How to connect BO to crystal reports

Hello All,
I am new to Business Objects an want to learn it in depth.
Can anyone tell me how can i connect CR to BO.
I am using XI
Please tell me the basic connection that i need to do to perform this
Amreek S

please take a look here (Chapter 6)
In order to be able to work with the CR Designer you have to setup the following servers for access over your firewall
Input FRS
Output FRS
Report Application Server (RAS)
Crystal Reports Cache Server
Crystal Reports Page Server
Web Intelligence Processing Server

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    thankyou for your  response,
    my problem here is as soon as i open CR Designer , and if i  click on either New Report,Blank Report, or  standard report wizard  it is saying "failed to create database connection"
    on which ever thing i click it is telling the same "failed to create database connection" i created the user DSN properly , i could not create System DSN i dont know why.
    can u please guide me
    and one more thing on the machine where CR server is installed , on the same machine designer is also installed (i think u was telling the same) .  my question is how the server will know about the CR Designer installed in my machine.

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    With regards,

    You may want to use ODBC for the connectivity.

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    Hi Guys!
    I need to know if for update a report in crystal reports viewer, is necessary, have a connection SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence. How to use a connection ODBC in  crystal reports viewer?

    Hi Guys!
    I need to know if for update a report in crystal reports viewer, is necessary, have a connection SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence. How to use a connection ODBC in  crystal reports viewer?

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    I have table a and table b in two database.
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    i need to set where condition in crystal report like count {} where ({} = "others")
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    how to do this in crystal report ? i'm just a newbie in crystal report.
    You should go on a Crystal reports forum for your version of Visual Studio and Crystal reports probably.
    SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio
    Please BEWARE that I have NO EXPERIENCE and NO EXPERTISE and probably onset of DEMENTIA which may affect my answers! Also, I've been told by an expert, that when you post an image it clutters up the thread and mysteriously, over time, the link to the image
    will somehow become "unstable" or something to that effect. :) I can only surmise that is due to Global Warming of the threads.

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    I am new in Crystal report and had no technical background.
    I would like to  know how to build ratio in crystal report? The draft layout as below:
                                                  (RM)        %
    Sales Revenue                        A           (A/A)*100
    Cost of sales                           B            (B/A)*100
    Where A and B are formula in crystal report.

    Hi Thomas,
    Ratio is just a result by division.  If you take one field over another as a denominator, you got your ratio.

  • Error: Failed to open the connection when opening Crystal Report in CMC or

    Hello all,
    I am getting theError: Failed to open the connection when opening Crystal Report in CMC or Infoview
    with access database as the datasource which is in the network drive.

    Hi Sonali,
    This is because Crystal Reports does not recognize database connection from share drive
    1. Save the database locally on server machine
    2. Create a new database on server and link the new database with the database on Network.
    Steps to link the database.
    1.Create a new test database on server.
    2. Go to File --> Get External Data --> Link tables | Select the database on Network Drive.
    3. Select all the tables from the database.
    4. Save the Database  e.g. Test.mdb.
    5. Create an ODBC Connection on server machine, with the same name as on client machine using test.mdb database.
    Note: Click on Advanced button, enter the default user id and password for the odbc connection, it is not mandatory to give Login Name and Password, only if the user id and password are given then we need to provide the same user id and password in the CMC database configuration.
    6. Create a report using this ODBC connection, and save the report to Enterprise.

  • "Failed to open the connection" - Add-on Crystal Reports (SAP B1 2007A)

    I have Created One Crystal Report.
    When I Preview Report (Administration>Crystal Reports>Select Report-->Print and Preview),
    System displays the following error message.
    " Failed to open the connection."
    Can you help me?
    Kind regards
    Margarida Pedroso

    You may check these threads:
    Re: Crystal Reports Add-on error on workstations
    Crystal Report Add On - Connection error.
    Crystal Reports install errors on workstation

  • How to create user editable Crystal Report with dynamic dataset

    What I would like to achieve:
    A program loads a report in runtime updates list of database fields (possibly includes sample data), open report in "Crystal Reports 2011" (or 2008) where user customizes report and saves it. Later on the program loads the report, fills actualized data and displays it in .net report viewer.
    What I do:
    CrReport = New CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument
    Dim Results As DataTable
    DataTable is filled from a database
    CrReport.SaveAs(NewReportPath, True)
    The NewReportPath is opened in the default program.
    What are the problems
    The report is open in preview mode (not in design).
    When the field is added to the report the designer asks for XML datasource on preview.

    The short answer is that it is not possible. I broke the question to other two: How to save a report that it opens without preview? and How to create user editable Crystal Report with dynamic dataset, where it is possible to find details. Key answer is Re: How to create an editable previewable report?

  • How do I open a Crystal Report from Microsoft Access?

    I'm looking for step-by-step instructions on how to launch a Crystal Report from a Microsoft Access application (for a dummy like me).
    My Crystal Report uses a connection to the Access database as the data.
    I have Microsoft Access 2002 with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.5.
    I have Crystal Reports 2008 CR Developer 12.
    I'll need to know where to find the Visual Basic code references, and/or ActiveX Controls, if applicable.

    I concur with Don. Just a bit of help - a sample VBA app is here;
    But as Don mentioned, you will have to downgrade to CR XI r2 (or lower) to implement the above solution.

  • Getting Error:Failed to open the connection while calling crystal report

    I am getting the below error while calling the crystal report from dot net app. I am using OLEDB to connect to database. It is working perfectly in our DEV environment but as soon as I move it to production information after changing the logon information in the report it start giving the below error.
    Failed to open the connection.C:\WINDOWS\TEMP{C2FD97D9-2ADE-41BB-88FF-23A4DF20BC6F}.rpt
    Details: [Database Vendor Code: 17 ]

    Are you able to connect to the database from the production machine using a UDL file?
    If you haven't tried this, here's how to do it. Take these steps on the machine that is hosting the application. Create a new text file on the desktop. Change the file extension to ".udl" (without the quotes). Double-click on this to bring up the OLEDB connection test: start on the Provider tab and select the appropriate provider. Click "Next" and on the following tab enter your connection information. Click the "Test Connection" button to test the connection. Does it connect  to the database successfully?
    If you click on "OK" to close the dialog and then open the UDL file with Notepad, you should see an OLEDB connection string. In this string should be the same property values for server, database, user id and password which you are providing through your application. If they are not the same, modify your application to use these values.
    If testing your connection information with the UDL file works but your application is still failing when using the same credentials, try profiling or tracing the database. Do you see connection attempts from the application? Are there any errors?
    If you're impersonating, have you set up windows authentication correctly for both the application and the database?

  • Test Connection failed in Crystal Reports for Eclipse using SQL Server 2008

    I installed an SQL Server Express 2008 on my local PC (Window XP SP3). I downloaded sqljdbc4.jar to Crystal Reports for Eclipse
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    and that no firewall is blocking TCP connection to the port(I turned OFF Window Firewall on my OC). Can anyone tell me how can I fix this problem ?

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    I write the following SQL with crystal report parameter fields, and it is connecting to SQL 2005
    Select Name from Customer where CustID = '{?CustID}'
    The SQL profiler show that It is an ad-hoc query, how to write parameterized SQL which can reuse Execution Plan.
    Edited by: Chan Yue Wah on May 14, 2009 3:17 AM

    Since there are too many report, it is not possible rewrite all. Is that crystal report do not have option to change how it query the database ?

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