How to clean ibooks purchased history

Is there a way to clean iBooks Purchased history?
I had two books that I removed from the library, but they show up in the purchased history.
Thanks for advise

Never mind,
I found similar question on the forum and that answered addressed my problem.

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  • Is there a way to clean iBooks Purchased history?

    Is there a way to clean iBooks Purchased history?
    I had two books that I removed from the library, but they show up in the purchased history.

    You can't permanently delete any item from your purchase history, but you should be able to hide them from Purchased linksvia your computer's iTunes :

  • How do i delete purchase history in ibooks

    how do I delete purchase history in iBooks

    You can't permanently delete any item from your purchase history, all you can do is hide items from the Purchased links via your computer's iTunes :

  • HT201304 How do I check purchase history on iPod touch

    I just need help in the question I'm about to ask how do I check purchase history on iPod?

    Use computer iTunes, select iTunes Store under STORE, click your Apple ID (top right).
    In Account Information, Purchase History click See All.

  • How to Clean the Command History in SAP Logon Screen

    Can any one let me know on how to clean the Command History (Where we generally enter the T Codes) in SAP Logon Screen.
    I dont want to List/see all the Previous command Hits in drop down box.

    Hi Eric and Markus,
    We found the Solution and off course we did good R & D, Finally I am able to implement the fix to Clear the Command Line History.
    All I did is I Disabled the Permissions for Code Folder (Right Click > Permissions > Deny) in Regedit.
    Thats It, The Commands stopped storing in the History.
    Thank you Erick and Markus.

  • How to delete app purchase history

    How to delete app purchase history

    Suzanne7550 wrote:
    How to delete app purchase history
    You can't.
    You can hide the purchases, but you have to do that on your computer using iTunes. You cannot do it directly on the iPad.
    Read more here.
    iTunes Store: Hiding and unhiding purchases - Support - Apple

  • HT204088 how do i find purchase history using product serial number?

    how do i find purchase history using iphone serial number?

    To my knowledge, you cannot.
    edit: Of the phone? If you mean from the iTunes store, I do not know of a way a user could do this.
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  • How to get my purchase history back?

    I suspect the merge between Nokia Dev and Ovi accounts to have deleted all my purchase history. The last 9th of september, I purchased Billboard for my N9. So, it was less than a year before, it should be still valid and I should still be able to download the app.
    How to get this purchase information back? Of course I kept the email this the purchase order.

    @Farby: You're right. I marked it as solved because it seems a valid answer. But then I checked my purchase order and saw it is less than 12 months old. Of course, I should have checked before asking.
    @yasfer21: completely forgot the differences between the accounts, and the previous logins.
    So, my question still remains. Is there an email address I can contact to get my purchase back? Another way? Thanks.

  • How to view your purchase history

    how to view your purchase history

    To view your account's full purchase history follow the instructions on the page that you linked to.

  • My iBooks purchase history is blank in Ibooks store on iphone 5

    After updating iBooks to the latest version 3.2 I've been having problems with purchase history in iBooks store. When I go to the iBooks store and touch "purchased" tab on the bottom - nothing happen and page stays blank. When I go the library and check Purchased collection - all my books are there.
    It all happen only on my iPhone 5.
    On my Ipad 2 which is under the same apple ID - everything works fine. My husband's iPad mini which is under the same apple id have no problem either. Any ideas?
    BTW - I already reported this to apple feedback/bug report.

    I did not try to resolve this issue for a while, since I was sure it was a problem with iBooks store. Then my husband installed iBooks on his iPhone 5 and had no problem with purchase history. I realized that it's the problem with my iPhone.
    So, in such case I knew what to do:
    1. backup my iPhone via iTunes,
    2. reset my iPhone - setting, general, reset all content and settings,
    3. restore my iPhone from backup
    I Followed those 3 steps and issue is resolved.

  • HT4009 How do you find purchase history and remaining balance?

    How do I find my daughters purchase history on here iPhone?

    Go to itunes --> on top nav, select app store --> Look for "purchased" on the right rail menu under APP STORE QUICK LINKS. That will take you to the "Purchased" page. You can search by "All" or by "Not on This Computer" (I looked something up on my comptuer... so I can also search what applications were downloaded from iPhone, another computer or iPad). The dates and prices of the apps are NOT listed there. Hope that helps.

  • How i clean the gifts history

    I bought gifts in the store but I want to be erased from my purchase history, thanks.

    You can't currently permanently delete items from your purchase history, all you can do is hide them so that they are less visible : hiding and unhiding (hiding doesn't appear to work on iOS 6)

  • HT203167 Lost 3 audiobooks, how do I find purchase history ?

    Trying to find purchase number for loss of 3 audiobooks, help!!!!!

    You can view your account's purchase history on your computer's iTunes : if you log into your account on your computer's iTunes via the Store > View Account menu option, you should then see a Purchase History section with a 'see all' link to the right of it. Click on that and you should then see a list of your purchases.
    Do you not have copies of them on your computer nor iOS device(s), nor on your backup of your downloads/library ? Audiobooks are a one-time only download from the store (and other items are only potentially redownloadable whilst they remain in your country's store), so you should be keeping and maintaining a backup. If you haven't, and if they are still in your country's store, you could try contacting iTunes Support and see if they will grant you a redownload :

  • How do I view purchase history of albums I have gifted?

    I want to see what and to whom I have gifted music and apps to.

    You can access it through itunes manage ur account and the click purchase history....i think this will solve ur problem...

  • How To Access My Purchased History On iTunes 12 Windows

    I just want to know how I can access the purchased section from iTunes 12 on Windows 8.1 PC. I just updated to iTunes 12 because every time when I plug-in my iOS devices running iOS 8.1, it would always prompt me for update. I noticed that Apple has redesigned and changed a lot with iTunes 12 unlike previous versions. I wanted to access my purchased section from App Store portion of iTunes Store. I know I can access them from iOS device but I wanted to cleanup my unwanted purchases, which means basically hide them.
    Any how tos will be great.

    Hi SC909,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    The attached article has information for accessing your past purchases both on iTunes and iOS. 
    Download past purchases - Apple Support
    Have a great day,

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