How to create a Parameter dependent over another parameter for ESS job

Hi Team,
We have defined an ESS job for which we have 2 parameters (parameter values are based on LOV).
Now we have to make these parameters dependent.
Any inputs on this are highly appreciated.

Are you using parameter VO, If so I think you should be able to create cascading list.
Jani Rautiainen
Fusion Applications Developer Relations

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    Hi David,
    Thanks for your reply.
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    G5 and Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.4.8) PC's and Windows

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    2. Does rowsource statistics gives some kind of  understanding of Extended stats ?

    You can get Row Source Statistics only *after* the SQL has been executed.  An Explain Plan midway cannot give you row source statistics.
    To get row source statistics either set STATISTICS_LEVEL='ALL'  in the session that executes theSQL OR use the Hint "gather_plan_statistics"  in the SQL being executed.
    Then use dbms_xplan.display_cursor
    Hemant K Chitale

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    hi all,
    Can anyone let me know how to create DB partitioning in active data tables for ods. if any docs pls share with me at my email id : [email protected]

    The following steps will briefly explain you to improve the performance in terms of DB partitioning as well as loading. Please find the same,
    transaction RSCUSTA2,
    oss note 120253 565725 670208
    and remove 'bex reporting' setting in ods if that ods not used for reporting.
    hope this helps.
    This note contains recommendations for improving the load performance of ODS objects in Business Information Warehouse Release 3.0B and 3.1 Content.
    Other terms
    Business Information Warehouse, ODS object, BW, RSCUSTA2, RSADMINA
    To obtain a good load performance for ODS objects, we recommend that you note the following:
    1. Activating data in the ODS object
    In the Implementation Guide in the BW Customizing, you can implement different settings under Business Information Warehouse -> General BW settings -> Settings for the ODS object that will improve performance when you activate data in the ODS object.
    1. Creating SIDs
    The creation of SIDs is time-consuming and may be avoided in the following cases:
    a) You should not set the indicator for BEx Reporting if you are only using the ODS object as a data store.Otherwise, SIDs are created for all new characteristic values by setting this indicator.
    b) If you are using line items (for example, document number, time stamp and so on) as characteristics in the ODS object, you should mark these as 'Attribute only' in the characteristics maintenance.
    SIDs are created at the same time if parallel activation is activated (see above).They are then created using the same number of parallel processes as those set for the activation. However:if you specify a server group or a special server in the Customizing, these specifications only apply to activation and not the creation of SIDs.The creation of SIDs runs on the application server on which the batch job is also running.
    1. DB partitioning on the table for active data (technical name:
    The process of deleting data from the ODS object may be accelerated by partitioning on the database level.Select the characteristic after which you want deletion to occur as a partitioning criterion.For more details on partitioning database tables, see the database documentation (DBMS CD).Partitioning is supported with the following databases:Oracle, DB2/390, Informix.
    1. Indexing
    Selection criteria should be used for queries on ODS objects.The existing primary index is used if the key fields are specified.As a result, the characteristic that is accessed more frequently should be left justified.If the key fields are only partially specified in the selection criteria (recognizable in the SQL trace), the query runtime may be optimized by creating additional indexes.You can create these secondary indexes in the ODS object maintenance.
    1. Loading unique data records
    If you only load unique data records (that is, data records with a one-time key combination) into the ODS object, the load performance will improve if you set the 'Unique data record' indicator in the ODS object maintenance.
    Hope this helps..
    ****Assign Points****

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    Hi venky,
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  • How to control field status depending on input parameter to screen?

    I'm sure I met the solution somewhere, but can't find it. Here is the situation:
    I have Screen sequence - my scr.100 calls 110 (detailed screen). I would like to achieve creation or modification of a detailed item depending on an input parameter (ok_code), which I know how, but whould also like to set some fields for input/output or for output only depending on the same parameter.
    Could anyone help me with piece of code or describing what should I do to achieve this (in an example of 1 field)?
    Possible variant is to create another screen - for modify mode, which is not so elegant for me, and yes, I know how to do that.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Ivaylo Mutafchiev

    Try this.....
    LOOP at Screen.
    if screen-name = 'YOURFIELD'.
    screen-input = '0'.
    modify screen.
    Rich Heilman

  • How to make one map dependent on another ?

    Assume you have 2 maps - M1 and M2
    How to execute M2 automatically after successful run of M1 ?
    or if I have process flows PF2 start after success of PF1 without a manual intervention
    I looked at scheduling,.You can only set timing there but don't know how long your map runs.
    Thank You

    To make map dependant of another map you can use process flow. In process flow you can call M2 only if M1 is success. If M1 is failure you may exit the process flow.
    Am not sure how it will work for process flow. May be writing a 3rd process flow and call PF1 & PF2 within it based on success status? or write some PL-Sql wraper procedure for the same???!!! give it a try.

  • How to add an Image layered over another Image?

    In our application, we display a big image file in the main application window.
    Now, we want to display customer's image(like their logo etc.,) just layered over main image on the top-left corner, restricted in size.
    Tried to visualize it !
    |------| |
    | |
    | |
    Is it possible to show a JLabel over another JLabel?

    Solution 1:
    JLabel is a container, So you can add any component on top of JLabel but normally it will not display but if you set any layout then you can see the added component.
        public static void solution1() {
         JFrame frame = new JFrame();
         JLabel bigImg = new JLabel(new ImageIcon("F:\\tmp\\bigImg.jpg"));
         JLabel logo = new JLabel(new ImageIcon("F:\\tmp\\logo.gif"));
         frame.getContentPane().add(bigImg, BorderLayout.CENTER);
         bigImg.setLayout(new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.RIGHT, 0, 0));
        }Disadvantage : if the label size was changed depends on the layout the position of the logo goes outside of the big image(in the above example maximize the window to see that issue).
    Solution 2:
    draw the logo image on top of the big image.
        public static void solution2() {
         JFrame frame = new JFrame();
         ImageIcon bigImg = new ImageIcon("F:\\tmp\\bigImg.jpg");
         ImageIcon logo = new ImageIcon("F:\\tmp\\logo.gif");
         int w = bigImg.getIconWidth();
         int h = bigImg.getIconHeight();
         BufferedImage bf = new BufferedImage(w, h, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB);
         Graphics2D g2d = bf.createGraphics();
         g2d.drawImage(bigImg.getImage(), 0, 0, frame);
         g2d.drawImage(logo.getImage(), 0, 0, frame);
         JLabel label = new JLabel(new ImageIcon(bf));
         frame.getContentPane().add(label, BorderLayout.CENTER);
        }Advantage : whenever the label component size changed the logo must be on the big image of the same position because the logo was painted on top of the big image.

  • How to create a standby database in another server?

    I want to create a standby database in another machine, please tell me the steps fot it.

    Can you tell what version of Oracle you are running, because the steps can vary depending on your version.

  • How to create a method with an interface parameter?

    Hi there.
    I would create a method with an interface parameter. I mean this:
    public interface MyInt {
        public void method(int i);
    public class SubClass implements MyInt {
        public void method(int i) {
            System.out.println("The number is: " + i);
    public class MainClass {
        public MainClass(MyInt inter) {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
    (*)     new MainClass(new SubClass());
    }I tried to compile this but do not work (incompatible types on (*)) . Is it possible to do something like that or not?

    I compiled and runned this code on my machine and it works fine.
    How did you did to compile and run this code ?
    Did you put each code on its own file or all codes in the same file ?
    I did like this:
    I put each code in its own file and put all in the same dir, after I did:
    javac -classpath .
    After that, I did:
    java -classpath . MainClass
    I hope this help you

  • How do I superimpose one image over another

    How do I super impose one image over another?

    Open image A
    Open image B
    On image B, use one of the selection tools, e.g. selection brush, lasso tool, to select the object which you wish to "superimpose"
    Go to Edit menu>copy to put the object on the clipboard
    Go back to image A
    Go to Edit>paste. The object will be on its own layer
    Get the move tool out of the toolbox, and position the object and resize, if indicated

  • How to Create user-defined Dependency : thru CT04

    Hi guys,
    for batch management , i have to create a new  Characteristic Class ( which is copy for Characteristic Class LOMB_VERAB) and i have to add one more condition in that.
    <b>Code of Standard Class</b>
    [code] $SELF.LOBM_APO_SL_MIN = 0
      (LOBM_HSDAT      = LOBM_HSDAT,
       LOBM_VERAB      = LOBM_VERAB,
      if LOBM_HSDAT specified and
         LOBM_VERAB specified
    in that new Class , i have to check
    1.Lobm_hsdat is initial or not?
    2. i have to add 8 days to that one
    i.e lobm_verab = lobm_hsdat + 8.
    when i do like that its giving Syntax errors?
    How Can i Implement my Logic over there
    can i expect any inputs ?
    TC-team SAP
    pepsi inida
    [email protected]

    Can you pls help me out, how you solved the issue? am also having similar kind of requirement and getting syntax errors...

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