How to connect oracle application server portal to MS access DataBase

I am facing one problem here.
Our client is having their database in MS access and they want to implement the oracle application server portal for their organization then how to connect the MS access DB to oracle Application server portal

There is a worked example of how to connect oracle to an Excel spreadsheet, which is easily modifyable to read from an Access Database.
I had some concurrency problems - only one person could use the link at any one time, so I used it to load the data into oracle tables.

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  • No suitable driver for mysql in oracle application  server  portal 10g

    Hi all
    i want to run my portlet with mysql4.1 database from "oracle application server portal 10g".
    i did all configuration in data source and also i kept mysql connector jar file into all oraclehome/jdbc/jlib folder.
    Name :: helloMysql(jndiname)
    Description :: helloMysql
    Data Source Class :: com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlXADataSource
    JDBC URL :: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database?relaxAutoCommit=true
    JDBC Driver :: com.mysql.jdbc.driver
    Datasource Username and Password
    Username------------>(user name)
    JNDI Locations
    Location== jdbc/helloMysql
    jdbc/blogOracle== jdbc/XA/helloMysql
    EJB Location == jdbc/XA/helloMysql
    Connection Attributes
    Connection Retry Interval (seconds)====1
    Max Connection Attempts===empty
    Cached Connection Inactivity Timeout (seconds)===30
    remaing all are empty
    when i run the portlet, then i am getting "No suitable driver" in my portal page.
    i want check server console or server log for oracle application server portal.
    please help ,where to find server log?
    Any suggestions or help from your side.
    Thanks in advance.

    I think you're trying to connect to a database in a diferent host than the Web Server.
    This is possible in applcations, but not in applets, who only can open TCP connections to the same machine who served the page.
    To do that, yo should use a Data Gateway to establish the connections (IDSServer, and so on). I think that installing Oracle's Connection Manager in the same machine than the Web, it would run.

  • Language issue on Oracle Application Server Portal

    I have a application running on Oracle Application Server Portal. It is deployed on Win 2003 server(prod server). There is a language option to jump from english to arabic and arabic to english and the application is working on production server for both the languages but on some client machines the default page loaded is in english and on some client machine the default page loaded is in arabic. When we try to change the language from either of the languages it gives a message "Page cannot be displayed".
    Please help me in solving this issue.
    Thank you

    Page cannot be displayed is one of the common problems, like fever. Please see application.log, apache error log to see any more specific reason for page cannot be displayed error. Look for any possible 'infection' which may have caused this 'fever', if you see what I am saying.

  • Connect oracle application server 10g with oracle database 9i

    Hello, I am doing a project with Oracle Application Server and application server can not connect with my Oracle 9i database, how do my version of Oracle Application Server is the 10g, thanks for the help and excuse my English

    Well, now it depends how do you want to access your 9i database from Application Server via J2EE application deployed at Application Server or via Portal.
    For J2EE application, you can use connect string for your 9i database in datasources.xml of J2EE app.
    For Portal application, again it depends what you want to do - create an data entry application or just want to fetch a report based on 9i database.
    Hope I have provided answer to your question.

  • How to start Oracle Application Server 10g on Linux

    I have installed the Oracle Appliacion server and Infrastructure server on Linux. Both I have installed under with Diff. folder
    Can some one please tell me how to start / stop Appliacion server and Infrastructure server on Linux
    We are going to use the these with Oracle EBS .
    Oracle EBS installed in the same Linux server under diff. folder
    Can some one please guide me.

    You can do as rizla said or go another route.
    We setup profiles to use for all of the oracle homes. Then in the scripts we call the profiles. Easier to migrate and manage in my opinion if you have multiple oracle homes. You can then use profiles when ssh'd into the boxes, too. Both ways will work.
    Script which you can chkconfig.
    # oracle_collabInfra
    # This shell script takes care of starting and stopping Oracle Collab Infra instance.
    #chkconfig: 345 96 14
    # Source function library.
    . /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions
    start () {
    echo $"Starting Collab Suite on the Infra instance..."
    echo $"Starting Listener..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; lsnrctl start"
    sleep 10
    echo $"Starting Metadata Repository..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; sqlplus '/ as sysdba' <<!
    sleep 10
    echo $"Starting Enterprise Manager Application Server Control..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; emctl start iasconsole"
    sleep 5
    echo $"Starting Infra OID and OC4J_Security processes..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; opmnctl startproc process-type=OID"
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; opmnctl startproc process-type=OC4J_Security"
    echo $"Starting Infra HTTP_Server processes..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; opmnctl startproc process-type=HTTP_Server"
    return $RETVAL
    stop () {
    echo $"Stopping Collab Suite on the Infra instance..."
    echo $"Stopping all Infra OPMN managed processes..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; opmnctl stopall"
    sleep 5
    echo $"Stopping Enterprise Manager Application Server Control..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; emctl stop iasconsole"
    sleep 10
    echo $"Stopping Metadata Repository..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; sqlplus '/ as sysdba' <<!
    shutdown immediate;
    sleep 10
    echo $"Stopping Listener..."
    runuser - oracle -c ". /home/oracle/.collabInfra_profile; lsnrctl stop"
    return $RETVAL
    restart () {
    return $RETVAL
    # See how we were called.
    case "$1" in
    echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart}"
    exit $RETVAL
    export ORACLE_BASE=/opt/oracle
    export ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/collabInfra
    export ORACLE_SID=orcl
    export TMP=/tmp
    export TMPDIR=/tmp
    export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:$HOME/bin:$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin:$ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin:$ORACLE_HOME/backup_restore
    unset USERNAME

  • How to Install VPN and how to connect client Application server

    Hi All,
    Could any one tell me. How to connect Client's Application server and How to Install VPN. Thanks in advance.......
    Thanks  & regards

    where r u working?
    ask your help desk to give the URL link to down load vpn
    after downloading install it, its just like a wizard
    you need to give your userid and password , and secureid number
    secureid is a small device which displays a number(say a 6 digit number ) this number is keeps on changing for every one minitue.
    you need to enter the number which is displaing while you are trying to connect to vpn.
    in the middle of connecting to vpn if your secureid number changed , you need to login once again by the same procedure

  • Can I connect Oracle Forms Builder 10g to MS Access Database

    I have Oracle forms builder installed in my PC. I downloaded the Oracle Database Server from the oracle website and installed that as well. But due to the installation of Database server, my system has become very slow. In order to avoid this I wanted to know if I can connect the forms builder to MS Access Database.
    Also, using ODBC I have created a database in my D:\ drive.
    If using MS access as a database is possible, then kindly guide me how to proceed with it.
    Shashank Senan

    Hi Francois,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have been working on Oracle forms from the past 1 year. I wanted to increase my expertise at the subject so thought I'll install it at my home and then try out developing and running a few small forms. So, in order to do this I downloaded and installed Developer Suite and database server. After installing the database server the system became very slow, as I mentioned earlier. Once I uninstalled the server, my system speed was back to normal. My system configuration is:
    512 MB ram, Intel Pentium 4 2.66 Ghz processor, Windows XP service pack 3,1 CPU.
    My requirement is very minimal. I just want a simple database where I can create tables, store data and connect form. If you have a have any other suggestion for my requirement then kindly help me in this regard.
    In the meantime I'll act on your suggestion and try and install the XE server.

  • How to Setup SSL on Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1..2)

    Hi All,
    Can anybody tell me How to setup the SSL on Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1.2).
    I have all the required documents like
    1. Oracle Application Server Portal Server Configuration Guide.
    2. Oracle Application Server Web Cache Configuration Guide.
    3. Oracle Application Server SSO Administration Guide.
    I tried to follow all this documents but still i am not able to set SSL for Oracle Portal Server.

    The Portal Configuration Guide, available on OTN at does provide some very specific information on how to set up OracleAS Portal.
    Section Configuring SSL for OracleAS Portal describes various configurations, such as:
    SSL to OracleAS Single Sign-On
    SSL to OracleAS Web Cache
    SSL Throughout OracleAS Portal
    External SSL with Non-SSL Within Oracle Application Server
    For larger enterprise configurations, you can refer to the Enterprise Deployment Guide.
    Can you give a bit more background on what you are trying to set up? Which scenario, what sort of hardware, software versions, and so on.

  • Problem Deploying Oracle PDK Portlet to Oracle Application Server

    I have a big issue trying to deploy a pdk portlet I have created in JDeveloper (10.1.2). The application is very simple, it consists of 2 JSP's (call them Select.jsp and Display.jsp) and 1 Java Class (Call it
    The architecture of the system is VERY simple. The Select.jsp is a simple drop down list that is embedded in an html form, with the options in the drop down populated by a method call from Once the user selects an option and hits submit, he is sent to the Display.jsp, which is a simple html table that is populated by another method call from (Basically the whole system is a simple "view" of a given table in a DB based on the option selected in Select.jsp).
    The system works perfect in JDeveloper, where I created it using the Oracle PDK Java Portlet wizard. However I'm running into a problem when I try and take it over to the Application Server. The main documentation I have been following is the: Oracle® Application Server Portal Developer's Guide and in particular the section Creating a Connection to Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE where it explains how to connect to the App. Server. The line "The steps that follow describe the procedure for deploying to a standalone instance of Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE. For information about deploying to a full Oracle Application Server instance, please refer to the Oracle JDeveloper online Help system." is the one that is bothering me the most as I am trying to deploy to a full instance of the Oracle Application Server, but I cannot find anywhere that walks me through this in the online JDeveloper help.
    Anyway, currently we ftp the appropriate JSP's, Java Class, provider.xml and provider properties files to their respective directories on the Application Server, register the provider and reboot the Http Server. (This has worked before except for the fact that when the user selected an option from the Select.jsp and the request was then sent over to the Display.jsp based on the form action the Display.jsp wasn't recognized. We figured the provider.xml file needed to be edited in this case in order to know where Display.jsp was being kept). In any event nothing seems to be working at the moment and my main concern is that it maybe we should be deploying as EAR/WAR (both of which I'm not super familiar and my second main concern is that it seems most people use JavaBeans and Struts and all sorts of different API's whereas here I just have a fairly simple Java Class back end that connects to the database and creates an object based on the attributes contained in the database (1 object for 1 unique row in the DB) and I want to be sure that the way I have developed this should still work with the Oracle AS. I'm hoping its just a matter of getting the directory structure straightened out and editing the provider.xml file to include all the JSP's.
    Sorry for the long post, but if you could address my two main concerns and possible give me or point me towards a good thorough walk through of deploying a simple system (oracle pdk java portlet) like I have developed to the App. Server it would be greatly appreciated !
    Thanks a lot.

    Basically I started to develop this system inside Oracle AS and then when it came time to passing a request to a new page, it crapped out on me on the App. Server. So instead of trying to fix the problem there and then I continued to develop outside Portal and inside Jdeveloper. After a week or two once all my stuff worked perfectly I try and take it back into Portal but only the first JSP of all my Portlets would show up, because as soon as I would submit a form and the action directed me to a new page and Portal would be lost/confused. Obviously I shouldn't have done it that way but none the less...
    So now I'm reading through the documentation you pointed me towards and it seems I have to qualify my parameters and then "attach" them to the url which the form will pass to the actioned page. I'm importing numerous classes (...urlUtils, etc) in order to qualify the parameters and then build this url without affecting any parameters currently present that my portlet does not own.
    What I'm rambling towards here is all this separation of logic and presentation and the whole nine, implies different people can develop different parts of a 'system' mostly independant of one in my situation I shouldn't in huge trouble yet, since underlying everything is a working system. My issue is with oracle and the App Server. If I take my code which works great outside of the App. Server and I fully qualify parameters and make sure my form actions are constructed using the UrlUtils in order to fully qualify them as well, and then I make sure page parameters are mapped to the proper portlet parameter values....should my system work on the App Server (assuming everything is done properly)....or am I still missing something.

  • Implement Oracle Aplication Server Portal - Starting work

    Hi everyone
    I work with java and Oracle database, manager oracle application server, but i need to learn Oracle Aplication Server Portal, i just to know some tips to start.
    How can i do that?
    José Vieira

    Hi José,
    The link :
    has a small text to the right that reads " Download Oracle Application Server 10g ". The first link in the download page is for " Application Server 10g Release 2 " - the installer for this allows you to install the Ifrastrcuture and the MiddleTier.
    During the installation of Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (, you would have notice three options :
    1. J2EE & WebCache
    * Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control
    * Oracle HTTP Server Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J)
    * Oracle Application Server Web Cache
    2. Infrastructure
    * Oracle Database Server 10g (
    * Oracle Internet Directory
    * Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On
    * Oracle Application Server Directory Integration Provisioning
    * Oracle Application Server Delegated Administration Services
    * Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority
    3. MiddleTier.
    * Oracle Application Server Portal
    * Oracle Application Server Wireless
    * Oracle Sensor Edge Server
    * Oracle Application Server Forms Services
    * Oracle Application Server Reports Services
    * Oracle Application Server Personalization
    * Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer
    You can also install other tools & services like :
    * Oracle Security Developer Tools
    * Oracle Application Server Guard
    * OracleAS Backup and Recovery Tool
    Thus, while installing, you need to install the Infrastructure ( which will contains the OID , SSO, etc. ), and the Middletier ( Portal, etc. ) later. The Portal MiddleTier depends on the Infrastructure.
    Oracle Portal allows you to collect disparate sources of information and applications and present it on a single page. A Portal is a Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as email, forums, search engines, and on-line shopping malls. It's more like a "doorway" to the Internet or a portion of the Internet, targeted towards one particular subject.
    You can develop an application & post it on a Application Server - but, publishing it on Portal allows you to collect many such similar applications. Portal is usually used as a sinlg epoint of access for many similar / related kinds of applications.
    Good Luck !

  • Installing Oracle Application Server 10.2 for Oracle Database Lite

    Can anybody please tell me how to install oracle application server 10.2 for oracle database lite (i use oracle database lite for my final project). I use wi-fi connection to synchronize between pda and my laptop as server. Should i install oracle internet directory before installing oracle application server? I have difficulties in installing application server, what are the options should i take in every page of installation? Thanks before.

    Install with the base, do not select any other options. Only choose webcache if you require the use of a software load balancer.

  • Oracle Aplication Server Portal 10 G - configure portlets in Oracle Portal

    Hi, I was reading through the Document " ORACLE APPLICATIONS SERVER PORTAL 10G release 2 (10.1.4 - Customized Portlets with BPEL.
    On page 3 it refers to chapter 20 of a document caled "BEPL Developer's Guide".
    I couldn't find this document. It is supposed to teach youhow to configure out-of-box portlets in Oracle Portal.

    Hi Sleepy,
    you can find this chapter here:
    How to find it? -> documentation -> application server -> Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 ( Documentation (Previous Releases section) -> View Library for B14099-11 and finally E-business Integration tab contains BPEL guides.

  • Oracle application server 10g and apex

    Hi allm
    Can someone show me a guide on how to use Oracle Application Server 10g with APEX. I'm currently using Oracle HTTP Server but decided to use OAS instead so that I can use the Report Server and the Oracle BI Publisher for the reports.
    I'm currently using this guide ( but I can't seem to find the marvel.conf and the oracle_apache.conf.
    Also, is it really necessary to use OAS instead of Oracle HTTP Server if I want to use Oracle BI Publisher?
    Edited by: A.Sandiego on Sep 3, 2008 12:01 AM

    Thanks for the response.
    Unfortunately I still get the same problem. Somehow I just can't find the marvel.conf anywhere in my machine. I setup my APEX not by using the companion cd but by downloading the apex_3.1.2 then running the apexins.sql. Then install the Oracle HTTP Server only and configured the dads.conf located in the ORACLE_HTTP_SERVER_HOME/Apache/Apache/mod_plsql/conf. It works perfectly with this.
    I then installed Oracle Application Server 10g. I'm trying to figure out how to use this instead of the Oracle HTTP Server.

  • Install Oracle Application Server on same as database server

    How to Install Oracle Application Server.
    Can I install on the same server as database server
    Can some body provide a simple tutorial for Windows Installation.

    If there is no licensing issues - then I could advice SOA Suite installation - there should be AS as well and many other features (BPEL e.g.). Personally I cann't see any need for installation manual as all the installation and configuration assistance poceeds automatically. Documentation can be found - usually zip contains large library of pdf, installation manual including.
    Well - my problem is that I have installed partially SOA Suite (configuration assistants failed at web services) on machine without DB server, then I installed DB server and now I am trying to deinstall SOA Suite - but now for some days machine shows 100% CPU consumption and no any visible actions (no new errors as well)... What should I do? Kill the process and try to manually remove SOA? I plan after make another SOA installation after removal of this one.
    Thanks in someone can help me!

  • How to integrate Oracle Portal running on Oracle Application Server 10.1.2

    I have an Oracle Portal running on a Oracle Application Server 10.1.2.
    Portal is responsible ( along with OID ) for the users authentication and authorization.
    There is a new JEE application that was developed recently, which the Portal users must have access to.
    HOW can I put a link into a page of the Portal, that redirects the portal user to a new browser window displaying my new application?
    HOW can this new application, running in a separate weblogic 11g (10.3.5) server, automatically authenticate with the same username/password previously authenticated when the user logged into the portal?
    Any ideas?
    I´ve already thought in a bunch of ways to do it:
    - put a link into the portal with a sessionId, then when opening the new app, it automatically tries to use the same session. How can I configure this session id during the creation of the portal's page? How can I use it from the new app to use the same session?
    - put a link into the portal with a userid, then when opening the new app, it automatically tries to authenticate using a different authentication provider configurated in WL, which points to Portal´s OID. In this situation, how can I ensure that the user is already logged in and the session has not timed out?
    - Should I use OSSO?
    - Should I use OAM?
    Any help would be appreciated!

    Hi Murilo,
    A portletized version of your J2EE app would probably have been ideal for your purpose as it would handle both authentication (through SSO) and session information (through Portal framework as the framework can pass session information to the provider/producer). This would require changes to the application however.
    Easiest approach would be to use mod_osso to protect your J2EE application. SSO would then handle the authentication for your Portal and your J2EE application.

Maybe you are looking for

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