How to create a pdf file with CS5

Hello, I'm new to PhotoShop CS5 and haven't figured out yet (despite two hours of trying) how to create a pdf file with pictures and texts.  Can someone please help me with this ?  The "help" button in CS5 doesn't seem to cover this question.  Nor do the FAQs.
Thank you very much.

Save As... Photoshop PDF.

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  • How to create a pdf file from multiple images ?

    Dear All,
    I want to create a SINGLE page pdf file from two or more page size images that are combined to make a single page pdf. Again, this question is on pdfs that are made out of several, atleast  two color images and a black-and-white mask for one of them.
    I have such pdf files from an unknown source (the producer is edited out) whereby there are three tiff images, obtained using the well known pdfimages extractor.
    When I want to make a pdf out of tiff or png or other image formats, I right click and tell Adobe Acrobat to make a pdf.
    However, I dont know how I can give a command to select say,  three tif images and specify which is the mask for which and then join  them in a way that I get the pdf from the composite of the two color images and a mask for one of them.
    Please help me out.
    I am a little familiar with the pdf structure skeleton and when necessary, fixed xref tables in one of my favorite editors. A few years ago, I also wrote a bunch of javascripts to make some annotations and needed some automation and used some itext type libraries. However, I need your help in this problem as I am now rusty and forgot some of what I studied to solve my earlier problems. This is a new problem for me. Gentle hints from you would be very nice to help me in this problem. Please specify if necessary what manual and pages to read. in the pdfspec.
    Best Regards
    Disabled Veteran [physically handicapped]

    Hello Again.
    On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 12:20 PM, lrosenth <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Re: How to create a pdf file from multiple images ?
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    > discussion
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    > No clue who Irving is…
    I was hoping to have your first name so its easy for me to address you.
    > I have no clue what OS platform, programming language, etc. you use so
    > can’t really narrow things down.
    I would gladly mention that I am working on windows platform, preferably XP.
    I can also work on linux for free products that come with it.
    >  Also, as this is an Adobe forum, we only
    > recommend Adobe products – so there may be other options that even my list
    > wouldn’t include.
    But adding other products, for the help of an adobe products user,
    even if it outside adobe, shall add greater prestige to your company
    and give impression of user-centeredness.
    > If you read ISO 32000-1:2008 (aka the PDF standard), you will find the
    > information about Images and Image Masks well described.  I didn’t think I
    > needed to repeat any of that information.
    Well, just add the few pdf stanzas since you are proficient on it and
    I am presently a little rusty as I mentioned. Just asking a little
    extra yard, not even to go an extra mile.
    > And, if you read that same document, you will see that there is NO SUCH
    > THING as a “text only PDF”.   All PDF documents are structured binary files.
    Well, ascii format or uncompressed format that is human readable. I
    know its a binary file, but human readable ascii version of it.
    I hope you can give me some stanza and various other approaches
    possible so I can select or combine things for myself. I see only a
    miniscule number of posts claiming to have written masks in this forum
    and then with no details.
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    because the adobe posting system went crazy and truncated all except the first line ... dunno why

  • How to create a  PDF document with page curls using Adobe  CS 4?

    My  goal is to create a  PDF document with page curls. I am using Adobe  CS 4.
    1.      The document was created in Adobe InDesign  CS 4  where the page  turn (curl) transition  was applied.
    2.      Then the document was exported to .swf.
    3.     The .swf file was imported into   Adobe Acrobat Pro  to create a PDF file with  flip page or page curl transitions.
    These are the problems.
    1.      The background is not  transparent.
    2.      Page dimensions have to be increased at least an inch in width and length so that the full page can show
    3.      The command and+   will not only increases the document's  screen size. It increases the page margins.

    PDF was never designed to support the Flash page curl effect (it didn't exist back then). Anything you try (and you've tried the standard hack) will look like a hack. Personally, I don't think the effort is worth it for an effect that's much overused.

  • How to create a pdf file?

    I would like to know how to create a pdf file programatically using APIs. I have acrobat8 or acrobat9 sdk but there no dll in sdk.
    Do i need acrobat library? If yes then how to get the same?

    You need Adobe Acrobat.
    The Acrobat SDK is automating/programming Acrobat (and sometimes Reader).

  • How to fix the .pdf file with error "invalid annotation object"

    how to fix the .pdf file with error "invalid annotation object"

    As long as the PDF opens, then just try saving it to a new file name. There may be a preflight script that would help troubleshoot the issue.

  • How to convert a pdf file with hand-written signature?

    How to convert a pdf file with hand-written signature?

    Hi Lotus1215,
    Once the document is signed we cannot edit that document, hence convertion is not possible
    Please see the article mentioned below
    Let me know if you have any other question.

  • How to create a csv file with NCS attributes?

    i installed Cisco Prime NCS and trying to perform bulk update of device credentials with csv file.
    How to create a csv file with all required attributes?
    This is part of NCS online help talking about this topic:
    Bulk Update Devices—To update the device credentials in a bulk, select Bulk Update Devices from the Select a command drop-down list. The Bulk Update Devices page appears.You can choose a CSV file.
    Note        The CSV file contains a list of devices to be updated, one device per line. Each line is a comma separated list of device attributes. The first line describes the attributes included. The IP address attribute is mandatory.
    Bellow is test csv file i created but does not work:,v2c,2,10,snmpcomm,ssh,zeus,password,password,enablepwd,enablepwd,60,v2c,2,10,snmpcomm,ssh,zeus,password,password,enablepwd,enablepwd,60
    The error i am getting while importing this file:
    Missing mandatory field [ip_address] on header line:,v2c,2,10,snmpcomm,ssh,zeus,password,password,enablepwd,enablepwd,60
    Assistance appreciated.

    It looks like the IP address field is incorrectly set.,
    It should be as follows
    {Device IP},{Device Subnet Mask}, etc etc
    so a practical example of the aboove could be (i dont know if this is completely correct after the IP address / Subnet Mask),,v2c,2,10,snmpcomm,ssh,zeus,password,password,enablepwd,enablepwd,60
    below is a link to the documentation

  • How I can combine pdf file with other pdf file

    How I can combine pdf file with other pdf file ?

    Or from Adobe Reader via

  • How to reduce size pdf file with 10.5.8

    How to reduce size pdf file with 10.5.8, I know it can be done with snow....

    Look at this link.
     Cheers, Tom

  • I'm so confused!! I just want to create interactive pdf files (with video and flash files), but this free trial version is confusing!! help!?!

    i'm so confused!! I just want to create interactive pdf files (with video and flash files), but this free trial version is confusing!! help!?!

    Thanks for your suggestions. I checked to see if the options you suggested were set incorrectly but they were set to sync all. This led me to think the problem was actually in the iphone. I re-initialized the iphone and did not allow the system to restore any of the previous settings. In essence, I forced the phone to reset to factory settings. Then my video podcasts started syncing. All is well now. I did notice that I had seven podcasts selected that were "HD" presentations, and as such, are not compatible with the iphone. I don't know if this had anything to do with my earlier situation, but now I'm getting the video podcasts automatically. I'm happy. It wasn't much fun forcing the iphone to forget all of my preferences and I'm still customizing the phone now several days later. I think I have everything working and back to normal except I haven't identified any of my email accounts as of yet. Thanks for your help.

  • Creating a PDF-file with CONVERT_OTF. How to set the properties?

    Gents, Ladies,
    I have an ABAP that uses CONVERT_OTF and creates a pdf-file. This works fine but now the security properties of the pdf-file need to be set to not-modifiable (See File, Document Security in Acrobat's Reader).
    Can any of you help me to set any of the properties of the pdf-file?
    Best regards,
    Tim van Steenbergen.

    Hi tim,
    sorry, it's not possible (see Steff's posting)

  • How to ZIP a PDF File with a Password Protection

    i've a pdf file with created smartforms and i want to assign a password to that pdf file but the SAP doesn't let doing that protection. So i want to create a zip file with a password protection for PDF file.
    How can i create a zip file with a password protection? Can somebody help me please?

    Check this links
    Take a look to the class CL_ABAP_GZIP
    open (top-)zip-archive
    CALL METHOD lo_zip->load
          zip             = lv_zip_file_head
          zip_parse_error = 1
          OTHERS          = 2.
    create sub-zip-archives which contain the files you would assign to a folder
    add sub-zip-archive to top-zip-archive
    CALL METHOD lo_zip->add
            name    = lv_zip_filename
            content = lv_zip_file.
    save zip-archive
    CALL METHOD lo_zip->save
          zip = ev_zip_file.
    ABAP Development
    How to ZIP a PDF file email attachment
    Re: How to ZIP a PDF file email attachment

  • How to Create a PDF file from database package/procedure in 10g?

    Is there a way to create a pdf file in 10g Application Server using PL/SQL package/procedure in 10g database?
    Thanks in advance.
    Vishnu Nekkanti

  • How to create a pdf-file dynamically

    Hi all,
    does anybody have a tutorial or self-made code, in which is illustrated, how to dynamically create a pdf-file.
    I am getting some information like this: "Line one has a textfield and an input-field", etc. These informations have to be translated as a pdf-file by myself.
    I read, that a pdf-file needs a xdp and the data as an inputstream. Is there anybody who can explain this issue?
    I think, that there are a lot of people, who are interested in this problem.
    Thank you for your help.
    Kind regards, Patrick.

    check this link...
    hope it helps.
    -amol gupta

  • How to create a .exe file with eclipse 3.1

    Hello every body. I want to know how create a .exe file with eclipse 3.1. A friend tell me it's possible but he forgot how ! So I ask my question ay you, how can I do that? I think it's like in Dev-C++, when he compiling the programme he create
    a .exe file but in eclipse, i don't know how do that. Please help me, I have finish some programs but I don't know how create .exe file for give their at my friend.
    P.S : I'm a young french so maybe there are some mistake on my post. I hope you understand it.

    There might be a plugin in eclipse to do this, but I don't know what it is.
    The normal way to deploy a program is to create an executable jar file. This will be a .jar not a .exe.
    Or you can try ggogle.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Published GIF Problems!  Please help

    I've created a flash animation and published it as a GIF animation that continuously loops. After previewing my GIF there are black blocks wherever there is TEXT. Anyone know how to fix this? I've never encountered this problem before so I have no id

  • AirPort Extreme and PS3.

    Hi, OK, Few weeks ago I got the PlayStation 3, and i have set everything in the AE and on the PS3, somehow it is impossible for me to connect to the internet wirelessly via PS3, is it possible that the AE will somehow block the PS3? it says : [on ps3

  • Update Table statement in pre-commit trigger

    Hi, I would need to update one table before commit in the form and hence I need to write an update table statement in pre-commit trigger. Can anyone help me with the sample code or how sould i be able to write a Update table statement from form-level

  • Substitution variable migration

    Hi All, We are migration our 22 cubes from 9.2 to So have 200+ substritution variable, we need to migrate to 11.x. IS there any utility could migrate all the substitution variables. Thanks for your help. -Rahul

  • Runtime.getRuntime.exec() may hang?

    Hi, I am trying to run a Microsoft application, suspend.exe, under Java, on xp. I noticed that sometimes the program would hang, after issuing the command. String command = "cmd /c suspend.exe -n 15 -s 3 -l c:\\scpt\\s3.txt -e " ; suspend = Runtime.g