How to connect oracle with ms access database

We are on release r12, right now we have requirement to connect oracle database with ms access to get some information. We have found gateway(Heterogeneous services) using ODBC, but at the database side where is installed oracle r12 there is no installed ms access software becuse of linux operating system, so how could it will connect ms access because without installing ms-access we are unable to find ms ODBC gateway in ODBC driver under the control panel.
Can any body guide me how could achieve this
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If I understand you correctly you want to access Oracle on Linux from MS-Access (possible on Windows only). You need neither a gateway nor Heterogeneous Services, but an Oracle client including ODBC driver (Instant client with ODBC driver is enough) on the Windows machine.
Configure the ODBC driver with the connect informations to the Oracle server.

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  • How to connect oracle client (xp) to database server

    how to connect oracle client to database server
    i have following information
    --server ip
    --port no
    --database name.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    In addition to these parameters you need username and password.
    Then you can connect with
    sqlplus -L [email protected]//server_ip:port_no/database_name
    Laurenz Albe

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    If you're attempting to use the ODBC API directly, have you downloaded the ODBC SDK from Microsoft? That will include some sample code, which is a great starting point. So far as I'm aware, you shouldn't need to configure anything in Borland C++ that you don't have to configure in any other C++ compiler to use ODBC.
    Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

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    Dear Sir,
    I try to connect oracle(10G) with Access.
    First step : I created Access ODBC
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    Third step : I am testing by the command line
    'lsnrctl start LISTENERtest'
    but it doesn'yt start and the log file shows the following:
    TNSLSNR for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production on 20-MAY-2008 12:06:23
    Copyright (c) 1991, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    System parameter file is E:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_2\network\admin\listener.ora
    Log messages written to E:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_2\network\log\listenertest.log
    Trace information written to E:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_2\network\trace\listenertest.trc
    Trace level is currently 0
    Started with pid=2328
    TNS-01150: The address of the specified listener name is incorrect
    could you help me what is the problem?

    The following are the lines I added to tnsnames file:
    And the following are the lines I added to listener file:
    LISTENERtest =
    Where is the error?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to Crystal Report,
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    You may want to use ODBC for the connectivity.

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    Can anybody help me, please?!
    If this section is not the right place to post my issue, could you advise me where else should I go?
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    In JSP, you connect to the Oracle in a same way as you would do it in any Java application, using JDBC. Please refer to Java Tutorial -> JDBC on sun site and you will get easy and straight forward concepts.

  • How to Connect Oracle Developer to Other Databases

    Hello I am using Developer 6i.
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    Send me how to USE OCA,
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    plz use Net Configuration Assistant or set tnsnames.ora with connect string and computer name.
    Net Configuration Assistant.
    when its opened then go to .
    *Local Net Service Name Configuration.
    *Click Next.
    *Click Next.
    * Service Name--Type here connect String which is XE or any Connect String.
    *Click Next.
    *Host Name--Enter here Computer name or Ip address.
    *Yes,Perform a test.
    you can enter correct password and username here.
    Note:- your Database should be Up if its not Up it will through the same error so plz startup your database first.


    pls tell how to connect oracle 9i or 10g database with oracle developer suite 10g . though the forms are getting connected but not running with error as
    FRM-10142 the HTTP listner is not running on pls start the listner or check your runtime preferences.
    now pls tell how to start listner and how to chage runtime preferences.
    though i have worked with oracle 9i and forms 6i where we used to copy the tnsnames.ora from network/admin of oracle to forms 6i tnsnames.ora.
    thank you, you may be thinking such a long question.....

    By server i mean the computer where oc4j and backend database are running is one one of the client pc not a dedicated server..., these database and 10g dev suite are installed in one of the client machine,
    all the clients are using same internet explorer as browser.
    no message is being displyed on some of the client machine where these forms are not being uploaded on browser instead it displays as done in status bar without actually showing anything at all...
    sir so far as jinitiator or JRE is concered i have seen on the client machine (where my forms are running on internet explorer) a pop up is displyed telling one activex control is required to run this program and click to install it..
    after clicking it download jinitiator from server and after installing jinitiator my forms are loaded and start functioning...
    what i feel is as i said this machine where oc4j and database is running is one of the client machine so some other clients do not have acess to this machine, so this might be the reason why those clints are not able to run the said forms on the internet explorer.... can it be so... kindly tell..
    thank you for your patience for reading the question

  • How to connect oracle form6i or 10g to mysql database

    can anyone tell me how to connect oracle forms to mysql database using ODBC connector?

    this is step by step installation guide
    also below link for download
    hope this helps

  • How to connect Oracle 10g to MySql

    can anybody plz guide me how to connect Oracle with MySql...I was going through official documentation and I found the procedure for connecting with Informix, Sybase and Teradata etc but I could not find for can anybody plz guide in this regard...
    Thanking you

    To connect to a MySQl database the product you have to use is DG4ODBC 11.2. It requires a 3rd party MySQL ODBC driver (64bit on 64bit platforms and 32bit on 3bit platforms). This Dg4ODBC has to be installed in its OWN ORACLE_HOME. Installing it into the database home 10.2 you'll corrupt the database installation.
    Before installing DG4ODBC, please make sure your Oracle database release is or If you still have or you have to apply the gateway compatibility patch to your Oracle database release.
    More details can be found in the gateway config note available at "My Oracle Support".
    The notes are:
    - Installing on a 64bit Unix OS:
    How to Setup DG4ODBC on 64bit Unix OS (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) [ID 561033.1]
    - Installing on 32bit linux:
    How to Setup DG4ODBC (Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC) on Windows 32bit [ID 466225.1]
    - Installing on Windows:
    How to Setup DG4ODBC (Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC) on Windows 32bit [ID 466225.1] (although it is the 32bit note is is almost similar for a 64bit Windows installation
    You can download Dg4ODBC for free from or from

  • How to connect oracle application server portal to MS access DataBase

    I am facing one problem here.
    Our client is having their database in MS access and they want to implement the oracle application server portal for their organization then how to connect the MS access DB to oracle Application server portal

    There is a worked example of how to connect oracle to an Excel spreadsheet, which is easily modifyable to read from an Access Database.
    I had some concurrency problems - only one person could use the link at any one time, so I used it to load the data into oracle tables.

  • To connect oracle database with ms access database

    i want to connect oracle database with ms access database
    i have follow the following steps
    1. create ms access database.
    2. create system dsn.
    3. make change in listener.ora.
    4. make change in hs folder.
    5.change the tnsname.ora.
    6. lsnrctl stop and lsnrct start.
    7. create database link in oracle sql*plus. the table of ms access
    but i have return the foloowing error.
    ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
    using window 2000, oracle 10g

    Have a look on ths thread, may it helps ...
    Re: copy access data into oracle with form builder 9i

  • How to connect oracle database with JAVA

    how to connect oracle database with JAVA....
    using j2sdk and Jcreator . which connector to use .. what are the code for that ..

    PLEASE .... Ask in an Oracle Java forum.
    And read the documentaiton. There is a whole document devoted to doing that. has examples.
    PLEASE ... do not ask product questions in a forum which clearly has a title saying it is devoted to assisting with download problems.

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