How to concatenate date and time after a logical file in application server

Hi Experts ,
I have a requirement that goes like this : I have a job that runs parallelly with 10 different variants at the same time. Each job will write the data into a file in the application server, since the jobs run parallelly there is a chance of the file being over-written and hence we have decided to concatenate time and date at the end of the file so that the file does not get over-written. Can someone please let me know how to incorporate this change.
Thanks & Regards,

Hi Balaji.
Use CONCATENATE functionality.
A sample code snippet for your reference :-
CONCATENATE  p_path  text-202 c_9 p_name c_9  lv_fcount  c_9  lv_date
                                             c_9 lv_time  INTO  gv_file.

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    Hi, all.
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    Hi Sejoon,
    I use the standalone Logviewer to read the log files. Works great.
    "If you have an SAP Web Application Server Java 6.20 or below you may also get a file at the SAP Service Marketplace at &#8594; SAP NetWeaver &#8594; Release ‘04. In this case JDK version 1.3 or higher must be installed on the system. The java version must be same on the server and the client.
    In the SAP Web AS Java 6.30 installation a folder named logviewer_standalone can be found under: <path Of J2EE installation>/<SysID>/JC<nr>/j2ee/admin/logviewer_standalone. Verify that the batch file logviewer.bat is installed in the directory logviewer-standalone.
    (source ->
    Best wishes,

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    Thank you for your response. That does adequately cover the
    client-originated sessions, but still leaves the ability I am
    looking for unavailable.
    It did serve to definitively answer my most pressing
    question, however, with this statement:
    Note: ColdFusion cannot create a session if an initiator
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    I will play around with the Application scope to see if there
    might be a workable solution there.

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    Hope the question is clear...

    Hi Kavita
    There is no as such Date and Time Comparision FM in Standard SAP  But You can define your own like this
    ""Lokale Schnittstelle:
      twoismoretopical = ''.
      if date2 > date1.
        twoismoretopical = 'X'.
         if date2 = date1 and time2 > time1.
           twoismoretopical = 'X'.

  • How to read the date and time information of a file by labview

    how to read the date and time information of a file by labview? for example, created time and modified time.
    Go to Solution.

    if you need to know the last modification date of file:-
    "Functions->File I/O->Advanced File Functions->File/Directory"
    This vi returns the value of file's last modification date. This is returned as U32 number. To see it in MM/DD/YY format you must create the indicator, right-click on it and select "Format & Precision" item from drop-down menu. Then select "Time and Date" format there.
    Thanks as kudos only

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    Edited by: user12187801 on 26-Jul-2012 01:42

    Your question is certainly lacking some information.
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    If you meant something else, then it's back to you to explain.

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    If you are not aking an iPhoto question but are asking an iPhone question instead then repost in the iPhone forum - iPhoto has no association with the iPhone

  • How to eliminate date and time in image logging in vision express

    I am using vision express to capture a set number of images with inline processing. I am opting to log the images to a specified folder. However, the file names of the images have the date and time appended by default. Is there a way to eliminate the date and time in the images' file name? Please help.
    Go to Solution.

    It may help if you paste your code and file to better understand what is it that you want to remove from the file. If you have the vision development module, you can certainly use the File VIs available within the vision tools utilities palette in LabVIEW to manipulate the way you save your files. (Page14)
     There is a good example code you can refer to within the following forum link: 
    Also if you have access to the Vision Builder for Automated Inspection software, this application offers you that option:
    Luis S
    Application Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How to read date and time with Oracle_Loader (10g)

    ip pc username date time WS1 test 2000/01/01 01:01:01
    I am trying to read the date and time from data formatted as above from a .txt file.
    create TABLE test (IP char(20), OCID char(15), ID char(30), date_logon date, time_logon date)
    (IP char(20),
    OCID char(15),
    ID char(30),
    date_logon char(30) DATE_FORMAT DATE MASK "yyyy/mm/dd",
    time_logon char(30) date_FORMAT date MASK "hh24:mi:ss"))
    LOCATION ('test.log'));
    However, my external table returns a date (2007-05-01) AND the time for the time_logon column (e.g. 2007-05-01 01:01:01) . I just want the time (e.g. 01:01:01).
    What am I doing wrong?
    *I tried: date_logon char(30) DATE_FORMAT DATE MASK "yyyy/mm/dd hh24:mi:ss", reading both the date and time at the same time, but it doesn't work.

    Justin, thank you so much for your help.
    When I try:
    SELECT a.ip, a.ocid,, TO_CHAR( a.date_logon, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS' )
    FROM test a
    date_logon entries are all dd-mon-yyyy and 00:00:00 (i.e. no time was stored).
    I don't have control over the text file, so I don't think I can make any changes to the formatting.
    I tried to declare the column as 'timestamp':
    date_logon char(60) DATE_FORMAT timestamp MASK "yyyy/mm/dd hh24:mi:ss",
    but time is still displayed as 00:00:00:000.... which leads me to suspect that the culprit is the space between date and time in the text file.
    Say if I have 2007/05/25 and 2007/05/01 16:19:23 in two separate date columns. Is it possible to grab the time from the second column and append it to the first column (while still retaining the DATE property, i.e. 2007/05/25 16:19:23).

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    Aperture was not able to adjust the date and time of the master file “2008-06-22 at 14-41-14.jpg” because it has a format that does not permit date modification.

    Can you post an ipconfig /all from the server and the DC?
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  • HT5252 I tried to change my metadata date and got this   Aperture was not able to adjust the date and time of the original file "01769_p_h13ajyrm4bm0944.jpg" because it is locked or you do not have permission to modify it.

    I tried to change the metadata date.  It changed the date on my photo, but when I checked the box that said "also change my original file", it gave me this error message.
    Unable to change original file.  Aperture was not able to adjust the date and time of the original file “01769_p_h13ajyrm4bm0944.jpg” because it is locked or you do not have permission to modify it.

    What is your Aperture version? The older versions of Aperture 3 had a problem to apply Metadata changes to the original file.
    If you are using the current version Aperture 3.4.5, try to repair the permissions on your Aperture library, if you have not already done so:
    Launch Aperture with the key combination ⌥⌘ held down and select "Repair Permissions" from the First Aid PAnel, that will appear.
    If that does not help, post back with more information on your original files - are the referenced or managed? Where is your Aperture library located? Since when do you have this problem? And what did you do directly before noticed the problem for the first time?

  • How to change date and time format

    Hi experts,
    Can i know how to change the date and time format?
    I want the date format to be dd-mmm-yyyy  and time format to be hh:mm:ss
    These date and time is in my sapscript form.
    I make use of PERFORM function in sapscript.
    This is the code in my print program.
    FORM get_actlog_QA TABLES in_tab STRUCTURE itcsy
                           out_tab STRUCTURE itcsy.
       DATA: object TYPE string, "
            qaname LIKE JCDS-USNAM, "NAME for engineering process, QA Manager
            qadate LIKE JCDS-UDATE, "DATE changed in engineering process, QA Manager
            qatime LIKE JCDS-UTIME. "TIME changed in engineering process, QA Manager
    DATA: lt_jcds type standard table of jcds,
          wa_jcds like line of lt_jcds,
          new_date(10) type c.
      READ TABLE in_tab INDEX 1.
      MOVE in_tab-value TO object.
      select * into CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE lt_jcds
      from jcds WHERE objnr = object
        AND  ( stat = 'E0005' )
        AND inact = ''.
      Loop at lt_jcds into wa_jcds.
          qaname = wa_jcds-USNAM.
          qadate = wa_jcds-UDATE.
          qatime = wa_jcds-UTIME.
       READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 1.
       MOVE qaname TO out_tab-value.
       MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
       READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 2.
       MOVE qadate TO out_tab-value.
       MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
       READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 3.
       MOVE qatime TO out_tab-value.
       MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
      clear wa_jcds.
    This is my PERFORM in sapscript.
    /:           DEFINE &V_QANAME& = ''.
    /:           DEFINE &V_QADATE& = ''.
    /:           DEFINE &V_QATIME& = ''.
    /:           USING &VIQMEL-OBJNR&
    /:           CHANGING &V_QANAME&
    /:           CHANGING &V_QADATE&
    /:           CHANGING &V_QATIME&
    /:           ENDPERFORM.                     
    Prepared by : &V_QANAME& ,, &V_QADATE& ,, &V_QATIME&
    The output now is
    Prepared by: Name   20080312  115536 
    I want to change the date format to 12-MAR-2008
    and the time format to 11:55:36 
    Can anyone please suggest on how to solve this?
    Thank you.

      Before assigning the  QADATE value you can write the logic to display  20080312   as  12-MAR-2008  taking the offset values .
    qadate = wa_jcds-UDATE.
    qatime = wa_jcds-UTIME.
      lw_year    = qadate(4).
      lw_month = qadate+4(2).
      lw_date    = qadate+6(2).
    case lw_month.
    when 1.
    when 2.
            concatenate lw_date  '-FEB-'  lw_year into qadate.
    when 3.
          concatenate lw_date '-MAR-' lw_year into qadate.
    READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 2.
    MOVE qadate TO out_tab-value.
    MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
    And you can also change the timeformat also  .
    then assign that value to qatime .Then
    READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 3.
    MOVE qatime TO out_tab-value.
    MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
    I think this helps you.

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