How to create a sequence in Object Browser!!

Hi All,
I just wonder that while working on "Sequence" in Obejct Browser.
Say for example i have a created a new sequence using object browser then i have redirected to Data tab->Query under this we can select the
default values. I have tried to give the like '%s' under column conditon which is thrrowing error like query is not valid .
Can anybody help me out how to implemnt the column condtion in Sequnece.

I go New -> Table
Name: Anoo
1: ID , Datatype: Number
2: Value , Datatype: Varchar2; precision:20
Primary Key:
Populated from new sequence
Primary key specified as : ID
Sequence name: anoo_seq
Foreign key: n/a
Constraints: n/a
Table Created --
Anoo selected.
Go to Data tab. Select insert row
In the value field, I enter some data (not in Id as it's populated from the sequence). Click create. This returns me to view of existing data (in my case, only the new row I inserted)
As far as your query being invalid, without knowing what is in your table, and what you inserting in your query, and what the exact error, its a bit difficult to know.

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    when ever u r creating any object in devlopment and saving it will ask for request.create request and release in se09.
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  • How to create a SEQUENCE in MSSQL2005

    I am also having a similar problem which opened the thread
    Actually i am using a Repositery which is created in MSSQL2005.
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    Hi Gourisankar,
    There is no sequence concept in MS SQL Server rather it has IDENTITY.
    In MS SQL Server if you declare a column type as a Identity it will be auto increment when a new record inserts.
    So in you underlying table create a column as ID and type as "Identity" and in your mapping leave that field un mapped.
    Have a look and google more on "identity in ms sql server" ;)

  • How to create a LONG TEXT object in BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CREATE

    Dear experts,
    Would you please give me a hand how to create a LONG TEXT object when creating a new Notification using BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CREATE.
    The snapit of my code is below. The Notification is created but without a long text.
        lv_it_longText type STANDARD TABLE OF BAPI2080_NOTFULLTXTI,
          lv_st_longText like LINE OF  lv_it_longText,
      lv_st_longText-OBJTYPE = 'QME'.
      lv_st_longText-TEXT_LINE = DESCRIPTIONLONG.
      EXTERNAL_NUMBER          =
       notif_type               = 'M1'
        notifheader              = lv_header
      TASK_DETERMINATION       = ' '
      SENDER                   =
      ORDERID                  =
       NOTIFHEADER_EXPORT       = lv_header_import
    *NOTITEM                  =   lv_it_item
      NOTIFCAUS                =
      NOTIFACTV                =
      NOTIFTASK                =
      NOTIFPARTNR              =
       LONGTEXTS                = lv_it_longText
      KEY_RELATIONSHIPS        =
       RETURN                   = lv_it_return.

    Make sure you have filled OBKEY.
    OBJKEY must have the corresponding sort field for the values named below :-
    1. QMEL - Notification header
    2. QMFE - Notification item
    3. QMUR - Notification cause
    4. QMSM - Notification task
    5. QMMA - Notification action
    The combination of sort field of item/cause, item/task and item/action must be unique within a notification. If you leave the sort field empty and the OBJTYP = QME, then a long text is created for the notification header.

  • How to Create Test Sequence Document in HTML using command line

    How to Create Test Sequence Document  in HTML using command line
    I have lot of sequences and I want to create Test Sequence Documentation in HTML format using Command Line automatically, is there a way to automate this task using .bat file or using   C#  .Net

    If you aren't able to figure out how to call a C++ DLL in .net then there may be another option.  Unfortunately I don't know how to do this off the top of my head and I don't have an example.
    The other option would be to change docgen.seq a little bit to the dialog doesn't display and you just hardcode the options.  Then you can use a command line to call testexec.exe:
    Hope this helps,
    CTA, CLA
    ~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~

  • How to Create a Sequence Number from BI Publisher Layout editor?

    How to Create a Sequence Number (1,2,3,4,......,etc) from BI Publisher Layout editor

    Thank you for your replay, but <?position()?> we can used it in template builder only not from BI layout editor
    I found a solution in this case we can used the following query.
    ROW_NUMBER() OVER(order by item_status) as Row,

  • How to create a sequence DDL in a procedure

    i have a simple question but i dont find a solution here.
    How to create a sequence DDL in a procedure ?
    Thank 's

    Use Native Dynamic Sql. Look at the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE command.
       execute immediate 'create sequence xx_seq ';
    /Of course you need explicit permission to create a sequence. NOT through a ROLE.

  • HELP! PDF objects - How to create a program line object?

    Hi Experts,
    I would like to know how to create a Program lines object (icon cog wheels). I need to create additional coding inside the context tab but when I try to right click on a folder --> create -->graphic,address,text,alternative...single record... No
    program lines can be created.
    Hope someone could help me.

    There are two ways of doing it, depending on what you want to accomplish. Both require that you edit the file ~/.bashrc (I assume you use bash)
    1) If the application places all the executable files in a given directory (let's say /opt/Application/bin/), you can access all those executables directly by simply telling your shell where to look (in the same way the shell automatically looks for executable files in eg. /usr/bin). In ~/.bashrc, you would have to add a line that looks like this:
    2) If you just want to make a traditional "shortcut" that executes a given command, this can be done with alias. Add this command to your ~/.bashrc:
    alias shortcut="some command"
    In this case, typing shortcut into a terminal will be interpreted just like if you had typed some command instead.
    In order to try out these changes, either restart your terminal or run this command:
    source ~/.bashrc
    I was obviously beaten to it
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  • How to create a sequence using Toplink for DUAL table

    Hi All,
    How do I create below sequence using TOPLINK
    CREATE sequence my_seq start WITH 1;

    Hi Dheeraj,
    Sequence Object should be created in Database and specify the type of sequence that will be used in toplink to create sequence value.For example,sequence objects created in database needs to be configured using Native Sequence.
    For more information refer to the below link.Use JDeveloper Toplink Wizards for declarative programming of Toplink native Sequencing.
    P.Vinay Kumar

  • How to create a sequence for an particular item in my apex form

    Hi friends,
    I created an database application, of a form with a report, and it is working fine...
    But in my form, i have a requirement....The below are the existing fields in my form
    issue no
    created by
    start date
    due date
    Among these fields in my form i need to create a 'Sequence' for my field "issue no",
    So that whenever i opened the form the 'issue number' must generate automatically like 1 for the first time, 2 for the second time and so on..
    For that i created a sequence
    MAXVALUE 999999999999999999999999999
    START WITH 1000
    But for validation where i need to write the sequence query for the particular item 'issue no'....i dont have any idea of where to write the validation query for the sequence..
    please tell where i need to write in step wise manner..please help me friends...
    As the below is my validated sequence query for item 'issue no'
    'select seq.issue_id.nextval into issue_no'
    This is my above validation query whether the query that i mentioned is right..if not let me know the validation query..
    And also i need where to apply this validation query in steps..
    Thanks in advance

    Rik is on the right track. Here is a sample insert trigger: Would need to substitute you sequence ORDERS_SEQ with my sequence las_log_seq, how you define or use timestamps is up to you.
       ON las_log_tbl
       -- Description: Insert log_seq, creation_dt, creation_id,
       --              lst_updt_dt and lst_updt_id.
       -- Maintenance:
       -- Date        Actor          Action
       -- ====        =====          ======
       -- 07-Sep-2010 J. Wells       Create.
       :new.creation_id := nvl( v( 'app_user' ), user );
       :new.creation_dt := SYSDATE;
       :new.lst_updt_dt := :new.creation_dt;
       :new.lst_updt_id := :new.creation_id;
        SELECT las_log_seq.NEXTVAL
          INTO :new.las_log_seq
          FROM DUAL;
    END bins1_las_log_tbl;

  • How to create a sequence based on name, country, city, year, month, number

    I am using Application Express
    I am new to apex and i need some help in creating a sequence.
    I am creating an application where i profile people and i need to create an auto sequence that when the person is added to the database he will have his own sequence based on his name, country, city, year he was added, month he was added and his number.
    This is a bit tricky because each person will have a different name, country city etc.
    How can this be done ?

    I have to create a sequence so that when for example an employee is added using a form his ID will be saved based on his name, country, city, year he was created, month he was created and his number.
    However, each employee is diff, so when you add another employee to the form his ID will be different, different name, country, city etc..
    This has to be automatically generated.. is this possible?

  • How to create a sequence in Answers?

    Hi everyone,
    I want to know if it's possible to create a sequence in Answers and how.
    I have a Pivot table that I want to assign row numbers, but when I use RCOUNT(1) in a Dummy column I end up with 1 in all rows.
    This is the format of my pivot table.
    Order(DUMMY)---Code---Desc-- 2009 ----- 2010
    1 435 idn 1 2
    1 53 dvf 3 1
    1 123 asd 8 4
    I've tried to do RCOUNT(1 by Y) but then I end up having the double of rows.
    Can it be done???
    Thanks in Advanced

    Try doing this:
    1) Create a dummy column and call it DUMMY with this in the fx:
    CASE WHEN 1=0 THEN tablename.columname ELSE 'whatever' END
    2) You can hide this column.
    3) Then in your "sequence" column, click on the fx and type:
    RCOUNT(1 by DUMMY)
    where "DUMMY" is the column created in step 1.

  • How to create a new Text Object to be used for SAVE_TEXT FUNCTION

    can anyone tell how can i create a new text object and text id for saving text by using function SAVE_TEXT.

    try out this 
    DATA: header LIKE thead.
    DATA: newheader LIKE thead.
    header-tdobject = 'VBBK'.
    header-tdname = delivery number.
    header-tdspras = language.
    lines-tdformat = '*'.
    header-tdid = text id. "for example: Z022
    lines-tdline = your text that you want to write .
    APPEND lines. CLEAR lines.
    client = sy-mandt
    header = header
    savemode_direct = 'V'
    newheader = newheader
    lines = lines
    id = 1
    language = 2
    name = 3
    object = 4
    OTHERS = 5.

  • How to create a sequence in ABAP?

    Hi guys,
    we have a requirement to create some data in a FM and every document must have a unique sequential number. How to achieve this?
    Numbering should be in a format 0009561544 (so 10 chars) and should start from 0001000000.
    One option would be to create a table with one value and read and increase it's value each time it is called.
    Is there any other option how to achieve it?
    Thank you,

    Hi Rob,
    thank you for the answer.
    Can you please tell me more details about it? When I create a number range object, how can I retrieve a current value and increase it from a FM?

  • How to create a sequence number to insert values to database

    I am working on the application for the client to insert their vendor informaton to our database. We have a refvendor table and vendorid is primary key. I was asked for the vendorid to be a sequential number. I am not sure if the DBA set up the vendor id to be a sequential number by creating sequence or is this something i can do myself. if so can you help me how i can create and make the vendor id a sequentiial number. Thank you
    Tablename is Refvendor
    vendorId, vendorname, dbestaus

    user452051 wrote:
    thank you for the reply. I am still learning about sequence. so the value from seq.netval will be inserted to the vendor id field. my first number will be 00001,00002,00003,00004,.... How can I do for the sequence to start with 00001If you create a sequence as shown, it will start with 1
    ,..... and my other question if I delete sequence 00002 will the number be re-arranged?no
    There will be gaps in the numbers.

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