How to configure SCOT to handle multi language emails in SAP 4.6C

I have an SAP 4.6C MDMP system with several languages installed such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).
I have been asked to configure SCOT so that users are able to send out emails via SBWP in their own language. Ie Chinese users sending out emails in Chinese (simplified), Taiwanese users send out mails in Chinese (traditional) and Japanese users sending out mails in Japanese.
I have configured SCOT as per SAP note 311633, by implementing 4 different INT nodes for English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Japanese; implemented this note and created the report RSCONCDG.
The problem is that I do not know how to configure the nodes so that each email goes to the correct SCOT node. ie Japanese to the Japanese node, Chinese traditional to the Chinese traditional node and so on.
How do I configure each node for this?
Thank you.

Hi Siddesh, thank you for your detailed explanation and sorry for the late reply as I was very busy with some oher work till today.
I have configured 4 sender groups in SCOT - one for each language I want to send out the email in (english, chinese simplified, chinese traditional and japanese)
After, I configured the CDG parameters in 3 users so each is configured for the sender group for chinese simpliified, chinese traditional and japanese respectively.
I set up the routing using RSCONCDG and tested the routing for each user via SCOT routing test and the routing worked correctly.
Finally I did the actual test: log in as each user in the respective language in the SAP system, SBWP, copied a few lines in the same language and sent it out.
Using the default code page: ISO-8859-1, all the chinese and language texts in the email came out gibberish.
Using the code page: ISO-2022-JP, all the non-english text will be emailed out in japanese, whether the email was originally in chinese or japanese.
I do not know how else to proceed from here. Any advice?

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    In the maintenance of info-object under the master data/text tab, just tick the option for Texts Language Dependent. And then in the mapping of the data-source with the info-object your SPRAS field will be automatically mapped to 0LANGU.

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    Hi Rajesh,
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