How to create a scrollbar using adobe edge animiate

hello again,
i am having trouble creating a custom scrollbar with scrolling content using adobe edge animiate. i first tough that adobe edge animiate replace flash catalyst but with flash catalyst, i can easily create scrollbar but i am having a hard drive.
i know that i can use the overflow but i want to create a custom scrollbar with custom color, just like when using flash catalyst.
please help.

Hi Darrell!
I've develeppoed a scrubber starting from the modification JackPister made to your code:
I would like that scrubber can move in a circular path and it actually moves, but doesn't scrub... :-(
Any idea!
Many thanks in advance for your support!

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    Hi Darrell!
    I've develeppoed a scrubber starting from the modification JackPister made to your code:
    I would like that scrubber can move in a circular path and it actually moves, but doesn't scrub... :-(
    Any idea!
    Many thanks in advance for your support!

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    What version of InDesign? What operating system? What kind of links did you make? What tool did you use? Did you export to PDF (Interactive)?

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    use google to search for tutorials.  that's a very complex undetaking so unless you feel you have advanced programming skills, you would be better served starting with a simpler game like tic-tac-toe.

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    I am a Dreamweaver newbie and am trying to learn how to use it through the tutorials. I am stuck at part 3 trying to use Adobe Edge Web Fonts correctly in my web site. As far as I can tell I have followed the instructions in the tutorial correctly, but the font style effect does not show up on my site. I am working on a Windows 7 machine and using Dreamweaver 5.5. I have copied and pasted the javascript into the correct spot in the head of the index.html page as well as included the font-family name in the CSS file and saved the whole smash. The source code for my index page looks exactly like the sample in the tutorial, and I have tried to view my site in my browser, but no dice. Doesn't display the Edge Web Font style in the web page. I believe I've done everything according to the directions, but I suppose I've missed some small detail. Any suggestions greatly appreciated

    You need to add a <script> to the head of your documents like the example below.  In my example, I'm using all of the aguafina-script and league-gothic fonts.
    <!--Edge Font-->
    <script src="//;league-gothic:n4:all.js"></script>
         h1 {
         font-family: league-gothic, sans-serif;
         color: #639;
         font-size: 250%;
    A simple way to get the correct codes is to go to Adobe Edge Web Fonts and select the font you wish to use.
    NOTE: You won't see the custom web fonts displayed in Design View, Live View or when previewed locally unless you use a local testing server.  An easier way to test is by uploading the page to your remote server.
    Hope this helps,
    Nancy O.

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    I have tried animated gifs, but the transparency suck big time...
    I have tried APNG but Chrome does not support...
    So in my search for solution I found Adobe Edge...
    So if it's doable can you guys help me or send me in the right direction...

    Hey Ben,
    Of course this is possible but it might be overkill if all you want is an animated icon. Technically you have all you need for this. You can use png if you have images with transparent areas or svg if you prefer. Then you create a loop on timeline.
    Let us know if you need a sample.

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    Please, help me with this.

    For desktop-based solutions, look at the Adobe Acrobat SDK which enables development around Acrobat itself. Or if you wish a stand-alone solution (for either desktop or server), we offer the Adobe PDFLibrary, which is the same technology used by all of Adobe's applications.
    For the server, we have our LiveCycle products including LC Generator.

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    Yes, Animate. Again, I uploaded the images, but then, I didn't see any directions on what to do next, as I would like fading header images for my website. I understand that it is supposed to generate the code for my website, which is where I need the most help.

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    Noah Robischon from Fast Company and Joe Zeff from Joe Zeff Design show how Fast Company uses Adobe Edge to create an engaging HTML5 content that seamlessly integrates with Digital Publishing Suite.

    I think it would be better to delete this video and do it all over again in a more fluent way. The guys on stage are hard to follow (low volume), they never heard of "Reflection" (a simple app to put the iPad's screen on the big presentation display through AirPlay), and the previewing is cumbersome (could be up and running within 2 seconds in stead of 5 minutes).

  • How to create multiple pages using flex application.

    Hi all,
    i am doing flex application which contains 5 different
    to do this i have used viewstack component to navigate
    between the pages.
    this is working fine if all my pages are of same size. each
    page as different background image.
    but i have to create pages with different sizes.
    my first and second page are small and remaining pages are
    when i navigate to 3rd or 4th page, it is showing scrollbar
    inside swf.
    but i want scrollbar for browser window not inside my swf
    anyone please guide me how to create pages in flex
    i have one more doubt, if my page contains some html links ,
    how to open those links,
    is it posible to open the link in new window.
    please help me , i have no idea how to create web
    applications using flex
    Thanks in advance

    Hi inlineblue,
    Thanks for your reply,
    you asked about sample code,
    following is my sample code.
    In my Application mxml file, i am loading all custom
    components for each page.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx=""
    horizontalAlign="center" verticalAlign="top"
    creationComplete="init()" width="780" height="594" >
    //navigating to next page
    public function showNextStep(newIndx:int):void{
    //navigating to previous page
    public function showPreviousStep(newIndx):void{
    <mx:ViewStack id="vs" paddingLeft="0" height="100%"
    width="100%" >
    <mx:Canvas id="s1" label="step1"
    backgroundImage="assets/Step1.jpg" >
    <!-- Step1.jpg image size is width=778, height=560 -->
    <mx:HBox paddingLeft="8" width="780" height="548">
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="697" y="18"
    click="showNextStep(1)" width="72" height="24" />
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="697" y="508"
    width="72" click="showNextStep(1)" height="24"/>
    <step2 id="s2" label="Step2" hideEffect="{blurImage}"
    showEffect="{unblurImage}" />
    <step3 id="s3" label="Step3" hideEffect="{blurImage}"
    showEffect="{unblurImage}" />
    <step4 id="s4" label="Step4" hideEffect="{blurImage}"
    showEffect="{unblurImage}" />
    <step5 id="s5" label="Step5" hideEffect="{blurImage}"
    showEffect="{unblurImage}" />
    // following is the page2 (step2) component code
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx=""
    backgroundImage="assets/Step2.jpg" width="778" height="600"
    <!-- Step2.jpg image size is width=778, height=600 -->
    <mx:HBox horizontalAlign="left" paddingLeft="5"
    height="511" width="768">
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="648" y="6"
    click="this.parentApplication.showPreviousStep(0)" width="61"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="711" y="6"
    click="this.parentApplication.showNextStep(2)" width="53"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="651" y="529"
    width="58" click="this.parentApplication.showPreviousStep(0)"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="712" y="528"
    width="54" click="this.parentApplication.showNextStep(2)"
    // following is the code for page3 (step3) component
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx=""
    backgroundImage="assets/Step3.jpg" >
    <!-- Step3.jpg image size is width=778, height=660 -->
    <mx:VBox width="763" height="668">
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="644" y="10"
    click="this.parentApplication.showPreviousStep(1)" width="61"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="708" y="10"
    click="this.parentApplication.showNextStep(3)" width="53"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" label="Back"
    x="625" y="590" width="58"
    click="this.parentApplication.showPreviousStep(1)" height="24"/>
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="694" y="590"
    width="68" click="this.parentApplication.showNextStep(3)"
    // following is code for page4 (step 4),
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx=""
    backgroundImage="assets/Step4.jpg" >
    <!-- Step4.jpg image size is width=778, height=773 -->
    <mx:VBox width="762" height="792">
    <!-- User interface -->
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="644" y="15"
    click="this.parentApplication.showPreviousStep(2)" width="61"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="708" y="16"
    click="this.parentApplication.showNextStep(4)" width="53"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="644" y="710"
    width="58" click="this.parentApplication.showPreviousStep(2)"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="703" y="710"
    width="54" click="this.parentApplication.showNextStep(4)"
    // Following is code for Page 5 (step 5 ) component.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx=""
    backgroundImage="assets/Step5.jpg" width="778"
    <!-- Step5.jpg image size is width=778, height=539-->
    <mx:VBox paddingLeft="170" paddingTop="170" width="778"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="654" y="41"
    click="this.parentApplication.showPreviousStep(3)" width="72"
    <mx:Button alpha="0" buttonMode="true" x="654" y="486"
    width="72" click="this.parentApplication.showPreviousStep(3)"
    I am getting vertical scrollbar for page3 and page4,
    please tell me how to avoid this, Is their any other method
    to do this.
    Following is the link for my above code
    in this application one more problem is also their,
    background image loads very slow, before it loads all the flex
    components will load. So when you open this please wait till
    background image loaded, to move to next and back pages.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  • How to create new page in adobe form.

    how to create new page in adobe form.

    First Go To Layout.
    On Hicherchy Platte , rightclick on Subform and select option new body page.
    This way you can create body page for the particular subform.
    if you want to create master page , right click on page 1 and select New master page.
    Hope this will helpful to you.
    Rewards if useful.
    With Regards
    Nikunj Shah

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    Otto Gold at the forum "SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe" gave me the tip that Sandra Rossi in this forum might help me out. Here is the link to my original thread How to enable frontend printing using Adobe Print Forms
    My question was:
    Hi Experts!
    Did anyone of you manage to enable frontend printing using Adobe Print Forms? In order to save administration effort we use frontend printing in our ERP system. We just changed some SMARTFORMS to the new Adobe Forms technology. Now we learned that direct frontend printing does not work with these forms.
    Any help will be very much appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

    I think you'll be disappointed by a rather negative answer but I'll try to explain everything I know (or think I know) the best I can
    The simplest solution is to do a preview, and print from Adobe Reader! (as I could see on one project, users have to display one more dialog than usually to print) It's the best workaround according to me.
    How Adobe form printing works:
    When you print an Adobe form from SAP, a printer language (PCL, PS, ZPL, PDF) is retrieved from TSP0B table according to the device type, ADS (Adobe Document Services, installed in the SAP java stack) is then contacted to generate the form: a file corresponding to the printer language is generated and sent back to SAP (there are also 2 other little files but it's of none interest here). SAP stores it as a file (named SPOOL...) in the global directory (DIR_GLOBAL when you use AL11 transaction).
    When you ask SAP to print it, it sends the file as is to the printer.
    Note: when you ask SAP to display the spool, SAP sends a request to ADS which will send back a PDF (binary stream which is not stored on disk, just displayed on frontend).
    How frontend printing works:
    If you want to print a normal spool via frontend, SAP doesn't know the language of the printer you will choose. SAP sends the spool in a format named SAPWIN to a frontend program named SAPLPD, it converts the SAPWIN format into GDI, a Windows format that is understood by all printer drivers, and it is sent to the printer driver (you have selected) which converts the GDI format into the printer language.
    Any workaround?
    First possibility would be that ADS converts the PDF into SAPWIN format (by creating an Adobe .XDC file at the ADS side). SAP says it's not possible in Note 685571 - Printing PDF-based forms. As I understand, SAPWIN is a very simple language compared to PCL for example, so it is very difficult to convert a PDF to SAPWIN without losing much information. There's a SAP note about the SAPWIN language if you want to check.
    Second possibility is to print directly the PDF through Adobe Reader: you get the PDF from ADS, download it to the frontend (easy), and execute directly Adobe Reader print function. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's possible. Moreover, we should enhance the standard SAP print dialog...
    Third possibility is the one I recommended at the beginning of this post

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    I am trying to create Tag cloud using Adobe Flex. Can you
    please give me a hint of how to proceed.
    Any hint will be a help.

    I am trying to create Tag cloud using Adobe Flex. Can you
    please give me a hint of how to proceed.
    Any hint will be a help.

  • How to adjust bullet points in Adobe Edge Animate?

    How to adjust bullet points in Adobe Edge Animate?
    when a bullet point is long and does not fit in one line it apears in the next line unaligned.

    Hi Elaine,
    Yes, the only way I have discovered so far is using HTML and force it on stage based on my text width size, otherwise bullet list won't be align vertically. This is how currently I do it:
    sym.$("text1").html("<br>● Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit<br>&#160;&#160;&#160;Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit <br>● Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit")
    Thank you for your help in advance.

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