How to configure a JNDI ressource in the web.xml file

does someone know if there is a way to configure a JNDI ressource with its parameters only in the web.xml file ?
In my case, the JNDI ressouce is an oracle database an its conenction paramters: driverClassName, username, password, etc...
Actually, I put everything in the configuration file of Tomcat but I would like my war file to be 100% independent of the application server.
Thanks in advance.

I wrestled with this for a long time. I may have done something wrong, but to get my mySQL JDNI reference to work, I had to add it to the server.xml file. You can try with web.xml, but I eventually just got frustrated and put it in server.xml.
The following is between two <context> tags:
<Resource name="jdbc/instance_name_goes_here"
          <ResourceParams name="jdbc/same_instance_name_here">
- Saish
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  • Configuring a JNDI ressource in the web.xml file

    does someone know if there is a way to configure a JNDI ressource with its parameters only in the web.xml file ?
    In my case, the JNDI ressouce is an oracle database an its conenction paramters: driverClassName, username, password, etc...
    Actually, I put everything in the configuration file of Tomcat but I would like my war file to be 100% independent of the application server.
    Thanks in advance.

    I'm pretty sure you can't do it that way round. The logic of the thing is that database access URLs etc. tend to depend on the where the server is. The whole idea of these resources is to put the stuff that's specific to the server in server.xml and refer to it using names that should remain the same if you deploy your webapp on another server. Of, for example, you have test, stage and production servers running the same webapps but connecting to different databases.

  • How to avoid inserting CheckSessionFilter in to the web.xml file?

    Mobile Server modifies the web.xml during adding a .war-file to the publication. A new entry- CheckSessionFilter will be inserted inside the web.xml after uploading to the mobile server:
    ****************** inserted part **********************
    ****************** inserted part **********************
    Our application has own security-concept and don’t need this additional session checking.
    How can we avoid including of CheckSessionFilter in to our web.xml?

    Don't do "add a war option" Instead, package your application using packaging wizard omitting the filter. Or, you can edit the WEB-INF/web.xml file on the mobile server after you deploy it.
    Make you update the APPLICATIONS table
    WHERE NAME = 'you application';
    You application will be uploaded to:

  • How to config the web.xml file, when I use Richfaces + RI 1.2?

    Hi there:
    I want to use Richfaces + RI 1.2 to build a project. I don`t know how to config the web.xml file.
    By the way, my web server is Tomcat 6.0, my JDK's version is 6u6. I don`t want to use the facelets.

    just add this before *</web-app>*
           <display-name>RichFaces Filter</display-name>
           <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>

  • How to deploy the web.xml file when trying to use the JSP SDK from SAP?

    I want to use the adduser.jsp which downloaded form SAP SDK samples to add user in BO, but I cannot run it sucessfully. I believe it's caused the web.xml file was not deployed appropriately.
    could you please teach how to deploy the web.xml file for the JSP samples ?
    Could you show me some sample of web.xml for the SDK jsp files? Thank you very much!

    Ensure that you have followed below directory structure while deploying your web application.
    web.xml must be placed in WEB-INF. Ensure that you have included all the jar files and other necessary files in your application.
    For more information refer to the below link:

  • How to edit the web.xml file

    hi friends,
    i have been working with netbeans for webapplications so far therefore its not ever been requerd to edit the web.xml file that automatically done by IDE itself.
    now, i am just trying to deploy the servlet and jsp's externally without using any tool and i found a requrement to map the servlet and jsp in web.xml file. when i try to edit inside this file it seems noneditable, nothing gonna change. i have an alternate to do this is firstly copy the content of this file into txt file and after making the requred changes overwrite this file in .xml formate to orignal web.xml file.
    am i going in right way?? please help me

    open it in a text editor and modify it.

  • JSP compiler reading the web.xml file?

              I am trying to use the weblogic JSP compiler (weblogic.jspc) to
              pre-compile some JSP that use custom tags. Does the compiler
              read the web.xml file if there is one? In particular the taglib
              elements in that file so that the compiler understands the
              <%@ taglib ... %> directive.
              In the JSP I try to compile I use this statement to declare a taglib:
              <%@ taglib uri="xyz/xyz-taglib" prefix="xyz" %>
              and in my web.xml I have:
              When I try to compile the JSP I get the following error:
              Could not parse embedded JSP code: weblogic.utils.ParsingException: nested
              IOException: cannot resolve 'xyz/xyz-taglib' into a
              valid tag library.
              Any ideas how I can resolve this?
              In advance thank you for any help.

    open it in a text editor and modify it.

  • How to get Context paramters out of Tomcat web.xml file

    The Documentation at Tomcat seems to suggest:
    Context initialization parameters that define shared
    String constants used within your application, which
    can be customized by the system administrator who is
    installing your application. The values actually
    assigned to these parameters can be retrieved in a
    servlet or JSP page by calling:
    String value =
    Now I want to write a jsp, where the user enters his username and pwd, and this contacts a jdbc connection bean. I want to store the driver name in the web.xml file. Now can some1 please suggest a method as to how I can extract this (It ain't that straightforward as suggested in tomcat doumntation. You cannnot call the above method ithout Servlet Initialization (actually to say ithout HTTP Connection). I succeeded when I had written a servlet, but can some1 please suggest an alternative (bcoz othrwise just to extract that I am writing a servlet).
    Hope I am clear.
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit your web.xml file and add these entries,
    Place the above entries in between your already existing <web-app> and </web-app> tags.
    Now in your jsp, you can use, <% application.getInitParameter(); %> and in servlet, getServletContext().getInitParameter();
    Hope this helps.

  • Whats the purpose of the web.xml file?

    What is the purpose of the web.xml fle?
    and does it have any impact on deployment?
    I get this msg when I am compiling .
    ignoring C:\JDeveloper9iRC\jdev\mywork\MIS_IntranetWS\mis_intranet\public_html\WEB-INF\web.xml; not on sourcepath
    I cannot deploy but for what reason I don't know. Am wondering if this is related at all

    The web.xml file is the standard deployment descriptor for a J2EE web application (or "web module" when it is part of a J2EE Application). The full details of what the web.xml is for is described in the Servlet 2.2 spec (if you're using J2EE 1.2) or the Servlet 2.3 spec (if you're using J2EE 1.3). You can download the Servlet spec from
    The web.xml file is used when deploying a WAR file to a J2EE app server. However the message you cite isn't indicating a deployment failure. When you get a deployment failure, you should see a message in the JDev Log Window indicating the reason for the failure. Be sure the Log Window is visible by selecting View | Log Window from the main menu.

  • Where is the web.xml file in Tomcat 5.5

    hi folks,
    i made a small appl in Tomcat 5.5 named "Name". I made a WEB-INF folder inside the Name folder (which obv is inside the webapps folder), which inside had the classes and lib folder. After running the application where do i look for the web.xml file controlling my appl?
    thanx in advance..

    well, the web.xml file must be done for you. Its specific to your project, you wont find in on other folders of tomcat.

  • Trouble adding alias to the web.xml file (External Facing Portal)

    I'm trying to implement the external facing portal. I don't really have any real custom content to add to it but have just created an iView that contains a webpage that's contained within a copy of the light framework.
    I'm having trouble adding or accessing the alias that I've created to go to this iView.
    I can test my iView by adding it to the master rule collection under one of the predefined aliases in the web.xml (e.g. portal/anonymous etc) but when i define my own (e.g. "ext" etc) and then go to http://portal:<port>/irj/ext I'm just getting an error:
      The requested resource does not exist.
      Details:   Go to main page of this application!
    This is what my entry in the web.xml file looks like:
    <display-name>The Java iView Runtime</display-name>
    My master rule collection seems to be correct, since I can test the iView etc by adding it to a predefined alias. I've tried closing all browsers etc. Nothing seems to work.
    Any ideas what this could be?
    I'll award points for any help.

    Hi Beau
    Just Have a try.
    In the servlet mapping add the following entry.
    <servlet-name> gateway </servlet-name>
    <url-pattern> /portal/* </url-pattern>
    <servlet-name> gateway </servlet-name>
    <url-pattern> /ext/* </url-pattern>
    <servlet-name> prt </servlet-name>
    <url-pattern> /irj/* </url-pattern>
    Restart after making the changes.
    Geogi Luke

  • I  have some more problem in the  web.xml file and url-pattern in my  syste

    HI ALL!
    How can I create and place the web.xml and URL-parrten.Because I run
    the tomcat in my computer with ME system.

    what is the problem? please be more specific and detailed? check a sample web.xml file and make your own one and place it in your <application-context>\WEB-INF folder..

  • Do I must put ALL my servlets inside the web.xml file?

    Hello everybody,
    I am trying to migrate from Webshere to TOMCAT a project with severals packets, one of those have 15 servlets and some classes.
    Is there any way to use the servlets without have to declare each one inside the web.xlm file ?
    Thanks in advance.

    All servlet definitions go into web.xml, though not the actual servlets themselves :) . Say if you wanted servlet A to have a different mapping you would define the mapping in web.xml to something other than the standard one.

  • Can we change the web.xml file name???????

    can we change the name web.xml and struts-config.xml file to other name.....if yes, then how..........

    you can change the name of struts-congig.xml file
    and change the strut-config file name in web.xml also.
    <web-app version="2.5" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
            </init-param>And you also try rename the file web.xml and run the application and check what is happening...

  • Configuring the web.xml to run Servlets

    Can i get some help to configure my web.xml file... ?
    I am trying to run servlets. Do i need to map each servlet i use or can i just create a folder and map the folder. Which web.xml file do i need to change... ? And under which directory shall i place the servlet folder.

    which server ur using ? if its tomcat then this can help u out..
    u have to change the web.xml file in ur own directory.
    for example u have ur directory in tomcat/webapps/<ur directory>
    then in ur directory u have to create 1 WEB-INF directory and copy the web.xml file in that. another thing u have to make 2 direcotries in WEB-INF.
    one is classes - u can keep ur servlets class files + ResourceProperty file
    second is lib - u can keep the library files here
    and u have to register ur each and every servlet in web.xml file
    take care
    enjoy the coading

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