How to connett via hdmi and VGA adapter for my Toshibe 3LCD data projector

My  HP Pavilion running windos 8.1  can not converse via HDMI A to VGA adapter to Toshibe TLP470Z data projector

Checking the manual for the Toshiba projector, found HERE, it states:
The projector cannot be connected to a computer that does not have
an analog RGB output terminal. For details, refer to the computer
• You may not be able to connect some computers to the projector.
The model number of your Pavilion PC would be most helpful.
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  • When I connect my Mac Mini 2011 with Lion to a TV via HDMI and an earphone cable is plugged in, it´s not possible to choose sound out via hdmi, as opposed to connection via minidisplay port. Anybody knows how to fix this?

    When I connect my Mac Mini 2011 with Lion to a TV via HDMI and an earphone cable is plugged in, it´s not possible to choose sound out via hdmi, as opposed to connection via the minidisplay port. Anybody knows how to fix this?

    Was just on the phone with Apple about this.
    The solution was as follows for me anyway...
    Go to your Finder
    Choose the Go Menu
    Choose Computer
    Choose your Macintosh Hard Drive
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    Move that whole folder to the trash
    Empty the Trash
    Restart from the Apple Menu
    When you are back up and running;
         Choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu
         Choose Sound
          In the output tab you should now be able to make the HDMI "Sticky"
          Enjoy your sound over HDMI and no more dirty knees or broken backs unplugging the desktop speakers!
    Mac Mini 2011 2.5Ghz 8 GB of RAM - Planar 17" VGA via display port adapter and Samsung 26" LCD TV via HDMI

  • AppleTV 2g connected to HDMI to VGA adapter

    I connected my AppleTV to my TV via a HDMI to VGA adapter. On power gives no signal and display a message "Out of Range", to connect another device with the same adapter works properly.

    OK, thanks. Just one question.
    I could get the Kanex ATV pro in Mexico, because the adapter I have now cost me much to get it, and almost not many options.

  • HP HDMI to VGA Adapter

    I bought the HP HDMI to VGA adapter to use on my Windows 8 ultrabook. It does not work and nothing shows on the second monitor/ projector (reminas black as if no signal is received in the projector). I have tried all the usual tweaks and I know how to connect to a second screen.
    Is this adapter not compatible with Windows 8? if so is there a fix that I can download to get it to work?
    It was very embarrassing to try and use this in a corporate presentation and it failed.

    Yes an HDMI to VGA adapter will work fine. Keep in mind it will not carry audio but neither did your old vga connection so I am assuming it is not a problem. 
    You would find an HDMI to VGA at any Best Buy or you can order on one such as here:​r-Laptop-NoteBook/dp/B007PLL4CK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8​...
    Connect the projector and use the Windows key at the lower left of the keyboard and the p key at the same time and it brings up a "projector" console that lets you easily switch from laptop to projector to laptop + projector. 
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  • Mac Mini (Late 2014) 2 display HDMI and VGA

    I got my new mac mini and i have 2 display. One is with HDMI, other is VGA.
    I will use normal HDMI port and thunderbolt port with Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter from Apple to use them both, and i want to "Extend" my screen but the Apple guy on the store told me that "you only can duplicate the screen, can not extend it; both your HDMI and VGA monitors screen the same thing."
    Is it correct? Because i think he is not sure about what he said it doesn't make sense to me.

    I have no idea where what person is getting his information. I have used yur arrangement on my 2012 Mini which has one HDMI and one Thunderbolt port.
    You sense is better than that person's. You you can have extended display with HDMI and VGA via mini displayport (plugs into Thunderbolt port) to VGA adopter

  • Project using hdmi to vga adapter

    I have an  HP Spectre 13, and need to to display to vga projectors.  I bought the HDMI - VGA adatper for this purpose.
    When I use the vga plug from a standard flat panel monitor, it works fine.
    But I have yet to find either a projector, or a large flat panel (like a ig screen TV), where it works.
    Of course I know about going to the "Devices" and then "Project" menu (which can also be accessed using the Windows+P keys), but it still doesn't come up after choosing the "Duplicate" option.
    It feels as though there must be somewhere one can find a menu for adjustments, but I have failed to find it so far.
    Thanks for any help than can be offered.

    Hi Mario,
        My main point is that I go around giving Powerpoint presentations.  For this I need a computer which will drive a projector.  My understanding is that many people in the worl routinely do this, and the standard for this is a plug called "VGA", which is generally colored blue.  I have found these all over the world.
        Now this latest computer does not have a VGA connection.  This kind of makes sense, because it is elegantly thin, and the VGA is pretty fat.  I get the feeling that more modern graphics connections are HDMI (which the computer has), and something that used to be called "Firewire", which seems to be becoming the Mac standard.  I read about this when I bought the computer, and for that reason, at the same time that I purchased the computer, I also purchased an HDMI to VGA adapter.
        I have been having a really hard time making this work tyring lots of computers.
       I had an interesting experience today (while giving such a formal presentation.  When my usual adapter failed, a friend loaned me an Apple adapter for Firewire to VGA.  That worked well, but seemed to cause far different behavior in the Powerpoint viewer.  But I went ahead and gave my talk.
        Afterwards, I fiddled with things, noted that how well that works depends on the ORDER in which I connect.  If I first plugged the adapter into my computer, then the projecters VGA into the adapter, it would not work.  But if I reversed that, then it does work.  Any explanation of what is going on there?  Isn't an electrical connection and electrical connection?
        Based on that I decided to try the same with myHDMI - VGA adapter, and that worked too!
        Please tell me where in any f HP's documentation it says that this order matters, and the correct order is given!?!?

  • I have an iPad 2 and want to use video mirroring. I bought a VGA adapter for the iPad, iPhone and iPod so that I could plug the iPad into any monitor, TV, projecter, etc without it being an HD device. I plug it in and it appears the monitor has no communi

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  • Monitor Keep Flashing after connecting External Monitor with HDMI to VGA Adapter

    Dear Support,
    Here the case that i have connecting an External Monitor by HDMI to VGA Adapter.Once it connected, the monitor (Macbook) with keep flashing and no signal on the external monitor. Please help.

    Hi there BrianYip,
    You may find the troubleshooting steps in the article below helpful.
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    -Griff W. 

  • Input signal out of range with HDMI to VGA adapter LE1901w

    Recently I acquired an LE1901w monitor to use as second screen. I'm trying to connect it to my Toshiba u925 using an HDMI to VGA adapter (because neither the monitor has a HDMI port nor the notebook has a VGA output).
    I'm getting the message "input signal out of range" asking to change to 1440x920 @ 60Hz and it keeps showing until the monitor goes to sleep even when I change the settings as per requested.
    I have an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 and i'm using the default Windows monitor drivers for Windows 8.1
    Any comment will be helpful
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    Hello @fbinim,
    I understand that you are getting the message "Input Signal Out Of Range" and it is asking you to change to 1440x920 @ 60 Hz. I suspect this is a driver issue and you will need to ensure that your drivers are up to date on your computer. Just to be sure I would recommend if you could to move the HP LE1901W monitor to another computer and ensure that you do not have the problem there. If you do have it on another computer The issue you are experiencing appears to be a physical issue. Please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region.
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  • The best HDMI to VGA adapter

    I have a U510 with the useless mini-VGA and no adapter has worked for that, so now I am looking for a good HDMI to VGA adapter. What is a good one for under $40? (Online or at Best Buy, RadioShack, or Staples)

    There's no such thing as a HDMI to VGA adapter. HDMI is purely digital signal, while VGA is pure analog signal. You'd have to get a converter that not only could change the shape of connector, but also decode digital sitnal and encode is as analog one. I don't even know if anybody makes such a thing. Why would you use VGA anyway? HDMI is superior in quality and functionality. VGA is susceptible to e-m noise too.
    EDIT: Ok I did look it up, and there are HDMI to VGA converters. I must admit I'm surprised. Still, I'd avoid it if possible. If you do need it, I can't recommend one as I never used one, but maybe using the one you can get from Lenovo might be a good idea?
    Feel free to ask me about general PC issues, Ideapads, and Thinkpads.

  • HT3235 HDMI to VGA Adapter

    Just checking if anyone can suggest what adapter would be suitable for HDMI to VGA Adapter, I'd love to connect two old HDMI to VGA monitor displays if possible as I have spare monitors and could use the facility.

    Belkin HDMI to VGA doesn't work for me. Fliking screen on rMBP and no input signal on monitor. Connecting directly HDMI to big screen TV works fine. Connecting another source of HDMI signal, say, Dell notebook with the same Belkin HDMI to VGA adapter - works fine.
    Seems like rMBP output to HDMI has not enough power to go through additional intermediate device. Shame.

  • HP Smarttouch 15-n006ed with H4F02AA (hdmi to vga adapter) possible?

    Hi all,
    A few days ago I bought a notebook (type '15-n006ed'). When i got home, i noticed the notebook had no VGA-output. I bought the notebook for school and i need to connect it with the beamer (i'm a teacher) so i need an hdmi to vga adapter....
    I found information about an adapter from HP on the internet, but my notebook is not in the list of compatible devices. Is it possible to use the adapter anyway or is there an alternative for it?
    The type of the adapter is: H4F02AA
    Thanks in advance!

    Yes an HDMI to VGA adapter will work fine. Keep in mind it will not carry audio but neither did your old vga connection so I am assuming it is not a problem. 
    You would find an HDMI to VGA at any Best Buy or you can order on one such as here:​r-Laptop-NoteBook/dp/B007PLL4CK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8​...
    Connect the projector and use the Windows key at the lower left of the keyboard and the p key at the same time and it brings up a "projector" console that lets you easily switch from laptop to projector to laptop + projector. 
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  • Sending audio signal via hdmi and analog concurrently?

    I have a TV via HDMI and an AMP via coax connected to my Mac Mini. Is it possible to send the audio signal to both devices concurrently rather than having to change the audio output setting each time I want to switch (because: When I watch TV the AMP is turned off, when I listen to music the TV is turned off).
    Thanks in advance for tipps and hints.

    Unfortunately the way the hardware is configured, you
    can have HDMI audio or have audio output from the
    line out jack.  Just the way it is.
    One way around it is to get some USB audio adapter
    and use it for analog.  Even at that, you will still need
    some third party utility to output to both.

  • Can't switch between HDMI and VGA displays

    I have a new H430, with hdmi and vga ports. My HP zr2240w monitor permits switching between AVG and HDMI displays, which I would like to do. But when I plug in both cables (HDMI and VGA) only VGA will work. If I  switch to HDMI or make it the default display,  the screen freezes at the desktop background: no mouse, no taskbar etc. Is is possible that the D430 video card will not support switching between displays (on  a single monitor)

    Dear Monika and Mylenium: I figured out part of the problem, but not the solution: The shape I had drawn -and coudn't  switch between fil and stroke on-is one I had already done a gradient mesh on, too. I had later abandoned the gradient mesh by using the option key to delete mesh lines, but that didn't take the shape all the way back to its original flat state. So it wasn't a plain drawn shape any more. So how do I release the gradient mesh  to get back to  a flat shape? I'm also having trouble keeping the shapes in RGB or CMYK mode-they keep defaulting back to greyscale. Could that also be a symptom of using gradient mesh? Note: I'm using gradient mesh for the very first time now; I've never used it before. It seems to leave a lot of unexpected baggage behind. I would send a screen shot, but if I start up Grab or Voila, all the AI pallets go away, and that's half the information.  So how do I control gradient mesh?

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