How to change the default text title of Detached table/treetable

Is anybody know How to change the default text title of Detached table/treetable.
I have already read the post on ""
as per this post It will change the title throughout the application.
I wanted to change only for one particular table.
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please don't double post and instead continue with your original threat. In the previous post you got the correct answer to use skinning. You did not like the solution as it doesn't allow per-instance titles. I agree with this and a logical consequence is to file an enhancement request instead of re-posting the question. I'll file the ER, so no need to follow up for you anymore

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    The MacOS system seems to maintain a collection of text 'styles' available in applications such as TextEdit, Bean, MacJournal, Notebook and DevonThink. This collection contains a default style, used by some (but not all) of these applications as the default text style for new documents.
    At my computers this default style is characterized in the 'favorite styles' panel as 'left aligned, spacing 0.0x' and it has strange tab stops (0.99, 1.98, 2.96, 3.95, 4.94, 5.93, 6.91, 7.90, 8.89, 9.89, 10.86, 11.85 cm).
    I prefer tab stops at 1.00, 2.00, 3.00 etc., and 1.2x line spacing.
    I guess I have changed the default style by accident, as I cannot imagine Apple putting such strange tab stops in a default style (0.0x spacing sounds a bit strange too). If so, it must somehow be possible to change the default style.
    I have tried to change the default style via TextEdit (which does not use the default style as default, but spacing 1.0x and tab stop at each centimeter) and several other applications (Bean, MacJournal, Notebook) in the following way: select a piece of text with the intended format, open the document styles panel, click 'Add to Favorites', enter 'Default' as the name for the style and click 'Replace'. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. Although I do not get an error message, the Default style hasn't changed. I can save my preferred style as, for example, 'Preferred' but that does not prevent MacJournal and other applications from using Default for every new document.
    Any idea how to change this default style, or, if that is not possible, reset it to its original state?

    I suggest you have a look at [ Stationery].
    It won't help you in defining styles, as such, but will give you templates wherein you can set up styles.

  • How to change the default text "There are no items to show in this view" in the visual webpart

    I am using a visual webpart and in that if there are no items in the list it is showing the default text "There are no items to show in this view." I want to change this default text. 
    I checked the forums here there are multiple ways are shown but no one is working for me.
    Kindly help me to change this text.
    Thanks in advanced.

    It seems you're retrieving items inside a specific you.. why not having a <div> inside you're visual web part and check to see if the count of items retrieved is > 0 then insert that in the div, otherwise, insert your custom message and not rendering
    the web part itself. What you're describing is the default message from SharePoint which comes from default views, and this can be changed from xslt in SP 2010 or in JSLink in SP 2013, here's a link how to do so in JSLink : .
    But as said, since you're doing a visual web part, keep your stuff in the visual web part and check for the count of items before adding the rendered data to your div.  
    Mohamed Derhalli
    SharePoint Consultant
    Blog: SharePoint Thoughts

  • How do I change the default text for when I open up pages?

    How do I change the default text for when I open up pages?

    You may substitute any text you like for the "Placeholder Text", as it is called, in Pages. Click on the existing placeholder text and type something more to your liking. Do this in as many places as your particular template of interest demands. Then, Format > Advanced > Define as Placeholder Text. Lastly, File > Save as Template.
    Now that you have defined a Custom Template to your liking, you can go to Pages Preferences and under the General tab's first section, define the new custom template as your default for each new document.

  • How can I change the default text color (black to blue) in Mail on Mountain Lion

    How can I change the default text color (black to blue) in Mail on out going email with Mountain Lion

    There really aren't default outgoing font settings. They are only there for viewing. A workaround I have seen mentioned is to start you signature with the font style you want to use. When you start your message, click in that first part of your signature.
    Something like

  • How can i change the default text "Query by Example"

    Studio Edition Version
    how can i change the default text *"Query by Example"* in a Panel Collection

    Hi thieto,
    The label you are looking for is af_panelCollection.LABEL_MENUITEM_QBE*
    I'm currently writing a blogpost on this issue. In short, you will have to create a skin resource bundle.
    In the skin definition, refer to this bundle class.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <skins xmlns="">
        <bundle-name>com.blogspot.lucbors.view.bundles.MySkinBundle </bundle-name>
    </skins>In this class, adjust the label text to your needs.
    package com.blogspot.lucbors.view.bundles;
    import java.util.ListResourceBundle;
    public class MySkinBundle extends ListResourceBundle {
      public MySkinBundle() {
      public Object[][] getContents() {
        return _CONTENTS;
    static private final Object[][] _CONTENTS = {
         {"af_panelCollection.LABEL_MENUITEM_QBE","the text that you want"}
    }More in the blogpost
    Good luck
    Luc Bors
    Edited by: lucbors on Jul 26, 2010 11:39 AM (blogpost finished - URL added)

  • How to change the default language?

    How to change the default language of the Ubuntu desktop and of the Firefox program to Norwegian or Danish?

    While this isn't the appropriate venue to ask about changing the default language in Ubuntu, the snide forum link above lazily fails to address the Firefox language issue, and unfortunately this link now comes up on the first page of google searches about the default language in firefox.
    To change Firefox's default language, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Content, and click the "Choose" button under the Languages heading.
    To change the default language of your spell checker, right click on any text area and find the "Languages" entry in the menu, then select the language of your choice.

  • How to change the default font (Noteworthy) in Preview Annotation Note ?

    How to change the default font (Noteworthy) in Preview > Annotation > Note ?
    Thanks for any help guys. Noteworthy is horrible, in my view. But this does not matter. I simply do not want to use it, and woudl be fine with having helvetica back as the annotation typeface.
    Neither is Preview responding to changes I attempt in the type menu, nor did I find an entry when using “defaults read” in the Terminal.
    Any idea? Cheers.

    Sorry if this doesn't apply in Mountain Lion (no way to look at ML right now), but I see this in Preview under Mavericks:
    I click the annotation button (circled in red) and draw a box. I can then change the text to any active font using the drop down menu (circled in green).

  • How to change the default orientation?

         I'm new to Adobe Flash Builder and I am currently making a mobile application for a school project. I was wondering how you change the default app orientation to landscape. I've tried going into my app.xml and change the aspect ratio to landscape with no luck, and it is very hard to find any answers on the internet. I would greatly appreciate your help.
    HomeView.mxml Code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:View xmlns:fx=""
                        actionBarVisible="false" tabBarVisible="false" title="HomeView">
              <s:Image left="0" right="0" top="0" bottom="0" scaleMode="zoom" smooth="true"
                                   smoothingQuality="high" source="@Embed('file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/48127-solarsystem-teaser.jpg')"/>
              <s:Button x="-5" y="0" width="410" height="1504"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Sun)"/>
              <s:Button x="444" y="852" width="80" height="80"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Mercury)"/>
              <s:Button x="628" y="742" width="120" height="124"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Venus)"/>
              <s:Button x="836" y="632" width="127" height="117"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Earth)"/>
              <s:Button x="994" y="506" width="99" height="96"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Mars)"/>
              <s:Button x="1255" y="464" width="298" height="279"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Jupiter)"/>
              <s:Button x="1626" y="302" width="274" height="270"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Saturn)"/>
              <s:Button x="1965" y="196" width="175" height="174"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Uranus)"/>
              <s:Button x="2201" y="66" width="175" height="174"
                                    skinClass="" click="navigator.pushView(Neptune)"/>
    App.xml code:
    <!-- The initial aspect ratio of the app when launched (either "portrait" or "landscape").
                                  Optional. Mobile only. Default is the natural orientation of the device -->
                        <!-- <aspectRatio>landscape</aspectRatio> -->
                        <!-- Whether the app will begin auto-orienting on launch. Optional. Mobile
                                  only. Default false -->
                        <!-- <autoOrients>false</autoOrients> -->
    I need to make it so that the app is permanently in landscape.
    Thanks again.
         8th grade student

    <!-- <aspectRatio>landscape</aspectRatio> -->
    <!-- <autoOrients>false</autoOrients> -->
    In XML, everything within <!-- and --> is a comment.  You need to remove the <!-- and -->:

  • How to change the selected tabPane title color in JTabbedPane

    how to change the selected tabPane title color(or set bold) in JTabbedPane.
    Any advice will be appreciate.

    // Set text color for the selected tab
    tab.setForegroundAt(tab.getSelectedIndex(),;Hope that helps

  • How to change the default apex port

    i am installed apex4.0 in EBS R12 DB with HTTP Server method. my apex is running from application server 10g and default port is 7777.
    URl: http://hostname:7777/pls/apex
    My EBS R12 running on http://hostname:8007.
    is it possible to change the apex port to EBS Apache port(8007) in R12 and finally i want to change above URL like this
    Before change : http://hostname:7777/pls/apex
    After Change : http://hostname:8007/pls/apex
    Thanks in advanace....

    How to Change the Default SSH Port from Terminal ?
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  • How to change the default Path of Prompt Played by MicroApp

    I need to store all the Self Service application prompts in dedicated Media Server. I can modify location of all the Media files by passing the related URL form CVP application, however I need to know how to change the default location of Prompt file played by Play Media Microapplication in ICM Scripting.
    Currently the default location taken by Play Media Micro App is the Media _Server.variable path set for VXML Server location while I have a separate Media Server.
    Please advice how we can customize the MicroApp Media path.
    Kapil Kumar

    Hi Kapil,
    Try this in your ICM script, define set variables i.e.
    set Media Server= ip address of media server
    set Locale = en-us
    set input Type = DTMF only
    set App Media Lib = " you new location i.e. test "
    So, the application path will be
    http://media server ip address/en-us/test
    hope this helps.

  • How to change the default SSH port on Cat 6500 WS-SUP720-3B

    I have been net searching this question and I find answers relative to other Cisco products but not for the 6500 series. We are running
    entservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF17a.bin and would like to know how to change the default SSH listening port..
    Thanks in advance..

    Hi Neil,
    Normally this is achieved via the "ip ssh port rotary " but unfortunately, this command is not implemented on your platform so ssh will only work on port 22.

  • How to change the Default login script and the USER login script in Netware3.12

    I need to cut down the disk map from Neware 3.12 in Win98 client's PC.
    please tell me
    how to change the Default login script and the USER login script in
    Netware3.12 ?
    Or is there any other ways to do this thing?
    Thanks a lot!

    On 4/6/2006 [email protected] wrote:
    > how to change the Default login script and the USER login script in
    > Netware3.12 ?
    Please repost in the discontinued.forums.
    Edison Ortiz
    Novell Product Support Forum SysOp
    (No Email Support, Thanks !)

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    I have created a table with a nvarchar field to store string, may i now how to change the default NLS charset to ISO88591 charset?
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    I will try later!
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