How to Create a Sequence Number from BI Publisher Layout editor?

How to Create a Sequence Number (1,2,3,4,......,etc) from BI Publisher Layout editor

Thank you for your replay, but <?position()?> we can used it in template builder only not from BI layout editor
I found a solution in this case we can used the following query.
ROW_NUMBER() OVER(order by item_status) as Row,

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  • How to create a sequence number to insert values to database

    I am working on the application for the client to insert their vendor informaton to our database. We have a refvendor table and vendorid is primary key. I was asked for the vendorid to be a sequential number. I am not sure if the DBA set up the vendor id to be a sequential number by creating sequence or is this something i can do myself. if so can you help me how i can create and make the vendor id a sequentiial number. Thank you
    Tablename is Refvendor
    vendorId, vendorname, dbestaus

    user452051 wrote:
    thank you for the reply. I am still learning about sequence. so the value from seq.netval will be inserted to the vendor id field. my first number will be 00001,00002,00003,00004,.... How can I do for the sequence to start with 00001If you create a sequence as shown, it will start with 1
    ,..... and my other question if I delete sequence 00002 will the number be re-arranged?no
    There will be gaps in the numbers.

  • How to create unique sequence number

    I'm new to ODI and trying to learn. Below is the requirement. Please advise.
    I'm trying to load data from one database (oracle) to another database table (AS400). But when i load the data into AS400, I need to create a unique ID for each record and write this unique ID to one of the fields in AS400.
    I don't have any issues loading the data from oracle to AS400. But I'm unable to generate a unique ID for each record. Can any share your thoughts how to get this.
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi ,
    First, on the DB2/400 instance, create a table containing an Identity column:
    START WITH 1000,
    Second, in the same DB2/400 instance, create a function that returns an incremented number from the Identity column:
    RETURN (SELECT identity_val_local() FROM QSYS2.QSQPTABL);
    Finally, in Designer, use the snpRef.getObjectName() substitution method to refer to the DB2/400 function in the interface's mapping for the appropriate field:

  • How to get generated sequence number from JPA/TopLink

    Hi there,
    I am using JDev with JPA + POJO + TopLink.
    In the entity (POJO), I declared a sequence generated for a number field.
    @GeneratedValue(strategy=SEQUENCE, generator="GEN_CUSTOMER_ID_SEQ")
    @SequenceGenerator(name="GEN_CUSTOMER_ID_SEQ", sequenceName="CUSTOMER_ID_SEQ", allocationSize=1)
    @Column(name="CUSTOMER_ID", nullable = false, precision = 12 )
    private Long customerId;
    In my program, I don't need to set the Id field because it is set automatically.
    However, I want to get the generated sequence using code. Is there a way?
    P.S. I cannot use getCustomerId because the value has not been set yet.

    If you call persist on the new Entity, or flush() the id will be assigned, and you can get it.
    There is also an API on the TopLink / EclipseLink Session getNextSequenceNumberValue(), that you can use to get a sequence value.
    -- James:

  • How do you create a sequence number in SQL Developer Data Modeler?

    I am new to Data Modeler and am looking to create a sequence number but do not know how to do the same using the Data Modeler. Can someone guide me? Thanks.
    Edited by: user6710206 on Jun 9, 2010 7:32 AM

    I have had found that the following works sometimes when coming immediately after the create or replace package body in a script (although it isn't doing anything for me on invalid package bodies at the moment):
    show errors package body <package name>
    Because it is inconsistent, you cannot really trust it, which gets you back to Jim's options (open in editor or compile from connection tree) or the old long hand of
    select * from user_errors where type = 'PACKAGE BODY' and name = '<package name>'

  • How to create a new connection from SAPGUI to Test drive?

    I have installed Sap Netweaver Test drive on a linux virtual machine (windows host). The installation was successful and I was able to start the instance (application server and the database), yet I don't know how to create a new connection from my SAPGUI client (7.20) to this server. The static IP address of the server is
    I entered the following values for my new connection entry
    Description: SAP Netweaver
    Application server:
    Instance number: 01
    System ID: DB2
    SAProuter: /H/
    But it does not work. Any idea about the values needed  for creating a new entry?
    Thanks in advance,

    Dibya R Das wrote:
    > Why are you entering a router string? Can't you reach a box directly from your machine?
    > Doesn't a ping to that host & a "telnet <host/ip address> 3201" work from your machine to the SAP System.
    > Remove the router string you wont need if the above works.
    > - Regards, Dibya
    Hello there,
    Thank you very much for your answer which solved my problem. In fact there was no need of providing router string.
    Kind Regards,

  • How to create a pdf file from multiple images ?

    Dear All,
    I want to create a SINGLE page pdf file from two or more page size images that are combined to make a single page pdf. Again, this question is on pdfs that are made out of several, atleast  two color images and a black-and-white mask for one of them.
    I have such pdf files from an unknown source (the producer is edited out) whereby there are three tiff images, obtained using the well known pdfimages extractor.
    When I want to make a pdf out of tiff or png or other image formats, I right click and tell Adobe Acrobat to make a pdf.
    However, I dont know how I can give a command to select say,  three tif images and specify which is the mask for which and then join  them in a way that I get the pdf from the composite of the two color images and a mask for one of them.
    Please help me out.
    I am a little familiar with the pdf structure skeleton and when necessary, fixed xref tables in one of my favorite editors. A few years ago, I also wrote a bunch of javascripts to make some annotations and needed some automation and used some itext type libraries. However, I need your help in this problem as I am now rusty and forgot some of what I studied to solve my earlier problems. This is a new problem for me. Gentle hints from you would be very nice to help me in this problem. Please specify if necessary what manual and pages to read. in the pdfspec.
    Best Regards
    Disabled Veteran [physically handicapped]

    Hello Again.
    On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 12:20 PM, lrosenth <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Re: How to create a pdf file from multiple images ?
    > created by lrosenth in PDF Language and Specifications - View the full
    > discussion
    > ________________________________
    > No clue who Irving is…
    I was hoping to have your first name so its easy for me to address you.
    > I have no clue what OS platform, programming language, etc. you use so
    > can’t really narrow things down.
    I would gladly mention that I am working on windows platform, preferably XP.
    I can also work on linux for free products that come with it.
    >  Also, as this is an Adobe forum, we only
    > recommend Adobe products – so there may be other options that even my list
    > wouldn’t include.
    But adding other products, for the help of an adobe products user,
    even if it outside adobe, shall add greater prestige to your company
    and give impression of user-centeredness.
    > If you read ISO 32000-1:2008 (aka the PDF standard), you will find the
    > information about Images and Image Masks well described.  I didn’t think I
    > needed to repeat any of that information.
    Well, just add the few pdf stanzas since you are proficient on it and
    I am presently a little rusty as I mentioned. Just asking a little
    extra yard, not even to go an extra mile.
    > And, if you read that same document, you will see that there is NO SUCH
    > THING as a “text only PDF”.   All PDF documents are structured binary files.
    Well, ascii format or uncompressed format that is human readable. I
    know its a binary file, but human readable ascii version of it.
    I hope you can give me some stanza and various other approaches
    possible so I can select or combine things for myself. I see only a
    miniscule number of posts claiming to have written masks in this forum
    and then with no details.
    Message was edited by: dying veteran
    because the adobe posting system went crazy and truncated all except the first line ... dunno why

  • How to create a standby redolog from rac to non rac ??

    How to create a standby redolog from rac to non rac DR setup..???
    in rac we can create with specifying thread number for each instances..... but this will be replicating to standby how this will act/create on single DR??
    pls help

    854393 wrote:
    Thanks Shivanandha,
    (maximum number of logfiles for each thread + 1) * maximum number of threads
    Using this equation reduces the likelihood that the primary instance's log writer (LGWR) process will be blocked because a standby redo log file cannot be allocated on the standby database. For example, if the primary database has 2 log files for each thread and 2 threads, then 6 standby redo log file groups are needed on the standby database.In maximum performance mode you can keep same number of redo logs but having one more redo log member for each thread is recommended and mandtory for other protection modes.
    How to create a standby redolog from rac to non rac DR setup..???
    in rac we can create with specifying thread number for each instances..... but this will be replicating to standby how this will act/create on single DR??pls help
    Yes, even your DR is RAC or non-RAC, you must have both threads, because each instance information exist on own thread, So to perform redo transition from both the instances, you must have both standby redo log threads even though if it is non an RAC DR.
    Hope This helps.

  • Scanner(Warning) : 027: Unable to read the sequence number from the Workstation object.

    We are having trouble storing inventory scans from some workstations.
    We have a windows ONLY environment, with middle tier servers. (ZEN65SP1,
    Some workstations are storing fine. The Storer function is working and we
    can see the storer functions for the 'good' workstations in the Inventory
    service window.
    However some workstations can't store to the inventory db, but DO populate
    eDir ZENworks inventory 'minimal information' but show "Scanner(Warning) :
    027: Unable to read the sequence number from the Workstation object." in
    the Scan Status...
    The Inventory service window shows no attempt by these workstations - it's
    almost as though the scan file is not arriving (though eDir knows/displays
    the scan file name)
    How does the workstation access the scandir in Windows only/middle tier
    environment? Does the scan xml stream get sent to the MT via http and then
    on to the scandir via CIFS?
    Any suggestions/explanations welcome!!
    Many thanks

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  • How to find Outbound Idoc number from inbound Idoc number.

    I have one inbound Idoc in my system, then
    How to find the  idoc number from the system which sends that idoc(Outbound Idoc number).

    You can use fm SREL_GET_NEXT_NEIGHBORS for this purpose.
    Scenario: An EDI purchase order is received by SAP-XI and forwarded as Inbound ORDERS IDoc to R/3. SAP-XI generates an (outbound) IDoc number which differs from the (inbound) ORDERS05 IDoc in the R/3 system.
    Calling fm SREL_GET_NEXT_NEIGHBORS with the following parameters:
    OBJECT-OBJKEY = <IDoc number, 16-digits>
    MAX_HOPS = '99'            " <<< get all links
    I get the following result:
    0000000000133906                                   IDOC       CUSTOMER   OUTIDOC
    0000000000407402                                   IDOC                  INIDOC
    000000370383                                       BUS2012    CUSTOMER   OUTBELEG
    0010057944                                         BUS2032               INBELEG
    Outbound IDoc number
    Inbound IDoc number (ORDERS05)
    PO number
    Sales order (created from inbound ORDERS IDoc)

  • How do I block a number from calling my iPhone

    How do I block a number from phoning or texting me on my iPhone. My Provider (Optus) say they cannot block a number. Has anyone been able to do this?

    the only other option if your carrier cant block the number is to pay to change your phone number.

  • How to Create a new column from two different result sets

    How to Create a new column from two different result sets, both the result set uses the different date dimensions.

    i got solutions for this is apply filters in column formula it self, based on the requirement.

  • HT5538 i activated my brothers iphone under my apple id now all his imessages come to my phone aswell how do i remove his number from my apple id

    i activated my brothers iphone under my apple id now all his imessages come to my phone aswell how do i remove his number from my apple id

    Ummm...Read the article you linked here from that's listed above.
    Search before posting. Your question has been asked and answered dozens of times

  • How to create a PAR file from EAR file

       I have created an Web Dynpro Application . When i deploy it in Remote J2EE Engine, it will deploy as EAR file. It then runs as normal Web Application in Web browser. My requirement is to create an iView for my Web dynpro appn in EP. That is possible only by creating a PAR file. so How to create an PAR file from EAR in NWDS(NetWeaver Developer Studio).
    How to access the EAR file in NWDS or J2EE ?
    Thanks in Advance ,

    To create a iview,
    log on to portal, New iView and select SAP webdynpro iview.
    It will ask for namespace which is usually , local/Project Name
    and application name is the name of the application.
    We dont have to create par file for this requirement

  • How to create an XML document from a String.

    Can anyone help,
         In the Microsoft XML Document DOM there is a load function load(string) which will create an XML document, but now we are switching to Java and I do not know how to create and XML document from a string, this string �xml document� is passed to my program from a webservice and I need to read several xml elements form it in a web server.
    This string is a well formatted XML document:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Countries NumberOfRecords="1" LanguageID="en-us">

    Thanks PC!
    I made it work using:
    DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
    factory.setIgnoringComments(true); // We want to ignore comments
    // Now use the factory to create a DOM parser
    DocumentBuilder parser = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
    //TransformThisStringBuffer is a string buffer wich contain the 'XML document (String)'
    InputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(TransformThisStringBuffer.toString().getBytes());
    // Parse the InputStream and build the document
    Document document = parser.parse(in);
    But which one is faster InputSource or InputStream, were would you put the "new InputSource(new StringReader(yourString))" in the above code?

Maybe you are looking for

  • Issue with Mail Adapter ?

    Hi, I am Navneeth, working on Sender mail adapter. We are working on PI 7.1.1 version. We are unable to see the following parameters in the sender Mail adapter:- (1) Default Interface Namespace (2) Default Interface Name. Is it mandatory to maintain

  • Use subreport total in formula in main report

    Hi, I have a subreport which is a total figure. I just want to muliply this by a number in a field on the main report, can this be done? Any help appreciated!

  • Sub contract MRP Settings

    Hello Can any one guide me , how to do MRP settings for subcontract Proces.We want the system to generate MRP for the subcontract Process, We need B & C Material to Make A.  A is a finished goods , B is going to Produce and ship to subcontract Vendor

  • .txt file transmition using XML Gateway

    Hi All Is it possible to transfer .txt file from one server to another server using XML Gateway? with out using Workflow builder? If possible can any one tell the process

  • LDAP and WLC

    Hi! I'm kind of new in this type of implementation and I would like to know how would I configure that network users can authenticate with their own username and password from LDAP but through a TACACS+ or RADIUS, so the client would not supplicate d