How to create a comment form in Flash CS3

I am trying to create an add comment form in Flash cs3. I
have the background design and the text input areas and sub mit
buttons. But how do I get the submit button to add the comment to a
different area in the same flash file? My inputs and buttons are on
the left side of the stage and my display comments is on the right
side of the stage. How do I connect the two?

The user types something into a text input space and when the
user then uses the submit button, you want that same, user entered,
text to display in another, different, text area? If that's the
case then make that second text area a dynamic textfield and set
its text property to the text property of the input text

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    I understand your pain...I just posted a similar request
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    use google to search for tutorials.  that's a very complex undetaking so unless you feel you have advanced programming skills, you would be better served starting with a simpler game like tic-tac-toe.

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    PDF forms also known as Adobe From or Interactive Forms.
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    The comment character for the essbase.cfg file (I assume that is what you are talking about) is a semi-colon (;)Regards,Jade-----------------------------------Jade ColeSenior Business Intelligence ConsultantClarity [email protected]

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  • How to create a LOGIN Form & LOGIN ID & PASSWORD for END USERS

    i have just created a Database and Forms & Reports using developer 6i.
    now i want to deleiver that Database to end users, but i dont know that how to create a LOGIN Form for the end users and also i want to assign each user a Login ID & Password.
    Plz help me to solve out this problem.

    1. Create the user accounts on the database CREATE USER ... IDENTIFIED BY...
    2. Grant CONNECT Role to the Users
    3. in the main form (the one which is being called initially at runtime) in the ON-LOGON-Trigger create a CALL_FORM() to the Login Form
    4. The Login Form will be called; build a Block with username, password and a Button
    5. In the Button call the LOGON Built-In
    6. Control will be passed to the initially called form again
    I also noticed a thread in here explaining this in more detail...
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    does anybody know how to create static PDF form, that conforms to PDF/A-1b?
    I didn't find any such 'save as' option in LiveCycle Designer 8.2.
    When I try convert the form with Acrobat Professional 9, I get following error:
    "Preflight is unable to perform any fixups on this document as its author did not grant necessary permissions. Permissions can be restricted by using encryption or digital signatures."
    The PDF form does not contain any encryption or digital signatures (it contains only 1 text field).
    Thanks for help.

    Yes, you need to create the form with Acrobat using Acrobat's Form Tool. Look under the menu option "Tools =>Forms" and select "Show Forms Toolbar" or the form field type you want to create. Acrobat is not really designed for creating forms but adding form fields and form interactivity, but you might not be able to use this feature with the PDF/A-1b standard. You should create the base form in another application that is designed for authoring documents and then add the form fields. You will need to make sure your PDF confirms to the PDF 1.4, version 5, standards.
    Since PDF signatures require an external resource they might not be covered, you should check the ISO standard.

  • How do I update Java for Adobe Flash CS3?

    When I ran Secunia Software Inspector today it told me that
    the version of Java I have installed on my computer is out of date.
    It tells me that it is finding 3 out-of-date files:
    Once here:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_04\bin\java.exe
    Twice here:
    and three times here:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\java.exe
    I updated Java via the Sun website and consequently the first
    and second warnings disappeared when I reran the Software
    The software inspector however is still finding an
    out-of-date Java version here:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\java.exe
    Question is: How do I update Java for Adobe Flash CS3?
    Is it adequate to copy the updated file "java.exe" from
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_04\bin\" to "C:\Program
    Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\" or do I need to do anything
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    I have the same problem of you, and the same dont find a
    solution. Me it's Kaspersky Anti Virus (AV) which find this
    So (and I dont know if this solution is perfect), but I open
    Flash CS3 with the Java update choiced and apparently Flash
    fonctionnely well and Kaspersky dont find this
    prob now. But I dont never use Java in Flash (or without that
    I know that..), and same, I dont know at what Java is used in Flash
    I think that "JRE v 1.6.0_04" and more recent Java version is
    not good, because it's not quite the same Java application that in
    Flash CS3, In Flash CS3 it's "J2RE" and
    not "JRE".
    The history of all Java versions (and this) is here (
    (but in all this versions... seriousely it's a true shambles !)
    If you want the last version for J2RE in this archives it's v but the last version is J2RE but dont again in
    this archives
    (search on Java site, maybe first page ? I dont remember
    where I to find it...). But the problem... it's that this last
    version (19) is always detected bad by my AV...
    So I decide to use just the next version (v 1.5) and last
    version in this series (in archives site) which is the "JDK/JRE -
    5.0 v 5.0.16" but again named "Java 2 Platform
    Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 Update 16" in this dowload next
    archives page,
    so well again named "Java 2" in this page (that which dont
    the case for the equivalent same download page for Java 6...)
    (Choice "JRE 5.0 Update 16" in this page)
    For instal "JRE 5.0 Update 16":
    1) Supp all files and folders in "JVM" (Java Virtual Machine)
    folder in Flash CS3 (but dont supp this folder, empty now) and save
    this contents in archive in you have
    2) dl "JRE 5.0 Update 16", directly in this page if you want:
    ( [email protected]_Dev
    3) In install, choice "personal instal" (or +/- the same
    terms) and choice the "JVM" folder of you Flash CS3
    and AV dont detect this version same a bad file

  • How to create the Mail forms

    Hi All,
      Actually i am very new to Mail form . i got the requirement as i need to create the Mail form form sending the mail through campaig as well as i want to print the same form so please help me out how to do this, please help me out by providing some step by step process for creating the mail form and some technical stuff for printing the form

    Creating Mail form is multi stage. Have you created any survey.
    I believe its for CRM 7.0. Broad steps are
    1.Enter the CRM WebClient UI
    2.SAP CRM WebClient menu Marketing >> Create: Mail Form
    Mail Form for E-Mail
    1.On the Mail Form: New screen enter the following values:
    Field name     User action and values
    Description     Trade Show Invitation
    Language     Original:English
    Usage     Internet Mail (HTML)
    Attribute Context     ERMS
    Subject     Trade Show Invitation
    2.In the Text Element screen area you can freely define the content of your e-mail in the text element.
    3.Choose New Text Element, enter the following data for the e-mail form text block and choose Create:
    Field name     User action and values
    Text Element ID FORM_LETTER
    Description Invitation
    Format HTML
    4.Enter a text for the new text element FORM_LETTER and design it according to your needs.
    If you want to upload a pre-defined text from an external source, choose Load Local File.
    5.In order to insert the generated survey URL into the text, choose Hyperlink.
    6.In the Insert Hyperlink web page dialog enter the following values and choose Insert:
    Field name User action and values
    URL <surveyURL>
    Description     Information Survey
    URL Category     
    Tracking Option Via Target Site
    7.Save your new mail form.
    Hope it helps.

  • How to create a dynamic form with bind variables :schema & :table_name

    My application has two LOV's, one to select a schema, and the next to select a table within that schema. I then have a button which passes me to a report which displays the data in that table.schema.
    I now want to create a link to a form where I can edit the record based on the rowid of that table.schema, but it doesn't appear that I can create a dynamic form where I pass the schema.table_name and rowid. Is this possible? Can anyone advise how I can do this? The form builder only wants a fixed schema/table name.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Stuart,
    In this sort of situation, you will need to be a bit creative.
    I would suggest a pipeline function called as if it was a report.
    Then you can pipe out the required fields.
    Since you will have a variable number of fields, you could use two of the multi row field names for your field names and values.
    Then after submit, you can create your own procedure to loop through the fields (stored for you in the Apex package) and update the table as required.
    Not very specific I'm afraid, but it should work.

  • How to: Create a master form that auto-fills data into other pdf forms?

    I hope someone can please help me.  I have about 15 PDF forms that all require similar data entry (name, address etc). Can I create a master form that we fill in once per client, and then auto-fill in the matching data on the 15 forms? 
    I am not looking for an online solution as the information is highly sensitive. 
    I have already created a form in Acrobat X Pro with the 'master data', and created the (15) forms with identically named fields.  How I link the forms now to the master, I cannot figure out (after much searching).
    I have read similar questions on the same topic but have not found any answers.   I hope this time someone can please help.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Thank you!  I had just figured out how to export the data from the master as an FDF file and then import it to the other files.  I'm afraid I don't understand scripting to automate the process across multiple files.  To you mean with java script? 
    I've also thought about combining the forms, once we know which ones the particular client will need.  I have to see how it works in practice for my colleagues who will be using them.
    Thank you again.

  • How to create a Payment Form for access to multiple secure zones

    I'm trying to create a Payment Form that allows the user to select from a dropdown of videos, each of which represents a secure zone page with an embedded video.
    What I can't figure out -- and tech chat can't help -- is how to redirect the user to the correct secure zone for the video they purchased.
    Videos are are streaming, vimeo embeds, not downloads.
    Anyone know how to do this? Can post link to test form if you need it.

    This can be done for already available list. Have a look at the following steps:
    Create an Empty SharePoint Project, then right click the project, add SharePoint “Layouts” Mapped Folder.
    Right click the project name, add New item Application Page, then add the custom code there.
    Under Features, add a feature, right click the added feature then add an event receiver, override the FeatureActivated method to set the new edit/new form as the default form.
    How to set new form as default form:
    SPList lstTest = web.Lists["Shared Documents"];
    string newUrl =
    string.Format("layouts/NewEditForm.aspx", web.ServerRelativeUrl, lstTest.RootFolder.Url);
    var form = web.GetFile(newUrl);
    if (form !=
    null && form.Exists)
     //string newFomrUrl = lstTest.DefaultEditFormUrl.Replace("EditForm.aspx", "docEditForm.aspx");
      lstTest.DefaultEditFormUrl = newUrl;
    For more information, see
    To add a custom list form, the best way I think is using SharePoint Designer 2010, it’s very fast.
    Kelly Chen

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