the displayed text in the input field.

    Hi Harsimran,
    changing the text color of an input field is not possible. However, you can build a workaround:
    1. take an expression box, place it exactly over your input field
    2. change its text color and take the value of your input field as value being displayed
    3. instead of making your input field disabled, make it hidden and show the expression box instead.
    Thus, instead of enabling/disabling your input field, switch between expression box/input field to be displayed. I hope it's clear what I mean. If not, don't hesitate to ask again.
    Best regards,

  • How do I highlight selected text in the Pages, Keynotes?

    How do I highlight selected text in the Pages, Keynotes?

    To answer your question foor your iOS Device using Pages or Keynote for iOS: You can't highlight as you might in many note taking apps for iPad, etc.
    The best you can do at this point is to change the selected text's color by selecting the text > Style Menu (wrench) > Tap on the Font > Tap on the Color Box to reveal choices.
    If you would like to join the chorus of folks wishing such a feature were in Pages and Keynote, you can leave feedback for the people at Apple:

  • Highlight the text within the raster Image

    How to highlight the text within the raster Image?.
    Thanks, -Raj

    You can use a square highlight, but not a text highlight.

  • Is there a place to see the "Marker Text" for the entire index and make changes?

    I know how to make individual changes in "marker text" for the Index.
    Is there a place to see the "Marker Text" for the entire index and make changes there?
    I am indexing a book that uses quotes from scripture.
    As an example, I want to change listings from
    Colossians 3:10-11
    Colossians 3 verses 10-11
    I would appreciate any help.
    If this is not the correct venue for this question, please disregard.

    You didn't mention which version of FM that you're using. In FM9, this can now be done in the Marker Pod.
    There are third-party utilities that also let you see all marker content.
    In the freebie category is MarkerWorker from Cudspan at:
    In the paid plug-in category are:
    MarkerTools :
    Indexing add-ons:
    IndexTools (helpful for formatting and other Index layout tricks):
    In the DIY category, you can create a List of Markers for the Index (with hypertext enabled), open the Marker window (Special > Marker...) and then use ctrl+alt click on the entry to make a hypertext link to the location and see it in the marker window for editing. [Note: you can also do the same thing from the Index itself]

  • How to update the sales text in the Sales Order.

    Dear all,
    I want to Update the sales text in the Sales Order. I used the "CREATE_TEXT" but i couldn't update using it.
    Can u please guide me, how to use the Function Module to update the sales Order line item text values.
    Thank U

    Check this link
    User Exit to update Sales order text (Terms of delivery) on saving it

  • I just statred Flash CC for the first time and it seems that the text within the pop-up window (dialog box) is mis-aligned and not allowing me access to the command buttons, nor all the text. (ie: the NEW Template Box, can't see but 2/3 of the content)

    I just statred Flash CC for the first time and it seems that the text within the pop-up window (dialog box) is mis-aligned and not allowing me access to the command buttons, nor all the text. (ie: the NEW Template Box, can't see but 2/3 of the content) is there a fix to this problem? using 8.1, Monitor is a high res.2560x1440.

    Another View.
    the GUI is so hard to read (so small) I enlarge my Ps UI by the instructions below...which helped a lot.

  • How can i use connection pool within the sqlj?

    i am a beginner to sqlj,i find all of the sample code from the oracle DON'T use connectionpool,they only write the database url to "" file,but i think in the production environment we should use the connectionpool to optimise the querying,i usually use the weblogic connection pool.
    how can i use the connection pool within the sqlj?
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    Im not sure if I understand. :)
    English is not my best language...
    Looking up the connection again? Do you mean I have to create new DataSource object and bind it again to ServletContext?

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