How to create Crossword Puzzle Using adobe captivate

   how to create Crossword Puzzle Using adobe captivate

Hi Darrell!
I've develeppoed a scrubber starting from the modification JackPister made to your code:
I would like that scrubber can move in a circular path and it actually moves, but doesn't scrub... :-(
Any idea!
Many thanks in advance for your support!

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    How to create arabic forms using adobe central forms

    Any luck here? I have just a subset of your challenge, i.e., I want to get forms designed in Designer 8.2/Acrobat 9 to work in Reader 7.0.5

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    hello again,
    i am having trouble creating a custom scrollbar with scrolling content using adobe edge animiate. i first tough that adobe edge animiate replace flash catalyst but with flash catalyst, i can easily create scrollbar but i am having a hard drive.
    i know that i can use the overflow but i want to create a custom scrollbar with custom color, just like when using flash catalyst.
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    Hi Darrell!
    I've develeppoed a scrubber starting from the modification JackPister made to your code:
    I would like that scrubber can move in a circular path and it actually moves, but doesn't scrub... :-(
    Any idea!
    Many thanks in advance for your support!

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    After you create a book in InDesign and export as PDF, the links do not work, nothing happens. They are linked to each document individually.
    I need to work within the generated PDF.
    What to do?
    thank you
    <moved to the indesign forum by mod>

    What version of InDesign? What operating system? What kind of links did you make? What tool did you use? Did you export to PDF (Interactive)?

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    I want to develop a web application that when a user is login the game will automatically search for oppents onlinethat are accessing the same website. I want to design a chess game that does not contain any AI programming. What I want is that a simple chess setup that online user can only play.

    use google to search for tutorials.  that's a very complex undetaking so unless you feel you have advanced programming skills, you would be better served starting with a simpler game like tic-tac-toe.

  • How to create crossword using Adobe captivate

    how to create crossword using Adobe captivate

    OK.  Again I am not needing clarification here.  Did you INSERT the SWF as an animation into the Captivate project? Or, did you keep the SWF as an external file?  If the SWF is external to the main Cp SWF then perhaps it's not working when you publish because the content cannot find the SWF.  If you have made sure that the SWF is definitely in the publish location, check whether or not you have that location set as a trusted location in your Flash Global Security settings.

  • To create a simulation tutorial of an iPad App using Adobe Captivate 08.

    To create a simulation tutorial of an iPad App using Adobe Captivate 08.
    The solution I got is to use Reflector App to mirror the iPad on to the PC and then record the screen. And to show user taps (essential for creating a simulation) through the reflector, NRTouchPoints, a UIWindow subclass that simulates user touches on the screen, has to be included in the application. Has anyone tried this out? Is this suggestion feasible?

    After developing the .swf, I'm creating a .apk (Android application
    package) file which includes the finished .swf file (at 720x1280), 3 icon
    files  (one of which is used as the button on the Android screen to start
    the app), the required .xml file (which holds the necessary info on how
    Android uses the .apk file).
    The finished .apk file is then uploaded to the Android device using the adb
    (Android Debug Bridge) commands in a command prompt.
    Gary Giurbino*
    eLearning Developer
    *Enterprise *Product Docs & Communication
    W: 650.214.2462
    [email protected]
    1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy
    Mountain View, CA 94043

  • How to creating pdf documents using c# and Adobe SDK

    I downloaded Adobe SDK and go through the samples given in sdk. But i couldn't find any sample code how to create PDF file using C# code.
    Please, help me with this.

    For desktop-based solutions, look at the Adobe Acrobat SDK which enables development around Acrobat itself. Or if you wish a stand-alone solution (for either desktop or server), we offer the Adobe PDFLibrary, which is the same technology used by all of Adobe's applications.
    For the server, we have our LiveCycle products including LC Generator.

  • BUG:  Advanced Actions duplicated when creating NEW PROJECTS FROM TEMPLATE using Adobe Captivate 8.

    Need:  CREATE NEW PROJECTS FROM TEMPLATE using Adobe Captivate 8. 
    Problem:  NEW PROJECT (.cptx) duplicates the Advanced Actions originally configured within TEMPLATE FILE (.cpt.).
    For example: Template file (.cptl) advanced action "_initializeModule" gets duplicated as "_initializeModule1", "_initializeModule2", "_initializeModule3" within NEW PROJECT.  FYI, the original "_initializeModule" advanced action still appears.
    MAJOR BUG, what the heck is going on?!?!!!  Planning to deploy this template file to use for multiple courses with multiple users, this WILL cause epic confusion across the board.

    Similar problem, think they are working on it as well: when dragging a shared action from an external library to a slide or object event, and that action is using a parameter that was already created for another shared action, there will be a new parameter created which really screws up the shared action contrary to this problem. Tip: for the moment do not drag shared actions from an external library immediately to an event, but drag them first to the Library: Reuse Shared Actions in other Projects - Captivate 7 vs. 8 - Captivate blog

  • Creating Deployment Packages for Adobe Captivate 7 and Presenter 9 using CCP

    Using Creative Cloud Packager 1.1 :
    User needs to Sign in with Adobe ID and password 
    Enter Adobe Captivate 7 or Adobe Presenter 9 Serial Number :
    It will validate the key and ask you about the details of Captivate 7 or Presenter 9 Package :
    You can choose the product and components you want packaged
    Once you click on “Build”, it will download and create the package for Adobe Captivate 7
    Note : Adobe CCP 1.1 is available in LWS (Adobe Licensing Website) downloads.
    Adobe Support

    Hi Geoffrey,
    Welcome to Adobe Forums!
    To create the deployment Package for Adobe Captivate 7 you need Creative Cloud Packager instead of AMEE 3.1 .
    You can download the Creative Cloud Packager (CCP) from your Licensing account ( .
    Please folow the below link to create the package: te_7_and_adobe_presenter_9
    Hope this helps !
    Thanks and Regards
    Himanshu Satija

  • Using Adobe Captivate 6, how can I replicate the PPt text animations wherein I can float in timed?

    Using Adobe Captivate version 6.0, I want to be able to do what I always could in PowerPoint - in a bulleted list, cause each bullet to float (or other animation) into place, establish a timing for each line.

    To do this in Captivate, you need each bullet to be a separate text caption. You can then apply fly-in effects and time them to coincide with the voiceover.  There's no way to make the bullets fly separately in if they are all in the same text caption.

  • Setting up Rational Set Matrix Quizzes using Adobe Captivate 7

    My Boss wants me to setup a quiz with 3 set levels of difficulty in Adobe Captivate 7, he wants  5 questions each in random order. The concept is if a question is answered correctly the student moves on to the next level. For example if Question a-1 is correct move to questions a2,b2,c2,d2,e2  in random order, if the answer is incorrect the student will go through level 1 until he/she has passed to move, if these are correct the student will move to the third level a3,b3,c3,d3,e3 in random order and they will have two try's per question but they must continue in the quiz until they have passed it. Then we will gather the data for the question attempts, time, average, and percentage.
    Any Suggestion? I've been using Adobe Captivate 7 for 7 months,so I'm still learning.

    I've never been asked to implement a quiz structured the way you describe, but if I WAS asked to do one, I would probably implement it using Quiz Question Pools and Randomised Question Slides.
    Have one quiz pool for each different level.  So A1,B1, C1, D1 quiz slides would all be added into Quiz Pool 1.  Questions A2,B2, C2, D2 etc would be in Pool 2, etc.
    Then you need to add however many Random Quiz Slides you need to allow for the maximum number of questions your learners will be exposed to in your course.
    Captivate's Branch Aware feature allows your learner's score to be calculated based on ONLY the quiz question slides they actually visit.
    So if you use Advanced Actions to control which specific Random Question Slides your learner gets to see (based on which questions they get right) their final score will only be based on those specific slides.
    The tricky part of this may end up being the design of your branching.  You need to set the On Success and On Last Attempt actions of each Randomised Quiz Question Slide to jump to another relevant Randomised Quiz Question Slide.  As I understand your description, if the user gets a single level one question correct, then they should be jumped from then on ONLY to level 2 quiz questions, is that correct?  If so, then you will need a user variable to track which quiz level they have currently achieved, and use this variable in conditional advanced actions attached to the On Success and On Last Attempt events of each question to determine where they go as a result.
    Like I said, it's not newbie stuff.  But if you want to learn more about how variables, runtime events, and conditional advanced actions work, here are some links: d-user-variables ariables
    Since the main difference between each conditional action will be the actual slide jumped to, this might even be a case where Shared Actions could be useful:

  • How to create new page in adobe form.

    how to create new page in adobe form.

    First Go To Layout.
    On Hicherchy Platte , rightclick on Subform and select option new body page.
    This way you can create body page for the particular subform.
    if you want to create master page , right click on page 1 and select New master page.
    Hope this will helpful to you.
    Rewards if useful.
    With Regards
    Nikunj Shah

  • How to enable frontend printing using Adobe Print Forms

    Otto Gold at the forum "SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe" gave me the tip that Sandra Rossi in this forum might help me out. Here is the link to my original thread How to enable frontend printing using Adobe Print Forms
    My question was:
    Hi Experts!
    Did anyone of you manage to enable frontend printing using Adobe Print Forms? In order to save administration effort we use frontend printing in our ERP system. We just changed some SMARTFORMS to the new Adobe Forms technology. Now we learned that direct frontend printing does not work with these forms.
    Any help will be very much appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

    I think you'll be disappointed by a rather negative answer but I'll try to explain everything I know (or think I know) the best I can
    The simplest solution is to do a preview, and print from Adobe Reader! (as I could see on one project, users have to display one more dialog than usually to print) It's the best workaround according to me.
    How Adobe form printing works:
    When you print an Adobe form from SAP, a printer language (PCL, PS, ZPL, PDF) is retrieved from TSP0B table according to the device type, ADS (Adobe Document Services, installed in the SAP java stack) is then contacted to generate the form: a file corresponding to the printer language is generated and sent back to SAP (there are also 2 other little files but it's of none interest here). SAP stores it as a file (named SPOOL...) in the global directory (DIR_GLOBAL when you use AL11 transaction).
    When you ask SAP to print it, it sends the file as is to the printer.
    Note: when you ask SAP to display the spool, SAP sends a request to ADS which will send back a PDF (binary stream which is not stored on disk, just displayed on frontend).
    How frontend printing works:
    If you want to print a normal spool via frontend, SAP doesn't know the language of the printer you will choose. SAP sends the spool in a format named SAPWIN to a frontend program named SAPLPD, it converts the SAPWIN format into GDI, a Windows format that is understood by all printer drivers, and it is sent to the printer driver (you have selected) which converts the GDI format into the printer language.
    Any workaround?
    First possibility would be that ADS converts the PDF into SAPWIN format (by creating an Adobe .XDC file at the ADS side). SAP says it's not possible in Note 685571 - Printing PDF-based forms. As I understand, SAPWIN is a very simple language compared to PCL for example, so it is very difficult to convert a PDF to SAPWIN without losing much information. There's a SAP note about the SAPWIN language if you want to check.
    Second possibility is to print directly the PDF through Adobe Reader: you get the PDF from ADS, download it to the frontend (easy), and execute directly Adobe Reader print function. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's possible. Moreover, we should enhance the standard SAP print dialog...
    Third possibility is the one I recommended at the beginning of this post

  • How to Create Tag Cloud using Flex

    I am trying to create Tag cloud using Adobe Flex. Can you
    please give me a hint of how to proceed.
    Any hint will be a help.

    I am trying to create Tag cloud using Adobe Flex. Can you
    please give me a hint of how to proceed.
    Any hint will be a help.

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