How to connect my imac to my tv ?

How do I connect my Imac to my TV ? Is there an easy way, Any body can help? I'm new to the Mac world.
Thank you in advance

What do you want to achieve? If the goal is to use the TV as an external monitor then get a mini display port to HDMI, DVI or VGA depending on the connections the TV has. You can find each adapter at the Apple Store either online or at a store close to you.
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  • How to connect new iMac to tv with a hdmi cord on one end and a thunderbolt on the other end

    how to connect new iMac to tv with a hdmi cord on one end and a thunderbolt on the other end

    You need a > Moshi Mini DP to HDMI Adapter with Audio Support - Apple Store (U.S.) to plug into the ThunderBolt port and an HDMI cable.

  • How to connect my Imac to my HDTV

    I have a 2007 aluminum Imac and a 50 inch 1080p HDTV. is there anyway I could connect my Imac to the tv and control it via wireless mouse and keyboard... The rear connections on the tv are 3 hdmi, 2 component, s-video and AV.. Please let me know what is easiest, fastest, most reliable and produces the best picture.. Thanks so much!
    Also I might get the new 13 inch macbook pro, what would I need in order to connect that?

    I am not familiar with this new mini-DVI to HDMI cable. Sounds interesting. There is a Mac user reporting an issue in trying to use one of these in the Intel-based iMac display forum. He is using a mini-DVI to HDMI adapter and an HDMI to HDMI cable plugged into a HDMI port on his plasma TV and nothing is happening. But he is also reporting the same issue with mini-DVI to VGA adapter and an VGA to VGA cable plugged into the VGA port on his plasma TV. So the problem may not involve this mini-DVI to HDMI adapter.
    I use Apple's mini-DVI to DVI adapter connected to a Belkin DVI to HDMI cable plugged into the HDMI port on my LG LCD HDTV with great success with my new Early 2009 Mac mini. The Apple mini-DVI to DVI adapter came with my Mac mini and I bought the Belkin DVI to HDMI cable at the Apple Store when I bought the Mac mini. Both are also available from the Apple Store online for US$19 each.
    The MacBook Pro has a mini-DisplayPort. Apple also has a mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapter for US$29. So that could also connect with the Belkin DVI to HDMI cable.
    I did Google for a mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and there are a few 3rd party venders of this adapter as well.

  • How to connect my iMac 27" to a beamer?

    Hey there
    Is it right that i need a VGA to USB Cable to connect my iMac 27" with a Beamer.
    I see the beamer is VGA and my iMac has no other compatible inputs, so i think its VGA to USB. But i don't no if it works
    THX for any help!!

    sry forgot the links
    1. ?
    2. ?
    i think the second one..but i'm not sure

  • How to connect my iMac to a stereo system?

    Hey guys, i know this isnt the right place to post this but im guessing ill find an answer here.
    Okay, i wanna connect my Imac to a stereo i have. The stereo has a yellow, white and red port and a head phones port. Is there a way i could connect my mac to it so when i play a song on itunes it could play on my stereo.

    crud, wrong link! yes, THIS is the correct cable, sorry about that.

  • How to connect my imac to appletv

    I'm having trouble connecting my imac to my appletv thats on a LG smart tv. Can anyone explain? I've youtubed it, googled it nothings working.

    You need to upgrade to at least 10.8 to use AirPlay: You can also upgrade to OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) for free on the App Store. You should first make sure that your iMac supports AirPlay, since you still haven't mentioned what year it is. See:

  • How to connect my iMac G4 to my network, it wont let me something about the password but I connect to a open network???Ask your question.

    Hello I have been trying to connect my iMac G4 to my network but I can't. I have a secure network with a password and is not let me in but I can connect to an open network with no password??? anybody can help???

    AirPort card in iMac G4 does not support strong WiFi encryption.
    I think WPA is the maximum for that WiFi card.
    If you have WPA2 in your WiFi network, you need to downgrade (not recommended)or wired connect the iMac G4.

  • How to connect my iMAC to the time capsule(with cable)?!

    I bought the Time Capsule Machine and I tried more than 8 times to do the backup.
    Always it takes some days and doesn't finish. So, I thought maybe the problem could be the connection without cables. But I don't know how to do it, I tried without success.

    Thank you for helping me, but I already tried and didn't work... Maybe I put it on the wrong place, but if I did it, I really don't know where is the wright place...
    There are 2 different kind of place to put on the time capsule and only one on the iMac... I tried both!
    Thank you again

  • HT2508 how to connect my imac 21.5inch to my tv

    i have two questions (1 how do i connect my 21.5 imac to my tv?) also (2 since my imac does not have a cd slot to play cds and videos what do i purchase to accomplish this? by the way my imac is oxs-- version10.8.5--- processor 2.7ghz--- intel corei5--8gb-- 1600mhz ddr3 purchased 36 days ago. thank-you

    Question 2 - buy a USB DVD/CD player such as the Apple one linked below.

  • How to connect my iMac to AV receiver?

    I want to watch movies on my iMac but use Cambridge audio Aero 5.1 speakers through AV receiver Cambridge Audio Azur 751R. How do I connect my Mac to the av receiver? What cables/connectors do I need?
    thank you for your help!

    To do this the right way, get an AppleTV ($59 refurbished from Apple's online store), set up the AppleTV and  connect it to the AppleTV's Optical out to the Receiver & HDMI out to your TV. Then set up Home Sharing in iTunes on your iMac and finally wireless stream movies to the big screen TV from the AppleTV. Anything else is a kluge and won't work as well as  you would like. If you have a 2011 or later iMac  you can also use the AppleTV to mirror the iMac's content to the BigScreen TV.
    Learn more about Home Sharing - Apple Support
    About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X - Apple Support

  • FAQ or "how to" connect to iMac with Airport????

    Is there a checklist or such that shows how to allow a Windows laptop to connect with the Airport Extreme on an iMac? It works fine with multiple iPod touches and a Sony PSP but I'm unable to solve why the Windows laptops won't connect. Each laptop (there's been 3) detects the network but will not connect.

    Is the Windows wireless compatible with the type of wireless network being created by the AirPort Extreme base station (AEBS)?
    Is the Windows wireless compatible with the type of wireless encryption being used by the AEBS?

  • How to connect my imac to tv

    I have an 2010 iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), and I would like to hook it up to my 50" Plasma TV . What cables do I used? And do I hook it up to a splitter or a switch? Beside the HDMI, I also have two other connections on my TV,   RS-232C INPUT  and  RGB INPUT. Which one do I use? I have an adapter, (my daughter didn't used it), it's a Mini DisplayPort / Female VGA Video Cable

    Well you must by a mini Display port to HDMI adapter from Apple and connect the HDMI to your tv.
    Here's a demo video.

  • How to connect my iMac to internet in germany

    hello there,
    want to connect to internet in germany
    have till now only done it in UK, but moved to Germany and now need to get connected again. How best ?

    You'll need to find a German ISP for a permanent connection. Or if you only need dial-up speeds then you can pay-as-you-go with the right German number.

  • How to connect new iMac to TV???

    I'm not very computer savvy... is there an easy way to connect my new iMac to my tv directly with one cable, like and HDMI cable or something? Or is it much more complicated than this?

    If it's a 27-inch iMac, it has a Mini DisplayPort for video output. You need an adapter like this one
    [Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (female) Cable for Apple Mac| ref=sr11?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1258064334&sr=8-1]
    From the end of the adapter, use an HDMI cable to go to your HDTV.
    However, this is a video output, so it does not carry audio. If you want audio to come from the HDTV speakers, you will need to run a separate cable from the iMac's audio output port (the one for headphones) to the HDTV audio input corresponding to the HDMI input.

  • How to connect two iMacs to the same FCE project?

    Hello All,
    Right now I have an iMac that is about 1 year old. I'm about to purchase another iMac. What I want to do is run FCE on both and work on the same video project on both. Is this possible?
    So the idea would be that I one person A could color correct and person B could edit and perform other functions on the second iMac. Can you hook them up by firewire and do this or is this beyond what you can do with FCE and two iMacs?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hello Michael,
    First, you will need two fully licensed copies of FCE, one for each iMac. Each license allows you to install FCE on 1 Apple desktop + 1 Apple laptop as long as you own both computers and do not use FCE on both at the same time. But it *does not* allow you to install it on 2 Apple desktop computers (eg iMacs).
    Second, in order for two people on different computers to access the same project, you would have to store all the media & scratch files in a common location, and set up each copy of FCE to access the files from that location. The problems with this approach are 1) FCE cannot do this over a network, 2) you cannot connect an external FW drive to both computers at the same time, 3) FCE prefers that your FCE Project file(s) be on your system HD.
    You could use an external FW drive to store your media & scratch files; then connect the FW drive to the computer that is going to work on the project - but not to 2 computers at the same time. You will still have to copy the FCE project file between the two iMacs each time you swap from one to the other for editing.

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