How to connect a apple cinema display to an imac

I have a brand new 27 inch iMac. I also own a 30 inch  Apple Cinema Display.  What peripheral adaptor do I need to connect the display to my new iMac?

Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort-> Dual Link DVi cable... pter
A notable peculiarity of Thunderbolt is that it uses exactly the same connector as Mini Display Port, and that's not all. The Thunderbolt connector also carries Mini Display Port video signals. That means you can plug a Mini Display Port video cable/adapter in to a Thunderbolt connector and your monitor will work.
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  • How to connect old LED Cinema Display to new iMac

    How to connect old LED Cinema Display (Mini DisplayPort) 
    to new iMac (thunderbolt port)?

    Just plug it into the Thunderbolt port. That port directly supports mini-DisplayPort screens.

  • How to connect 22" Apple Cinema Display with ADC to Mini DisplayPort?

    What are my chances to connect a 22" Apple Cinema Display with ADC connection to my new MacBook Pro with its Mini DisplayPort? Is there a combo possible of some adapter with some cable for instance?

    You need a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter
    followed by a DVI to ADC adapter
    < s=topSellers>

  • How to connect old Apple Cinema Display to new Mac Mini?

    I'm considering replacing an old Mac Mini with the new model, but I intend to keep on using my old Apple Cinema Display 20" with it. But i'm having some trouble finding the right conversor (it seems there isn't any from Apple...)
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    If by "old" apple cinema the OP is referring to the aluminum displays of the later mac models, then yes, that's a no-brainer, the problem is that if the OP is referring to the "real" old apple cinema displays, which have a DVI-type connection with power included on the same cable, like the displays the former Mac G4 or G5 had, then he needs a ADP to DVI port, which in most cases it cost more than the actual monitor itself.. I guess the OP needs to specify what does it mean by old apple displays or throw in a link to an image..

  • What do I need to connect my apple cinema display to new macbook pro

    what do I need to connect my apple cinema display to new macbook pro?

    2011 macbook pro with TB ->  apple 27" Cinima Display with mini-displayport 
    Does this work natively?  Is there an adapter or workaround? 
    No, not until or if an adaptor becomes available.  See this thread.
    Apple display and Thunderbolt compatibility

  • Second display from iMac27" (late 2009) miniDisplay Port worked fine until today- now no longer connects to Apple Cinema Display

    Have a configuration of an iMac27" (MAC 27"/4850-512MB PROCESSOR 2.66GHZ QUAD-CORE INTEL CORE I5 Dec 2009 model) and a second screen Apple Cinema Display 2009 model 24"
    The setup with the Apple Cinema Display has been working fine for 3 years and since yesterday the second screen refuses to work.
    Connected it to a MacBookPro and the Apple Cinema DIsplay functions fine sot my conclusion is it is not the Apple Cinema Display's error.
    Could it be that the Mini Display Port on the iMac is somehow broken? Or is there a software fix I need to checkout?
    Thanks for your help on resolving this issue.

    As noted in the first post, both of these newer USB DAC work fine at 24/96 on my wife's iMac, so it's clear that they didn't both become defective when I connected them to the Macbook Pro at the same time.
    Resetting the Macbook Pro PRAM didn't help, so I removed the hard shell laptop case to get to the battery and remove it, then reset the SMC. After that I could use the original DAC at 24/96 again, but only IF it was plugged into the rear USB port. If I plugged it into the front USB port then the sound was garbled and filled with noise. This was a vast improvement over no sound at all.
    Then I switched to the replacement/updated DAC, but I got no sound at all from either USB port at any bit-rate. And returning to the original DAC again now results in no sound again.
    Sigh... I will reset the PRAM and SMC again, and see how far I can get with this. I'd still love some help. Thanks!

  • How to connect 20" apple cinema dispay to 17"Mac Pro

    I got a 20"apple cinema display(2004)
    Now I wanna hook it up with my 17"Macbook Pro (2007)
    The problem is that I have 4 cables coming from the display. 2 is compatible with my notebook (USB and firewire), however, the other 2 cable (DVI and power) are not compatible.
    So does anyone know what should I do to correctly connect my notebook to the display? like which kinda of DVI cable and power cable should I buy?
    Thanks a lot~

    The Cinema Display 20 requires a special external (white brick) power supply that should have come with the display. If it didn't, you'll have to look for one on the used market or at third-party retailers. Apple no longer sells it. It's possible that the supply for a Cinema 30 would also work with a 20, but I'm not sure.
    The connector for an external display on a 2007 MacBook Pro is DVI and ought to work with a Cinema 20's DVI connector without the need for any adapter or special cable.

  • How to connect the 27" cinema display to Mac Pro?

    Hallo, I want to connect my mac pro, early 2008, with force gtx 285 to a apple cinema display 27", which adapter do I need??? Sorry for my english, I'm from austria. Thanks for your help :-)

    To drive the 27" to its full reolution you need a male dual link DVI to female mini-displayport adaptor.  Apple makes one but it is not cheap ($99).  Stick "dual link dvi to mini-displayport adaptor" into a google search and maybe you can find something cheaper.

  • How to connect 2 24" Cinema Displays to a non Thunderbolt MBP

    Hi I have a 2010 15" MBP and two 24" Apple Cinema Displays.  I recently purchased a Matrox DualHead2Go Digital ME graphics expander thinking I could connect the two displays to it.  However, the displays have mini displayport connectors and the Matrox is expecting DVI-D connectors.  It seems that Matrox do not have a female mini displayport to male DVI adaptor so I am stuck.
    Has anyone found a way of connecting two 24" Apple Cinema Displays to a non Thunderbolt MBP?
    Thanks in advance

    Just got the DualHead2Go DP edition. Problem is, I need a MiniDP (female) to DP (male) adapter to connect my two Apple 24" LED displays to it... and I can't find one anywhere? basically the DualHead2go only has DP inputs. All of my devices (24" LED displays and 17" MBP) are MiniDP.
    Anyone have any ideas?

  • I'm trying to connect my 23" Cinema display to my iMac, need help with connector cable.

    I'm trying to connect my 23" Cinema Display monitor to my iMac. The adaptor cable I ordered came with a female, I need a male adaptor. Any ideas where I might find one? I purchased the BlueRigger Mini Displayport Male to DVI Female Adapter Cable.

    I have the 23" aluminum Cinema Display. I just can't seem to find the right adaptor for the monitor femal plug on the backside. I've tried a Bluerigger but it was a female adaptor. I believe I need a male.

  • Problem connecting a 24" Cinema Display to an Imac 27"

    My friend has an Imac 27 "with a graphics card AMD HD 6970M 1GB. She wanted to connect an external Cinema Display 24" (without thunderbolt serie). The external display has started to display black screen intermittently while making a strange noise. Before this screen, there was a aluminum  Cinema Display 20 " which never had any problem. The 24" Cinema Display was just before used as external screen for a Mac Book Pro 15" (main screen, no dual screen) without problem too.  Any idea? Is the card too weak for such a configuration?The iMac was purchased on October 15th on the refurb. The Os is Lion 10.7.2.

    If the computer doesn't have a Mini DIsplayPort or DisplayPort, not until September; click here for more information. If you mean the MagSafe connector, leave it unplugged; it's only for laptops.

  • How to connect my 20" Cinema Display with my new 27" TB-Display...

    ... running the latest OSX 10.9.1 on my MB Air 2013 8GB RAM/1.7 Intel Core i7?
    I have the Apple DVI to MiniDisplayport adapter too for the Cinema Display.
    Before I bought the display an apple technician at Hamburg Apple store told me I could plug the MiniDisplayport adapter into the thunderbolt port of the 27 TB-Display to run both displays, which does not work, which I could read just now in a support article here. But it is not mentioned how to make it work. Please let me know.
    Many thanks in advance

    You need a drive with two Thunderbolt ports.  Plug the Thunderbolt display's Thunderbolt cable into the computer.  Connect one Thunderbolt port of the disk drive to the Thunderbolt port on the back of the Thunderbolt display.  Plug the Mini DisplayPort adapter into the other Thunderbolt port on the disk drive.

  • How to connect an Apple ADC display to a new Mac mini?

    Has anyone found a way to connect the brand new mac mini, either HDMI or micro to an older Apple display that has an ADC connector on it? Where to buy - the Apple store does not have their DVI to ADC adapter. Thanks.

    I found one here for $139: dvi-to-adc-cinema-display-adapter-661-4262-new-p-604

  • How to connect a 2009 Cinema Display with mini DisplayPort to modern card

    I am ready to install a new NVidia Quadro K5000 for Mac in my not so old Mac Pro 4,1 (2009). I already installed Mountain Lion (10.8.3) as required. The problem is that the Mac Pro came with a Led Cinema Display which apparently only can be connected with a mini DisplayPort plug and the graphics card only have DVi and DP 1.2. I tried to find an adapter but the ones I have find are minidp male to DVI female and obviously I need a minidp female to DVI or DP female.
    I will appreciate any help.
    Alex Sierra

    The fifth and sixth item on this page are DisplayPort male to Mini DisplayPort female "Extension cables". Under US$6 plus shipping from a reputable seller:

  • How to connect a 23" Cinema display and mac mini to an AV Receiver?

    I am trying to get my 23" Cinema display and Mac Mini to a Yamaha RX-2700 AV Receiver. I am on first name terms with the guy in Maplins because I tried to get an Xbox 360 working with this display before and gave up in the end.  The AV receiver has upscaling capability so I thought I'd try again.  I tried connecting a HDMI - DVI adapter to the HDMI Out on the receiver and a HMDI to DVI cable from the Mac Mini to the HDMI in with a optical cable for the sound.  The sound works fine but I get no display - the LED on the monitor flashes three times with a blank screen so it can't read the signal.  Another option suggested was to use a VGA Converter connected to a VGA - HDMI cable but I would like to find out if that would work before going down that route?
    I am looking for some advice about whether this type of configuation is possible with the 23" ACD and if so what do I need to buy to make it work?  I love the quality of my ACD to avoid having to replace it with a TV to get my multi media life in order.
    Many thanks

    The fifth and sixth item on this page are DisplayPort male to Mini DisplayPort female "Extension cables". Under US$6 plus shipping from a reputable seller:

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