How to change the SBO mailer email address

Just want to check , how to change the SBO mailer email address? 
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Please take a look at this link
You no need to send mails through outlook. Once you run the Addon of outlook integration yu have to do the outlook settings and then you cansend it internally hrough B1 but history will get stored in outlooksent box.

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  • How to change the automatically generated email address?

    The description of the problem is as follows:
    When our system sends to the customer the report with account statements (as an attachment) the automatically generated text that he receives in the email is:
    "Please respond to "K047472" "
    but the text should be:
    "Please respond to "( must be a certain email address we want the customer to respond)"
    Do you have any idea how to change this?

    Hi Slawomir
    Please go to SE91 and change the message text.
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  • How to change the sender's email address

    Basically, is there a way of changing the sender's address when using the hub to send emails from Gmail?
    I have the following domain / email registered with Enom: {REMOVED}. But, when I signed up to Gmail I had to use one of their email addresses: {REMOVED}. This is now my login name into Gmail.
    But I don't want people to see {REMOVED} whenever I send an email.
    Whilst using Gmail, I use the feature "Check email from other accounts" and here I have entered "{REMOVED}". What happens is that, whenever anyone sends an email to {REMOVED}, Gmail intercepts it and they show up within Gmail. 
    Also, in Gmail's accounts section, I tell it to "Send mail as" to {REMOVED}. So, when I send an email, it says that it has come from {REMOVED}. That's great.
    However, when I send an email using Blackberry's Hub from Gmail, it says that it has come from {REMOVED}. Is there any way of altering this?
    I have downloaded the Gmail app, and does what I want. But I would rather use the hub to send emails. So is there any way to change the sender's address?
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    Hello thirtynine,
    When sending email via Gmail from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the primary address will always appear on the sent message. This cannot be edited to appear as another address.
    Thank you.
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  • How do I change the submit to email address?

    I have made a form in Adobe Acrobat X Pro, and initially I wanted the form to be sent to one email and I entered it in, but now that person is no longer accepting the forms and it needs to be routed back to me. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to figure out how to change the submit to email address. Even when I try and make a new form, the other email autofills itself. Any help would be great. Thank you.

    Thank you.
    I actually found what I was looking for. Here is the answer:

  • How to change the sender's email (class  cl_sapuser_bcs) ?!?

    Hi Friends,
    Currently, I use class CL_BCS to sending an email. I've set sender as below :
    data: sender type ref to cl_sapuser_bcs.
    sender = cl_sapuser_bcs=>create( sy-uname ).
    call method send_request->set_sender
    i_sender = sender.
    But I don't know how to change the sender's email to a specific email address, i.e: [email protected]
    Anyone can tell me how?

    DATA: recipient          TYPE REF TO if_recipient_bcs.
    sender = cl_sapuser_bcs=>create( sy-uname ).
          CALL METHOD send_request->set_sender
            EXPORTING i_sender = sender.
        --------- add recipient (e-mail address) -----------------------
        create recipient - please replace e-mail address !!!
         <b> recipient = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address(
                                            '[email protected]').</b>
        add recipient with its respective attributes to send request
          CALL METHOD send_request->add_recipient
              i_recipient  = recipient
              i_express    = 'X'.
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  • I need to change the iCloud account email address.

    I need to change the iCloud account email address as this email is now canceled. Can't seem to find how ;(

    If you mean the non-Apple email address which is your login, you can change it at - click on 'Manage your account'. You can't change the address you set up when you opened the account.

  • Can not change the Apple ID email address of the person who had computer before me. Email box is un-editable

    Can not change the Apple ID email address of the person who had computer before me. Email box is un-editable & I wish to use my own account not previous owners.

    If you're trying to update an application, you need to delete it and then download it from your Apple ID. You may want to erase the internal drive and install a fresh OS.

  • I have recently changed networks to giffgaff but now my voicemail button doent work does anyone know how to change the voice mail number so it works again? thanks

    i have recently changed networks to giffgaff but now my voicemail button doent work does anyone know how to change the voice mail number so it works again? thanks

    GiffGaff are not a supported UK Apple carrier .That is probably why you have lost Voicemail they are a cheap carrier who provide minimum services ,do they even offer voice mail
    Go talk to them

  • How can I change the secret question email address?

    I have the wrong email to send the secret questions to. If anyone can help me won how to change the email to these questions that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking time to help.

  • How to change the default mail server??? Please help.

    I need to change the default mail server to my yahoo account. When I had my PC this was easy but I cannot figgure it out on the MAC. I am in China and I need to inform my insurance company of some information or they are going to cancel a policy. When I go to their site for email contact what pops up is the apple email, which I do not have an account for and ofcourse does not work. Their email address does not show and I cannot find it anywhere so I need to change the default to my yahoo account. On my PC this was easy and when I went to a site that had a contact but no email address, my yahoo account would come up. I hope I am explaining this correctly. I really need to do this fast as the letter I got took some time to get here and I just returned from some field work so I have about 2 or 3 days to get the information to them. Thank you.

    This does not demonstrate anything for me, since it brings up a Compose window for Mail, with my preferred account as the From address. This happens whether I access with Safari, or with Firefox.
    The point that I am trying to make, is that in OSX, there is no way to have web mail access become the default mail method -- it only works with a true mail client, for POP, IMAP or .mac access on your Desktop.
    If you have the type of yahoo account that can be setup for POP access with Mail, then when you click, you can choose your yahoo address as the From address to send from.
    Of course you can insert the address in a new message with your Yahoo web mail, but I have understood you to want to have the message start containing the info from one of the pages on the site?
    See the discussion at the following link, for setting up a Yahoo account in Mail:

  • How to change the text mail of Workflow Notification?

    Hi all,
    I would like to change the text mail of workflow notification. I took a look at the Help Sap and saw how to customize the text mail notification. Unfortunately, I could not found the text for workflow Notification at “notificationTexts_<language>.properties”.
    Is possible to change the text mail of Workflow Notification?
    Thanks in advanced,
    Alcides Flach

    Hi Alcides,
    Please refer to the following link.

  • How do I change the printer's email address

    New printer--HP Officejet Pro 8600
    I got an email address for this printer, but I can't find out how to change it to one easier to remember. Instructions say I can do that at, but I couldn't see how.

    Hi dorisdavidoff,
    Please see the section labeled "What is a custom email, and how do I set it up?" on this page:
    Please let me know if you need further assistance.
    I am an HP Employee
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  • HT201342 How do i Change the apple ID email address used to set up my iPad and iCloud?

    I set up my ipad using an @me email address.  but most of my data is stored on a separate iCloud account that is linked to a different email address.  When I try to change the default address on the iPad icloud, I can't add a new apple ID or email address, and am only shown @me or @icloud in a drop down box.  How can I change the setting on my iPad to another apple ID and email address?   

    If you want to change your iCloud ID to another existing ID you'll have to delete the account, create a new account with the other ID, and migrate your data to the new account.
    Before deleting the account, if you have any photos in photo stream that are not in your camera roll or backed up somewhere else save these to your camera roll or you will lose them.  To do this, open the photo stream album in the thumbnail view, tap Edit, tap all the photos you want to save, tap Share, then tap Save to Camera Roll.
    Once this is done, go to Settings>iCloud, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account. When prompted about what to do with the iCloud data, be sure to select Keep On iPad.  Next, set up a new iCloud account using a different Apple ID (if you don't have one, tap Get a Free Apple ID at the bottom).  Then turn iCloud data syncing for contacts, etc. back to On, and when prompted about merging with iCloud, choose Merge.  This will upload the data to the new account.

  • How to keep the ".mac" version email address from showing up in Mail?

    I was a .Mac guy way back. MobileMe came out. Now I have two emails, the difference being the domain. One .mac and one .me.
    I just want to use the .me. I had several aliases and they all have the same issue. When I choose which email address to send it from, I have a ton of emails to choose from. I could cut that in half without all the .mac ones. Anyway to fix this so only the .me address show up in the from field?

    On your iPhone, from the Home page go into settings then Notes. Change your Default account to 'On My IPhone'.

  • Can i generically change the "send from" email address in mavericks 10.9.2?

    I have my regular email address and another that I'd prefer to be sending from. That one doesn't have password as it's a simple forwarding email. Can I send from it? Can't see how without setting it up as full email address.

    From the Mail menu bar, select
    Window ▹ Connection Doctor
    Click the Show Detail button. A drawer opens. Try to send a message and post the text that appears. Anonymize any personal information before posting.

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