How to change the JCA JNDI dynamically using FTP Adapter

We have 5 FTP Servers, each having a directory to poll. We have created 5 CCI instances for these FTP Adapters in the FTPAdapter deployment. We created a BPEL process and using FTP Adapter to connect to above mentioned servers.
Question: Customer's requirement is to use a single BPEL process to poll all these FTP Servers at a specified date and time. How can we connect dynamically to each FTP server at specified time.
Is there any way to change the JCAJNDI dynamically in a FTP Adapter configuration ?
I have seen that FTP Adapter POLL doesnt take any JCA JNDI/hostname/un/pwd/date/time dynamically.

Hi Pavan,
It's possible to change the JNDI dynamically but only when you use put operation where you can control the JNDI name at the time of invoking the FTP Adapter as described in below link.
Dynamic JNDI in FTP Adapter | jca.jndi property not picked by Adapter
However, can you consider using BPEL process with SyncRead (and read files through all the JNDIs in a loop) and scheduling this BPEL process to a desired frequency?
Neeraj Sehgal

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    If they are passing it in message id or correlation id,
    you can access it using
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            select="map:get($inputparam, 'DynamicConfiguration')" />
        <xsl:variable name="dynamic-key"  
            select="key:create('', 'DCJMSMessageID/ DCJMSCorrelationID')" />
        <xsl:variable name="dynamic-value"
            select="dyn:get($dynamic-conf, $dynamic-key)" />
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