How To  Configure  Eclipse Theme Editor in NW 7.0 ?

I have downloaded the new Eclipse Theme Editor .Can anyone provide me any link to any material which provides a <b>Step-By-Step guide to configure this into NW 7.0</b> ?

Hi Arijit
Eclipse theme editor is an Stand Alone aplication, fot that reason you should not configure in NW 7.0,
this link could help you  to use then Eclipse theme editor
I hope this can help you

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  • Error while importing theme created with Eclipse theme editor

    I am facing an error when I try to import a theme I created using the Eclipse Theme Editor plug-in. I created a theme and exported it. Then  when I try to import it, I get the error that " was not found in the archive". I check the exported zip file for theme and I see that there is only one zip file inside it "". But if I export a theme from the portal, I get three zip files inside the archive -, and
    Can't I use the theme I created using the plug-in in portal? Are they meant to be used in some other context? Or is there any setting to be done on the plug-in to make it generate the zip files  - its and ur ?
    Thanks in advance.

    It is used to brand webdynpro. and its a stand alone tool.. no need of any plug ins....
    This is the description I found under eclipse theme editor. its totally related to webdynpro.
    SAP presents applications to users in the SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP). You can change user interface themes with the "Portal Theme Editor" that is part of the Enterprise System Administration role.
    As some customers do not have the version of SAP Enterprise Portal that includes this Theme Editor , this version of the Theme Editor is offered as an unsupported, standalone tool from SDN.
    The Eclipse Theme Editor can be used to brand Web Dynpro.
    Comments and questions: Please use the Web Dynpro forum. Problems regarding the Eclipse Theme Editor reported via OSS will not be handled. As the tool comes as an unsupported version, bug fixes cannot be guaranteed in a timely fashion.
    Release information: The Eclipse Theme Editor will be released for each SAP NetWeaver stack. Please note that you can only use the Theme Editor version compatible with the same version Web Dynpro (for example, the SAP NetWeaver Stack 9 Theme Editor is only compatible with SAP NetWeaver Stack 9 Web Dynpro). When you upgrade Web Dynpro to a higher stack, you must also upgrade the SAP NetWeaver Stack 9 Eclipse Theme Editor and your themes to the SAP NetWeaver stack on which your Web Dynpro applications are running.
    here you can find how to edit themes in web dynpro using this eclipse theme editor..

  • Appling Custom Themes using Eclipse Themes Editor

    Hi experts,
    I have a problem. I think to modify css file using Eclipse. I download Eclipse Theme Editor ( and I follow documentation steps from documentation but when I try to create SAP UR Project ( after add jar to plugin folder ) this option isn't available. Otherwise how can I modify css file??
    Thank in advance

    I found the page: [original link is broken]
    I use the last Version of the Plugin.
    The reads:
    If more information is needed, please let me know.

  • How to configure eclipse to debug while running tomcat

    I using Eclipse 3.1, jdk 1.5 and tomcat 5.5 in my project
    how shall i configure eclipse, so that i can debug while tomcat is running in eclipse.
    it is not remote debugging, i want to debug it my PC.
    when i click Run->Dedug, i get a options window
    I will create new java application
    Now, What shall i specify for:
    Main class: (is it org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap, but it is not working)
    Program arguments:
    VM Arguments:

    Have you installed the Tomcat plugin for Eclipse?
    If so, you need to create a new Tomcat project using the wizard:
    File->New->Project... then choose Java->Tomcat Project
    In the wizard, choose a project name, then uncheck the 'use default' checkbox in project contents and browse to your webapp's directory (within Tomcat/webapps). Then finish the wizard.
    Start Tomcat from within Eclipse - you can then add breakpoints etc to debug

  • How to configure webforms HTML editor in SAP 4.7 version

    Hello Experts,
    I have been trying to access one of the web forms in sap 4.7 , when i double click the form instead of opening an editor, it is showing me an error ''No HTML editor configured - please complete your personal settings using MS notepad as default''**
    I am stuck any help would appreciated.
    Neeru Sangwan.

    for the result of function module you can check the documentation (from SE37 transaction code)
    Status of User Password (Value: -2/-1/0/1/2/3, see docu.)
    Status of the user password (relating to whether it can or must be changed)
    Value Meaning
    -2 Password cannot (generally) be changed
    -1 Password cannot be changed today (only allowed once a day)
    0 Password can be changed, but does not have to be changed
    1 Password is initial and must be changed
    2 Password has expired and must be changed
    3 Password must be changed because it no longer meets the new rules

  • How to configure eclipse for Oracle SOA 11gR1 development

    I have installed oracle 11gR1 ( and have found that Eclipse (Galileo) as development tool. When I opened Eclipse to create new SOA Project for BPEL development, I could not able to find a SOA Project category. I assume that we need to install plug-in for developing the SOA Project.
    I browse through the site and could not able to locate anything quite useful. Could you please guide me on how to proceed..
    Is Eclipse the strategic development environment for Oracle SOA 11gR1, R2 development.. ?

  • How to configure eclipse so that it can connect to remote weblogic

    I have developed a project in eclipse WTP europa.
    Now I want to debug it using weblogic server. I am not allowed to install and run the server from my local machine. The server is installed at a remote location location whose IP address is avaliable.
    Can I run this server as a plugin from eclipse WTP that I have installed or I will have to physically deply the war file on the remote server and then see if its running properly or it has got any errors.
    My question once again is can I somehow connect to this weblogic server on the remote machine from eclipse WTP.

    I have not received any replies. Does this mean that I cant connect Eclipse WTP to a weblogic sever hosted at a remote location.??????

  • Trouble installing NW04S SP11 Eclipse Themes Editor

    I went to <a href=""></a>
    and downloaded the zip file for SP11.  When I try to unzip the file I receive the error "No Files to Extract".  The zip file is 1,808KB.

    Hi Diane,
    I have the zip file for NWDS04s SP10 in the working condition. I can mail you if you want that.
    Provide me your mail id if interested.

  • Theme Editor Eclipse / Portal Theme Editor

    Hi folks,
    I want to import a theme, that is created within portal, into my Eclipse theme editor.
    The import was done successfully, but the changes done to theme in portal are not visible in here.
    Does anyone have the same problem or a solution:
    Portal Basis Stack NW2004s SPS10
    Eclipse NW2004s SPS 10

    Hi Sebastian,
    have u copied the modified theme folder onto this path :--
    <Drive name>:sap<instance name>JC00j2eeclusterserver0     cwddispwdaglobalSSR     hemes
    or instead of modifying the theme in portal u can modify it in ur theme editor and than copying the modified theme at the above path should solve ur problem .
    and have a look on this pdf:--

  • How to call custom themes for Web Dynpro ABAP Application?

    I need to change the appearance of Web Dynpro ABAP application. So far I followed below steps,
    1.     Created theme folder u2018testngou2019 (SE80->MIME Repositoty -> SAP->PUBLIC->BC->UR->nw5->themes -> u2018testngou2019 ).
    2.     used program BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS to dowmloaod content of  u2018sap_tradeshowu2019 (SE80->MIME Repositoty -> SAP->PUBLIC->BC->UR->nw5->themes -> sap_tradeshowu2019) to desktop.
    3.     Modified the themes using Eclipse Theme Editor.
    4.     used program BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS to upload modified themes to MIME repository u2018testngou2019  (SE80->MIME Repositoty -> SAP->PUBLIC->BC->UR->nw5->themes ->  u2018testngou2019) .
    My current URL is like
    Now I want to know how custom themes called for Web Dynpro ABAP Application.
    Is my approach correct?

    Hi Naddy,
    What you used is one way and even I failed when tried that method,
    Instead go to SE38 - WD_THEMES - and you need to upload the zip file and you need to follow a folder structure.
    it is case sensitive, atleast the zip file.
    Make a zip file by name "" -
    Create a Folder Project and have the below folder structure,
    1  data - all the properties files and also the designinfo file, below is the code
    2  themes - (to get all the files download the theme from portal and you will have all the folders)
       2.1  ur
         2.1.1 name of the theme
   ur - all the css files (would be good if you can get the files from the server.)
    3  war - empty folder
    designName=**** name of the theme
    Once done create a zip file and click on Start Import and give the path and will ask for transport request, it will take a while to upload once done as mentioned in the use the parameter sap-ep-themeroot="path"
    This will resolve the issue.
    reward points if helpful

  • Theme Import  Error in themes editor.

    Hi All,
    I am using NW04s SP07 for which I have installed the Themes Editor Plugins.
    When I try to import a client provided theme into NWDS (SAP UR Design Perspective), an error pops up:
    The Design could not be imported. No portalData available. The stream that should be imported seems not to contain valid design data.
    Please help me resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Radhika
    You have to use Eclipse for theme editing.
    You can find the installed eclipse executable along with the NWDS executable at Program FilesSAPIDEIDE70eclipse or You can either download the fresh version from:
    Useful link to dowload the Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s along with theme.
    Link: [original link is broken]
    Also, Go thorugh the follwing doc -

  • SAP NWDS "theme editor" plugin not working in Myeclipse.

    I hav downloaded theme editor plugin on my machine.
    Now i have pasted the same after unzipping to myeclipse plugins folder.
    Then i opened myeclipse.
    There i got a perspective for UR SAP themes.
    But when i created a project it gave me following error :
    designs of selected project could not be retrieved. datamanager not initialized.
    Please help me if i m missing on something.

    Thanks Ruturaj,
    I am having eclipse Version: 3.3.0.
    In URL provided by u....there are options to download theme editor for NWDS service packs.
    Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s SPS 07 (Approx. 25.2 MB)
    Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s SPS 08 (Approx. 25.1 MB)
    Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s SPS 09 (Approx. 24.6 MB)
    Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s SPS 10 (Approx. 25.5 MB)
    Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s SPS 11 (Approx. 25.8 MB)
    Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s SPS 12 (Approx. 25.8 MB)
    Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s SPS 13 (Approx. 26.1 MB)
    Eclipse Theme Editor for NetWeaver 2004s SPS 14 (Approx. 26.2 MB)
    Which one should i choose for eclipse Version: 3.3.0.

  • Why Portal will be slow when we work on Theme Editor

    Hi Experts,
    Why Portal will be slow when we work on Theme Editor in Creating new Theme or modifying existing one.
    Note: Since i have done Branding for 6 to 7 Clients i fell same , portal runs very slow.

    use the Eclipse Theme Editor. No need to be logged on in the portal, hence: faster. You'll only have to upload the theme afterwards to the portal.

  • Webdynpro theme editor

    Hi All,
    I am working on NWDS 7.0.17. Where can i get the respective Theme editor plugins. Is there any sample documents showing how to import the Theme Editor into NWDS.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Divya
    Download from SDN. [original link is broken] [original link is broken]
    Edited by: Tulasi Palnati on Apr 17, 2009 2:40 PM

  • I have a DAQ Assistant configured to read multiple channels at the same time. When I wire a graph indicator to the output, I see all of my signals jumbled together. How do I split them up into seperate signals?

    I have a DAQ Assistant configured to read 2 channels at the same
    time. When I wire a graph indicator to the output, I see the 2
    signals jumbled together. How do I split them up into seperate signals?
    When I wire any type of indicator it is showing just one output of a single channel.
    I want 2 indicators showing 2 different signals as expected from the 2 channels configured. How to do this?
    I have tried using split signal but it end up showing only 1 output from 1 signal in both the indicators.
    thanks in advance.
    Go to Solution.

    Yes you are right. I tried that but I did not get the result.
    I just found the way. When we launch split signal, we should expand it (split signal icon) from above and not from below. It took me a while to figure out this. 

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