How to change the attributes of screen fields dynamically

well i have created a table by name empmaster_data with following fields.
now using a single screen i want to create,change and display the information.even i am using save and exit button.
now i want to change the attributes of screen fields dynamically like active,input,output,invisible.

Have Different Radio Buttons for the purposes what you have and use AT Selection Screen Output, Under the event Use loop at screen and with continue with your requirement.
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  • How to change the  attribute of screen field to drop down list dynamically

    Hi All,
      Col X                   Col Y
      A                        input field
      B                       drop down list
    This is a tabular disply where the Screen field attribute for Col y  is NO DROP DOWN BOX.
    My requirement is to change the attribute of COl Y to DROP DOWN list depending on the value of
      COL X  dynamically.

    Dear Ajay,
    Actually this requirement is to enhance the standard screen for Tcode :EHSVU21.
    So depending on the 1st Column(Test no)  value ,i have to change the 3rd Column(Low.norm.result)
    property either to DROP Down or not.
    So in the PBO only the changes to be made and there is no field in SCREEN internal table for changing the attribute to DROP down. I checked SCREEN internal table where the field VALUE_HELP and REQUEST is useful but not  suitable for my case.
    Any solution available?

  • How to change the attribute names of viewobj dynamically?

    I have a table with columns eg.:
    productlineID, month1, month2, month3....
    Then I have a view object created for this table, and I would like the column names month1, month2,... to be changed dynamically from another query to get the current month (eg. 200011), such that month1 becomes 200011, month2 becomes 200012, month3 becomes 200101 etc... to make the jsp page for browsing and editing the records display the column name correctly, and also the element tag of the XML output by XMLData bean. I'm using JDev Thank you in advance.

    five years after nobody has solution to this and I am posting same question.... interesting...

  • How to change the lenth of existing field in sap standard table

    Hi all,
    can anybody help,my requirement is, how to change the length of existing field in sap standard table....
    thanks in advance..

    Which field are you thinking of in particular?  Are you wanting to increase or decrease the length?
    Some fields are used so extensively that a change to their length will mean adjusting many tables, some of them potentially very large, and hence taking a long time to adjust.
    Some standard SAP programs expect certain fields to be of specific lengths and won't work if the length is changed.
    Some screens could cease to work.
    If you decrease length, then you could lose data.

  • How to change the attribut of Form in Review Form in ISR

    We have to change the attributes of text fields of form ( e.g disabling the text field ) once user hits the Review Form button on MSS page
    Please let me know how to do it .

    Hi Manish,
    You may write the Formcalc scripting for the respective field.
    //Check ISR control parameters for read/write access
    if($record.CONTROL_PARAM.ISR_MODE == "DISPLAY" |
       $record.CONTROL_PARAM.ISR_FORM_VIEW =="ISR_APPROVE" | <b>$record.CONTROL_PARAM.ISR_REVIEW == "true" )</b>
         this.access = "readOnly"
         this.access = ""
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • How to change the attribute name for a relation

    When the Data Modeler engineers a logical model into a relational model it create table columns for the relations. The names of the generated columns are listed in the attributes list in the properties dialog of the relation. The actual name of the attribute gets calculated by the attribute name of the entity which is part of the relation. This is okay, if there is only one relation between two entities. But when there are two relations between two entities the second attribute gets a stupid number suffix. This makes it impossible to give the attribute a useful semantic meaning.
    When I engineer the model into a relational model I can change the column name in the relational model. Changing the column name in the relational model is not perfect but it would be okay for me, if it would not be overwritten during the next engineering run.
    So I have two questions:
    How can I change the attribute name in the attributes section of the properties dialog of a relation? See here for screen shot:
    And if it is not possible:
    How can I preserve any changes on column names in the relational model during a re-engineering run?
    Edited by: 931739 on 03.05.2012 08:07

    I've logged an Enhancement request on this.
    I don't believe it's possible to change it from the Entity or Relationship dialog, as it's not updatable in these dialogs.
    What you can do is change it in the Relational Model, and then reverse engineer the change back to the Logical Model.

  • How to change the text of a field in organisational assignment.

    hi gurus,
    how to change the text of field MSTBR (super visor) to a differnt name in info type pa0001.
    i have changed the field name in cmod , changed name appears in table.but it is not appearing in the info type screen 0001.
    how to resolve this pls help me..

    The Field showing in the infotype 1 is FORPR.
    Change the text of this Field in CMOD.
    CMOD ->Go to ->tect Enhancements->keywords-> Change ->FORPR
    Change the text and check again.

  • How to change the attributes of GUI CONTROLS in my own program.

    hi all,
    i just want to change the attributes of GUI CONTROLS in my own program.
    for example `
    How to set an ICON on my GUI BUTTON in the program?
    so what's the mapping between CONTROL in the SCREEN PAINTER and variable in the program?

    Hi Chao Liu,
    Ya , u first find out the PF-STATUS of the screen and goto that status and now u can modify the ICON u want .
    Finding the GUI status of the screen
    On the Standard Menu bar Goto ( Menu path) System --> Status
    Now u get a pop-up System :status in that in SAP Data block u can find GUI Status. Now Double Click on that Status. It takes u to the Status of that screen.
    Now click on the Display --> Change Button on the application tool bar.
    If it is a standard GUI-status then it asks for the ACCESS KEY.
    if it is a custom defined GUI Status  then u can change the status .
    reward if helpful

  • How to change the width of a field?

    Hi all,
    I would like to decrease the width of a field on my report.
    But I can't do it in the Property palette. I am not able to change the width property. The width of the database column is varchar2(255). I do not want to decrease the length of the database column, but only the width property of the field.
    Any ideas?

    As far as I knows, you can only increase the width of a
    character column. If you wish to decrease it, I would think
    you'd have to drop/delete the whole column and recreate it,
    loosing all your data in the process (unless you create a
    temporary table into which you copy the data first, and then
    copy it back into the "new" column - the oracle db will truncate
    the data automatically).
    SQL Plus is very well suited for the task, but requires you to
    write the appropriate SQL statements yourself. Other tools may
    simplify this for you (I use SQL Plus myself).
    Hope this helps.
    Eric (guest) wrote:
    : Hai, How to change the width of the field in a particular
    : I try to do so by using 'Schema Builder ver 6.0', but the
    : come with a message like below :-
    : OBE-15472: Cannot decrease length of existing column
    : 1. where should I be to modify the column width ?
    : 2. is SQL Plus 8.0 can do so? if yes, what's the syntax ?

  • How to change the caption of a field with a button?

    I have serious trouble, don't know why, in order to change the caption of a field.
    I can't do it with a button as in any other way...dropdown list, ecc...
    Assumes that we have a button and "on click" i want to change the caption of a numeric or text field.
    form1.ppp.Button1::click - (FormCalc, client)
    NumericField1.caption.value.text.value = "whatever you want to set it to";
    TextField1.caption.value.text.value = "whatever you want to set it to";
    xfa.form.form1.ppp.NumericField1.rawValue = xfa.form.form1.ppp.NumericField1.rawValue + 1;
    The numerical value inside the numericalfield1 is increased each click...but the caption still the same.
    Why this happen?
    I check many threads on this forum and on google and i still find these samples...
    please help.
    Thank you

    Yes, it is. Also in preview i checked "dynamic XML". is it right?
    i try to download this sample while searching in the forum to solve my problem
    i try to add to that form my code and it's work!! i can't undersand why...
    Below you can find my PDF...i can't understand why here the same code doesn't work
    Thank you again!

  • How to change the attributes of an XML file

    hi peeps 'ope you can help me here i need to change the attributes of an xml file, i parse it first using a DOM parser but i cant find a way to change the attributes in the XML file, setAttribute() works only at runtime and doesn't change the attribute in the file itself. I can't find a method that will answer my question. I've searched through the forum and found similar threads....they say in order to write and change the attribute i must use the write() method of the XmlDocument class defined in com.sun.xml.tree.XmlDocument. But, i found another thread, and it says that com.sun.xml.tree.XmlDocument is not safe to use and i should use org.apache.crimson.tree.XmlDocument.....i can't find the XmlDocument class and the API for this package so i really dont know where to start...hope you guys can help me! thnx

    thanks for responding roland....i already found the solution...i didn't use the XmlDocument class because i can't find any documents about it except for JAXP 1.0 here is my code snippet...i used the TransformerFactory and Transformer class to write
    import org.w3c.dom.*;
    import org.w3c.dom.traversal.*;
    import javax.xml.parsers.*;
    import javax.xml.transform.*;
    import javax.xml.transform.dom.*;
    Document doc = null;
    DocumentBuilderFactory dbf = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    DocumentBuilder db = dbf.newDocumentBuilder();
    doc = db.parse(fileGetFile); //this is the XML file
    n1 = (Node)doc.getDocumentElement();
    e1 = (Element) n1;
    NodeList nodeList = doc.getElementsByTagName ("File");
    //just insert whatever you want to do with the XML...parse it..set/change the attribute..etc....sample snippet below changes the attribute downloaded to "no"
    for(int iWriteFailed = 0; iWriteFailed <nodeList.getLength() ; iWriteFailed ++){     
    n2 = nodeList.item(iWriteFailed);
    e2 = (Element) n2;          
    e2.setAttribute("downloaded", "no");}
    TransformerFactory transformerFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
    Transformer transformer = transformerFactory.newTransformer();
    transformer.transform(new DOMSource(doc), new StreamResult ( new FileOutputStream ( fileGetFile) ) );}
    catch(Exception trans){}
    thanks for responding and keeping the information interchange alive here in the forum...

  • How to change the text of a button dynamically in module pool

    hi gurus,
    how to change the text of button dynamically

    Hi ,
    Declare a variable in TOP Include with your button name.
    Example : P_BUTTON(20) TYPE C.
    Place button with name P_BUTTON on you screen. Do not forget to mark it as "Output Field". [ Double click on button, Attributes --> Program tab --> tick "Output Field".
    In you PBO / PAI , whereever you want to change your text -
    Assign value to P_BUTTON.
    Example -
    iF COND1..
    P_BUTTON = 'EDIT'.

  • How to change the master page and theme dynamically in sharepoint2013 anonymous site

    I have to change the master page and theme dynamically in sharepoint2013 anonymous site. i have to show one master page to authenticated user  another master page to anonymous user through code

    Hi Srinivas,
    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to change the master page and theme dynamically based on the anonymous users or authenticated users.
    Per my knowledge, there is not an OOB way to change the master page and theme dynamically.
    SharePoint is based on, as we know Asp.Net request processing is based on pipeline model, so we can delevlop a custom HttpModule to dynamic change the master page based on current logon user profile(using SP Object Model to get).
    Another solution could be to use the SecurityTrimmed control that injects the CSS depending on global user permissions, more information, please refer to
    Some similar posts for your reference:
    Best Regards,
    Wendy Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to change the attribute of process instance by PAPI web service

    Is it possible to change the value of the attribute of one process instance by PAPI web servcie?

    That information is stored in the table PPROCINSTANCE in the engine database in the column instancedata, it is a blob.

  • Change the attribute structure of a dynamic query object

    As seen below, the attribute structure is a Z structure..
    I want to revert/change it to the std structure CRMT_BUPA_IL_HEADER_SEARCH
    I don't find any display/change buttons do I achieve it?

    HI Deepika,
    Thanks For your reply...
    My component - BT116S_SRVO.
    I have added Customer appointment date and customer appointment time and prodcut delivery statud date and prodcut delivery time in service order reslut screen.By using AET i have created all the feilds and ihave added same fields in result screen...
    Now in component - BT116S_SRVO , ihave implemented the logic of getter method of CUSTOMER appointment date is as follows.,Now date and time is coming..but it is perfromance problem for avoid this issue we need to do in BADI implementation rite?could you please tell me the steps and how to implement the logic..please help
    DATA: current TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_property_access.
    DATA: dref TYPE REF TO data,
    lv_guid TYPE crmt_genil_object_guid.
    value = ' '. "#EC NOTEXT
    IF iterator IS BOUND.
    current = iterator->get_current( ).
    current = collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
    lv_guid = current->get_property_as_string( iv_attr_name = 'GUID' ).
    DATA : lr_current TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_entity,
    lr_parent TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_entity.
    * lv_guid TYPE crmt_genil_object_guid.
    DATA : lv_appt_type TYPE string.
    DATA : lv_time_from TYPE string.
    lt_header_guid TYPE crmt_object_guid_tab,
    lt_orderadm_h TYPE crmt_orderadm_h_wrkt,
    lt_orderadm_i TYPE crmt_orderadm_i_wrkt,
    ls_requested TYPE crmt_object_name,
    lt_requested TYPE crmt_object_name_tab,
    lt_appointment_wrk TYPE crmt_appointment_wrkt,
    ls_appointment_wrk TYPE crmt_appointment_wrk.
    INSERT lv_guid INTO TABLE lt_header_guid.
    ls_requested = 'APPOINTMENT'.
    INSERT ls_requested INTO TABLE lt_requested.
    * append ls_requested to lt_requested.
    it_header_guid = lt_header_guid
    it_requested_objects = lt_requested
    * et_orderadm_h = lt_orderadm_h
    et_appointment = lt_appointment_wrk
    document_not_found = 1
    error_occurred = 2
    document_locked = 3
    no_change_authority = 4
    no_display_authority = 5
    no_change_allowed = 6
    OTHERS = 7.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here
    READ TABLE lt_appointment_wrk INTO ls_appointment_wrk WITH KEY appt_type = 'ZCST_APT'.
    IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
    date_internal = ls_appointment_wrk-date_from
    date_external = value
    date_internal_is_invalid = 1
    OTHERS = 2.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here

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    hi, let B be a sub-VI of A. is it possible for B to be "transparent" - that is, if A has controls connected to B's controls, and indicators connected to B's indicators, then changing a value in A *while B is running* will affect the value of the cont