How to create business partner with Role : "Loyalty Partner"

During the creation of Loyalty Program, we can add loyalty partners which are Business Partners created with Role --> "Loyalty Partner". In standard package I could not see the the Role "Loyalty Partner"
For this role to be available during the creation of Business Partner, does any business functionality needs to be activated or should we create new role "Loyalty Partner" through BDT

Hi Vishal
Thanks for your explanation but I think it has not answered my question fully.
Yes, I do agree that only Loyalty Partners can be added in a Loyalty Program and those are Business Partners.
If you read through my question, I have asked how the system differentiates between Business Partners for example a sold to party and Loyalty Partner.  In other words, which part of data in the Business Partner is the one which actually differentiates a Loyal Partner with other Business Partners. I think, just creating a Business Partner with Role --> Loyaly Partner will not serve our purpose.
The BP view is the same and the BP Role category does not contain my customization to differentiate this
Hope you understand what I am trying to say. Please let me know if you have any questions !!

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    hi Experts,
    we are unable to create a BS with role of integration server, its throwing error with internal server 500.
    please advise. we do not have any issues while creating TS with role of WEBASABAP.
    thanks and regards,
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    Hi Kesava,
    what is the purpose of creating a business system of type IS? This is automatically done in the post installation by CTC templates. So if the post installation is successfully executed, this should already be there. And if not you should check if the post installation was properly executed and if there where problems analyse why they occured.
    The creation of the BS is just one part of the game, so I would highly recommend to execute the hole post configuration via template or follow the and execute it step by step manually in the described order. Otherwise i guess this will not work.
    If there where just problems with SLD - please also have a look at SA Note 1117249 - Incomplete Registration of PI components in SLD
    best regards,

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    Dear Shobhit,
    How to put the thread as you mentioned.
    Best regards,

  • Create business partner with role 'Internet User' via BP

    We want to create business partner with role 'BUP005 Internet User'
    for purpose to link with created early user su01.
    It's work via isauseradm application, Web UI.
    Now I want to create new role 'BUP005 Interner user' via GUI. I started Tcode BP.
    I filled USERNAME, password, roles. I tried to save BP.
    I got this error:
    Enter the Internet user
    Message no. R11214
    You have maintained attributes (logon data, roles and/or fixed values) for the Internet user, without having entered the Internet user itself.
    Field 'INTERNETUSER' is not changeble.

    Hi, DJ
    Thank you for answer)
    1. Have you saved the BP. If Yes, just see if the INTERNET USER maintained is available in SU01.
    Yes, but I can not see  INTERNET USER in the BP.
    2. If you are not able to assign the INTERNET USER, please try to maintain the INTERNET USER in BP.
    I can not do it, because I can not change field INTERNET USER
    3. If the INTERNET USER field is not available, just check the authorization for the same.
    I has all authorization: sap_all.

  • CRM 7.0 How to create Business role & generate

    Hi Team,
    Can you please let me know some breif idea about CRM 7.0 security guide.
    How to created Business role is this part of functional activity?
    Whats the role of Technical colleagues BASIS guys in CRM 7.0 security .
    Please help me to get some document regarding business role creation , generation , assignment & authorization checks in CRM 7.0.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vyash Mishra

    Hello Viyash
    I will add the most important information for generation of business roles and assignment of authorizations to users.
    You must first create the PFCG roles. PFCG role is built based on the Business Role.
    Please see documentation in : SPRO
    SAP Implementation Guide =>  Customer Relationship Management
    UI Framework  > Business roles > Define Authorization Role
    Then the PFCG role can be assigned to the business role in 
    SAP Implementation Guide =>  Customer Relationship Management
    UI Framework  > Business roles > Define Business role
    Finally you must assign business roles to Organizations or positions in organizations in
    SAP Implementation Guide =>  Customer Relationship Management
    UI Framework  > Business roles > Define Organizational Assignment
    The users that are assigned to such organizations / positions will be therefore linked to the business role.
    With the previous steps the users will have the authorizations that are assigned to the PFCG profile that is linked to their business role.
    Business roles are the main way to configure authorizations for users in CRM but you have more options that give you flexibility.Each business role has assigned one PFCG role, but the relationship between business role and PFCG role is not strict. You can even assign a dummy PFCG role to a certain business role in business role customizing and then go to transaction PFCG and assign other PFCG role(s) to the users that are assigned to that business role.
    I would say that the previous tasks must be performed by the basis team but in cooperation with the functional team
    Best Regards
    Luis Rivera

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    Dear friends,
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      please send the following mail address
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                      Thangs in advance

    Refer to the links below might get u some info
    General Business Partner-initial screen
    Business partner as Template
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    Creating or Changing Master data Template
    Reward if USeful
    Thanx & Regards.

  • How to create business partner in solman

    How to create business partner in solman?...

    Check pages 8 - 11 in this document.
    This would solve your problem.
    feel free to revert back.

  • Where and how to create business rules?

    Hi All,
    1) Where and how to create business rules?
    2) How to configure Rule Engines (Ex: JRULE Engine or any other Rule Engines)?
    3) Whar products are available for Rule Engines?
    Thanks in advance

    You have some options on business rules.
    If you just want to create business rules that are easy for business owners to edit without a lot of training, Oracle BPM has a simple business rules creation and end user edit capability. The benefits to using the rules that come with Oracle BPM are:
    <li> they are simple and easy to edit
    <li> end users can get up to speed quickly to edit them
    <li> when changed, the business process is immediately impacted
    <li> they can use the Oracle BPM business parameters that also come with the product
    Drawbacks are:
    <li> you can only use Project variables as the variable content inside of them
    <li> if a company already has a business rules engine, they are different that the company's standard
    Business rules engines have been used with Oracle BPM. If you are a consultant, first ask if there is a standard business rules engine that the company already has purchased that they use (e.g. iLog from IBM, Corticon...). If this is the case, you typically integrate to the rules using a web service interface that the business rules engine exposes.
    If they do not already have a business rules engine, consider Jrules. The benefits are:
    <li> it is a part of the Oracle BPM Suite that they might have purchased
    <li> version 11g of the Jrules is coming out soon with a friendly front end
    Hope this helps,

  • How to link Business Place with plant

    Dear Expert,
    We are getting Business Place wise FBL3N report for Vat Payable GL code.
    We have created Business Place under Extended Witholding Tax tab.
    We are generating tax invoice in different plant.
    But how to link Business Place with plant so that FBL3N report will show Business place.

    You can't make an entry directly to production server.
    You have to make the changes in Dev server then transport it to production server.
    Try the follow path
    SPRO-IMG-Cross-Application Components-General Application Functions-Place of Business-Assign Business Places to Plants.

  • How to create sharepoint Group with read only permissions using powershell for entire site ?

    How to create sharepoint Group with read only permissions using powershell for entire site (including subsites and top level site)

    using (SPSite site = new SPSite(url))
    using (SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb())
    SPUserCollection users = Web.AllUsers;
    SPUser owner = users[string.Format("{0}{1}", "Domain", "Owner Username")];
    SPMember member = users[string.Format("{0}{1}", "Domain", "Default Member Username")];
    SPGroupCollection groups = Web.SiteGroups;
    string GroupName = “Super Exclusive”;//your group name
    string GroupDescription = “Super exclusive group description.”;
    groups.Add(GroupName, owner, member, GroupDescription);
    SPGroup NewSPGroup = groups[GroupName];
    SPRoleDefinition role = Web.RoleDefinitions["Read"];
    SPRoleAssignment roleAssignment = new SPRoleAssignment(NewSPGroup);
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    as answer' if it helped you, also 'vote
    helpful' if you like this reply.

  • How to create a node with attributes at runtime in webdynpro for ABAP?

    Hi Experts,
             How to create a node with attributes at runtime in webdynpro for ABAP? What classes or interfaces I should use? Please provide some sample code.
    I have checked IF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE_INFO and there is ADD_NEW_CHILD_NODE method. But this is not creating any node. I this this creates only a "node info" object.
    I even check IF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE but i could not find any method that creates a node with attribute.
    Please help!

       I am getting the following error while creating a dynamic context node with 2 attributes. Please help me resolve this problem.
    The following error text was processed in the system PET : Line types of an internal table and a work area not compatible.
    The error occurred on the application server FMSAP995_PET_02 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: GET_REF_TO_TABLE of program CL_SALV_WD_DATA_TABLE=========CP
    My code is like the following:
    TYPES: BEGIN OF t_type,
                CARRID TYPE sflight-carrid,
                CONNID TYPE sflight-connid,
             END OF t_type.
      Data:  i_struc type table of t_type,
      dyn_node   type ref to if_wd_context_node,
      rootnode_info   type ref to if_wd_context_node_info,
      i_node_att type wdr_context_attr_info_map,
      wa_node_att type line of wdr_context_attr_info_map.
          wa_node_att-name = 'CARRID'.
          wa_node_att-TYPE_NAME = 'SFLIGHT-CARRID'.
          insert wa_node_att into table i_node_att.
          wa_node_att-name = 'CONNID'.
          wa_node_att-TYPE_NAME = 'SFLIGHT-CONNID'.
          insert wa_node_att into table i_node_att.
    clear i_struc. refresh i_struc.
      select carrid connid into corresponding fields of table i_struc from sflight where carrid = 'AA'.
    rootnode_info = wd_context->get_node_info( ).
    rootnode_info->add_new_child_node( name = 'DYNFLIGHT'
                                       attributes = i_node_att
                                       is_multiple = abap_true ).
    dyn_node = wd_context->get_child_node( 'DYNFLIGHT' ).
    dyn_node->bind_table( i_struc ).
    l_ref_interfacecontroller->set_data( dyn_node ).
    I am trying to create a new node. That is
    As you see above I am trying to create 'DYNFLIGHT' along with the 2 attributes which are inside this node. The structure of the node that is, no.of attributes may vary based on some condition. Thats why I am trying to create a node dynamically.
    Also I cannot define the structure in the ABAP dictionary because it changes based on condition
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  • How to create excise invoice with reference thorugh credit memo

    Hi All,
    Please provide any solution for the following qurey:
    How to create excise invoice with reference thorugh credit memo

    Hi murali,
    i am unable to understand your requirement i think there is no like this scenario requirement for any client
    if any requirement is there kindly explain detail

  • How to create a complaint with pre-decessor document Inovice?

    Hello experts,
    I need create a complaint with reference to a pre-decessor document type Invoice (apart from other types such as sales order and service order). Can someone enlighten me
    1) how to create an invoice in IC Web Client and backend?
    2) how to create a complaint with reference to this created invoice in IC Web client and backend?
    Thanks a lot!!!

    Hi Easwar
    Thanks  a lot for answering the question.
    Yes I do have CRM Billing documents. But the problem is
    a) either the billing document doesn't have Transfer to Accounting status Transferred or
    b) a transferred billing document, but all items have error "Unable to offset billing item 90003458 0000000060" etc.
    Do you know
    1) how I can make a billing document have "Transferred" status? Pressing "Transfer to Accounting" button in the billing document overview page will only set the status to "Being transferred". And it's always being tranfered.
    2) What does the error "Unable to offset billing item ... "mean? How to get rid of them?
    Thanks a lot!

  • How to create a table with events in smartforms?

    How to create a table with events view in smartforms?
    It doesn't like general table with header, main area and footer.
    for example:
    in smartforms: LE_SHP_DELNOTE
    table name is TABLEITEM(Delivery items table)

    Vel wrote:
    I am creating XML file using DBMS_XMLGEN package. This XML file will contain data from two different database tables. So I am creating temporary table in the PL/SQL procedure to have the data from these different tables in a single temporary table.
    Please find the below Dynamic SQL statements that i'm using for create the temp table and inserting the data into it.
    Before insert the V_NAME filed, i will be appending a VARCHAR field to the original data.
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'INSERT INTO TEMP_TABLE values (SEQUENCE.nextval,:1,:2)' USING V_NAME,vLastDate;What exactly i need is to eliminate the INSERT portion of it,Since i have to insert more 90,000 rows into it. Is there way to have the temp table created with data in it along with the sequence value as well.
    I'm using Oracle version.
    Edited by: 903948 on Dec 22, 2011 10:58 PMWhat you need to do to eliminate the INSERT statement is to -- as already suggested by others - eliminate the temporary table. You don't need it. It is just necessary overhead. Please explain why you (apparently) believe that the suggestion of a view will not meet your requirements.

  • How to create shipment document with out inbound delivery document

    Dear Friends
    How to create shipment document with out outbound/inbound delivery document.
    In my client scenario, there is no inbound delivery for normal purchases.
    Just there are raising the PO to vendor, then they are doing MIGO for goods receipt.
    Can we do shipment creation with reference to PO?
    If it is possible, how it will be?
    Please let it solve
    With regards

    Dear Sameer,
    Please go to transaction VT01N here you enter Transportation planning point and shipment type then press enter.
    Now system will take you to the shipment document creation screen here you click on Select deliveries or press F6 now system will take you to the select outbound deliveries screen in this screen you enter selection data then execute, now deliveries will get assigned to that shipment.
    After assigning the deliveries enter the remaining data then complete the shipment finally save the shipment document.
    For more information please go through this SAP help link
    Note:- Shipment process need to be carry out for the deliveries before PGI.
    I hope this will help you,

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