How to create Auto PR ?

Kindly guide me & send me a manual for "How to create Auto PR ?"

Make MMR from MM01..Maintain MRP view...Enter necessary data like reorder point, MRP type, procurement type, etc..
Then maintain the source list for the vendor material combination, make it MRP relevent using the MRP indicator in it. Enter other data like validity period etc and other necessary data in it..and save it..
Then Go to MD03, make entries like Processing key as NTECH or NETPL or NEUPL as per your scenerio..
Other entries like 2 for PR, 3, 1, 1, 1,
and use tick for display result before you save the results...
Then save it...
Check MD05 and MD04 for your PR generation result....

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    Hi ,
    In my project, I am using the ADF frame work and I need to use the auto suggestion component.
    Can any body suggest me how to create Auto suggestion component by using of ADF tag.
    Waiting for your valuable suggestions...

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    You might get a lot more response.
    Jan Kettenis

  • How to create Auto complete text box in share point 2010 Visual web part

    Hi All ,
    I am want to use Auto complete text box in share point 2010 Visual web part ,data need to get from share point list how to  create 
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    Thanking you,
    Arun Darly

    Hi Arun,
    Please refer to the following article.
    SharePoint 2010: JQuery Autocomplete Textbox Containing List Items
    Please don't forget to mark it as answered, if your problem resolved or helpful.

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    How to Create Automatic transfer order after posting GR wrt PO
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  • How to create auto increment value in my column using identity ?

    hi Team,
    I have an requirement where i create an auto increment value ,with my table column
    Create table Temp(
    Name varchar(50),
    Emailid nvarchar(50),
    Phone varchar(50)
    so this is my table structure ,Here my column name is
    Deptid here i need to creat an autoincrement value with today's date like below
    .......................................... like this
    Here i need  only one column like identity column with the given incremental order,not more than one column
    so can u pls help me out any one.

    Here the output came like this ,
    1 STM0000120150121
    2 STM0000220150121
    3 STM0000320150121
    4 STM0000420150121
    5 STM0000520150121
    6 STM0000620150121
    7 STM0000720150121
    8 STM0000820150121
    9 STM0000920150121
    10 STM00001020150121 --see this exceed length
    and here i dnt need to increment that Stm000010,Here my output will come like this, idnt need to increment my charcter size
    1 STM0000120150121
    2 STM0000220150121
    3 STM0000320150121
    4 STM0000420150121
    5 STM0000520150121
    6 STM0000620150121
    7 STM0000720150121
    8 STM0000820150121
    9 STM0000920150121
    10 STM0001020150121
    11    STM0001120150121
    12    STM0001220150121 
    so here i dont  need to increment my charcter length(16)
    The length should be STM(3char)+00001(5Charcters)+CurrentDateFormat,
    see the above suggested o/p
    so can u pls help me out Dimant

  • How to create Auto weakly backup in Windows Server 2012

           1. I want to set auto backup in windows server 2012 Weakly.
    2. can i Set auto backup like a normal data copy.

    By configuring automatic backup, you can schedule this task according to your choice(weekly/monthly). You can use backup schedule wizard accessed from the Windows Server Backup user interface (Wbadmin.msc).
    To schedule backup task by using powershell, please checkout this link :
    Also, have a look at here :

  • How-to create auto-updating fields

    Hello, I'm having a slight problem with user controlled fields on the front panel. I'm using controls in LabVIEW 8.0, and my problem is that when a user enters a new value into a numeric control field, the control does not update and pass that value throughout the rest of the code unless the user presses the <enter> key while the field is still selected. Seems as though there should be an easy fix.
    Thanks in advance.

    Well to specify, what I'm trying to do is create a program for students to use in and education lab, just for simplicity it would be preferred that they not have to press enter at the end of every string of numbers written into a field. The controls that I'm using are governing for loop parameters; the for loop activates with a mouse down event structure. The problem is that if a student enters that they'd like the loop to perform say 500 iterations one time, and they wish for 300 the next; if they don't press enter after changing the value of the numeric control on the front panel the loop will perform 500 iterations again. I have tried using various types of event structures on the numeric control such as "key up" and "key down" however the same problem arises that they enter key must be pressed in order for the value to update.
    I've tried this both on the experiment VI, and a new blank VI with various control-to-indicator set-ups.

  • How to use auto incremented tabe to create a CMP Entity Bean

    I want create a CMP entitybean with an auto incremented table in
    Oracel. So I need to know
    - how to create a table with an auto-incremented field in oracel and
    - how to change the create() method according to that.
    I am using Sun studio enterprise for EJB developing.

    For auto increment in Oracle you should use Sequence/Trigger combination.
    And useful thread from EJB forum:

  • How to create Infopath form that auto populate data from one list to be fill by another user?

    hi.  I would like to ask, how to create form that fill by User A, for example, and then the User A assigned task to User B to complete the form. Next, the form will be approved by approver. May I know how to do
    that? and if possible, I do not want to use any programming code.
    Azuaniza Ariffin

    If your SharePoint environment supports InfoPath Forms, then you can customize the form and add rules to make the list items as read only when user A submits the form.
    you can then write a form load event to check the logged in user using username() function. This logic can be implemented in variety of ways, like setting a flag when User A submits the form, or storing user A username in a form variable etc., else comparing
    User A and User B values within form Load event.
    Another way of doing this is using Views or grouping all of the User A fields within a section etc.,
    The above would take care of Form logic, and for the workflow, you can use SharePoint designer to create a custom workflow, where it will run on onItemCreate and onItemChange events.
    The logic for workflow would be if the form Submitted for the first time, the workflow will start and send an email to User B, and when User B submits the Data then onItemChange change event will start the workflow to send an email to approver to approve
    the data.
    here are some links for your reference -
    Hope this helps!
    Ram - SharePoint Architect
    Blog -
    Please vote or mark your question answered, if my reply helps you

  • How to create a wallet in oracle RAC environment

    How to create a wallet in oracle RAC environment.
    While running following command "alter system set encryption key identified by "thalesdata4";
    I am getting error message "cannot auto create wallet" or "failed to open wallet.
    Please suggest correct way to create a wallet in RAC environment.

    please refer for detailed explanation
    Master Note for SSL Configuration in Fusion Middleware 11g [ID 1218695.1]

  • How to create subpicture for a button?

    I have really tried to find the answer to this rather silly problem on my own, but without result. Please help someone!
    The situation:
    I have a menu with three choices: "Play Movie", "Scene Selection" and "Subtitles". Now, the text presenting these choices are part of the background image, created in Premiere (the program I know best). They are written with an old typewriter to get that gritty feeling.
    I want the user to scroll between these "menu items". The currently selected item should be indicated by a black circle/spot/dot before the text of the item. By default, when the menu appears, there is a black circle in front of (to the immediate left of) the item "Play Movie". The user should now be able to step with his/her remote to the other items, thereby making the black circle in front of "Play Movie" disappear and appearing instead before some of the other items. In short: the black circle is always showing before the currently selected item. OK, I got a bit verbose there, but the idea got across hopefully. One more thing: the background color is 100% white.
    Up to this point, my solution was this: I placed black circles (small images with gradation and all, very nice looking) in front of ALL THREE ITEMS. Then I convert these into buttons. Then I choose the color set for the menu so that the unselected state is 100% white, plain and simple, with 100% opacity, thereby covering the black circles that should not show. Only in the selected and activated states does opacity for the button subpicture drop to 0%, thereby revealing the black circle that should be seen.
    The problem? Well, on some DVD-players (not on the XBOX 360 though), when an item is activated, all three circles show for a brief moment before the selected action starts (for example playing the movie). It also happens in Encore Preview. This is not logical at all and looks amateurish. I don't know why it happens, but my guess is that it wouldn't if I did this the "correct" way: by creating subpictures fo the buttons in the shape of circles. I understand the nice looking gradations must go out the window but that is a price I'm willing to pay.
    But now I run into an unexpected problem: I don't understand how to create a subpicture for the button that is a black circle. It seems the documentation in Encore and on forums in general takes for granted that you know how to do this.
    What I tried ws this: I created a monochrome, small image in bmp format - a black circle on white background. But this image just shows up as a black rectangle in Encore.
    What should I do? I should add that I have no real experience with Photoshop, so go slow if you go there.

    Basically, when one realizes the limitations of the Sub-picture Highlights, as set by the DVD-specs., it's easy to see the "workaround."
    A couple of the aspects of Sub-picture Highlights are:
    1.) 2-bit color (either ON, or OFF), from a limited color palette, with degrees of Transparency (the opposite of PS's Opacity).
    2.) they will appear on top of anything else on the Menu, including things like Button text/graphics.
    By constructing your Sub-picture Highlight in PS, you can use Masking to define where it will be, and where it will not be. In the case that prompted my article, the poster had a series of Text Buttons, and the Sub-picture Highlights were formed from that Text. The poster did not like the look of those 2-bit jagged blocks of color overlying the Text in the Button. The workaround is to "punch a hole" in the Sub-picture Highlight, so that it is hollow, where the Button's Text appears. This is done in PS, by using the "outline" of that Text to create a Mask for the Sub-picture Highlight. The jagged aspect can be adjusted a bit, by using a degree of Transparency (set in the non-Auto Color Set back in Encore). We still have a 2-bit color Sub-picture Highlight, and it still overlays the Button's Text, but now there is a hole in it, right where the Button's Text is located, and it is seen through that hole. The introduction of Transparency has the visual effect of "softening" the look of the 2-bit color, even though the jagged edges are still there - they just look softer. I went on to show how one could even use a second Sub-picture Highlight, that is just a bit larger than the first, and with more Transparency to simulate a "glow." Now, we cannot have a real "glow," because we are limited to that 2-bit color for the Sub-picture Highlight, but we can simulate it.
    Much of what a designer does is really slight of hand - illusion. They all have to work within the limitations of the DVD (or BD) specs., but with a bit of creativity, planning and some work in PS and Encore, they can create enough smoke and use enough mirrors to fool the user into believing that what they think they see skirt the DVD-specs. They do not, but that's where the illusion comes in.
    We get a lot of questions from people, who claim that one commercial DVD, or another, has full-color Sub-picture Highlights and they complain that Encore cannot do that - only 2-bit Sub-picture Highlights. What they are seeing, but do not realize it, is a dupe Menu, with a full-color graphic, and no real Sub-picture Highlight visible. Jeff gives full details on doing this. Same for those who have seen a Button with a duo-tone thumbnail, that turns full-color, when the Button is navigated to. Wow, how did they do that, and why can't Adobe Encore do that? Well, what they saw was a dupe Menu, with a full-color thumbnail and no visible real Sub-picture Highlight.
    Jeff shows how to create what appears to be at least a 3-color Sub-picture Highlight. It's really just 3 regular 2-bit color Sub-picture Highlights, with Masking to create the illusion that he beat the DVD-specs. Neat! [Being from the USA, I also liked that he used the US flag, but he could have chosen the French "Tri-color," or any other flag, without artwork.]
    These are all just tricks, but if the user buys into the illusion, who's to know?
    PS - though many of the great, older posts were lost, when the forum changeover happened, I strongly suggest reading the posts here. You can bypass ones that do not offer you anything, but almost every possible illusion has been discussed at least one time, and likely many, with some different workflows offered by those, who replied. Great reading.

  • How to create a SEQUENCE in MSSQL2005

    I am also having a similar problem which opened the thread
    Actually i am using a Repositery which is created in MSSQL2005.
    Now i want to create a SEQUENCE similar to Oracle and populate My surrogate Key Column.
    Can u tell me how to create a SEQUENCE in MSSQL2005?
    Does anyone is having the sql syntax?

    Hi Gourisankar,
    There is no sequence concept in MS SQL Server rather it has IDENTITY.
    In MS SQL Server if you declare a column type as a Identity it will be auto increment when a new record inserts.
    So in you underlying table create a column as ID and type as "Identity" and in your mapping leave that field un mapped.
    Have a look and google more on "identity in ms sql server" ;)

  • How to Create Business Partner with  fix number in t-code :BP

    Dear SIr,
    Normally I will set number range for auto  to create Business Partner. In case , If we would like to crea How to Create Business Partner with  fix number in t-code :BP , howe to do?
    Please kindly advise.
    THnak you and best regards,

    Dear Shobhit,
    How to put the thread as you mentioned.
    Best regards,

  • How to create FrameMaker glossary entries which convert properly to RoboHelp HTML 8?

    I have been having a challenging time creating FrameMaker 9 glossary
    entries which convert properly into RoboHelp HTML 8. Here is the process I'm doing, and perhaps someone call tell me what I'm doing wrong.
    1.) In the FrameMaker document, I highlight a word or phrase which serves as the "glossary term" to be defined.
    2.) I open the Marker dialog box, select the Glossary option, then enter the "glossary definition" for the highlighted "glossary term." I commit the entry.
    3.) In the FrameMaker Book file, I create a new "Index of Markers" (IOM) of "Glossary" type. Upon generation of the IOM, my FrameMaker output is much like a standard index: There are letter delimiters ("A," "B," C," etc.), and under each is the "glossary definition," then a page number where the "glossary term" is.
    4.) Now I go to RoboHelp HTML 8 and update the document there. The glossary displays such that the "glossary term" is the entire paragraph in which the marker had been placed in the FrameMaker source file. The "glossary definition" is displayed properly (the text I placed into the Marker dialog box.
    So, how am I to create auto-generating glossaries? This implies that I need to create a manual glossary whereby the "glossary term" is in a paragraph by itself (much like a printed glossary would look). Furthermore, I would need to add this manual glossary as a file in the FrameMaker Book file for RoboHelp 8 to detect and pull the entries.
    Surely this isn't as how it was designed. I suspect I'm doing something wrong in how I create glossary entries or create the file in the FrameMaker Book file.
    Could someone offer some assistance?
    Thank you very much in advance!
    Most sincerely,
    Sammy Spencer

    It's because you're doing your markers backwards. The text inside your Glossary marker should be the term. The paragraph your marker is inside is the definition.
    I should say, rather, that Robohelp does it backwards, because when I think of glossary terms and definitions, I think there should be a way to highlight a word and provide the definition in the hidden marker, not hide the term inside the marker.
    I am still figuring out how to make a glossary in my Framemaker file that will work with my Robohelp file, and not have Robohelp generate a separate content file for the glossary file. I think I'll get it, though. Eventually.

  • How to create subdirectories in playlist, ipod classic

    I am not familiar how to create subdirectories in Playlists in iPod Classic. Of course I have to user iTues software but I don't know how to create. Please guide me if anybody knows how to create subdirectories.
    I want like this (like windows how subdirectories are look)
    Thank you,

    To expand on that further, putting playlists within folders and/or folders within folders creates multiple levels of playlist organization. However, this only works in auto-sync mode, so if you manually manage your Classic the folder structure will not transfer over.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Unable to Send Mail to a Specific Domain

    I've searched the forum but found no answers. I have a new iMac and a MacBook, both running 10.5.1 The email settings are identical on both computers (I checked many times over). I can send an received mail on the MacBook, but can only receive email

  • How do I move photos from my ipad to a computer

    I have 21,000 pictures on my ipad that I need to move quickly and easily to my computer.  Any ideas?  Thanks, Sam

  • How can i know the version of autoconfig ?

    hi I am on 12.1.1 to determine my autopatch version i used Note 390666.1 i ran SET head off Lines 120 pages 100 col n_patch format A10 col bug_number format A10 col patch_name format A10 spool LACF_ptch_level.txt select ' LACF ' FROM dual; select bug

  • Get instructors of a course in PCH

    Hi experts , im working with DBL PCH and i have to get the external and internal instructors of a course , but I dont know in wich infotype or FM are or where have i looking for this information . regards david

  • Aperture quit unexpectedly after ios 6 upgrade - Help what is the solution?

    When opening Aperture after upgrading to ios 6 I receive the following error; Aperture quit unexpectedly .....  Process:         Aperture [738] Path:            /Applications/ Identifier: Ve