How to color the text  elements in script?

how to color the text  elements in script?
plz send the answers

Please go through my blog to know how to do color printing in SAP scripts.
White Paper on 'Color Printing in SAP Scripts'
Sireesha Ch

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  • How to color the text element in selection screen

    i am going to pass some text element in selection screen output  and my requiremnt is text element should be given some colour.
    plz guide me.

    Dont Declare your field as OBLIGATORY.
    Instead perform the validation in AT SELECTION-SCREEN event. But validation should be only when Particular Radiobutton is selected.
    And Generate only Error Message (Type E).
    Try this code:
    AT SELECTION-SCREEN on <yOUR mandatory field>.
       IF PA_UPD = 'X'.
                  Message 'Entry is must in this field' type 'E'.
    IF pa_udp = 'X'.
    IF screen-group1 = 'ABC'. "#CCE
    screen-active = 1.
    ELSEIF screen-group1 = 'DEF'.
    screen-input = 0.
    ELSEIF pa_rep = 'X'.
    IF screen-group1 = 'ABC'. "#CCE
    screen-input = 0.
    ELSEIF screen-group1 = 'DEF'.
    screen-active = 1.
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  • How to transport the text elements in  Reports?

    need answer to this question.
    how to transport the text elements in the reports?
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    Hi Venkata,
    Text Elements are a component/part of the SAP script and are not individual ABAP objects within the SAP environment hence they cannot be transported independently.
    You would need to make changes in your text elements in the SAP script which would result in the SAP script being saved under a transport and moving the transport across the landscape would result in the text elements also getting transported.
    In short: Move SAP script - to move text elements.

  • How to transport the  text elements

    hi guru's,
      i need answer to this question.
      how to transport the text elements in the sap script?

    U mean Standard Text?
    Standard Text can create using SO10.
    Use RSTXTRAN Standard Program..
    Do Like this..
    Goto se38 and enter program name as RSTXTRAN
    and press F8..
    and give Text-key Name as Standard Text Name
    then Press F8..
    And select Select check box.. and enter
    and press on trsfr to corr button..
    it asks transfee textxs to a correction..
    press on yes button..
    it will show request number or create your own request...
    and after goto SE10 tcode and Transport it...

  • How to use the text module in script

            i script how to use the text modules and how to write the code  in layout of the script?

    You canr use text modules in script. You have to use standard texts .
    Standard text are maintained in SO10 transaction.
    you can create translation text for other languages also . So based on logon language it will print translation text.
    go to SO10
    give textname it say Ztextname  id as ST and language as EN
    say create, then you will get editor there maintain your text and save it . then come back . Now change language (say for german DE) say create and eneter translation text and save it.
    so now you have created a text called ztextname which you can use in your script.
    Inorder to insert the texts in your script do as below
    go to any window editor and   select path
    Insert->texts->symbols->standard symbols
    then you will get popup  in which you have to mention all the parameters that you have created earlier.
    after inserting just change language EN to sy-langu
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    About text elements Sravan already given some informatiomn

  • How to get the text elements for a particular program

    Hi All,
    I want to get the all text elements , selection texts for a particular program...How to get.
    I have used one FM READ_TEXTELEMENT_FROM_REPORT , but not much useful..
    please help me..

    You may use this statement to read the text elements:
    READ TEXTPOOL (reports) INTO i_reptx. " reports is the report name.
    Best Regards,

  • How to active the text element (F9) in manu bar

    Hi Expart,
                   I am working with sap Script when i select the window in page window ,then try to insert text by edit->text element , but this option is deactivated.
                  Can any one help me to inset text to those window ..
    Thanks in advance ,

    after creating a new page you have to goto page windows. Otherwise you caonnot create textelements.
    There also must also made aready some windows. In no windows exist you have to go to windows.
    hope this helps.
    Gr., Frank.
    PS. Try to work with the graphical form painter. Then you will not have those problems.

  • SAP Script - How to check a text element is empty in Script.

    Hello Friends,
                  I like to display a text element when it is not empty, otherwise I like to display some other text.
    I know how to read text element in Script, but 
    How to check a text element is empty in Script
    Thank you for your time.

    Hi Senthil,
    Inside text element, we print the variables.
    Variables actually gets printed in the form.
    if the variable contains value the variable gets printed on script. if not, then variable not gets printed.
    hope this helps.

  • How to print the text in points wise in sap script

    hi friends,
    how to print the text in points wise in sap script.
    ex: if suppose paragraph consists of 15 lines. then according to one sentence or one fullstop (.) it should give point 1. like that...
    1. hai how ru.
    2. what r  u doing.
    3.where r u.
    like this i want numbering.. waiting for ur replys.

    declare a counter
    data : cnt type char 4.
    print :
    cnt = cnt + 1.
    &cnt& &text&
    cnt = cnt + 1. and so on.
    if the data is in an internal table
    loop at internal_table.
    cnt = cnt + 1.
    write form.
    in script -&cnt& &text&
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  • How to display the text as a Bold in the Text Element of a Smart Form

    I created one Smart Form.
    In that i created the Text element.
    I provide some data also in that.
    It is coming as a MS WORD.
    I executed my smart form.
    Customer Number:  &WA_KNA1-KUNNR&
    it display the data of the particular customer.
    But i need to display the Customer Number as BOLD or else Increase the Size.
    For this also I created one SMARTSTYLE.
    In that I created the Paragraph and Character Formats also.
    Now i assignee that SMARTSTYLE in the Output Option Tab of the Text Element also.
    But i unable to get the CUSTOMER NUMBER in Bold.
    In MS WORD we have BOLD button.
    I selected the Text and Press the BOLD button. At that time it is Highlighted.
    Whenever i press the SAVE Button.
    Then it is not saved with BOLD.
    It is coming in Normal Format.
    In the ECC 6.0.  I am unable to get the Text as a BOLD.
    This text Element is like a MS WORD.
    Can you please tell me how to display the Data with BOLD. please tell me. I am unable to get that one.
    Thank You.
    B. Krishna.

    Check where u have given BOLD. In character Format or in Paragraph format.
    1. Change to OLD EDITOR if u are confused with the new one.
            (This can be done by clicking the button left to new editor ).
    2. If it is PARAGRAPH FORMAT,
               Give the name of paragraph format in the editor.
                P1         &WA_KNA1-KUNNR&
        If it is CHARACTER FORMAT,
                             <C1> &WA_KNA1-KUNNR&

  • HoW to ChaNGE the text in the mobile application to be in MulTi-CoLoR text

    _*  Do anyone can tell me how to change the text in the mobile application to be in multi-color text, to make it more interesting and increase readability?
    Is it using the Graphic's paint() method? or any better suggestion?
    Please give the short example if can?
    Please help... "_"
    Hearing from u all [email protected][email protected]

    Go into outline view. If you can see the outlines of the letterforms, you can't just change the text. If the letterforms are solid black, take the type tool, select the text and type yours.
    Anyway you can just select the letters, take the type tool and type new text.
    Working with the type tool is a basic. Please see the manual for details

  • How to Read the "text file and csv file" through powershell Scripts

    Hi All
    i need to add a multiple users in a particular Group through powershell Script how to read the text and CSV files in powershell
    am completly new to Powershell scripts any one pls respond ASAP.with step by step process pls

    Hi Rajeshreddy.k,
    To add multiple users to one group, I wouldn't use a .csv file since the only value you need from a list is the users to be added.
    To start create a list of users that should be added to the group, import this list in a variable called $users, the group distinguishedName in a variable called $Group and simply call the ActiveDirectory cmdlet Add-GroupMember.
    $Users = Get-Content -Path 'C:\ListOfUsernames.txt'
    $Group = 'CN=MyGroup,OU=MyOrg,DC=domain,DC=lcl'
    Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $Group -Members $Users

  • How to Remove Blank spaces in the text elements for a smartform

    Hi All,
    Can any one please help me out to remove the blank spaces in the text elements.
    We are printing Labels using the Zebra Printer and we have rotated the windows to 90 degrees.
    We are able to see out text and barcodes. But the issues is when we are printing the label. We are getting spaces in the Text and in the Text elements fields. I have tried to give &g_name(C)&. But it is not working even i worked with style sheet spaces no luck.
    Currently out text and fields are printing like this
    s h r i y a n
    material number
    1111  -001  -000
    They should print like
    According to the ZEBRA suggestions we are using the font helve.
    Plase help us it is very urgent.
    Reward point will be given.

    Just use Condense g_name inside the program lines.
    Just to see how it behaves put a hard breakpoint.
    Break Username. and check the condense statement.
    condense <your field> no-gaps.
    Create program lines ahead of printing. give the field you want to condense in the input and output parameters of the program lines.
    Use condense inside the program lines.

  • How to find out all the text elements in the report using Java?

    How to trace the contents of an rpt file?
    I am able to open the rpt file in my report viewer but can not trace it using the JAVA code.
    Actually, I need to find out all the text elements of rpt (Report) file and replace them with the contents of resource bundle.
    My Java code to open a report is given below:
    import com.crystaldecisions.reports.sdk.ISubreportClientDocument;
    import com.crystaldecisions.reports.sdk.ParameterFieldController;
    import com.crystaldecisions.reports.sdk.ReportClientDocument;
    public String viewRpt()
                   //1.) Setting Database Infos
                            IConnectionInfo iConnectionInfoObj=setDatabaseConnectionInfos();
                   //2.) Setting Report Path
                   String reportPath=u201DE:
                   reportPath=(reportPath!=null)?                                             reportPath:AppConstants.CONSTANTS.BLANK;
                   String reportName="report1.rpt";
                   String reportFullPath = reportPath +   rptName;
                 //3.) Setting Report Source
                             ReportClientDocument reportClientDoc = new ReportClientDocument();
                                    , 0);
                  IReportSource reportSource = reportClientDoc.getReportSource();
              //4.) Setting the Fields Starts
              Fields fields = new Fields();
              ParameterField pfield1 = new ParameterField();
              Values vals1 = new Values();
              ParameterFieldDiscreteValue pfieldDV1 = new ParameterFieldDiscreteValue();
              pfield1 = new ParameterField();
              vals1 = new Values();
              pfieldDV1 = new ParameterFieldDiscreteValue();
              //Setting the Fields Ends
    The sample jsp code to view the report is as follows:
    <%@taglib uri=""
    <bocrv:reportPageViewer viewerName="CrystalViewer"
                                                 displayGroupTree="false" displayToolbarLogo="false"
                                                 enablePageToGrow="false" height="540"
                                                 zoomPercentage="100" width="750"
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    This is how you retrieve all the text fields in the reort:
    ReportObjects reportObjects = (ITextObject) oReportClientDocument.getReportDefController().getReportObjectController().getReportObjectsByKind(ReportObjectKind.text);
    for(int i=0; i< reportObjects.size();i++)
    ITextObject textObject = (ITextObject)reportObjects.get(i);
    // use ReportObjectController to modify the text object.
    If you want to modify the contents of the text element, you can do it as follows:
    TextObject oTextObject = new TextObject();
    Paragraphs oParagraphs = new Paragraphs();
    Paragraph oParagraph = new Paragraph();
    ParagraphElements oParagraphElements = new ParagraphElements();
    ParagraphTextElement oParagraphTextElement = new ParagraphTextElement();
    oParagraphTextElement.setText("This is the new text field");
    oReportClientDocument.getReportDefController().getReportObjectController().modify(textObject, oTextObject);;

  • How to color the background of a text line in mail

    How to color the background of a text line in mail
    The forum has a message dated 2005 that this cannot be done, has the recent OS made this a feature.
    I still caanot seem to see any where it is available.

    greg1424 wrote:
    Does pages do that?
    I also have Office for MAC but rarely use it as it is too cumbersome for me.
    Microsoft Office does it also.  So does Libre Office, Open Office and just about any full function word processor app.

Maybe you are looking for

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