How to change the select options selection text dynamically in webdynpro abap ?

I am using standard interface WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS.... i want to change the Selection text dynamically in my select options.I.E. if the select option is for VBELN field than i want to change its description SALES ORDER Number through Code to some other text.
If anyone can please help me in this.

You can achieve your requirement as below
Get the range table of your selection field as below
          data lt_range_table type ref to data.
                    i_id = 'VBELN'
                    rt_range_table = lt_range_table ).
Update the selection field with new description - 'Your New Text'
                         I_ID = 'VBELN'
                         I_DESCRIPTION = 'Your New text'
                         I_IS_AUTO_DESCRIPTION = abap_false
                         IT_RESULT = lt_range_table ).
You can also pass the other parameters as per your requirement
Hope this helps you.

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    Click on each field and the choose Properties from either File menu (or if on Mac hold dow mouse button until context menu appears choose properties)
    go to Font
    choose desired size and type font,you can choose to make this the default.
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    I do not have AA6 available right now (I can check at home this evening). I am also using AA Pro, not Std. In AA7, there is a text box tool that is a commenting tool. When I started typing, a properties toolbar came up that had the font size and such. I haven't figured out how to get the toolbar after the fact. In AA8, I selected the text box tool and then went to view and selected the properties bar (the font size and all showed then), or use Ctrl-E when editing the text. I have not been able to figure out how to edit the text in a text box after you have created it - think it is a mental block right now. Bill

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    thanking u

    check out the smart styles...create a font of ur size n use.
    Define the paragraphs & character formats using SMARTSTYLES & use them in your smartform.
    You have to give the smartstyle name in the Form attributes-->Output options for the formats to be used in your smartform.
    You can define font size in Smartform Style.
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    to load the font to SAP server chk this
    Re: Adding a new font for SAPscript/SMARTFORM output

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    You can create Smartstyles, in which you can define paragraph formats for texts and character formats for character level changes.
    Paragraph format ---> alignment, font size etc
    character format for ---> superscript, subscript.
    After creating, in your smartform, there will be a option in the text element to enter a style.
    You give the created style and you can use the paragraph and character formats i that style.
    Hope this is clear..

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      vineet sharma

    Currently you cannot, it is a known (and hopefully reported, and at least addressed for next version) bug (or limitation, as they rushed to get the components out before JavaOne...).
    People reported they just put an empty text and put a label beside the component. Ugly workaround (bad when the component will be complete) but if it works... :-)

  • CS4- JS : How to change the DTD Option - Reg.

    Dear All,
    I'm struggle to not getting the answer for change the DTD options though Script.
    Here I can Load the DTD using script and Validate then Its showing so many Errors, It means the root element is wrong [DOCTYPE] so the way I can change as per the XML Root Element.
    Root Element : Chapter
    Load DTD -> DOCTYPE name is  : text
    //================ Start Coding =================================//
    app.doScript(File("D:/program files/Adobe InDesign CS4/Scripts/XML Rules/glue code.jsx"));
    var myDoc = app.documents.item(0);
    var Store = new  Array();
    var count=0;
    myDTDPath = "C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Adobe InDesign CS4\\Executables\\Parser\\Macmil.dtd";
    function main()
      if (app.documents.length != 0)
        var myDocument = app.documents.item(0);
        //This rule set contains a single rule.
        var DTDTitle  = new Array (new DTDRootTitle);
         var elements = xmlElements;
         __processRuleSet(elements.item(0), DTDTitle);
        alert("No open document");
      //Adds a return character at the end of every XML element.
        function DTDRootTitle()
 = "DTDValidation";
          //XPath will match on every XML element in the XML structure.
          this.xpath = "//chapter";
          // Define the apply function.
           this.apply = function(elm, myRuleProcessor)
                   Store[count] = elm.validate();
              return true;// Succeeded
            } //End of apply function
       for(var k=0; k<Store.length; k++)
            var test = Store[k];
             for(var m=0; m<test.length; m++)
              if(test[m].isValid == true)
    //========================== End of the coding ==========================//
    Question : 1
    Manually I can load the DTD & change the DTD Options as per the Root Element of the XML.
    After Validate using Root Element Itself, Its working fine. Zero Errors.
    Mean while I can Load DTD though Script but I can't change the DTD Options, through Script.
    So Please any one can give me the solution for change the DTD Options using script.
    Please any one can give the solution, Really I can appriciate for this...
    Hope I'm waiting the result for this query....
    Thanks & Regards
    T.R.Hairhara Sudhan

    hello  T.R.Hairhara Sudhan
    i don't know whether this is write answer or not .
    do one thing from active doc get reference of Dtd and from dtd set rootTag = "root tag"
    var dtd =  app.activeDocument.dtds[0];
    dtd.rootTag = xmlElement.markupTag;
    here xmlElement is value for "Validate from" in DTD option

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    Re: Change tab strip name for ME52N transaction
    How to change the name of Customer  Tab strip .
    Rename Custom tab in IW31 transaction
    Check whether you can maintain the tab page title here
    transaction spro-investment management-Appropriation requests-control data-specify tab layout for Appropriation reuqests

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    well i have created a table by name empmaster_data with following fields.
    now using a single screen i want to create,change and display the information.even i am using save and exit button.
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    Have Different Radio Buttons for the purposes what you have and use AT Selection Screen Output, Under the event Use loop at screen and with continue with your requirement.
    Hope This Info Helps YOU.
    <i>Reward Points If It Helps YOU.</i>

  • How to change the master page and theme dynamically in sharepoint2013 anonymous site

    I have to change the master page and theme dynamically in sharepoint2013 anonymous site. i have to show one master page to authenticated user  another master page to anonymous user through code

    Hi Srinivas,
    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to change the master page and theme dynamically based on the anonymous users or authenticated users.
    Per my knowledge, there is not an OOB way to change the master page and theme dynamically.
    SharePoint is based on, as we know Asp.Net request processing is based on pipeline model, so we can delevlop a custom HttpModule to dynamic change the master page based on current logon user profile(using SP Object Model to get).
    Another solution could be to use the SecurityTrimmed control that injects the CSS depending on global user permissions, more information, please refer to
    Some similar posts for your reference:
    Best Regards,
    Wendy Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to change the graph results selections in a query?

    i want to change the graphical representaions of a workbook which were based on the past year 2007
    now i want to have the results for the year 2008. how the year selections can be made for graphical results?

    If your table and graph are using the same query as the dataprovider then selection made for the table will be reflected for graph as well.

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    To make the change permanent you need to use the same Folders submenu and select either Save ... or Save As.... I would recommend the latter and give the folder your own custom name as this then differentiates any changes from the seeded folders / other locations who might also be using this folder etc.
    Thereafter, either your users will have to select the folder or (better) you can use the Administer Folders option in SysAdmin to default the folder to a particular responsibility or responsibilities.

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    I'll assume for a moment that you're using Safari to download.
    Click on the word Safari in the menu bar at upper left of the screen.
    In the dropdown menu, select Preferences (or press the Command key with the , key)
    In Preferences, select the General tab (the first one at the left), uncheck the box marked '*Open "safe" files after downloading*'
    That prevents downloaded files from automatically opening the assigned Apple application program.

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    inputOne = $('<input />').attr({'type':'text', 'value':'', 'id':'one'});
    inputOne .css ('font-size', 14);
    inputOne .css ('width', 350);
    inputOne .css ('background-color', '#0a81fb');
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    The corret word that the user has to write is "correct"
    so i use an if to validate it
    if (inputOne.val() == "correct"){
         alert ("good")
    }else {
           // HERE IS MY PROBLEM!!!   What i need to do is: if the user types a wrong answer i           //need to show him the correct answer in the input text.
    I hope you can help me.
    Thank's =)

    sym.$("NameofInputTextElement").html("What you want to change the text to");
    Have you tried this yet?

  • How to change the height of a folder dynamically?

    Hello everyone!
    I have a detail, I want to make when selecting a tab of a folder, this change in height, then select another tab to return to its original height.
    I'm trying so:
    Private Sub Folder5_ClickAfter(sboObject As Object, pVal As SAPbouiCOM.SBOItemEventArg) Handles Folder5.ClickAfter
                oForm = Application.SBO_Application.Forms.Item(pVal.FormUID)
                Me.Folder5.Item.Height = 298
                Me.Folder3.Item.Height = 298
                Me.Matrix1.Item.Height = 263
                Me.Matrix0.Item.Height = 113
                Me.Matrix0.Item.Top = 345
    End Sub
    But I would not change the height of the folder (it does with the other elements).
    Any suggestions?

    Already achieve that works to change the height of a tab, do not change the folder specified, change the height of the GROUPER containing folders.
    It worked like this:
    Private Sub Folder5_ClickAfter(sboObject As Object, pVal As SAPbouiCOM.SBOItemEventArg) Handles Folder5.ClickAfter
                oForm = Application.SBO_Application.Forms.Item(pVal.FormUID)
                oItem = oForm.Items.Item("Item_32") 'This is the ITEM_ID the GROUPER containing folders
                oItem.Height = 298
                oFolder = oItem.Specific
                Me.Matrix1.Item.Height = 263
                Me.Matrix0.Item.Height = 113
                Me.Matrix0.Item.Top = 345
    End Sub

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