How to create a search all value on list

I am trying to create a form which will enable user to select
an item on a list to filter records, or allow him to not select
anything and see all records.
I created a generic form with one list on it and a submit
button. Values are:
Item Label Value
Select All-- (I left this blank)
My results page seems to be okay. I created a recordset and a
dynamic table. In recordset, the default varable that was created
shows Name: colname
Type: Text
Default value: -1
Runtime Value: $_POST['2']
Problem is that when I select one of the items from the list
on the form (ex. skateboards), my results page shows all records
for skateboards. When I select "Select All" from the list, I don't
receive any records. What can I do to allow user not to enter any
value and have him receive all records?
Thanks in advance....

I found the answer for all of you trying to do the same
In your "Select All" value, put %
then, select 'contains' instead of = in your filter. That
should do it! Hopefully this helps someone!

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  • How to create a search with multiple criteria

    I've a table that contain staff information. (name, dept. position, ext, email...etc)
    I've created a search page that allow the user to search any field. The result should appear in the same page
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    enter staff First_Name:
    enter Dept. :
    select position:
    submit button
    Then I've created the record set that select all the feilds from the table, now i need a help in the criteria, This is what I used:
    SELECT *
    FROM tblstaff
    WHERE First_Name LIKE %colname% AND Dept = coldept
    for both colname and coldept
    default = 1
    runtime value = $HTTP_POST_VARS['First_Name']    -    $HTTP_POST_VARS['Dept']
    It seems to work fine when i enter all the values in the search form. but what if i left some fields empty? In other word how can I add (All in the drop down menu and accept empty value for the text search)??
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    The simplest way to do this is to add a wildcard character to the end of coldept and make the field optional.
    SELECT *
    FROM tblstaff
    WHERE First_Name LIKE %colname% AND Dept LIKE coldept%
    If the department field is left empty, it will match all departments.
    By the way, you should not be using $HTTP_POST_VARS or $HTTP_GET_VARS. It's obsolete code, and will break on a modern installation of PHP. Use $_POST and $_GET instead.

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    OK - so you want to be able to change the attribute you are searching on..In that case I'd probably do something like create a search form with all possible parameters..then using Expression Language, hid the ones that are not the selected value in a drop down list....
    I'll have a quick play and see if I can get this working but thats the idea anyway.
    Grant Ronald
    Oracle Product Management

  • How to create release order for value contract?

    dear experters,
    I create a value contract by T-code:va41, order type"WK1".I set a Assortment module to this order and mateirl "WKM1" to  it.
    then I create release order by T-code:va01 with refrence to this value contract,but it set the material "WKM1"  to the sales order, and I can't modify this material! I want to put another material which belong to the assortment module in the value contract. I want to know how.
    Best regards

    Assortment Module for Value Contracts
    This function enables you to define a list of materials that can be released from a value contract. Materials can be assigned to more than one assortment module.
    An assortment module is an entry tool and can be called up from the value contract. It is valid for a certain time period.
    If you delete a material from the assortment module, to which a value contract refers, you will be unable to release that material.
    In the value contract, only materials with the same sales organization and distribution channel as the value contract can be taken from the assortment module. All the other materials in the assortment module are not displayed in the value contract.
    To fulfill both these requirements, two types of value contracts are offered in the standard system:
    Value contract type WK 1
    You can specify a product hierarchy or a assortment module for value contracts with contract type WK 1. The system will always propose this type of contract, if you want to create a contract for several materials or a certain group of materials. All the materials in the relevant assortment, or belonging to the specified product hierarchy are then relevant for release.
    Value contract type WK 2 (material-related)
    You can create contracts for one material (usually configurable) with this type of value contract. A software company is an example of where this kind of contract is often used. There, a contract for the value of $500,000 is made with the customer for one specific software product.
    You can also agree on the length of the contract for this type. The contract duration can be agreed at item level and can be different from the contract duration specified at header level.
    You can store special price agreements for the value contract. These price agreements can then be used at any level. For example, a value contract can contain prices for individual materials, or discounts that are valid for every released material.
    Release Orders
    The customer fulfills a contract by issuing orders against the contract. The contract does not contain any exact dates for deliveries, so you need to create a sales order to release against a value contract.
    When a release order is created for the contract, the system automatically updates the released values in the contract. The release order value is calculated from the total of the open order and delivery values, plus the value that has already been billed to the value contract.
    The system also updates the released value for subsequent changes (for example, overdelivery of contract release, price changes in the billing document, partial deliveries, returns, rejection of order items, cancellation or reversal of orders, deliveries or billing documents).
    You can create a release order in any currency. The system automatically converts this currency into the one agreed upon in the value contract on the pricing date for the contract release order.
    Creating Assortment Modules for Value Contracts
    To create an assortment module, proceed as follows:
    1. From the initial screen choose Logistics >Sales and Distribution >Master data.
    2.Choose Products >Value contract - Assortment module > Create.
    You will then be in the Create assortment module: Initial Screen.
    Module type 6 is defined for the value contract.
    3. For external number assignment, enter a module number.
    You can then use existing modules as a reference by entering the name of the module under reference.
    4. Choose Enter.
    5. Enter a short description for the module.
    6. Enter a validity period for the product proposal.
    During a release, the system checks if the release date lies within the validity period.
    7. Create the materials that you wish to assign as items to a module.
    You can display a list of materials as a product proposal, which you can then copy into the assortment module. To do this, choose Suggest material, enter the selection criteria in the subsequent screen and copy the selected materials to the items. Use Edit > Delete item to delete the materials that you do not want to copy to the assortment module.
    8.Save your entries.
    Also Please check the copy control in VTAA

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    Note : i dont have any keyfigure called counter in my infoprovider
    Please let me know how to create it.
    I came to know  that  create  new  CKF  & FV with replacemtn path with IO(Account document number)  & use FV in CKF. is this true & works??
    Please let me know how i should  proceed ahead??

    I have resoloved by own
    By  createin zckf--> fv choosing replacement path with IO as reference and key.
    then excepetion aggreation chosen : counter for all detailed values & check the checkbox calucate after aggreagation.

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    Does any one of an example of how to create and send
    a clob value(as a IN parameter to storedprocedure) from JAVA to
    the StoredProcedure. I need the JAVA code.

    Following is sample code you can use.
    DECLARE @testID Int
    DECLARE @year int 
    DECLARE @testtype datatype
    SELECT @testtype=testtype from yourTable Where Your condition
    SELECT  @year= year from yourTable Where your conditon (you need to make sure you assign or get @year variable )
    SELECT @testid=id from test where  [email protected] and [email protected])
    Hope this helps

  • How to hide rows if all values are Zero  (0) horizontally?

    I have got a requirement to hide rows from the results if all values are equal to zero horizontally.
    Region   M1    M2   M3
    East     0      0    3
    West    10     20    0
    South   -5      0    5
    North    0      0    0In the above example only North Region row should be hidden from the results becasue all the measures values are zero.
    Can someone please let me know the logic to achieve this?
    Thank in advance.

    Hi Karthik,
    Your answer was spot on(you are awarded points) but not my question. My client uses some X erp, which removes all zero value records when he clicks to see results. He wanted the same thing for Answers (he does not want to add any filters). Is there anyway to achive that, like using javascript or something?
    Thanks in advance.

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