How to create Auto  . transfer order

Hi Guys
How to Create Automatic transfer order after posting GR wrt PO
What are the settings required for this?

Please refer the below link

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  • How to create automatic Transfer Order for posting change delivery mvt.321?

    We are using HU with WM functionality; While posting stocks after UD, the system creates a posting change delivery instead of directly posting the stock to unrestricted stock from quality stock.
    Now that we have to process the ourbound delivery bu creating a transfer order and confirming it and also do a Post Goods Issue against delivery then only the system posts the stock into unrestricted stock.
    Our client doesn't want to go thro' these process steps. They would like the stock to be posted to unrestricted automatically after UD stock posting (movement type 321). Is there a way out to automatically process the posting change delivery in the background including Transfer order creation and confirmation and PGI please?
    Thank you,

    Pls see the customizing.
    SPRO:  Logistic Excution>Warehouse management>interfaces-->Define Quality management

  • How to create a transfer order for stock lying in consignment?

    Hi All,
    I'm stuck creation of Transfer Order. The scenario is for Intercompany Stock Transfer.
    The delivering plant has the requested material as consignment stock only (in a bin in storage type HRC). When the delivering plant attempts to create TO for Outbound Delivery, the error says "System can not find storage bin". When I enter the source storage type and bin, the system says 'Storage type HRC doesn't allow negative stock figure".
    My question is, how to enable the system to search the consignment stock?

    Pl refer OSS note 13006 which says
    It is not possible to transfer vendor consignment stock from one plant to another plant (movement types 301 to 306 for special stock 'K').
    A stock transfer by means of a delivery is also not supported (movement types 641, 643, 647).
    Cause and prerequisites
    This program function is not supported.
    In order to implement this program function, it would be necessary to find a solution to the business-related aspect of the valuation problem:
    Since the consignment price of a material from a vendor can be different in the two plants involved, it would be possible to manipulate the consignment liabilities towards the vendor prior to consignment withdrawals by performing a transfer posting and thus transfering the consignment stock to a suitable plant.
    You can post the stock transfer in two steps:
    1. Post the stock issue in the issuing plant using movement type 562 in combination with the special stock indicator 'K', for example.
    2. Post the stock receipt in the receiving plant using movement type 561
    in combination with the special stock indicator 'K', for example.
    Hope this is helpful.

  • How to create separate Transfer Orders for different items in a single D/O?

    Hello gurus,
    In my D/O there may are Item A and Item B. I would like to have separate transfer orders created.
    1 T/O for Item A and another T/O for Item B. Currently, I get the message "L3131  No partial picking allowed for delivery documents". System does not allow.
    I have checked D/O Doc Type LF and Item Cat TAN. I don't see any field which allows partial picking (unless I missed it?).
    How / Where can I configure to allow such feature?

    I had exactly same problem, and I found no answer on the web.
    A friend, Anderson Ranéa, Senior WM Consultant, helped me...
    So... you need to set the flag PartialPick at: SPRO/LE/WM/Shipping/Interfaces/Shipping/Define Shipping Control/Shipping Control per Warehouse Number.

  • How to create collective Transfer order for a collective outbound delivery?

    Hello All
    I created a group of deliveries and I got two outbound documents, now I want to create a collective Transfer order it gives me an error “does not exist in T311” however the individual outbound delivery whiten the group could be picked
    Can any one help me to solve this
    Jacopo Francois

    Transfer order will create based on delivery document .  U got two delivery document number.
    So goto LT03
    enter delivery document number
    execute save.
    again goto LT03
    enter another delivery document number execute, save it

  • How to Create one TLB Order manually with multiple deployed STR's

    We are currently facing an issue when trying to make a TLB manually by right clicking on the deployed STR's.
    APO generates multiple orders for each item.
    Business requirement is to generate one TLB Order.   
    For example there are 10 Confirmed STR's and the  planner wants to choose the deployed STR's manually from the list of 10 products.   When we right cliick and select each product (for either partial or full ) it moves to the TLB order, but generates multiple orders.
    Is there a way to restrict the requested lines to be in one Order?  So that when the order is CIFed to ECC, there's only one STO generated with multiple lines.

    Hi Bhavesh,
                   By manual TLB process only you can create stock transfer order with SINGLE line item. because your deployed STRs always will have single line item and you are selection one by one and converting manually. in STD process you can not club items manually...
    Yes it can be very much possible by automatic TLB run. it will take all the deployed orders and converting as TLB order by considering TLB profile where min , max limits maintained. also there is concept if you maintain loading group in product master based on that materials will be grouped together.....
    Clubbing items into one order is done by TLB heuristics.. but when you do manually you are deciding how to do it?....
    You can do one thing... after creation of TLB order with single can edit and include some more items manually. Accordingly you need to delete deployed STRs.......
    If you want to automate this then you need to look out for BADI... not sure possible or not

  • How to create data transfer and copying requirements

    Hi Gurus,
    Can you tell me how to create data transfer and copying requirements in copying control for SD?

    Hi John,
    Go to Transaction code - VOFM.
    In the menu select Data Transfer and select where you want maintain the copying requirements i.e. at the order level, delivery level etc.
    Here, you can either create a new routine or change the existing routine according to your requirement.
    Make sure you activate the routine (click on Edit - Activate from menu) once you are done with the routine.

  • How to edit the Transfer order

    Hello All,
    I need to create a transfer order for a delivery in foreground mode. While creating this i have to select some particular products.
    Once the TO is created i have to make some changes in the TO (like i need to change the product).
    For this at current i am cancelling the TO and creating a new TO for the delivery selecting the same products which i have selected before (Only one product is changed now).
    To do this i have to copy/ note down the products which i have selected earlier and have to select the same now.
    Is that possible to edit/ change the TO created, so that i can change only the product which is changed.
    I am very new to SAP. Can anyone help me on this?
    Thank you.

    Hi Saranya,
    You are confusing two different things, batch is different and storage bin is different.
    Both are totally different.
    If you are looking for changing the batch, then probably check your delivery whether it has correct batch, if not then it needs to be changed in the delivery not in TO.Check how the batch gets updated in the delivery and ensure that the delivery is updated with correct batch.
    If you are looking for changing the bin, then as mentioned by Ricardo, check the thread.
    This will help you to decide the destination bin before Confirming the TO @ the first attempt itself.
    There is no need to change the TO.
    Change in Transfer Order for Storage Type & bin

  • Auto transfer order session immediately after saving delivery in vl01n

    Hi all,
    Auto transfer order session immediately after saving delivery in vl01n  means when do the delivery with vl01n system should open LT03 t.code session on the same session , how to achieve this please advice me.

    Hi Krishna,
    Please have a look at the SAP note 566090 FAQ for immediate transfer order creation, this note give you some explanation about immediate TO creation...

  • Creating "Immediate" Transfer Order

    I am able to create "Automatic" Transfer Order using a Batch job. But I am not able to cretae " Immediate" transfer order for a TR.
    What are settings i have to make / check in order to enable immediate To creation.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Ram,
    You can make immediate TO by using Reference Movt type - WM movt type mapping. Path is SPRO-LE-WM-Interfaces-IM-Define Movt types- LE-WM Interface to IM. Here you need to put X in column 9 (Create TR) and A (for Immediate Auto TO) in column 11. Try this and it should work. Also you need to maintain WMTA as output type for the delivery you want to have auto TO for.
    I am sure this will help you.
    Take Care

  • Pre-Allocated Stock - Auto Transfer Order

    I am looking at implementing a stock allocation process, but it looks to be conflicting with the auto transfer order process that we are using in receiving. 
    The allocation process is working fine, but as soon as I want to use an auto transfer order creation process, I get a failure message and the TO does not create.
    Is there a way to create the TO based on the allocation in the background without any message errors?

    can it be that you try to achieve something with this functionality for which this fuction is not designed?
    Preallocated stock is an exception to normal business, and the user tells this exception to SAP by maintained the table.
    So SAP knows about an exception and can act accordingly and e.g. pick the material directly from receiving area, and does not wait until all stock is putaway.

  • Auto Transfer Order settings

    Dear Experts,
    Plese explain the settings to create the Transfer Order automatically in background after goods receipting
    Thanks in advance,

    For auto-TO you need the following settings:
    SPRO /LE/ WM/ Activities/Transfers/Setup automatic TO
    Enter control of automatic TO creation
    Add entry in movement type (in area automatic TO)
    Setup job RLAUTA10 via SM36.
    You need to create variants first in SE38 for RLAUTA10. Also make sure that in interface IM-WM, you've set TR creation for the corresponding mvt, else the TO cannot be created.
    (you can also have the TO created immediately after MM booking)

  • While creating the Transfer Order system is not picking Sale order stock?

    Hi All,
    In the B2B  process the system is not picking the stock from from sale order stock while creating the transfer order? Please suggest.
    Summary : Here we are creating the PR in the sale order and STO is created using the same PR to procure the materials from the WM plant to sale order plant. Since here intialy we are moving the stock to our sale order in WM plant and then picking the same. But while creating the Transfer order system is not picking the sale order stock in WM plant.

    C S Javali
    Check in schedule line in transaction flow whether Transfer Req /assembly is checked or not

  • How to create multi garnishment order for the same garnishment document

    Can anyone tell me how to create multi garnishment order for the same garnishment document. I tried to copy the entry in IT0195 but the sequence field is grayed out so it will just delete the old record. What configuration should I do to make this possible?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    As far as I got it.
    You cannot have multiple Garnishment order but if a need arises you have to maintain it in IT216.
    For that follow this path goto PA30->pernr->194->change->Garnishment->adjustment.
    Since like order you cannot maintain adjustment also directly.
    Reward all helpful replies.

  • Error while creating TO(transfer order) w.r.t delivery note.

    I am usiing HU mgmt(Handling Unit Mgmt) with standard WH mgmt.
    I hae taken recipt of process order in MB31 transsanction which at the end give Inbound delivry no.
    now when i am going to create TO(Transfer Order) w.r.t that delivery no is gives error given below:
    " No items or handling units to be placed in storage could be determined"
    The inbound delivery does not have any items or handling units for putaway.
    i have tried by creating HU(Handling Unit) w.r.t t delivery & then try to create TO the same error was came at that time.

    can you check whether Warehouse number exists and transfer order creation is required or not at Delivery document under Picking tab

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