How to create and deploy a simple jstl applicaton in weblogic 10.3.3

How to create and deploy a simple jstl applicaton in weblogic 10.3.3

1) Since JSTL libraries are provided as Web application libraries, they must be deployed before the Web application that is using JSTL functionality is deployed. The libraries can be deployed using the Administration Console or with the command-line weblogic.Deployer tool.
Here’s an example of deploying a JSTL 1.2 library using the weblogic.Deployer command-line:
java weblogic.Deployer -adminurl t3://localhost:7001
-user weblogic -password weblogic
-deploy -library
This command deploys the JSTL 1.2 library using the default library-name, specification-version and implementation-version defined by the MANIFEST.MF in the library.
After a library is deployed, the extension-name, specification-version and implementation-version of the library can be found in Administration console. This information can also be found in the MANIFEST.MF file of the library WAR file.
For more information on deploying a Web module refer below URL
2) To reference a JSF or JSTL library, a standard web application can define a <library-ref> descriptor in the application’s weblogic.xml file. Here is an example:
For more information on referencing a Web application library refer below URL
3) Create a sample JSP in your application and JSP should look as shown below
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>
<c:set var="topic" value="JSTL" />     
<c:out value="${topic}" />
4) Create WAR and deploy and test.
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    You could use datasources. You should do this in your BC4J Configuration. Then when deploying your applicaiton use the command -installDataSource (from admin.jar) to create the right datasource.
    You could probably use the name of your connection + "DS" so you can also use it locally in JDeveloper as JDev seesm to create this automaticly for your Connections.

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    You could use datasources. You should do this in your BC4J Configuration. Then when deploying your applicaiton use the command -installDataSource (from admin.jar) to create the right datasource.
    You could probably use the name of your connection + "DS" so you can also use it locally in JDeveloper as JDev seesm to create this automaticly for your Connections.

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    You can download JWSDP 2.0 from sun and install it. Under jaxws (the installed directory) you can find sample directory which has build.xml can be run from command prompt using ant. if you want in detail means go through the build.xml and use wsgen.bat or wsimport under the bin directory of jaxws
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    Have a look at your software directory : <sofware directory>/Disk1/stage/Response
    Here you will find 2 rsp files which you can use to install and then configure it all.
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    As said by my fellow posters Java Devolopment Environment (Except Microsoft implementation of JVM,this is no longer supported by MS themseleves) does not provide an built-in support to serve this cause.
    If you are looking to devolop a custom based solution the below is a good place to start with where end user is talking about Java <=> JNI <=> Native <=> COM connectivity.
    However,if you are looking for ready made solutions ?
    Implementation any one of the solutions stated below might serve your cause.
    Open Source Solutions:
    Commercial Solutions:
    Hope this might help :)

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    i have deployed the hello world sample
    now i want to know how to create and see the user interface of hello world sample.
    thanks and regards..

    If you go to bpel console host:port/BPELConsole (in a dev install, localhost:9700), click on your process, we will generate, based on the describing wsdl a UI for you ..
    hth clemens

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    can you please help me in ,
    how to create and delete an Endeca application inWindows machine not in Linux Machine.

    Steps to create an Endeca Application are clearly given in Getting Started Guide. (Chapter 6 : Deploying a Reference Application)
    If you want to create an endeca application so as to integrate with Product Catalog system such as ATG using ATG 10.1.1 or above , then create an endeca application using the discover-data-catalog-integration reference application. Steps for doing this are documented in ProductCatalogDTGuide (Deploying the Product Catalog Application)
    To delete an Endeca Application that you have created in Windows/linux
    1. Navigate to the control directory of the application that you want to remove and execute the script
    runCommand.bat --remove-app (Removes the provisioning information with EAC admin console)
    2. Remove the instance configuration files for the application using the emgr_update command line utility
    emgr_update.bat host localhost:8006 app_name My_app action remove_all_settings prefix My_prefix
    3. You can then explicitly delete the directory in the Endeca_apps directory where you have initially created your application.
    If you are using discover-data-catalog-integration, you can remove the CAS Record Store Instances by navigating to CAS/bin directory and executing
    ./ delete-component -n {YOUR_APP_RECORD_STORE_NAME}

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