How to create PDF from Excel with Password Protection Using Visual Studio & Visual Basic

Could someone provide some VB code sample(s) to create a PDF file with password protection (Security Method - Password Security - Restrict Editing & Printing)?
I create a bunch of reports every week using an Excel 2010 addin that subsequently must be printed to PDF.  I then have to manually edit the properties of each document in order to apply the printing restriction.
I'm using Acrobat X.
I've downloaded the SDK but have no idea which dll's to use or where to begin.

That's surprising & disappointing.  I would have thought that this capability would have long since been requested.
Thanks for the heads up.

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  • Acrobat X Pro - create PDF from Excel with no margins...ARGH!

    Hello all,
    Does anyone know if it's possible to create a PDF from a selection of Excel cells without a margin appearing on the PDF file? Even if I set the print margins (print to Adobe PDF) to zero, Acrobat still puts in margins in the PDF. The background of the Excel file is black (as specified by my manager), and he wants black all the way to the edges of the PDF page.
    I have to submit this weekly, and as it's several pages long I don't want to be faffing about with the crop tool each Monday morning (it already takes long enough to source the data). The current solution I have been given is to create a template in Powerpoint (HATE) and link the cells/graphs, but and paste any text boxes, and then convert from Powerpoint to PDF, as no margins are imposed this way.I know cropping would be quicker than this, but surely in this day and age it's easily possible and there's just some simple option I'm just missing?

    I have the same setup with Win 7 and Office 2010 and have created thousands of PDF from Excel sheets, but never noticed this particular issue.  Regardless, rather than fight an issue like this where no specific documentation exists, I usually resort to other options in the interest of not getting bogged down in a maddening search for answers. 
    Go ahead and convert to PDF so that your links are retained, etc.  Open the resulting file in Acrobat, and use the crop tool to remove the blank margins that are at issue, either maintaining proportionality or not, depending on your needs, making sure to set the cropping tool to apply the scheme to all pages.  I'm assuming that all pages are formatted the same, such that this strategy will work.  Then, apply the cropping, and sanitize the file to remove the cropping data.  At this point, your blank margins should be completely gone, and the file can be scaled for printing if that is your objective, but that will obviously introduce some white margins again at the printer.
    The only other option I'm aware of to address this from the PDF side is via a third-party plug-in from Evermap called AutoPagex.  One of its features allows you to scale a document's content to the page margins, either maintaining proportionality or not.  Without proportionality, I was able to scale an Excel sheet with black background to all but a tiny sliver of the top and bottom margins in landscape orientation.  From here, I scaled the content via an additional feature to 100.5%, and all white margins were gone.  That said, it probably just as effective to accomplish this via the crop tool, assuming the page formatting remains consistent.        
    Disclosure:  I have no affiliation of any kind with Evermap, but did address the use of several of their products in my book, "The PDF Litigation Guide."
    Hope that helps!
    Jason Covey
    PDF Litigation Solutions, LLC

  • Problems with black color creating PDF from Excel 2013

    I want to create PDF from Excel 2013 using Adobe Acrobat distiller. When I do so I have problem with black which is 300 percent black instead of 100K. Problem is only with drawed lines from Excel's symbol menu (text is fine).
    I use Acrobat 9 Pro and few days ago switched from Office 2000 to 2013.....and problems started.
    Office 2000 and Acrobat 9 Pro worked ok and everything including drawed symbols like lines or squares were 100K black in PDF. Now in the case of Excel 2013 it is not so but when I use export function included in Excel and export file to PDF output is 100K. I am not sure if this kind of export is good for me. I use PDF's as inputs to InDesign. So I would like to have more control when create PDF from excel. But in Excel setup I can choose standard and minimum size and that is all.
    I imported Adobe PDF Settings from computer where these settings worked with Excel 2010 but they do not do same job for me in combination with Excel 2013 (I have 300 black).
    To explain my workflow:
    I am a publisher of crossword magazine and I use Excel to write crosswords. Then I create PDF's and import them into InDesign.   
    Should I use internal export included in Excel 2013? Are these PDF's ok for working in InDesign and finally for print purposes?
    Or If you have any suggestion how to create PDF via Adobe Acrobat distiller setup (which I prefer) please give me advice.
    Thank you in advance

    These are tough issues I suspect and the answer you need is probably trivial (it is finding it). I will make some suggestions, but I have no idea if any will work.
    -  In the printer under the Properties>Layout>Advanced>print quality, I use 300 dpi (default is 1200).
    - Under the printer preferences>settings>edit the settings file, I use again 300 dpi (default is 1200 dpi).
    These may not fix your issue, but migth be worth a try. You could also try using the preflight script to change to gray-scale. It may not make any changes, but again may be worth a try.
    All I am trying to suggest are the things I would be looking at. Maybe they will lead you someplace. Others may be by with better suggestions in time.

  • Generate a PDF from Excel with a Digital Signature Field?

    I have an excel workbook that is filled out weekly- I then have to generate a PDF with a digital signature field for a manager to sign (vouching for the data).  I currently have to manually generate the PDF and then manually add a digital signature field.  Is there any way to generate the PDF from excel with a digital signature field that can then be signed?
    Thanks for any help

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  • How do i print to pdf from excel? I am using Windows 8.1 and Office 365 (new)

    How do i print to pdf from excel? I am using Windows 8.1 and Office 365 (new)

    Please see Huge lag in games on bootcamp as a reference. The linked thread is for a GT750m.
    Since there are no mid-2013 Retina models (as per Apple - Support - Technical Specifications), assuming this is your Mac - MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) - Technical Specifications - the same should work for you.

  • How to Create PDF from Illustrator CS3 by using applescript?

    Hi Guys,
    Do some one knows how to create PDF from Illustrator CS3 by using apple script. If know, please give me the scripting.

    Have you tried File>Scripts>SaveDocsAsPDF? There should be a folder of sample scripts installed in your AICS3 folder and a folder of documentation which contains an Illustrator AppleScript Reference which has examples.

  • Sending PDF thru email with password protection in our SAP system

    Need solution for sending PDF thru email with password protection in our SAP ecc 6

    Or maybe you have found any other way? You can check here:
    Password protect PDF file:
    Re: Password protected PDF file 
    pdf with password encryption
    Regards Otto

  • Page size error when creating PDF from Excel 2013

    I am using Acrobat Pro XI, and am creating a PDF from Excel 2013.  I have updated Acrobat to the latest version (11.0.4).  I am using the Acrobat CreatePDF add-in inside Excel to convert a spreadsheet to PDF.  However, when I create the PDF, the page size doubles from 8.5" x 11" to 17" x 22".  I have checked the print settings inside Excel to insure that the content fits onto an 8.5" x 11" page.  I also checked the Preferences->Advanced Preferences of the Create PDF add-in and confirmed that the default page size is set to 8.5" x 11".  Does anyone know why it is creating the PDF with a 17" x 22" page size?  Also, can the page be resized back down to 8.5" x 11" within Acrobat Pro XI? 

    Hello - this did not happen when I printed the file to the Adobe PDF printer.  It correctly sized the sheet as 8.5" x 11".  Thanks for the suggestion.  Also, it will properly print out to the physical printer. 
    The main problem is when I am combining several PDFs into one document, I have some sheets sized at 8.5" x 11" and some at 17" x 22", so the document looks strange when viewing it online.  I am still not sure why the Create PDF add-in creates a different sized PDF than the Print to PDF function. 

  • Having problems creating PDF from website with query-string URLs

    I have a website that I would like to create a PDF from. I am using the Create -> PDF from Web Page..., selecting the site's home page, and capturing 2 levels, with "stay on same path" and "stay on same server" checked in order to limit the scope of the crawl.
    Where the pages are at and, this works fine. However, where the pages are at and, the page represented by the query string URL is not converted to the PDF.
    This is a problem, given that the site I want to archive as a PDF uses query strings for most of its pages.
    I have been able to individually convert a single query-string-based page into a PDF using this method, but doing this for every page on the site would be almost impossible given the sheer number of pages on the site.
    Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround other than separately capturing each page (which would be prohibitive effort)?
    I have tried this in both Acrobat Pro X and Acrobat Pro 9 for Mac, with the same results.

    Remember, Acrobat is a 32-bit application and as such cannot access all that 'extra' stuff.
    Be well...

  • Create PDF from scanner with Acrobat 11.0.6

    Ever since Acrobat updated to 11.0.6 the create pdf from scanner option will not complete. I am running OS X 10.9.1 on a Macbook Air as well as a Macbook Pro. The Macbook Air updated to Acrobat version 11.0.6 sometime last week and that's when it stopped working. The Macbook Pro updated just this morning and stopped working as well.
    I click on File > Create > PDF from scanner, which then brings up the Acrobat Scan window. HPScan shows up as the default scanner and click the scan button leaving the usual default options unchanged. The HP Scan window then pops up and I click scan. The document scans and appears in the HP Scan window; so far so good. It will ask me if I want to scan other pages, to which I click no. I then click the return button as usual. Normally this would then return me to back to Acrobat, but this is not happening. It just hangs there at the HP Scan window. This started happening when Acrobat updated to 11.0.6. If I go into the Acrobat preferences and change the Scan driver option under Conver to PDF from Twain to ImageCapture it works. It used to work with the TWAIN option.
    Any ideas?

    We are investigating this issue and will get back to you once we have any updates.

  • Creating PDF from Scanner with Brother MFC9700

    Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional, latest version 9.1.2 (patched in the process of troubleshooting). We recently installed a new computer for this end user. She complained that Acrobat kept scanning the same page over and over again and only quit when clicking on Cancel. I tried it from both the auto-feeder and from the glass. Here is what I discovered as I did troubleshooting: I get 2 ways of creating PDFs from this multifunction printer/scanner. Neither are acceptable. If I choose the options of Native Mode and have it hide the native interface, the quality is good, but it keeps scanning the same page over and over again until you tell it to cancel. Checking the Prompt for new page box did nothing. If I choose Native Mode and Display the Native Interface, it only scans once, but the output is very pixellated, no matter the setting of image quality. There is only one scanner type option, WIA.
    I downloaded the newest drivers and software, no help. Anyone have a clue as to what to try next?

    Use the software that came with the scanner, save as TIF, then use Acrobat to convert the TIF to PDF

  • How to generate PDF from file with linked images

    did anybody met/solved problem how to create PDF form file, which contains links to another files/images using PDFGenerator? For example from FrameMaker documents which contains linked images; or from CAD files which contains linked components...
    The issue is, that the CreatePDF function moves the source file into a temporary folder, and this operations "brokes" the relative links to linked/included files.

    was your problem solved,if not email me [email protected], will try to help you

  • How to create PDF from text file with specific layout?

    I wanted to create the pdf from text file in specific layout - Landscape orientation and JIS B3 Page size while at Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    In past, I could do a right click on a text file (desktop area) and select print to print out the document into .pdf BUT only if I set the Adobe PDF to Landscape and JIS B3 Page size BEFORE.  And I could only do 15 text documents at once.
    I wanted to see if I could do the create the pdf from text file with specific layout in Adobe Acrobat without having to go to Control Panel to preset the Adobe PDF to specific layout at every time.   I would have to set Adobe PDF back to normal layout after I'm done with these pdf print outs.  I do lots of pdfs in normal layout.  Sometimes I would forget to do that.
    So, How do I do that?

    No such luck.  It would output the contents in letter size even in JIS B3 Page layout at MS word. 
    Is there a script or action where I could set the orientation and page size before creating PDF on these text files?

  • How to create PDF from Crystal Report instead of CRT

    How can we view the reports as PDF within SAP Portal (instead of viewing crt-Files with BO-iView-template)?
    I know CRs as PDF from SAP NW IdM - reports are created as PDF there.
    We use CR 2008 SP2 with SAP_BW as datasource. We'd like to view the reports in SAP Portal.

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  • How to export pdf from numbers with page breaks

    I am trying to export a pdf from numbers that contains page breaks.  When i print the page breaks are created for printing automatically and i like scrolling with no page breaks while working on spreadsheet.  But, if export pdf the file becomes one long scrolling page.  Which is good on screen but when email recipient tries to print, it prints to a single page and type face is impossibly tiny to read.  I would like to export a view in which page breaks are included but can not seam to find the process (i have recently switched  from excel to numbers).

    One thing you might try (if you haven't already) is to pretend you are printing your numbers document, but after you press the "Print..." button (perhaps after doing the "Print setup" thing) do "Save as PDF" instead of just printing it.  Presumably, this gives you the PDF that is used to do the print job.

Maybe you are looking for

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