How to configure and view the log file

Hi all,
I   want to view the log file generated on the server when an application is deployed to see the trace of an exception.
But i dont know how to access it.
Please if anybody can help me.
Thanx in advance.

You can see the log file from
Sys admin->support->portal runtime->log viewer
See the time and date given in the top of each file name,
in the search field enter u r portal ID and search to find your error.
search for the latest log file(see the date and time) and search with u r portal id to find the error.
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  • How to create and manage the log file

    I want to trace and debug the program process.
    I write the code for creating log file and debugging the process.
    But i am not able get the result.
    please help me how to create and manage the log file.
    Here i post sample program
    package Src;
    import org.apache.log4j.*;
    import java.util.logging.FileHandler;
    public class Mylog
         private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger("Mylog.class");
         public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
         try {
           // Create an appending file handler
            boolean append = true;
            FileHandler handler = new FileHandler("debug.log", append);
            // Add to the desired logger
            Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("com.mycompany");
            System.out.println("after creating log file");     
              catch (IOException e)
                   System.out.println("Sys Err");
            }Please give the your valuable suggesstion... !

    Just i need to write a single line in log file.

  • (Cisco Historical Reporting / HRC ) All available connections to database server are in use by other client machines. Please try again later and check the log file for error 5054

    Hi All,
    I am getting an error message "All available connections to database server are in use by other client machines. Please try again later and check the log file for error 5054"  when trying to log into HRC (This user has the reporting capabilities) . I checked the log files this is what i found out 
    The log file stated that there were ongoing connections of HRC with the CCX  (I am sure there isn't any active login to HRC)
    || When you tried to login the following error was being displayed because the maximum number of connections were reached for the server .  We can see that a total number of 5 connections have been configured . ||
    1: 6/20/2014 9:13:49 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-3-UNK:Current number of connections (5) from historical Clients/Scheduler to 'CRA_DATABASE' database exceeded the maximum number of possible connections (5).Check with your administrator about changing this limit on server (, however this might impact server performance.
    || Below we can see all 5 connections being used up . ||
    2: 6/20/2014 9:13:49 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-3-UNK:[DB Connections From Clients (count=5)]|[(#1) 'username'='uccxhrc','hostname'='']|[(#2) 'username'='uccxhrc','hostname'='']|[(#3) 'username'='uccxhrc','hostname'='']|[(#4) 'username'='uccxhrc','hostname'='']|[(#5) 'username'='uccxhrc','hostname'='']
    || Once the maximum number of connection was reached it threw an error . ||
    3: 6/20/2014 9:13:49 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-3-UNK:Number of max connection to 'CRA_DATABASE' database was reached! Connection could not be established.
    4: 6/20/2014 9:13:49 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-3-UNK:Database connection to 'CRA_DATABASE' failed due to (All available connections to database server are in use by other client machines. Please try again later and check the log file for error 5054.)
    Current exact UCCX Version
    Current CUCM Version
    Business impact  Not Critical
    Exact error message  All available connections to database server are in use by other client machines. Please try again later and check the log file for error 5054
    What is the OS version of the PC you are running  and is it physical machine or virtual machine that is running the HRC client ..
    OS Version Windows 7 Home Premium  64 bit and it’s a physical machine.
    . The Max DB Connections for Report Client Sessions is set to 5 for each servers (There are two servers). The no of HR Sessions is set to 10.
    I wanted to know if there is a way to find the HRC sessions active now and terminate the one or more or all of that sessions from the server end ? 

    We have had this "PRX5" problem with Exchange 2013 since the RTM version.  We recently applied CU3, and it did not correct the problem.  We have seen this problem on every Exchange 2013 we manage.  They are all installations where all roles
    are installed on the same Windows server, and in our case, they are all Windows virtual machines using Windows 2012 Hyper-V.
    We have tried all the "this fixed it for me" solutions regarding DNS, network cards, host file entries and so forth.  None of those "solutions" made any difference whatsoever.  The occurrence of the temporary error PRX5 seems totally random. 
    About 2 out of 20 incoming mail test by Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer fail with this PRX5 error.
    Most people don't ever notice the issue because remote mail servers retry the connection later.  However, telephone voice mail systems that forward voice message files to email, or other such applications such as your scanner, often don't retry and
    simply fail.  Our phone system actually disables all further attempts to send voice mail to a particular user if the PRX5 error is returned when the email is sent by the phone system.
    Is Microsoft totally oblivious to this problem?
    PRX5 is a serious issue that needs an Exchange team resolution, or at least an acknowledgement that the problem actually does exist and has negative consequences for proper mail flow.

  • How do you turn off the log file?

    How can I turn off the log file for WLS? Don't want the added overhead
    of logging during performance tests.

    The only way I know is:
    # > /dev/null &
    Only if you are running on unix.
    Edwin Marcial wrote:
    Ok, I'll settle for this. How do I stop the echo?
    "Larry L. Presswood Jr." wrote:
    you can also have it not echo to the console as well
    Srikant Subramaniam wrote:
    I don't think you can turn off the system log file (weblogic.log). You can
    disable the HTTP specific logging with the following:
    (defaults to true)
    Edwin Marcial wrote:
    How can I turn off the log file for WLS? Don't want the added overhead
    of logging during performance tests.
    Damon Sicore
    [email protected]

  • How to install and verify the license file on ASA 5512-x

    Hi Friends,
    How to install and verify the license file on ASA 5512-x Firewall. I have lincese pak for CX and web security essential.
    What need to be done? can i install this lic file on firewall or need to be install on CX server.  Because i dont have the CX server right now.
    Please share me document for installation of this license.
    Ashish Kumar

    one possible solution is to use an intermediate array. The intermediate array should be used in the user interface. When new data is entered the VI should read each element and then compare to the elements in the stored array. If all elements are different then update the array, otherwise display a fault message.
    You could use asequence activated when the Enter button is pressed. In the first frame you would compare the First array with the stored array. it is probably best to use a Boolean indicator to show if the data is valid Make sure you declare this as a local variable.
    With the sequence you can perform the comparisons in several seperate frames or in one frame with a OR to link the results. For large numbers of comparisons I prefer to use m
    ultiple frames because otherwise the screen becomes a maze of wires and other programmers who may need to maintain the code in the future will find it hard to follow a single frame.
    Once all the data items have been compared then the following sequence should contain a CASE statement of type True/False. Link a readable copy of your local variable to the selector of this statement. Then in the FALSE case (Assuming you have linked the boolean to be false when no data is duplicated) copy the new array to the stored array. In the TRUE case bring up an error message.
    So long as your arrays are not too large and you do not use this technique in too many places in your code the processor overhead should not be badly affected. For frequent use of such a caomparison in several VIs you may want to create a dedicated subVI for the task. For very large arrays you should seek a different solution.
    Hope that helps a bit.
    Good luck,

  • Diagnostics(How to view the log files)

    Hi All,
    In weblogic 9.2MP3,
    In the console navigate through the following ,
    Diagnostics->log files->server logs.
    Click on customize this table.
    Select logging as custom.
    My question is what should be the Start Time and End Time format when logging selected is custom.
    I tried giving different formats but was not successful in viewing the logs for the said date and time.
    Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

    The format of the start and end timestamp ranges are "MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss" for example 12/01/09 12:00:00. Give this a try.

  • How to install and start the adapter(FILE)

    when i checked in RWB for the  adapters which are INSTALLED and STARTED adapters it's displaying all adapters except FILE adapter .
      I need to known whether this adpater is installed or installed and started ,if the case then how to install and start the adapter

    Hi Nandan,
    if above is the case as i mentioned in previous response then,
    You need to download the latest SAP BASIS 6.40 or 7.0 ".tpz file" (as per you service pack) from Then you need to put this in the import directory:
    <b>\usr\sap\<your system-id>\SYS\global\xi\repository_server\import\importedFiles</b>
    Now go to
    <b>IR>Tools>Import design Objects, you will find the .tpz file which you down loaded. Import this and refresh your cache.</b>
    P.S This is the exact path in market place

  • How to configure and start the BI-Scheduler?

    hi experts,
    as i am new to OBIEE, plz let me know how to configure and start (schedule the reports).
    if any docs plz send to me..
    Thank u.............

    please go the the oracle by example tutorials : Sending Alerts Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers
    link :
    There is a step by step guide to configure the scheduler. This is a good starting point.
    However there is also some advanced cofigurations that you will get in the Oracle® Business Intelligence
    Infrastructure Installation and Configuration Guide-Chapter 10.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Can i view the log file of a batch-input??

    Hi. Is there any way to access the log file of a batch-input when i run it with an specific queue id?????

    Check with RSBDC_ANALYSE program
    do search ln se38 like rsbdc* - you will get min 10 programs related to session method

  • WLSE how to clear or erase the log files

    Is it possible to clear or erase the log files - ? Without erasing the config ?

    No, the log files are automatically rotated periodically so that they don't fill up the disk space

  • Fiori Client - How to view the Log file

    on my Android phone the fiori client version 1.1.3 behaves awkward.
    When I want to start an app from the lauchpad the whole client app crashes. The android app just terminates.
    How can I access the logfile?
    The Fiori Client user Guide says I can access the logfile using an IDE like Eclipse or Android.
    Do I really need an IDE to just have a look into the logs?
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    Doesn't help ... Anyway i restored the old file and edit from there. Now everything's fine

  • How to fetch and display arbitrary log files from a managed host?

    We are creating a small management portal for a custom application and need a way to display, in a browser, the contents of an arbitrary log file located on an EM managed host. The effect we are looking for is similar to what you get when you show the contents of a database alert log using EM.
    I want to extend the EM agent to get the log and display the contents, but see two problems: (1) it seems like we would have to schedule the fetch of the log contents to happen on a regular basis and would not be able to do it on demand and (2) storing the results in the EM repository seems like it could consume a pile of storage, even if it only stores the logs for 24 hours.
    I am pretty sure we can bypass the repository somehow because I think the "show database alert log" EM process does so. Of course, I can't really be sure how this code is getting the alert log, but it seems reasonable to assume it is using the management agent.
    Is there some API for the EM Agent that I am missing?
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    From within OEM it doesnt look possible. User defined metrics (UDM) can only return number or a string. The alertlog fetch is done via while being passed a couple of parameters.
    OEM does have a preliminary/rough api available at but I havent seen anyone make use of it yet.
    If you use just a web connection then you will probably run into security issues as a web server can usually only view/access stuff under their htmldoc dir.
    Seems like some non-OEM very custom code is what you seek..

  • How to open and view a demonstration file of MS Power Point 2010 on iPad 2?

    Hello! I've made a MS Power Point file for my boss, he is using an iPad 2 (iOS 4) But he can only open a static picture of the presentation, but he can't view the presentation step by step as it should be. Which app or feature should he use to see full demonstration of presentation?
    Thanks in advance!

    Best bet is downloading Keynote made by Apple. It's 9.99 on the App store and lets you view, open, edit, and create powerpoint presentations. It's awesome!!!

  • How to copy and paste the solution files of SharePoint 2010 from one machine to another machine?

    I was working with SharePoint 2010  in one of my Virtual machines.Now that the lease for my Virtual Machine is going to expire, I want to shift the entire contents of the project to another machine (local) with SharePoint 2010. Also, I want the pages
    in the other machine to be editable. 
    How can I copy the solution files to the other machine? And I want the exact path where the files are located, so that I can shift them to the other machine.
    Thanks in advance. 

    ...that's not a good approach.
    Deploying customisations can be as simple as files being copied onto the file system. Most of the time however there is a lot more happening behind the scenes and simply copying the files won't work.
    Also that is assuming that you mean solutions rather than the pages themselves (or the contents of document libraries) in which case you want to copy databases, not just files.
    SharePoint isn't a simple thing to move, you may need to look at this a bit harder.

  • How to configure and install the IPC??

    Hello All
    I am working on CRM 7.0 with integration to ECC 6.0, I have variants for configurable products in the ERP and I want to use them in CRM orders so I have to use the IPC but I donu2019t know how to configure the IPC and is it to be installed on a separate server or it is just a tool to be activated on CRM or ECC system
    Jacopo Francoise

    You can refere this link, I believe it will help you alot.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I have created vendors in ERP and replicated them to CRM. The number ranges are different in both the systems. IN CRM it is Y033100476 and in ERP it is 33100476. I have put Y033100476 in the parties involved assignment block and create ERP sales

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    Hey, I am new to Adobe Cloud. I need to use Premiere Pro, but only for a short time. Is it possible to either buy Preiere Pro permanently, or just "subscribe" for one month, without having to pay for the cloud itself?

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