How to create a mp3 playlist compatable with the media server (storage link)

I have setup the wrt160nl wireless router with the latest Firmware Version: 1.00.01 B17.
Everything is working great. I can browse the artists, albums, song titles etc from my usb hard disk.
What isn't working is the play lists.
What format does the play list need to be in?
I assume a text file with the tracks listed like: \music\acdc\back in black.mp3
What file extention or name will the playlist need to be in?
My pnp player only sees two playlists:
1) playlistlastplayed
2) playlistmostplayed
If I knew where those play lists were stored on the usb hard drive (or linksys internal ram?) then I might have a clue.....
Thanks for any help on this.

Playlistlastplayed has every track on the hard disk - and I haven't played them all, only like 3
Playlistmostplayed has ONLY 1 track that I haven't played from the linksys upnp server at all
I can play music off the album, artist and song lists fine.
I'd just like to be able to use a play list, and can't seem to find out how to make one.
I realize and understand that the linksys storage link system doesn't create them.
I assume I can make my own text file with track listings and copy the play list to the usb hard drive attached.
I just need to know the format of the text file, and what extention will it need.
I have tried .m3u .m3u8 .wpl
I don't have iTunes but if you told me I have to download that, import my music into that, then create the playlist there, well, I guess I could try that. I rather not load iTunes if possible.

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    The split code can be simplified gaining speed loosing complexity not loosing functionality.
    field-symbols:<fs_s> type any.
    field-symbols:<fs_t> type any.
    SPLIT lv_rec AT ';' INTO table it_string.
    loop at it_string assigning <fs_s>.
      assign component sy-tabix of wa_string to <fs_t>.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
      <fs_t> = <fs_s>.
    at last.
      append <fs_itwa3> to <ft_itab3>.
    Though it may work as Keshav.T suggested, there is no need to do that way.     

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    I haven't tried myself but my guess is that you need to customize your tree cell editor for putting
    cursor at specific position, etc.

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    can somebody please show me how to display an JOptionPane with the options Yes and No that has the focus by default no the No button?
    By default it is on the Yes button which is rather problematic for confirm dialogs like "Do you really want to delete everything?".

    It would help if JPJava gave some sample code SSCCE to show they know how to construct a JOptionPane
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    The messageType parameter is primarily used to supply a default icon from the look and feel.
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    message - the Object to display
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    an integer indicating the option chosen by the user, or CLOSED_OPTION if the user closed the dialog
    HeadlessException - if GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless returns true
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    GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless()Edited by: Ross_M on Sep 22, 2008 9:19 AM

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    Backup before upgrading should include all the data and configuration information that is necessary for the computer to function. It is important to perform a backup of configuration information for servers, especially those that provide a network infrastructure,
    such as DHCP servers. When you perform the backup, be sure to include the boot and system partitions and the system state data. Another way to back up configuration information is to create a backup set for Automated System Recovery.
    Detailed backup steps depends on the role and function of your server. Certain server roles that are already installed might require additional preparation or actions.
    Here are documents and just for your reference:
    Upgrade Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012
    Performing an in place upgrade of Server 2008 R2 to Server 2012 R2
    Best Regards,
    Eve Wang
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

  • Synchronizing Disaster Recovery site with the production server

    Hi All,
    One of the customer is asking the following query:
    "How Disaster recovery site can be synchronized with the production server and how do they switch? Will the web logic server do this for them?"
    This customer is having two sites one live and one a DR (Disaster Recovery) site on different location.
    Can somebody answer my query?
    Thanks in advance.,

    Is your Datagaurd Physical( Redo Apply) or Logical( SQL apply)?
    Does it have Datagaurd Broker?
    When Datagaurd is setup in your environment - on the primary database( live database) the Datagaurd users LGWR or/and ARCH process to collect redo data and ship this data to standby ( DR site) and the FAL process to provide client-server mechanism for shipping archived logs to standby.
    On standby database, The Datagaurd users RFS process to receive redo records from primary database, the MRP process applies redo information to standby database.
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    Datagaurd has Failover and Switchover( planned ) methods, These are not automatic, but have to be explicitly initiated by the administrator( So there will be downtime but minimal). Once initiated, Datagaurd automates the processes involved.
    - S K A
    Edited by: user12297346 on Jan 27, 2010 7:13 AM

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    I ingested music off my cd's in to iTunes. have created an mp3 playlist with my music i iTunes. now how to copy my music on to a usb..also would like to snapshot my desktop so as to send info to my friend

    In iTunes, you can Control-Click on a song and select "Show in Finder".
    In theory you should also be able to select all the songs in the playlist (command-A) and drag them to the USB disk.
    Screen Shots can be obtained using:
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                Now paste the clipboard into whatever document accepts graphics.
            NOTE:  Preview can be used to annotate a Screen Shot with Circles,
                   Arrows, and Text to describe interesting point in the Screen
    If this is not what you were interested in, please provided clarification information

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    Hello everyone, I'm working on a Music Player script, I was able to play a file via the default player as when we doubleclick on a file. The problem is I have no control over the Player, so to "stop" a file I could play a "silent" mp3, one with 1 second of silence in it for example. I discarded the idea since I had to distribute this silent.mp3 file along with the script. A better option is to play a "playlist", since playlist files are text only, I could create them an empty playlist file on the fly...
    so, the question is, what's the default playlist extension on a mac? and how to create one on the Mac?
    in windows the default player is Windows Media Player, the default playlist file extension is *.wpl.
    here's the contents of an empty playlist
    <?wpl version="1.0"?>
            <meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Windows Media Player -- 12.0.7601.18150"/>
            <meta name="ItemCount" content="0"/>
    here's the script, so far Windows only, at least to stop the file being played.
    // = musicPlayer_Windows.jsx;
    //  script.needs = I need to create an Empty Playlist File for the Mac, that will play on the default music player when executed
    // carlos canto, 10/12/2014
    var w = new Window('dialog', 'Music Player');
    var btnFile = w.add('button', undefined, 'Select an *.mp3 file to play...');
    var lblSong = w.add('edittext', undefined, '');
    lblSong.characters = 30;
    var btnPlay = w.add('button', undefined, 'Play');
    var btnStop = w.add('button', undefined, 'Stop');
    var btnClose = w.add('button', undefined, 'Close');
    btnPlay.enabled = btnStop.enabled = false;
    var emptyPlaylist = getEmptyPlaylist ();
    btnFile.onClick = function () {
        var file = File.openDialog ("Select File to Play...", '*.mp3', false);
        lblSong.text = file.displayName;
        lblSong.file = file;
        btnPlay.enabled = btnStop.enabled = true;
    btnPlay.onClick = function () {
        $.sleep (300);
    btnStop.onClick = function () {
        $.sleep (300);
    btnClose.onClick = function () {
    // this function creates an Empty Playlist file (Windows) on the fly, this file will be used to "stop" a playing file
    // I need a similar function for Mac
    function getEmptyPlaylist () {
        var desk = Folder.desktop;
        var f = new File(desk+'/emptyPlaylist.wpl');
        if (!f.exists) {
            var s_emptyPlaylist = (new String("<?wpl version=\"1.0\"?>\n<smil>\n    <head>\n        <meta name=\"Generator\" content=\"Microsoft Windows Media Player -- 12.0.7601.18150\"/>\n        <meta name=\"ItemCount\" content=\"0\"/>\n        <title>empyPlaylist</title>\n    </head>\n</smil>\n"));
            f.encoding = 'utf-8';
        return f;
    thanks in advance

    hmm...I think it's going to be more complicated than I thought.
    correct, this script targets the ESTK, it is part of a larger Illustrator script, which doesn't have doScript either...I would go with applescript as last resort. I think going with the playlist file is easier.
    based on your comment I realized users might change their default players, so on Windows I'm going to change the playlist file from *.wpl to the more universal *.m3u, I guess whatever decent player made the default, supports this file.
    so, will an *.m3u playlist file play on the default mac player (itunes) when executed?
    File("~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/emptyPlaylist.m3u").execute(); // will this play on itunes?
    I noticed that the *.m3u file can be blank, it will still "play" when executed() and effectively "stops" any music file currently being played...if this happens on Mac also, that's what I'm after.
    thanks for helping Dirk.

  • I just got my refurb iPad in the mail. I am trying to set it up, but im getting this message "iTunes could not back up the ipad because the backup was corrupt or not compatable with the ipad. Delete the backup for this ipad. then try again." How?

    I just got my refurb iPad in the mail. I am trying to set it up, but i am getting this error message " iTunes could not back up the ipad because the backup was corrupt or not compatable with the ipad. Delete the backup for this ipad. Then try agian." How do I do that?

    It sounds like the iPad wasn't erased to me. If the iPad is totally cleared of content, there should be nothing on it and no backup to create.
    Without connecting the iPad to your computer - Launch iTunes on you computer and go to Edit>Prefences>Devices. Do you see an iPad backup in there? If you do see it, delete it.

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