How to change the standard query "Create a Master Agreement" by a custom one

Hello Sourcing CLM experts,
I would need to replace the standard query displayed when the user tries to create a Master Agreement by a custom query to filter the MA types according to some criteria:
According to this post: Re: Create security profile for a document template in SAP Sourcing, I've tried to achieve it by doing the following steps:
Create a new query as a copy of exsiting query FCI-ContractTypes
Modify query group FCI-ContractTypesBP to include my custom query instead of the standard one to only list the MAType "Standard Master Agreement"
Following you can see the change done into the query group FCI-ContractTypesBP:
However, standard query has not been replaced and same set of MA Types are listed.
Therefore, I would like to ask you:
Is it possible to do this kind of modifications? If so, which query group need to be modified?
If it is not possible, is there any other way to achieve that requirement?
Thanks in advance for your time and support!
Best regards,

Hello again experts,
If this query cannot be modified, is there any option to disable button below? Or at lease, to disable the query group to avoid the listing of MA Types when it is pressed?
The reason is because we are going to set up the system in the way that only it will be possible to create Master Agreements from Template. However, if user keep on using that button he will be able to create MA from document types.
Any ideas?
Thanks again and best regards,

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    Hello Dharani
    All required function modules can be found in function group SLVC (assuming that you are using OO-based ALV or, at least, fm REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY_LVC):
    LVC_VARIANT_DEFAULT_GET (Read default display variant (description only, w/o field catalog))
    LVC_VARIANT_F4 (Display variant selection dialog box)
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    OAApplicationModule am = oapagecontext.getRootApplicationModule();
    oapagecontext.writeDiagnostics(this,"The Root AM is : " + am.toString(),6); // displaying oracle.apps.icx.por.req.server.RequisitionAMImpl
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    String seededQuery = vo.getQuery();
    oapagecontext.writeDiagnostics(this,"Seeded Query for ReqSupplierVO is "+ seededQuery,6);
    String customQuery = "new_query" // here i m writing my new query.
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    Base Page : /oracle/apps/icx/icatalog/shopping/webui/NonCatalogRequestPG
    Base Page Controller :
    Lov Region : /oracle/apps/icx/lov/webui/ReqSupplierLovRN
    Lov Controller : oracle.apps.icx.lov.webui.ReqSupplierLovCO
    Lov VO : oracle.apps.icx.lov.server.ReqSupplierVO ( i want to remove outer join in this VO query )
    I cant extend the lov controller since the same lov region is using in other pages also where i dont want apply my new lov query.
    Is the way i am trying is correct? How can i get the Lov AM in the base page? Any help highly appreciated.

    Hi Pratap,
    Thanks for coming back on this.
    The background of this customization is, We are implementing AME and are trying to restrict the number of approvers in the Change First Approver LOV (ApprroverLovVO.xml) based on company code and cost centre during the creation of Requistion. At the moment, the LOV is bringing back every employee who has a valid WF role.
    At the moment (up till I saw this thread) I was trying to customize by adding this code to processRequest method
    OAMessageLovInputBean CompanyCode = (OAMessageLovInputBean)oawebbean.findIndexedChildRecursive("ChargeAccountFlex0_column"); //this is returing null
    OAMessageLovInputBean CostCentre = (OAMessageLovInputBean)oawebbean.findIndexedChildRecursive("ChargeAccountFlex1_column"); //this is returing null
    RequisitionLovAMImpl am = (RequisitionLovAMImpl)oapagecontext.getApplicationModule(oawebbean); // this is returning null
    OAViewObject approverLovVO = (OAViewObject)oam.findViewObject("ApproverLovVO");
    Then, once found to append the viewobject with where clause. Was this the right method of achiving it, or to create a new custom VO and region?

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        private void setupGUI()
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        //   f.setDefaultCloseOperation (JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE);
           f.setTitle("Window Event");
            f.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
             inner=new  MyInner();
                   class MyInner extends WindowAdapter
           public void windowClosing(WindowEvent ee)
                         Toolkit tool = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit();
                      JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Nice Work! " );
          public  static void main(String[]args)
             MyFrame frame=new MyFrame ();

    For instance:
        class MyInner extends WindowAdapter
            public void windowClosing(WindowEvent ee)
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                JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Better Work!", "Dang, I'm smart!", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE, myImageIcon);

  • How to change the standard data type in xi

    presently we have SCM.i want to change the standard data type i.e" Replinishment order notification ".i want to change the length of the field .
    but there is no edit option for that data type.
    i even modified Software component version( http// objects are original objects and objects are modifible(tick the check box)
    thanks in advance.

    Hi Atmakur,
      <i>i even modified Software component version( http// objects are original objects and objects are modifible(tick the check box)</i>
        After doing this have you activated the change list? If not please do it and refresh it..and try to will work..

  • How to change the group asset in asset master

    Dear ALL,
    If i want to change the group asset in asset master it is appearing in disable mode.Kindly suggest how to make in enable mode. I check the configuration settings and group asset make it is an optional filedl But still it shows in disable mode.Please suggest.

    Thanks for all,
            Problem i wrote to sap, Once transaction happend, it is not possible to change the group asset. I convienced my client no issue.

  • How to change the standard purchase order ???

       i am trying to change the output form of standard purchase order.for that i copied the standard script/form to my own created script/smart form.i modified it as per user requirement and i have given the same name in NACE>EF>output type>NEU>processing place of the standard one.and i have also activated the standard program i.e. SAPFM06P.but when i am going to me22n and print preview the previous form format is coming...
    if i will create my own smartform then it is difficult for mapping all the fields to me22n...user can not input other fields in me21n if i am giving my print program name in NACE...
    can anybody please help me...????
    pls reply soon,....

    Are you sure you have set it for medium 1 (print output) and specify the program, FORM routine, and the Form/Script correctly?
    Another reason is the output type is not set up yet at the PO. Go to ME22N and click Messages button (next to Print preview button) and check whether your output type is already there. If it is not, then create one.
    Please also check that you have copy client the form/script from development client to test client (SAPScript need this but no need for Smartform) using T-Code SCC1. And the config is configured properly in test client.

  • How to change the standard Fields short description in KNVV table

    Hi All,
    Our system is recently upgraded from 4.7 to ECC 6. When we compared both versions we found the KNVV table fields descriptions are changed in 4.7(customer modifications done in 4.7) and same these customer modifications are not copied to ECC 6 from 4.7 version.
    So I tried to change the short description at domain level with the help of access key. But the description is not changed. Can you please let me know is there any procedure that how can we change the fields description for standard tables.
    KNVV table in 4.7                                                        ECC 6
    Fields                       Short Description                     Short Description
    1. KVGR1               Gen.Bus.Terms print                Customer group 1
    2. KVGR2               VAT on FOC                            Customer group 2
    3. KVGR3               Confirmation status                 Customer group 3
    4. KVGR4               Collect Billing                           Customer group 4
    5. KVGR5               SC Surchge Excl                    Customer group 5
    Jyothi CH.

    You need not use access key to change field labels
    Transaction CMOD -> Go to -> Text Enhancements -> Keyword -> Change.
    Here you can change all data element KNVGR1 to KVGR5

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    This month I upgraded to PE6. I don't like the dark gray background and miss some of the features I got used to, but I can live with that. On the other hand, I extremely disliked the standard category thumbnails for places, people, events and other. Why on earth did Adobe change the appealing thumbnails for those categories in PE4? The present ones are dull and because I can't make anything of the fine details in the new thumbnails I keep forgetting what they stand for.
    So far I have made several attempts to revert to the old thumbnails. I replaced the *.png picture files in the shared_assets\bitmaps\tag_palette with the old picture files (which are, by the way, present in the same directory, as "legacy" files). Didn't make any difference.
    The second attempt was to add the old picture files to the shared_assets\caticons directory. They then appeared in PE6 as possible alternate choices for the thumbnails. I changed all four categories. Took some time, but it worked. However, next time I started PE6, everything was back to the original situation. Heavy sigh... Where does PE6 hide the new stupid thumbnails??

    There's something about those legacy icons that's built-in to PSE 6. Here's a recipe that worked for me:
    - Copy shared_assets\bitmaps\LegacyCatIcon_People.png to shared_assets\caticons\MyPeople.png.
    - Invoke the full editor on MyPeople.png and change one pixel to a slightly different color.
    - Save MyPeople.png.
    - Edit the People category and select the icon for MyPeople.png.
    - Restart PSE 6 Organizer.

  • How to change the current period in material master

    hi everybody,
    as i have installed sap 4.7 ides version on my home pc for practice , but hwenver i am creating the new material  master in the system , i observe that in accounting1 tab the current period is 12 2002 , how should i change the current posting period so that i can start the transaction in current uear 2009 and then later i can work in 2010 ....
    i have tried  the transaction mmrv, mmpv, mmpi through some resources but i didnt know how to do the settings in the system in IMG (SPRO) kindly help me through , i have wasted lot of time in this..
    i hope MM team will help me out of this...

    Check in OMSY Transaction that, Which current month and year is having your comapny code.
    and go to T.Code MMPV
    enter Next Month of that cureent period and Year
    and Execute. You find the message that your current period has changed.
    Do the same process month by month till reaches to current period and year.
    Let me know if you have further queries.

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    This really explains it pretty well.
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    <p>There are a few ways that you can achieve this. If your SQL Queries have their filters modified (ie. WHERE clause) then this can be easily solved by adding report parameters to the Report filter. Search the in-product help for "Record Filter" and you should get a number of helpful resources returned.</p><p>Additionally, you can pass in java.sql.ResultSet objects with a populated recordset of the data you want to show in the report. We don&#39;t currently provide any tools to assist the creation of the code stubs for thick-client applications (like we do for JSP pages) however you can download a collection of thick-client sample code from here:</p><p><a href=""></a> </p><p>As I mentioned, this sample contains a collection of code snippets. The one in particular you will be interested in is titled "JRCResultsetDatasource". Hopefully, this will provide you with a few options. </p><p>Regards,<br />Sean Johnson (CR4E Product Manager) </p>

  • Dynamically how to get the meta data of an ui element which is custom one

    Hi All ,
    In SRM , I want to know the meta data declarations of an UI element in my webdynpro component  ..How to know this ..Can anyone help me in this ..I want to know the meta data of an ui element .

    You really aren't supposed to read the properties of active UI elements directly.  Instead they should be bound to context attributes and then you read these attributes via normal context APIs.  If you absolutely needed such access because this is a standard SAP WD, then consider that the WDDOMODIFYVIEW is the only part of th event loop where you are allowed access to the View and its UI elements.

  • How do change the text color in the variable screen ?

    Hi Experts ,
    I would like to know about , How do change the text color in the variable screen ?
    Using web templates (Analytical) can get the output. It has the variable screen contains 6 fields (Company code, Country , Region , COB, Plant and Purchasing Group). I want to make RED color text on Plant. Please help me .
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    I am looking for nearly the same. What I have found is that it seems to manipulate the SAP theme that is used in standard when template is executed in the portal. Just display the source code of the HTML and there you will see the included SAP theme (normally SAP_TRADESHOW). Then you have to go to the SAP portal and change this stuff. But for that you have to know where to find it and what impact this change has.
    I am not pretty sure if this is the right way. But as I want to change the standard layout of a whole template to a customer specific layout I think there is no other way in BI7.0.

Maybe you are looking for

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