How to change the Short text of a GUI Status .

Hi Guys ,
   Can any one guide me on how to change the short text of an already existing GUI Status .
I have already tried doing these :Opened the GUI Status in change mode and changed the short texts of the Application tool bar ,
                           Menu Bar ,
                           Function Keys ,
thinking that this will update in the Short text .. but that didnt happen ...
Below is what I need ...
Requirement :
GUI Status : Status_001 .
Short Text :  New GUI Status .
Change the Short Text to " Changed GUI Status ' . 

Hi Ranjita,
Do this...
go to SE80
Open the program.. open node GUI Status
Double click on the status you want to change
click on continue or simply enter
Here change the short text and continue or enter
activate it
Hope this helps..

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    Edited by: Charu on Sep 13, 2012 4:14 AM

    please don't double post and instead continue with your original threat. In the previous post you got the correct answer to use skinning. You did not like the solution as it doesn't allow per-instance titles. I agree with this and a logical consequence is to file an enhancement request instead of re-posting the question. I'll file the ER, so no need to follow up for you anymore

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    Use FM 'READ_TEXT' to get this values.
    Say for exampele my material is  1900001 and batch is 0000000517.
    Then my parameters to the FM will be as follows:-
    Text Name       000000000001900001    0000000517
    Language        EN
    Text ID          VERM
    Text Object     CHARGE
    This information you can get as follows.
    Open the short text window in the text editor.
    Here you can enter the long text.
    In the editor Go to Header and you will find the details.
    Please note that the text name will comprise of
    Stor. Location
    if all the details are given.
    I hope this helps you.
    Ankur Parab

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    Hi Shree,
    Thanks for the response. Please find the Enhancement name here "CNEX0006".

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    Notice the answers inside the widget, each with a circle to the left - tap on one of those, which will then appear green with a checkmark in the center to indicate the correct choice.

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    There are a few ways of doing this. The easiest method is logging into the first account and copying everything to an external drive (or flash drive or whatever), which changes the permissions so that others can see the files.
    Then, login with the new account and copy the files over. Once they are copied, the correct permissions will be applied again (so other people on your computer can't access them).
    If you can't do this method for one reason or other, you can do some terminal commands to change the ownership of the files. Login to the new account. If it is an admin account, open terminal and type the following command:
    sudo chown -R -v yourusername:admin /Users/originalaccountnamehere
    That should change the ownership of the files from your old account to the new one. At that point, you can simply drag the files into place.

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    Just a general reply this, but I had to click on 'Reply' to someone's post...
    It strikes me as very strange that something with such devastating consequences is even provided as an option in Finder. How many posts have there been saying "Help, all my settings/docs/music have gone!" or similar, and the poster having to be walked through the remedial steps? What useful purpose can there be to being able to rename the 'short name', and therefore the 'Home' folder, with a control-click?
    Dr Smoke has a 'Recovering from Re-naming you Home folder', and presumably there is a Knowledge base # for it too. Surely the simplest thing to do would be, in a future SW Update, to remove that Finder option entirely. If it's necessary for some diagnostic purposes to rename, then let there be a more arcane way of doing it, surely.
    Just my humble opinion, of course...
    & yes Jon, my reply to Ozzman was curt, unhelpful and non instructive. I apologise for that. It was late & I'd been up since 5am. I should have left well alone if I wasn't prepared to more helpful.
    An Apple a day...

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    i will write a notepad in pure java. but i will make it like this: item is top to bottom, and line is left to right. This is mongolian. but i dont know how can change the direction of text writen.
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    Here's what you should do:
    suppose your string is "abc" and you want to display that reversed:
    1. reverse the string
    2. find where your start point is (where you're going to draw 'a'
    3. Use FontMetrics to calculate the offset from the start point you need to make to print the string where it should be

  • How to change the Slection text of Standard  Program RFVEPBOOK

    I copied the standard program RFVEPBOOK , now I want to change the selection text as per the requirement. But in that three fields are inactive where we define the selection text so that I am not able to change the text for that field  and two fields  are not define in the program and that fields are appearing on selection screen. That two field are define in separate include but that include is not define in the program so it is difficult to change the selection text for those two fields also.
    Can anyone know how to do that?
    Thanks and Regards.

    Hi Chetan,
    You cannot change the Selection text BECAUSE.....
    this program is using logical database selection screen.
    To see follow this...
    GOTO -> Attributes -> here u cab see in Logical database  there is 'BRM'...
    So it's not possible to change standard one.
    thats the reason u are not able to find parameters defined in program.
    <b>Kindly Reward if useful
    ROHIT G</b>

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    Vibhuti Gosavi | [email protected] |

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    could any one tell me if it's possible to change the link text's color? instead we stuck with the defaut theme asigned color.

    Ok Looking to do this manually I don't see all that you suggest I need to see.
    .Body {
    color: #181c01;
    font-family: 'Palatino-Roman', 'Palatino', 'serif';
    font-size: 14px;
    font-style: normal;
    font-variant: normal;
    font-weight: normal;
    letter-spacing: 0;
    line-height: 19px;
    margin-bottom: 0px;
    margin-left: 0px;
    margin-right: 0px;
    margin-top: 0px;
    opacity: 1.00;
    padding-bottom: 0px;
    padding-top: 0px;
    text-align: left;
    text-decoration: none;
    text-indent: 0px;
    text-transform: none;
    .Header {
    color: #6a6f75;
    font-family: 'Palatino-Bold', 'Palatino', 'serif';
    font-size: 29px;
    font-style: normal;
    font-variant: normal;
    font-weight: bold;
    letter-spacing: 0.16em;
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    float: none;
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    float: none;
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    On my page I have white background, black text, when the arrow points to the link text it turns light brown, I am not so concerned about anything except the link text standing out in a differnt color, initially.
    I am leaning quite abit.
    So what do I do now

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    At my computers this default style is characterized in the 'favorite styles' panel as 'left aligned, spacing 0.0x' and it has strange tab stops (0.99, 1.98, 2.96, 3.95, 4.94, 5.93, 6.91, 7.90, 8.89, 9.89, 10.86, 11.85 cm).
    I prefer tab stops at 1.00, 2.00, 3.00 etc., and 1.2x line spacing.
    I guess I have changed the default style by accident, as I cannot imagine Apple putting such strange tab stops in a default style (0.0x spacing sounds a bit strange too). If so, it must somehow be possible to change the default style.
    I have tried to change the default style via TextEdit (which does not use the default style as default, but spacing 1.0x and tab stop at each centimeter) and several other applications (Bean, MacJournal, Notebook) in the following way: select a piece of text with the intended format, open the document styles panel, click 'Add to Favorites', enter 'Default' as the name for the style and click 'Replace'. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. Although I do not get an error message, the Default style hasn't changed. I can save my preferred style as, for example, 'Preferred' but that does not prevent MacJournal and other applications from using Default for every new document.
    Any idea how to change this default style, or, if that is not possible, reset it to its original state?

    I suggest you have a look at [ Stationery].
    It won't help you in defining styles, as such, but will give you templates wherein you can set up styles.

  • How to change the default text "There are no items to show in this view" in the visual webpart

    I am using a visual webpart and in that if there are no items in the list it is showing the default text "There are no items to show in this view." I want to change this default text. 
    I checked the forums here there are multiple ways are shown but no one is working for me.
    Kindly help me to change this text.
    Thanks in advanced.

    It seems you're retrieving items inside a specific you.. why not having a <div> inside you're visual web part and check to see if the count of items retrieved is > 0 then insert that in the div, otherwise, insert your custom message and not rendering
    the web part itself. What you're describing is the default message from SharePoint which comes from default views, and this can be changed from xslt in SP 2010 or in JSLink in SP 2013, here's a link how to do so in JSLink : .
    But as said, since you're doing a visual web part, keep your stuff in the visual web part and check for the count of items before adding the rendered data to your div.  
    Mohamed Derhalli
    SharePoint Consultant
    Blog: SharePoint Thoughts

  • How to get the short text values from F4 SEARCH HELP

    Hi Friends,
       My requirement is in  Module -pool Screen Programming,  i have Designed one field in a custom screen and  provided a F4 search help to that field..
    For eg the F4 help is displayed as below.
    Value                   short text
      1                    A          
      2                              B
      3                       C
      4                              D
      5                       E
      6                       F
      7                          G
    When i select the first option (1) then value 1 appears in the field.
    now i want the text relevant to the value 1 to appear by the side of the field.
    Eg :            1                  A      (A should appear by the side of the value 1)
    How do i achieve it?
    Kindly help me.
    Edited by: kannan ks on Dec 8, 2008 4:05 PM

    1) place a field adjacent to your value field on which F4 is operated
    so now you will have 2 fields.
    iam considering it as for ex: field1 & field2
    BOLD one is import in FM call
    CLEAR: t_dynpfld_mapping,
    e_dynpfld_mapping-fldname = 'F0001'.           
    e_dynpfld_mapping-dyfldname =      -
    > name of field1  (for ex: your 1 value field name)
    APPEND e_dynpfld_mapping TO t_dynpfld_mapping.
    e_dynpfld_mapping-fldname = 'F0002'.
    e_dynpfld_mapping-dyfldname =   -
    > name of field2  (for ex: your short text field name)
    APPEND e_dynpfld_mapping TO t_dynpfld_mapping.
    retfield =    
    dynpprog = sy-repid
    dynpnr = sy-dynnr
    dynprofield = -
    > name of field1  (for ex: your 1 value field name)
    value_org = 'S'
    value_tab = itab
    dynpfld_mapping = t_dynpfld_mapping
    OTHERS = 3

Maybe you are looking for