How to Connect Oracle with Crystal Reports

Hi Everyone,
I am new to Crystal Report,
Just tell me how to connect Crystal Report thro' Oracle 9i or 10g Forms
With regards,

You may want to use ODBC for the connectivity.

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    How to connect java with crystal report ?
    Which are the API's for that

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  • How to connect to the Crystal Reports Server XI R2 installed in other machi

    we are 3 people here we have Crystal Reports Server XI R2 installed in one machine and Crystal Repoprts XI  DEsigner ( downloaded trial version) in all the machines ,
    in my machine only Crystal Repoprts XI  DEsigner ( downloaded trial version) is installed , how to connect to the Crystal Reports Server XI R2 which is installed in other machine

    thankyou for your  response,
    my problem here is as soon as i open CR Designer , and if i  click on either New Report,Blank Report, or  standard report wizard  it is saying "failed to create database connection"
    on which ever thing i click it is telling the same "failed to create database connection" i created the user DSN properly , i could not create System DSN i dont know why.
    can u please guide me
    and one more thing on the machine where CR server is installed , on the same machine designer is also installed (i think u was telling the same) .  my question is how the server will know about the CR Designer installed in my machine.

  • Connection String with Crystal Report XI R2

    I am having an issue with Crystal Reports XI R2 and figured this would be a good place to start and post my question.
    I created a report in Crystal Reports XI and am now trying to pass the user id and password so that the user can just run the report. I attempted to use the Crystal Report connection string setup but receive an Microsoft ODBC error when trying to use that.
    My question is how can you pass a userid and password to crystal report XI so that when you open the report it runs without prompting the user? I do not have access to .NET. Can this be done using Crystal Reports XI only?
    Thanks in advance for your help

    Hi Shawn,
    Standalone CR can only do that if using a URL to open a report in BOE.
    For CR Designer itself the only option is to turn on Trusted Authentication in your Server, used Mixed mode and then import all of your users into SQL Server. Refer to MS's Help file on how to.
    Now when the user runs the reports CR will simply pass the local user info to SQL Server and no prompting will be required. We still respect DB security so if the user is not allowed to access the table then CR respects that.
    Thank you

  • Connection error with Crystal Report XI, VB6 and Sybase ASE15

    Hello !
    I have an error #4002 when I want to launch a report in VB6 with the ActiveX Crystal Report Viewer.
    I use Sybase ASE 15 with an ODBC link and the reports run stored procedures.
    This error seems to be an authentification error, but I don't know what parameters are missing or wrong...
    - My reports works well in the report designer.
    - The reports connected to a text file or an ADO recordset work in VB6.
    - The Verify Database works in design mode in VB6.
    - The problem is the same with tables, stored procedures, SQL and with or without parameters...
    - I tried to connect the report to a DataEnvironnment but I get the same error.
    The problem appears when I use the Crystal Wizard to create a form automatically AND when I create objects directly in code like :
        Dim crapp As CRAXDRT.Application
        Dim oReport As CRAXDRT.Report
        Set crapp = New CRAXDRT.Application
        Set oReport = crapp.OpenReport("C:\myreport.rpt")
        CRViewer.ReportSource = oReport
    Please help !

    I don't see any database logon code in what you posted.  You need to log onto the database at runtime since Crystal Reports will never store passwords.
    You can download and review the [Connection Properties|] document for more information on how to log onto your database at runtime.  This document was written for CR9, but it's the same for CR10, CR XI (v11.0), and CR XI R2 (v11.5).
    I hope this helps.
    Dan Kelleher

  • How to connect BO to crystal reports

    Hello All,
    I am new to Business Objects an want to learn it in depth.
    Can anyone tell me how can i connect CR to BO.
    I am using XI
    Please tell me the basic connection that i need to do to perform this
    Amreek S

    please take a look here (Chapter 6)
    In order to be able to work with the CR Designer you have to setup the following servers for access over your firewall
    Input FRS
    Output FRS
    Report Application Server (RAS)
    Crystal Reports Cache Server
    Crystal Reports Page Server
    Web Intelligence Processing Server

  • How to connect BiqQuery from crystal reports

    How can i connect crystal reports from BigQuery.I have gone through this thread thread/3265149 but here i want to understand how can i get the following credentials :
    Connection URL:
    Database class name :
    User Id
    Please provide any example

    This is the error image

  • How to connect oracle with ms access database

    We are on release r12, right now we have requirement to connect oracle database with ms access to get some information. We have found gateway(Heterogeneous services) using ODBC, but at the database side where is installed oracle r12 there is no installed ms access software becuse of linux operating system, so how could it will connect ms access because without installing ms-access we are unable to find ms ODBC gateway in ODBC driver under the control panel.
    Can any body guide me how could achieve this
    Edited by: oracle0282 on Sep 21, 2011 12:47 AM

    If I understand you correctly you want to access Oracle on Linux from MS-Access (possible on Windows only). You need neither a gateway nor Heterogeneous Services, but an Oracle client including ODBC driver (Instant client with ODBC driver is enough) on the Windows machine.
    Configure the ODBC driver with the connect informations to the Oracle server.

  • How to connect  oracle with c++

    i wanted to know that how should i connect oracle to c++.
    kindly list me the commands which i need to write to access database fro oracle.
    thanks ...

    If you're attempting to use the ODBC API directly, have you downloaded the ODBC SDK from Microsoft? That will include some sample code, which is a great starting point. So far as I'm aware, you shouldn't need to configure anything in Borland C++ that you don't have to configure in any other C++ compiler to use ODBC.
    Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

  • How to connect Oracle with Jsp?

    I am student and I am trying to use Jsp to connect oracle. Do you have any sample to show how to do it?
    Thanks a lot.

    In JSP, you connect to the Oracle in a same way as you would do it in any Java application, using JDBC. Please refer to Java Tutorial -> JDBC on sun site and you will get easy and straight forward concepts.

  • How to connect Oracle 10g to MySql

    can anybody plz guide me how to connect Oracle with MySql...I was going through official documentation and I found the procedure for connecting with Informix, Sybase and Teradata etc but I could not find for can anybody plz guide in this regard...
    Thanking you

    To connect to a MySQl database the product you have to use is DG4ODBC 11.2. It requires a 3rd party MySQL ODBC driver (64bit on 64bit platforms and 32bit on 3bit platforms). This Dg4ODBC has to be installed in its OWN ORACLE_HOME. Installing it into the database home 10.2 you'll corrupt the database installation.
    Before installing DG4ODBC, please make sure your Oracle database release is or If you still have or you have to apply the gateway compatibility patch to your Oracle database release.
    More details can be found in the gateway config note available at "My Oracle Support".
    The notes are:
    - Installing on a 64bit Unix OS:
    How to Setup DG4ODBC on 64bit Unix OS (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) [ID 561033.1]
    - Installing on 32bit linux:
    How to Setup DG4ODBC (Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC) on Windows 32bit [ID 466225.1]
    - Installing on Windows:
    How to Setup DG4ODBC (Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC) on Windows 32bit [ID 466225.1] (although it is the 32bit note is is almost similar for a 64bit Windows installation
    You can download Dg4ODBC for free from or from

  • Connection to OOD hosted database with Crystal Reports XI R2

    Hi i'm quite new to Oracle and Crystal reports and trying to connect my Crystal Reports application to an instance of Oracle hosted by Oracle On Demand.
    I'm not sure of how to do this and the Crystal documentation is very vague, has anyone done this or can someone give me some ideas of where to start. I've downloaded the latest Oracle Instant client as per the instructions and also the ODBC Instant client, but not sure how to configure the Crystal Reports.
    Can anyone help?

    You need to make an ODBC connection to the database using Contol Panel> Admin tools-> Data sources. Select system DSN -> Add . U'll see a list of drivers. Select Oracle ODBC driver (which you can install using instant client). Don't select MS Oracle Driver. It often does not work with oracle!!!! In the next screen you'll need to enter the DB details you are trying to access. Hopefully, at this time your tnsnames file is properly setup and there is an enrty in tnsnames for the database you are trying to access. If this is done properl, you'll see the name of the database in the drop down Tns Service names. Select that entry. Test the connection. If the connection works, congrats! If not , check the tnsnames and driver install. If the connection works, close control panel. In Crystal reports, select 'New' to create new report, then either standard or cross tab report. Next screen will be for making database connections. Select 'Oracle Server' under make new connections and enter the details on the next screen about the connection (username, password and select name of the ODBC connection you created above). Hopefully it will work

  • How to start with crystal reports

    Dear Experts,
    I am new to crystal reports, request you to kindly provide any tutorials or How to guides, so that I can start with  Crystal reports.
    Also tell what would be the Software/Hardware required to start with crystal reports.
    Currently we are on ECC 6.0 and SAP enterprise portal 7.0.
    Kindly Suggest.
    Warm Regards
    Upendra Agrawal

    I am assuming that u r going to develop reports off SAP datasource.For that purpose, You need to install Crystal Reports 2008 sp1/2 and SAP soluton KIt.
    Please read the following blog series which is the best place to start with Crystal Reports and SAP Connectivity:
    SAP Integration Kit Blog:
    Hope this will help you!

  • How to use a connection ODBC in  crystal reports viewer?

    Hi Guys!
    I need to know if for update a report in crystal reports viewer, is necessary, have a connection SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence. How to use a connection ODBC in  crystal reports viewer?

    Hi Guys!
    I need to know if for update a report in crystal reports viewer, is necessary, have a connection SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence. How to use a connection ODBC in  crystal reports viewer?

  • Why we need ABAP if we can connect With Crystal Reports to SAP R/3

        I am new to Crystal reports.I came to know that we can connect SAP R/3 by using SAP InfoSet,SAP Table Cluster and Function connectivity in Crystal Reports.So we can generate reports for SAP R/3 database with out need of ABAP.So why we need to go ABAP module.Is there any disadvantages if we dont use ABAP to generate reports or we can use always Crystal Reports to generate Reports for R/3 database?

    it is correct that you can built a Crystal Report without the need to use ABAP, but we have lots of customers that have invested over the years into ABAP Routines and Crystal REports is able to leverage those as well. So with Crystal Reports you have the choice to leverage existing ABAP Functions as a source for reporting - which might help to leverage complex processing on the backend - or to use InfoSets and tables.

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