How to create a .exe file with eclipse 3.1

Hello every body. I want to know how create a .exe file with eclipse 3.1. A friend tell me it's possible but he forgot how ! So I ask my question ay you, how can I do that? I think it's like in Dev-C++, when he compiling the programme he create
a .exe file but in eclipse, i don't know how do that. Please help me, I have finish some programs but I don't know how create .exe file for give their at my friend.
P.S : I'm a young french so maybe there are some mistake on my post. I hope you understand it.

There might be a plugin in eclipse to do this, but I don't know what it is.
The normal way to deploy a program is to create an executable jar file. This will be a .jar not a .exe.
Or you can try ggogle.

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  • How to create smaller .exe file use JBuilder7

    I am currently using JB7(EE), which can create native executable file for me. But I found it so foolish that add so many unneed classes to .exe(As I can use WinRar open it, but cannot change it).
    Does anyone know how to reduce the .exe?
    ps: As I use castor, so I had to include castor class in it, but I really don't want to add all of these to it.

    In the Wizar you employ to make the native executable,
    in the second step the Wizard ask you what to do with
    the libraries you have employed in the proyect,
    include all them include only the classes and
    resources nedded, or not include. This way you'll be
    able to control what is in you .exe file.
    AbrahamYes, I had tried it, and tried every possible combination/permutation of the four choice.
    But still bigger than it can be.
    For example: I used castor.xml library, but JBuilder include all castor include xml parser, html parser, xhtml parser, etc.
    As castor.xml --> cannot remember its name) --> castor.html-->...
    So JB7 maybe confused by the complex deps.
    So JB7 include ALL in my exe fiel.
    It may be impossible to create smaller .exe file with normal way.
    So anyone know any other way to create .exe file with the .jar file?
    As I can change the content of .jar, but cannot to .exe.
    thx for continous reply

  • How to create the exe file for java project.

    How to create the exe file for java project.
    am done the project in java swing , i like to create the project in exe format, so any one help for me,
    send the procedure for that.
    thanking u.

    How to create the exe file for java project.Have you ever heard of google? I pasted your exact "question" into a google search:
    and got several useful links.
    Better search terms might yield even better results.

  • How to create a pdf file with CS5

    Hello, I'm new to PhotoShop CS5 and haven't figured out yet (despite two hours of trying) how to create a pdf file with pictures and texts.  Can someone please help me with this ?  The "help" button in CS5 doesn't seem to cover this question.  Nor do the FAQs.
    Thank you very much.

    Save As... Photoshop PDF.

  • How to create a exe file of a .class file

    how to create a .exe file for windows .class file of java
    please answer this so that i can complete the project to be submited to collage

    There is a program called JET. Is enables you to create .exe files of .class files.
    This is the URL:

  • How to create a csv file with NCS attributes?

    i installed Cisco Prime NCS and trying to perform bulk update of device credentials with csv file.
    How to create a csv file with all required attributes?
    This is part of NCS online help talking about this topic:
    Bulk Update Devices—To update the device credentials in a bulk, select Bulk Update Devices from the Select a command drop-down list. The Bulk Update Devices page appears.You can choose a CSV file.
    Note        The CSV file contains a list of devices to be updated, one device per line. Each line is a comma separated list of device attributes. The first line describes the attributes included. The IP address attribute is mandatory.
    Bellow is test csv file i created but does not work:,v2c,2,10,snmpcomm,ssh,zeus,password,password,enablepwd,enablepwd,60,v2c,2,10,snmpcomm,ssh,zeus,password,password,enablepwd,enablepwd,60
    The error i am getting while importing this file:
    Missing mandatory field [ip_address] on header line:,v2c,2,10,snmpcomm,ssh,zeus,password,password,enablepwd,enablepwd,60
    Assistance appreciated.

    It looks like the IP address field is incorrectly set.,
    It should be as follows
    {Device IP},{Device Subnet Mask}, etc etc
    so a practical example of the aboove could be (i dont know if this is completely correct after the IP address / Subnet Mask),,v2c,2,10,snmpcomm,ssh,zeus,password,password,enablepwd,enablepwd,60
    below is a link to the documentation

  • How to execute one .exe file with as3 in air ?

    How to execute one .exe file with as3 in air?
    I want do this work without fscommand .
    plize help me .

    itsdhanasaraa wrote:
    But as this a web application ... By using Runtime i'm getting some probs ..
    Let me guess, you want your web application to run a program on the client and to your surprise that's not working?
    Ain't gonna happen.
    its taking more time to execute .... that's y is there any other option to execute .exe file other than Runtime.getRuntime().exec("filename");Write proper English and you may be taken more seriously.
    1) it's not "taking more time to execute", whatever that's supposed to mean.
    2) there's no other way to execute something. Not that you should every use even that way anyway
    3) whenever you start thinking of executing external programs from Java, start thinking of not using Java in the first place.

  • How to create the exe files for java application

    How to create the exe file for java application?
    got any software to do that?

    In terms of converting java applications into exe files, there are 3 schools of thought:
    1) Instead of converting it to an exe, convert it to a jar file. Jar files are more portable than exe files because they can be double-clicked on any operating system. The caveat is that a Java interpreter must be installed on the target computer for the double-clicking to work.
    2) Create an exe launcher that, when double-clicked, attempts to find a Java interpreter on the local computer and launches the Java application. The exe file is still double-clickable but whether your java application runs depends on whether a Java interpretor is installed on the target computer.
    3) Create an exe launcher that bundles a Java interpretor. Same as above but when the exe file is double-clicked, it searches for a Java interpreter and if one is not found, it installs one on the target computer. The caveat is that the exe file would have an overhead of 10 MB in size for the interpreter. (evaluation version available)
    4) Convert the Java application into a native exe file. The caveat is that if you use Swing for your GUI, it won't be converted. Also this option is still somewhat experimental.
    Can't think of any free options right now.

  • How can I create a exe file with a tab control on it that work´s ?

    I have a VI with many controls and indicators,these are spread on a tab control.This tab control works with out any problems but if i create a exe file then the tab control is fixed. How can I create a exe file so that the tab control on it work´s ?

    I have made a new Posting with the same question but this time I added a screenshot of the VI.
    project7.1.jpg ‏129 KB

  • How do you run .exe files with wine by clicking on them?

    Hi, I need help with using wine on mac osx. I used to use wine on Ubuntu and Linux Mint and it was relatively simple. But on mac osx, I used macports to dowload/install wine, and i used winecfg to create a prefix. I can not figure out for the life of me how to launch an executable by clicking on it. It opens in TextEdit instead of launching in wine. Can someone explain to me how to make a .exe file launch by clicking on it? Do i have to register the filetype with wine? Wine is not in a .app format. I can run any .exe in terminal but it is less than convenient. Thanks in advance.

    So wrap Wine in an application, and bind the .exe's to the wrapper application.
    Platypus (free download)
    Can be used to turn any Unix program or script into a double clickable application, as well as a drag and drop target application.
    It should be possible to wrap Wine with Platypus.
    As an alternative, you might try Applications -> Automator -> Run Shell Script workflow, and save that as an application. Then bind your .exe's to that workflow you created.
    NOTE: I have not played with Wine, so your mileage may vary.

  • How to create an exe file using labview and arduino?

    I bought Arduino Mega 2560. I have installed Arduino IDE 1.7.3. I am using Windows 7 64bit version and Labview 2012. I started working after the compilation of LIFA_Base File with Arduino IDE and with labview.
    My application is: I have connected my arduino to my PC via USB for read input/output pins. I have to read all the time an analogue input from arduino and I have to draw the graphical representation of the input. I would like to know if I can create an exe file of this application. I would like to use the created exe file to another PC without labview installation. 
    Please help me to resolve the problem.

    Yup you sure can.  With Application Builder, that is bundled with several LabVIEW packages you can make an EXE, and then make an installer that can include the LabVIEW Run-Time engine (free) and you'll also need the VISA run-time for talking to serial devices like your Arduino.
    Then you should be able to run that installer on any normal Windows PC and without the development environment be able to run your program.
    Note that currently Student, and Home versions of LabVIEW do not have the application builder since it is intended for learning, and hobbyist, not for distributions.
    Unofficial Forum Rules and Guidelines - Hooovahh - LabVIEW Overlord
    If 10 out of 10 experts in any field say something is bad, you should probably take their opinion seriously.

  • How to create executable(.exe) file to extract a .zip using winzip self extractor

    Hi i wanted to create an .exe file extract the content from .zip using winzip extractor,  please
    see the below piece of code. the same is working in 32bit machine, but not working in 64bit machine windows server 2008
      private bool CreateExeFile(string directoryPath, string zipFileName)
                bool status = false;
                string emuPath = String.Empty;
                emuPath = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["winzipSe32Loacation"];
                //string emuParams = @" -e " + directoryPath + "\\" + zipFileName + ".zip " + directoryPath;
              string emuParams = " " + directoryPath + zipFileName + ".zip -win32 -y "; 
                //string emuParams = " " + directoryPath + zipFileName + ".exe a " +zipFileName +".Exe -mmt -mx5 -sfx" + directoryPath;
                    Process p = new Process();
                    ProcessStartInfo psI = new ProcessStartInfo(emuPath, emuParams);
                    psI.CreateNoWindow = false;
                    psI.UseShellExecute = true;
                    p.StartInfo = psI;
                    status = true;
                    status = false;
                return status;

      What error with you program?
     if the reply help you mark it as your answer.
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    Word,  PDF, Excel, PowerPoint Component(Create,
    Modify, Convert & Print) 

  • How to create an exe file for single class

    Hi all,
    l have one some program with only one class and want to create one exe file for
    easily execute for the user.
    I've use exe4j and another tool to do but all failure, the error message always shown me that main class not found.
    Any idea??
    Thanks a lot!

    I suspect your class has somewhat invalid thing.
    Have you verified:
    - The class you wish to be executed contains public static void main(String args[])- The package declaration on your executable-wannabe class is valid
    - In case you need to import another class, make sure the import statement(s) is valid
    No matter what kinda program you use to create .exe from java class, the above things must be valid. AFAIK.
    Farid Herman

  • How to create a .exe file for a java application

    Hi, I want to create a .exe file for a java application I am developing so that I can schedule it to run at a particular time using Windows Scheduler on WinNT. Is there any way to accomplish this? Or is there any other way in which a Java application can be scheduled to run at a particular time on Windows everyday?

    Create a .bat file and run that. Just have, in the .bat file:
    java YourClassName Alternatively, you can use javaw YourClassName (without *.bat, just put it into Windows Scheduler like suggested above).
    using javaw won't pop up any window...

  • How to create a new file with existing file's resource fork?

    I would like to create a new file that has the resource fork of an existing file. I had though of making a copy of the existing file, seek to the beginning of the copy and write the new data, but for large files, that creates the whole file even when not needed. I currently create the new file with [NSFileManager createFileAtPath: contents: attributes:], but attributes do not include resource fork items, like custom icons, color label, etc.
    [NSURL resourceValuesForKeys] gives a common subset of resource data, like icons and color label, but that's about it. Is there some way to get the resource fork or a copy of the file without getting the whole file?

    What are you trying to do here? While resource forks might still be quasi-supported, you really shouldn't be thinking about them as such. Instead, think in terms of extended attributes. You can use the low-level xattr() functions to get some of that or you can use the new NSURL methods.

Maybe you are looking for