How to create chess game using Adobe flash CS3

I want to develop a web application that when a user is login the game will automatically search for oppents onlinethat are accessing the same website. I want to design a chess game that does not contain any AI programming. What I want is that a simple chess setup that online user can only play.

use google to search for tutorials.  that's a very complex undetaking so unless you feel you have advanced programming skills, you would be better served starting with a simpler game like tic-tac-toe.

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       how to create Crossword Puzzle Using adobe captivate

    Hi Darrell!
    I've develeppoed a scrubber starting from the modification JackPister made to your code:
    I would like that scrubber can move in a circular path and it actually moves, but doesn't scrub... :-(
    Any idea!
    Many thanks in advance for your support!

  • How to create arabic forms using adobe central forms

    How to create arabic forms using adobe central forms

    Any luck here? I have just a subset of your challenge, i.e., I want to get forms designed in Designer 8.2/Acrobat 9 to work in Reader 7.0.5

  • How do I update Java for Adobe Flash CS3?

    When I ran Secunia Software Inspector today it told me that
    the version of Java I have installed on my computer is out of date.
    It tells me that it is finding 3 out-of-date files:
    Once here:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_04\bin\java.exe
    Twice here:
    and three times here:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\java.exe
    I updated Java via the Sun website and consequently the first
    and second warnings disappeared when I reran the Software
    The software inspector however is still finding an
    out-of-date Java version here:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\java.exe
    Question is: How do I update Java for Adobe Flash CS3?
    Is it adequate to copy the updated file "java.exe" from
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_04\bin\" to "C:\Program
    Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\" or do I need to do anything
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    I have the same problem of you, and the same dont find a
    solution. Me it's Kaspersky Anti Virus (AV) which find this
    So (and I dont know if this solution is perfect), but I open
    Flash CS3 with the Java update choiced and apparently Flash
    fonctionnely well and Kaspersky dont find this
    prob now. But I dont never use Java in Flash (or without that
    I know that..), and same, I dont know at what Java is used in Flash
    I think that "JRE v 1.6.0_04" and more recent Java version is
    not good, because it's not quite the same Java application that in
    Flash CS3, In Flash CS3 it's "J2RE" and
    not "JRE".
    The history of all Java versions (and this) is here (
    (but in all this versions... seriousely it's a true shambles !)
    If you want the last version for J2RE in this archives it's v but the last version is J2RE but dont again in
    this archives
    (search on Java site, maybe first page ? I dont remember
    where I to find it...). But the problem... it's that this last
    version (19) is always detected bad by my AV...
    So I decide to use just the next version (v 1.5) and last
    version in this series (in archives site) which is the "JDK/JRE -
    5.0 v 5.0.16" but again named "Java 2 Platform
    Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 Update 16" in this dowload next
    archives page,
    so well again named "Java 2" in this page (that which dont
    the case for the equivalent same download page for Java 6...)
    (Choice "JRE 5.0 Update 16" in this page)
    For instal "JRE 5.0 Update 16":
    1) Supp all files and folders in "JVM" (Java Virtual Machine)
    folder in Flash CS3 (but dont supp this folder, empty now) and save
    this contents in archive in you have
    2) dl "JRE 5.0 Update 16", directly in this page if you want:
    ( [email protected]_Dev
    3) In install, choice "personal instal" (or +/- the same
    terms) and choice the "JVM" folder of you Flash CS3
    and AV dont detect this version same a bad file

  • How to successfully install and use Adobe Flash Player on an iMac?

    I have the latest OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.  It makes actually several years that I have not been able to view videos that use Adobe Flash Player.  This is true of several sports websites I like such as and  A few days ago I have upgraded my OS to the most current one.  And, I retried downloading Adobe Flash Player and it made no difference.  I tried to see the videos using numerous different browzers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) with no success. 
    I know Steve jobs hated Adobe Flash Player because it was so inefficient.  But, I thought one could still use it with Mac computers.  Are you guys having as much difficulty as I am?  If not what are the solutions to running Adobe Flash Player?  Thank you in advance for your information.  

  • How to create a scrollbar using adobe edge animiate

    hello again,
    i am having trouble creating a custom scrollbar with scrolling content using adobe edge animiate. i first tough that adobe edge animiate replace flash catalyst but with flash catalyst, i can easily create scrollbar but i am having a hard drive.
    i know that i can use the overflow but i want to create a custom scrollbar with custom color, just like when using flash catalyst.
    please help.

    Hi Darrell!
    I've develeppoed a scrubber starting from the modification JackPister made to your code:
    I would like that scrubber can move in a circular path and it actually moves, but doesn't scrub... :-(
    Any idea!
    Many thanks in advance for your support!

  • How to create a comment form in Flash CS3

    I am trying to create an add comment form in Flash cs3. I
    have the background design and the text input areas and sub mit
    buttons. But how do I get the submit button to add the comment to a
    different area in the same flash file? My inputs and buttons are on
    the left side of the stage and my display comments is on the right
    side of the stage. How do I connect the two?

    The user types something into a text input space and when the
    user then uses the submit button, you want that same, user entered,
    text to display in another, different, text area? If that's the
    case then make that second text area a dynamic textfield and set
    its text property to the text property of the input text

  • How to creating a web banner in Flash CS3?

    Hi all,
    I'm very new to Flash CS3. Can anyone give me a step-by-step
    instructions on how to make a banner for a web-site? Or a link were
    i can find step-by-step instructions?
    I have googled it but found no real help. I have tryed
    "Youtube" hoping to even fine any one (most likely a child) with
    directions on how to do this. Funny thing is that it seems most 8
    year olds are better at Flash CS3 than I am & i'm 45.
    Anyway, if you can help please make it simple or for the
    simple minded. :)
    Thanks to all!!

    I understand your pain...I just posted a similar request
    earlier today for help but finally figured it out on my own. I've
    done lots of searching online and used Adobe's Flash Classroom in a
    Book and also took an online ed2go class and I still don't have a
    good handle on Flash. Nothing seems to give clear step by step
    directions on animating images for web banners. You just have to do
    a lot of trial and error. These websites may help if you don't have
    time for the classes:

  • How to create interactive links, using Adobe InDesign.

    After you create a book in InDesign and export as PDF, the links do not work, nothing happens. They are linked to each document individually.
    I need to work within the generated PDF.
    What to do?
    thank you
    <moved to the indesign forum by mod>

    What version of InDesign? What operating system? What kind of links did you make? What tool did you use? Did you export to PDF (Interactive)?

  • Saving data on iPhone, using Adobe Flash/AIR

    Hi, I'm new here. Anyway, I've been working on an iPhone game using Adobe Flash CS 5.5 and Adobe AIR, and now I'm trying to save data to the iPhone and I'm totally lost. I've read other forum posts elsewhere about the Local Encrypted Store, about using Shared Objects, about writing to and reading from a text file, but nothing seems to be working (I haven't tried the text one yet, because I don't know how to implement it).
    I tried the standard code for shared objects, but nope, nothing happens on the iPhone. I tried using the Local Encrypted Store, but the .isSupported always returns false. What am I doing wrong, and how do I fix this? Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum, I'm new here and I really need help. Thanks in advance.

    Puffin might be a good option for some people as well.  Same principle as your TeamViewer solution, but more streamlined - they run a flash instance on a server in the cloud and stream the results back to a specialized browser.
    Puffin Web Browser - The fastest mobile browser with Flash support over cloud on iPad, iPhone and Android.

  • How do I access Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4?

    I want to animate and most of my favorite animators use Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4. I have Adobe Creative Cloud installed and Flash Professional CC demo, but I have no idea what to do from then.

    You find an honest place to buy the programs
    Old or Used Software warns about buying from eBay

  • Adobe Flash CS3 Rollover Question

    This should be a relatively simple question. I am using Adobe
    Flash CS3. I created an image in photoshop with layers and imported
    it in to flash. Basically the image I have is a map with a bunch of
    different states and my goal if when a user rolls over a state I
    want to state to display a color. As many of you know states are
    not in perfect rectangles, so when I do this click on a layer,
    convert to a symbol, then change the rollover state to the way I
    want it, the active rollover "hotspot" overlaps with other states
    because the layer outline overlaps with the other layers. Therefore
    I can not produce the ability to click or rollover neighboring
    states. Basically I need to use some type of hotspot function or
    tool to get rid of the default rectangle that revolves around the
    Please give me specific directions on how to change the layer
    shape to conform more with the actual layer rather than a rectangle
    surrounding the layer.
    Please let me know if you have any questions,

    Bookmark and download Flash from here, DO NOT trust any website telling you to install anything or follow their links.
    Flash update
    Silverlight update
    There is a FlashBack trojan making the rounds which tries to con people into installing it by looking like it's the real thing.
    Make sure your Flash (and Silverlight) is current by running these checks
    You Mac likely will come across sites and content that won't play in Quicktime or in your web browser unless you install additonal codecs
    You can get them here
    Flip4Mac $29
    How to install
    When you click a link, a download of the installer file occurs to your Downloads Folder usually located next to your Trash Can or in your Users Folder.
    Open the folder and double click (or File: Open) the download and icon can appear on your desktop which you open and inside is a installer package which you double click on to launch the installer.
    OS X will check the download to make sure you intended to start it and that it's not malware it knows about.
    Follow the installer instructions to install the software onto your computer and quit when finished.
    Some require the browsers to be closed first, others require the machine to be restarted to enable the software.
    Once the install is completed, remove any and all downloads from your Download folder, it's safer to keep this folder empty so you can keep track of what appears in there.
    Drive by downloads of malware can occur and reside in the Downloads folder, mixing in with files residing there and await your click to install.

  • Help with adobe flash cs3?

    I don't know where else to put this topic, so I'm putting it here. I'm using Adobe Flash CS3, and I want to rotoscope a movie I made in FCE. I imported it (numerous times now, each taking about 20 minutes), but I can't figure out how to add it so it is in seperate keyframes so I can actually start rotoscoping. Does anyone know anything about this? Any help is appreciated- I've spent about two hours too many trying to figure it out. I might just be stupid... but...
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    I don't know where else to put this topic, so I'm putting it here. <
    You want the Flash forums that are at and and elsewhere.
    <div class="jive-quote">I'm using Adobe Flash CS3, and I want to rotoscope a movie I made in FCE. < </div>
    But why have you chosen Flash to do the roto? Why not After Effects or even Photoshop?
    I imported it (numerous times now, each taking about 20 minutes), but I can't figure out how to add it so it is in seperate keyframes so I can actually start rotoscoping. < </div>
    Separate "keyframes?" Do you mean individual FRAMES? You must export out of your editor as an image sequence. Easy. See the online help system or the manuals.
    I might just be stupid... but...< </div>
    You're not stupid, you just are in a bit over your head. Incomplete research. Roto is a huge niche industry, heavily supported with lots of tutorials but...
    Rotoscoping is difficult under the best conditions, you want to find some tutorials from Flash support sites before tackling this.
    ? < </div>
    Please do not bump your own posts. It's rude, especially since this is not a direct Final Cut issue and there is no immediate crisis involved. You just haven't figured out how or where to look for assistance.
    I converted it to a quicktime file, though.< </div>
    Yes, but you used the wrong export type.

  • Adobe Flash CS3 help needed

    I need help very badly....
    Here is the reader's digest version.....
    I purchased a flash website template for my local band to try
    to elimate the pain of creating one from scratch. I never used
    Adobe Flash CS3 before, but figured I could figure out enough
    (through reading & forums) to change what I needed to
    personalize my site. Well, I have spent countless hours learning,
    and changing, and have come up with a pretty sweet website using
    this template. I now have only 2 problems left that I can not
    figure out no matter what I try.
    One of my pages is set up so that fans can listen to and/or
    save any of 3 songs that I have recorded in MP3 format. I have
    basically 3 columns set up: the 1st column has the song name, the
    2nd has speaker icons, and the 3rd column has floppy disk icons. I
    want to be able to click the speaker graphic, and play the MP3
    song, or click the floppy disk graphic and enable any fan to save
    the file. I figure there has to be a fairly simple way to do this,
    but I sure can't figure it out, and I'm starting to pull my hair
    out. Please help....
    Remember, I have just basic Adobe CS3 skills so a description
    of what to do has to be fairly easy to understand....
    Thanks in advance!!!

    Please help.......

  • Can i make Animations with Adobe Flash CS3 Professionals?

    can i make Animations with Adobe Flash CS3 Professionals? my
    goal is to make a Animation Serie But i got no Expereience!
    Is it any place i can learn how to use Adobe Flash CS3
    Professionals? Can i get a tutorial/training thing on

    Just scratch the surface by using the search functions on
    this site or google - thousands of
    websites that showcase flash animations since version 3 back
    in the late 90's - many websites have
    dedicated themselves to flash training and tutorials over the
    Basically, anything on the web that looks animated, right
    click over it and 9 times out of ten it
    will say "Flash".
    Chris Georgenes
    Adobe Community Expert
    Arfusman wrote:
    > can i make Animations with Adobe Flash CS3
    Professionals? my goal is to make a
    > Animation Serie But i got no Expereience!
    > Is it any place i can learn how to use Adobe Flash CS3
    Professionals? Can i
    > get a tutorial/training thing on

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi all, Our BI has been already upgraded to 7.0. Currently connected to R/3 4.7. Now a new box is made with ECC 6.0 and Oracle 8 which is a mirror copy of the r/3 4.7.Once the new box is ready the BI 7.0 connection will be switched from R/3 4.7 to th

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    Hi all    I have created(copied an Existing to a new) a Z Role in the System !     And Saved it ! I could see it as an element in the BP View !    Now I went to do the Field Grouping !  Under Basic Settings of BP, I selected the Filed Groupings --> C

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    why can,t i sign in to apple tv

  • How to change series/groups of a DVT graph at runtime?

    With my scenario, I would like to bind a graph with a dynamic query. "Dynamic" means the query constructed at runtime. So I want to detrmine the series and groups of a DVT graph at runtime. I.e., I want to do this with Java programatically. I read so

  • Discoverer Error - "Failed to open document"

    Hi, I'm having this wierd problem. Sometimes, I get a message " Failed to open Document" error on Discoverer 4 User edition. I cannot open the worksheet I create. It does not display any error code or message. Please advice