How to create a dropdown list to list the values from two different tables?

I have the following requirement:
1. I have to create a dropdown list to display all the values from the second column of  a table.
2. Another dropdown list to display all the values from the second column of another table.
3. A text box should help me to add the selected values.
How to get this done in a PDF? Please help.

Is this a LC form? Because Acrobat forms have no concept of tables, just
individual fields...

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  • List rows with a certain value from a different table?

    I'm trying to list certain rows from a different table. Similar to the filter feature, kind of like a report.
    To be specific, I have 12 tables (Jan-Dec) with many entries each (as rows). Each row has a date, text and further data. Now I want to create an additional table that lists rows from the other tables that have a certain date.
    I would like to just enter that date in a header row cell so I can make a quick query. Using LOOKUP only shows the first row of that date. Is that even possible?

    Hi papalapapp,
    If you don't mind using a script, you're using Numbers 3, and all of your monthly tables are on the same sheet, then you could do something like this:
    Copy-paste script to Script Editor
    Enter date you want to filter on in the designated filterCell (here A1 of the Extract table). Make sure it is formatted exactly like the dates in the monthly tables.
    Clear any existing values from the Extract table, and make sure there are enough blank rows.
    Click the run button in Script Editor.
    property targetTable : "Extract"
    property filterCell : "A1"
    tell application "Numbers"
      tell document 1's active sheet
      set dateFilter to table targetTable's cell filterCell's formatted value
      --get all data in tables (excluding Extract table)
      set vv to {}
      repeat with t in tables
      if t's name is not targetTable then
      set vv to vv & t's rows's cells's formatted value
      end if
      end repeat
      --filter data
      set vvFilt to {}
      repeat with i from 1 to vv's length
      if vv's item i's item 1 is dateFilter then
      set vvFilt to vvFilt & {vv's item i}
      end if
      end repeat
      --write filtered data to table
      tell table targetTable
      repeat with r from 1 to (vvFilt's length)
      repeat with c from 1 to vvFilt's item 1's length
      set row (r + 1)'s cell c's value to vvFilt's item r's item c
      end repeat
      end repeat
      end tell
      end tell
    end tell

  • How to create a foreign key for the table from two different tables?

    Hi All,
    I have a three table like below. In the below table SAMPLE_CONS_CHECK and SAMPLE_CONS2_CHECK will be having the primary key for NAME column. The same SAMPLE_CONS3_CHECK table also having the primary key for NAME column and forieign key for SAMPLE_CONS_CHECK and SAMPLE_CONS2_CHECK tables. See the below code 2
    code 1:
            (NAME VARCHAR2(10),
            SERIES  VARCHAR2(5)
            (NAME  VARCHAR2(5),
             MODEL  NUMBER
            (NAME  VARCHAR2(5),
             MODEL_NO  NUMBER
            )code 2
    alter table SAMPLE_CONS_CHECK
    add constraint SAMPLE_CONS_CHECK_pk primary key (NAME)
    alter table SAMPLE_CONS2_CHECK
    add constraint SAMPLE_CONS2_CHECK_pk primary key (NAME)
    alter table SAMPLE_CONS3_CHECK
    add constraint SAMPLE_CONS3_CHECK_pk primary key (NAME)
    ) ON DELETE CASCADE;From the above schenario i am able to insert the data to SAMPLE_CONS3_CHECK table. But the parent data is already available in the parent table. The problem is here two different constarints from two different tables. While inserting, it is checking from both the tables whether the parent is exist or not.
    How can i solve this problem? Can anyone halp me about this?
    Edited by: orasuriya on Aug 8, 2009 2:02 AM

    Actually the design is completely incorrect.
    What you say is
    I have
    'foo', 'foo series'
    'foo','foo model'
    By virtue of table3 referring to both table1 and table2.
    This means you actually need to have 1 (one) table:
    'foo','foo series','foo model', 666
    And the 'problem' disappears.
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • How to compare the contents of two different tables

    hello. can somebody give me an idean on how to compare the contents of two different tables in mysql?
    example, i have a table named Main List and a table named New List.
    The contents of the New List should be compared to the contents of the
    Main List, to check if they are equal. I don't have any idea how to manipulate
    this data. Hoping for your help. Thanks.

    it is better to comapre it using java.. try get the resultset first and store that in collections then comapre the two collections

  • From two given tables, how do you fetch the values from two columns using values from one column(get values from col.A if col.A is not null and get values from col.B if col.A is null)?

    From two given tables, how do you fetch the values from two columns using values from one column(get values from col.A if col.A is not null and get values from col.B if col.A is null)?

    Use NVL or COALESCE:
    NVL (col_a, col_b)
    Returns col_a if col_a is not NULL; otherwise, it returns col_b.
    Col_a and col_b must have similar (if not identical) datatypes; for example, if col_a is a DATE, then col_b can be another DATE or it can be a TIMESTAMP, but it can't be a VARCHAR2.
    For more about NVL and COALESCE, see the SQL Language manual:
    I hope this answers your question.
    If not, post a little sample data (CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements, relevant columns only) for all tables involved, and also post the results you want from that data.
    Explain, using specific examples, how you get those results from that data.
    Always say which version of Oracle you're using (e.g.,
    See the forum FAQ:

  • Inline list of values from APEX views/tables

    Hi All,
    What table/view should I refer to get all the inline list of values from form on a table or view not reports (tabular forms). I want data similar to the one obtained for tabular form reports using APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_RPT_COLSAppreciate your reply.
    Thanks and Regards,

    I think the sun caught meVery little chance of me being similarly afflicted. Typical Scottish summer.. {noformat};-){noformat}

  • How to fill the data of two different tables into one?

    Hi Experts,
    I have two tables named CDHDR and CDSHW(structure). I have extracted the  data from these two tables through two function modules named CHANGEDDOCUMENT_HEADER and CHANGEDOCUMENT_POSITION. Now I have the data in to different tables.
    These two tables neither has relationship with each other through any field nor have any field which exist in both. Can anyone tell me in this case what should be the process to take the data of both the tables into one table. How can I match the record of one table to another?
    thanks a ton in advance.
    Edited by: Moni Bindal on Apr 28, 2008 4:16 PM
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 28, 2008 1:42 PM

    Hye Bindal,
      without a relation, it is not possible to club the data of 2 internal tables. More over it depends on the requirement as to y u should club to non related quantities in an internal table.
    if you wish to do so, one thing is it has internal table which includes the strucute of the 2.
    data: begin of ty_out,
              first type first_structure,
              second type second_structure,
             end of ty_out.
    data: itab type standard table of ty_out.
    data: wa type ty_out.
    loop into it1 into wa1.
    move corresponding wa to wa1.
    append wa to itab.
    loop into it2 into wa2.
    move corresponding wa to wa2.
    append wa to itab.
    now the internal table itab will have all the contents of it1 and it2.
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 28, 2008 1:43 PM

  • How to create parameters and list of values in BI Publisher

    Hello friends,
    I'm Using BI Publisher 10.1.3. I tried creating a report based on a column's data for ex: dept_no
    in the data model i specified the table name to select all columns
    I created the list of values taken as type-sql query. in the query I've written select dept_no from dept
    In the parameters section i gave it as integer and default value as * parameter type as menu then i selected the list of value name that i previously specified..
    now the problem is when I run the report I get all the data inspite of selecting the parameter from which I need that particular deptno's data
    What could be the reason
    pls let me know
    Thanks and Regards

    In your main data model query, have you used this parameter to limit the data to the selected department?
    Eg. select dept_name from depts where dept_no = :p_dept
    where :p_dept is your parameter..

  • How to create a 'System'variable to identify the system from merged dimension

         I have a webi report with merged dimensions on users and
    roles. Users and Roles are coming from 3 different systems (ECC,BW,BOBJ). Now,
    I don’t have the system field available in the queries to filter by the system.
    So, I would like to create a variable for system where I want to be able to
    identify the system (like ECC,BW,BOBJ) based on the merged “Role” dimension.
    Could someone tell me , if it is possible to do that? And if so, how do I do
    that? (I tried, but it's not working for me) I really appreciate your help.

    You can not use inlist operator here.For inlist static values are required for comparison.I know this is not a solution for you.
    For to use match operator you have to use multiple else-if conditions.I know this is time consuming but if you can not do anything from BW side then use like below formula.
    =If(Match([Role];"FRP.*")) Then "ECC" ElseIf (Match([Role];"HRP.*")) Then "ECC" else"BW"
    Add more conditions in the formula and if you are sure in your report there are only three type of roles.Then define condition only for  ECC and BW systems in the variable and rest mark as else BO.

  • How to create a background job to replicate the datasource from R3 to BW?

    Dear all
    I always got error msg when use the RSA1 to do the relicate from R3. Did anybody can tell me how to do it in background? Thank you!

    Try this:
    1) Go to tcode SE38 - ABAP Editor
    2) Enter ABAP program name RSDS_REPL_RESET
    3) Click on Execute
    4) In the Selection-Screen, enter the source system to replicate from, or * if you want to replicate from all source systems.
    5) If you just want to replicate BW 3.5 DataSource, enter ISFS as the Preferred Type. Or, if your preference is for BW 7.x DataSources, etner RSDS as the Preferred Type. If there is no preference, leave the field blank and it will replicate both types.
    6) Go to the menu option Program > Execute in Background

  • Help Creating A Link In An IR Report Passing The Value From A Different Col

    I have an Interactive Report with a column that I need to create a link on but I need to pass the value of another column.
    This report shows the Features of a particular Release. There is a select list for the Release that is selected and executes the report.
    There is a column that indicates whether the Feature has a Commitment attached to it. If there is have that a link to another report that shows all the Commitments for that Feature by passing the FEATURE_ID which is also a column on the Feature report.
          ,CASE WHEN ft.feature_id IN (SELECT cc.feature_id
                                       FROM customer_commitments cc
                                       WHERE ft.feature_id = cc.feature_id
                                      ) THEN 'Yes' ELSE 'No'
           END "Commitment Exists"
    FROM ....If "Commitment Exists" has a 'Yes', the 'Yes' is a link that will pass the FEATURE_ID to another report that will show the Commitments for that Feature. If the "Commitment Exists" has a 'No' then no link.
    I was also wondering if the Commitment report could open in a seperate window and make it modal?
    I hope this is clear and someone could help me.
    Please let me know if it's not clear or more information is needed.

    To accomplish this I would build the link as part of the value. So if Yes the Yes itself would be a link, if No is simply text as today.
    It would look something like this:
          ,CASE WHEN ft.feature_id IN (SELECT cc.feature_id
                                       FROM customer_commitments cc
                                       WHERE ft.feature_id = cc.feature_id
            '<a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:NEW_PAGE:&SESSION.::::Pn_FEATURE_ID:' || ft.feature_id || '">Yes</a>'
           END "Commitment Exists"
    FROM ....One problem with this approach is when you export the report (as a CSV for example). There are a few ways to handle this, one is to simply duplicate the column with clear text yes and no and set this column to be included on export and only visible on export. The other column, with the link, set it to no export.
    The other option is to add another condition on the REQUEST value.
          ,CASE WHEN ft.feature_id IN (SELECT cc.feature_id
                                       FROM customer_commitments cc
                                       WHERE ft.feature_id = cc.feature_id
                  decode(:REQUEST, 'CSV', 'Yes'
                , '<a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:NEW_PAGE:&SESSION.::::Pn_FEATURE_ID:' || ft.feature_id || '">Yes</a>'
           END "Commitment Exists"
    FROM ....It seems that the link itself is getting replaced with a #. The link would look something like this:
    'f?p=&APP_ID.:NEW_PAGE:&SESSION.::::Pn_FEATURE_ID:' || ft.feature_id
    Hope this helps.
    Oh and of course, in order for the link to display you need to change the Display Type to "Standard Report Column" otherwise the HTML will be escaped.

  • How does one access data in the cloud from two different computers

    This isn't a problem but a question anticipating a possible problem.
    I have a MacBook Air running os X (version 10.8.2) and a desktop iMac runing 10.7
    I notice that when I create a PAGES document on the Macbook Air, it automatically saves to the cloud with a tef extension unless I force the file to save to the hard drive.  Data on the hard drive is backed up, of course.  But there are files saved to the cloud that are not saved to my external time machine drive.
    If I lost the drive on the MacBook Air, can I retrieve the files in the cloud?  I have the other computer, but I don't think that OS 10.7.x can access those cloud files and I've been told that the iMac can not be upgraded to 10.8
    Even if I could load 10.8 on the IMac--how would I get to those files if I am not on my personal MacBook Air?  What's the key to retrieving that data?  I've checked some of the manuals that I have and they very happily tell you how to save files to the cloud.  There's no discussion on what to do if things go wrong. 
    I know how I would retrieve my oracle data here at work if I was sitting at another terminal--what's the equivalent process if I was sitting at another mac machine?

    Documents saved via the applications in 10.8 can be accessed from on any computer providing you have a mobile iWork application.
    Whilst documents are saved to iCloud on your 10.8 Mac, they are also written locally and therefore backed up with something like Time Machine.
    if you did update your 10.7 Mac, things would merely become easier, you could access documents saved in (say) pages on one Mac in Pages on the other.

  • How to retrieve the values from PL/SQL table types.

    Hi Every one,
    I have the following procedure:
    t t1;
    SELECT *
    FROM emp;
    This procedure works perfectly fine to store the rows of employee in a table type. I am not able to retrieve the values from Pl/SQL table and display it using dbms_output.put_line command.
    Can anybody help me please!!!!!

    You mean, you can't add this
    for i in t.first..t.last loop
    dbms_output.put_line(t(i).empno||' '||t(i).ename||' '||t(i).job);
    end loop;or you can't add this
    set serveroutput onor maybe, you are working in third party application where dbms_output is not applicable at all?
    You see, not able like very similar it is not working - both are too vague...
    Best regards

  • How do I use Smart Albums to show photo's from two different iphone 5 devices so all photos are not together?

    My wife and I both have the iphone 5.
    I backup all our photos onto the one iphoto but she wants to be able to now see the photos she took on her iphone 5 only and not mine.
    I've tried using smart albums but there is no option to pick between two of the same devices.. Is there any way I can just her iphone 5 pics to show up and ignore mine?

    Have a look here...

  • How does one combine the history from two different profiles, so that my current profile will show both my old and my new history

    No details

    You can't do that.
    The best that you can do is to copy and paste the history items to a bookmarks folder and export the bookmarks to an HTML file.
    Then you can import that file in the other profile.
    If both profiles are on the same computer and are open at the same time then you can use the clipboard to do the C&P.

Maybe you are looking for

  • VPD - How to make the where clause a correlated query

    Hi, My VPD function has the following where clause: where_clause:= ' project_id in (select object_id from pa_project_classes p'|| ' where p.class_category='||''''||l_cat||''''|| ' and p.CLASS_CODE='||''''||l_class||''''|| ' and p.OBJECT_TYPE=''PA_PRO

  • Itunes lost all my music

    So this is whats going on. I was listenening to a playlist while playing a game last night. i go to turn on the same playlist tonight and nothing is on itunes. no playlists nor any of the music that is on my external hard drive that stays connected t

  • Getting error while trying to generate SNP PPM

    Hi Experts, I am getting error, while trying to generate SNP PPM fron PP/DS PPM. It says Set up matrix for resource in planning version is not define. But I checked that i havea set up matrix as well as setup group. Any help will be appreciated. Than

  • Should I go with Logic Studio or PT LE Maudio?

    1st I can get Logic Studio for $250 from apple friend. With Maudio PT LE Academic I can get it for $149 and also get digitranslator (go figure) to score to picture. The first thing I do is songs, therefore Digi LE (a rip-off I know) but has a great d

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    I use dual monitors. Tools on one monitor, doc. on the other. When working on the doc side and I right+click to bring up the brush tool panel to quickly change brushes, size, etc. the brush tool panel opens, but on the monitor with my tools not under