How to copy-paste frames from one document to other with there respective layers intact?

Hi All,
     I am facing an issue while copy paste frames from one document to other. I have a 3 frames in first documents each one on different layer. First document has 3 layers. The second document too have 3 layers , I am copying frames from first document to scrapdata using 'ICopyCmdData ' and 'kCopyCmdBoss'. I have 'Paste Remembers Layers' menu 'Checked' on Layer panel. I am using following function to copy frames to scrapdata.
bool16 copyStencilsFromTheTemplateDocumentIntoScrapData(PMString & templateFilePath)
     bool16 result = kFalse;
        SDKLayoutHelper sdklhelp;
        PMString filePathItemsToBeCopiedFrom(templateFilePath);  //("c:\\test\\aa.indt");
        IDFile templateIDFile(filePathItemsToBeCopiedFrom);
        UIDRef templateDocUIDRef = sdklhelp.OpenDocument(templateIDFile);
        if(templateDocUIDRef == UIDRef ::gNull)                 
        ErrorCode err = sdklhelp.OpenLayoutWindow(templateDocUIDRef);
        if(err == kFailure)                 
        InterfacePtr<IDocument> templatedoc(templateDocUIDRef,UseDefaultIID());
        if(templatedoc == nil)               
        if(templateSpreadUIDList == nil)                  
        IDataBase * templateDocDatabase = templateDocUIDRef.GetDataBase();
        if(templateDocDatabase == nil)                  
        UIDRef templateDocFirstSpreadUIDRef(templateDocDatabase, templateSpreadUIDList->GetNthSpreadUID(0));
        InterfacePtr<ISpread> templateSpread(templateDocFirstSpreadUIDRef, IID_ISPREAD);
        if(templateSpread == nil)                 
        UIDList templateFrameUIDList(templateDocDatabase);
        if(templateSpread->GetNthPageUID(0)== kInvalidUID)                  
        InterfacePtr<ICommand> copyStencilsCMD(CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kCopyCmdBoss));
        if(copyStencilsCMD == nil)                
        InterfacePtr<ICopyCmdData> cmdData(copyStencilsCMD, IID_ICOPYCMDDATA);
        if(cmdData == nil)                 
        // Copy cmd will own this list
        UIDList* listCopy = new UIDList(templateFrameUIDList);
        InterfacePtr<IClipboardController> clipboardController(gSession,UseDefaultIID());
        if(clipboardController == nil)              
        ErrorCode status = clipboardController->PrepareForCopy();
        if(status == kFailure)                  
        InterfacePtr<IDataExchangeHandler> scrapHandler(clipboardController->QueryHandler(kPageItemFlavor));
        if(scrapHandler == nil)                 
        InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> scrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
        if(scrapData== nil)                
        UIDRef parent = scrapData->GetRootNode();
        cmdData->Set(copyStencilsCMD, listCopy, parent, scrapHandler);
        if(templateFrameUIDList.Length() == 0)       
            return kFalse;      
            status = CmdUtils::ProcessCommand(copyStencilsCMD);    
        if(status != kFailure)
          result = kTrue;
        sdklhelp.CloseDocument(templateDocUIDRef,kFalse,K2::kSuppressUI, kFalse);
    return result;
After this I need to close first document. Now I am opening the second document from indt file which has same number of layers as first document. I am trying to paste frames from scrap data to second document using '' 'ICopyCmdData ' and 'kPasteCmdBoss' as shown in follwoing function
bool16 pasteTheItemsFromScrapDataOntoOpenDocument(UIDRef &documentDocUIDRef )
    bool16 result = kFalse;
           InterfacePtr<IClipboardController> clipboardController(gSession,UseDefaultIID());
            if(clipboardController == nil)
           InterfacePtr<IDataExchangeHandler> scrapHandler(clipboardController->QueryHandler(kPageItemFlavor));
           if(scrapHandler == nil)               
           InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> scrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
            if(scrapData == nil)
                 //This will give the list of items present on the scrap
            UIDList* scrapContents = scrapData->CreateUIDList();
            if (scrapContents->Length() >= 1)
                InterfacePtr<IDocument> dataToBeSprayedDocument(documentDocUIDRef,UseDefaultIID());
                if(dataToBeSprayedDocument == nil)
                InterfacePtr<ISpreadList>dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList(dataToBeSprayedDocument,UseDef aultIID());
                if(dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList == nil)
                IDataBase * dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase = documentDocUIDRef.GetDataBase();
                if(dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase == nil)
                UIDRef spreadUIDRef(dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase, dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList->GetNthSpreadUID(0));               
                SDKLayoutHelper sdklhelp;
                UIDRef parentLayerUIDRef = sdklhelp.GetSpreadLayerRef(spreadUIDRef);
                InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> localScrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
                if(localScrapData == nil)
                if(parentLayerUIDRef.GetUID() == kInvalidUID)
                InterfacePtr<ICommand> pasteToClipBoardCMD (CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kPasteCmdBoss));
                if(pasteToClipBoardCMD == nil)
                InterfacePtr<ICopyCmdData> cmdData(pasteToClipBoardCMD, UseDefaultIID());
                if(cmdData == nil)
                if(scrapContents == nil)
                PMPoint offset(0.0, 0.0);
                cmdData->Set(pasteToClipBoardCMD, scrapContents, parentLayerUIDRef );
                ErrorCode status = CmdUtils::ProcessCommand(pasteToClipBoardCMD);
                if(status == kSuccess)
                    CA("result = kTrue");
                    result = kTrue;
            }//end if (scrapContents->Length() >= 1)       
    return result;
     Here in above function its required to set Parent Layer UIDRef and because of this all frames are getting paste in one layer.
Is there any way we can paste frame in there respective layers?
     Also I need to work this code with CS4 server and desktop indesign.
Thanks in advance,
Rahul Dalvi

// dstDoc must be FrontDocument
InterfacePtr<ILayoutControlData> layoutData(Utils<ILayoutUIUtils>()->QueryFrontLayoutData());
InterfacePtr<ICommand> createMasterFromMasterCmd(CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kCreateMasterFromMasterCmdBoss));
InterfacePtr<ILayoutCmdData> layoutCmdData(createMasterFromMasterCmd, UseDefaultIID());
layoutCmdData->Set(::GetUIDRef(layoutData->GetDocument()), layoutData);

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    import org.xml.sax.*;
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      public static void main(String[] args)
        // step1. create a factory and configure it
        DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
        // step2. set various configurations
        factory.setValidating(false); // do not need validation at this time.
        factory.setIgnoringComments(false); // do not ignore comments
        factory.setIgnoringElementContentWhitespace(false); // do not ignore element content whitespace.
        // step 3 create a document builder
        DocumentBuilder builder = null;
          builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
        catch(ParserConfigurationException e)
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          Document doc2 = builder.parse(new File("book2.xml"));
          if (doc1 == null || doc2 == null)
            System.out.println("doc1 is null or doc2 is null");
          } // if
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          System.out.println("number of books found " + list.getLength());
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    That copy and paste you describe does not work in ASO -- it does in BSO. AFAIK, it has been that way forever.
    Sorry, because it is a very nice bit of functionality in BSO.
    Cameron Lackpour

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    Can anyone help
    In Pages '08 we had the ability to copy a page from one document to another.
    In Pages '09 this does not seem possible.
    Does anyone have anwser....
    Message was edited by: AJCUR
    OK my bad
    I just realized that I was in Word Processing in one document and Page Layout in another and you cannot do the copy between the two. Changed the Blank documentto word processing and voila it worked.

    I think this might help. Go to the document you want to copy the page from and go to the "View" menu and choose "page thumbnail" so you can see the thumbnails on the side of the document. Right click (or control click) on the thumbnail of the page you want to copy and choose "copy.
    Go to the document you want to paste the page into and make sure you have the "View thumbnail" option turned on. If you already have some pages click on the page you want the new page to follow and then right click and paste the page where you want it. (you have to do this in the thumbnail view area, not in the actual document itself.) If you have inserted the page in the wrong spot, just drag it to the right location. note: I have tried dragging the thumbnail from one document to another and it does not work. Too bad because it works that way with a PDF documents in "Preview" app.

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    This requires that you have the the two documents open the first document open is the one you are copying from with the layer/layers selected.
    function dupLayers() {
        var desc15 = new ActionDescriptor();
            var ref12 = new ActionReference();
            ref12.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID('Lyr '), charIDToTypeID('Ordn'), charIDToTypeID('Trgt') );
        desc15.putReference( charIDToTypeID('null'), ref12 );
            var ref13 = new ActionReference();
            ref13.putName( charIDToTypeID('Dcmn'), documents[1].name );
        desc15.putReference( charIDToTypeID('T   '), ref13 );
        desc15.putInteger( charIDToTypeID('Vrsn'), 2 );
        executeAction( charIDToTypeID('Dplc'), desc15, DialogModes.NO );

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    Download the tftp software from below link.
    This software does not only act as the tftp server but also you can select the interface of you ethernet card as tftp server ip address.
    For ex if you are connected to a console and have a wireless card which is connected to internet also you connect you eth lan card to the eth or fast eth of the router.
    you can select which ever interface you want to act as the tftp server.
    you will need to add ip addres for you lan card and also config the router port as same if needed.

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    How to copy List item from one list to another using SPD workflow using HTTP call web service.
    Both the Lists are in different Web applications.
    Regards, Shreyas R S

    Hi Shreyas,
    From your post, it seems that you are using SharePoint 2013 workflow platform in SPD.
    If that is the case, we can use Call HTTP web service action to get the item data, but we cannot use Call HTTP web service to create a new item in the list in another web application with these data.
    As my test, we would get Unauthorized error when using Call HTTP web service action to create a new item in a list in another web application.
    So I recommend to achieve this goal programmatically.
    More references:
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]



    Hi Tina,
    To copy either a Script or a Smartform fron one client to another client i.e from reference client 000 to any client say 010  follow instructions as given below:
    Go to Tcode SE71->Give Form name MEDRUCK then go to Menu path Utilities->Copy From Client, give
    Form Name: MEDRUCK
    SOURCE:000 (it will be already there)
    Target Form: Zmedruck(here give ur form zname)
    It will be copied into all languages.
    Then come back to SE71
    Give your form name Zmedruck
    Language:: de then goto change mode
    then menu path->utilities->convert original languge to En and enter you will get a message original language of form zmedruck converted from de to en,
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    If this answer is useful reward points any queries revert me back.

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    Thanks & Regards,

    1) The best is to do the test. In my case, my customer was just doing this transfer (in full) to perform tests on the BEX reportings. Actually, they never raised any issue regarding document number when they did additional postings in test system... I would also say that during the transfer, the number counter in Qual gets not synchronized with the one in Prod. So, I think the system will just take the next number available in Qual. Should not be an issue.
    2)  As explained in answer 1), in my case, the purpose was not to perform data migration from one system to the other one. Thus, my customer never performed a subsequent consolidation in the target system. But, basically, the transfer copies all data : posting levels 00 to 30, for all periods you have selected + Additional financial data and sequence of activities. Thus, for me, everyhting is available in the target system, including COI documents. In other words, the "picture" regarding the data should be exactly the same between both system. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the customizing : it must be the same in Qual and Prod (example : date of acquisition and divestiture, structure of the group, etc...).
    Another very important thing, is that your export data source must not be enriched due to the BCS Delta load scenario. If it is the case, the system will write the consolidation logic (i-e the consolidation group + reporting mode) when transferring the data from the source Real Time Infocube to the Target Real time infocube, which will lead to inconsistent data in the target system.

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