How to create real time chart with candle stick for displaying Open, High, Close, Low values from BSE/NSE EOD data

Please help with sample windows form C#.Net Example

Hi Goutam,
Please refer to the following link with examples:
Hope this helps you!

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  • How to create an explain plan with rowsource statistics for a complex query that include multiple table joins ?

    1. How to create an explain plan with rowsource statistics for a complex query that include multiple table joins ?
    When multiple tables are involved , and the actual number of rows returned is more than what the explain plan tells. How can I find out what change is needed  in the stat plan  ?
    2. Does rowsource statistics gives some kind of  understanding of Extended stats ?

    You can get Row Source Statistics only *after* the SQL has been executed.  An Explain Plan midway cannot give you row source statistics.
    To get row source statistics either set STATISTICS_LEVEL='ALL'  in the session that executes theSQL OR use the Hint "gather_plan_statistics"  in the SQL being executed.
    Then use dbms_xplan.display_cursor
    Hemant K Chitale

  • HT1178 How setup and configure time capsule with ADSL modem for WiFi internet

    For my first time time capsule 2TB set up,would like to know about configuration time capsule with ADSL modem for use WiFi internet!

    You will want to turn off the WiFi on your modem (if there is WiFi on your modem). Connect the TC and the modem together with an Ethernet cable. Then, turn on your TC and set it up to be in bridged mode, connection type 'Ethernet'.

  • How to create Real Time Infocube in BW

    Hi BW Experts,
    We got one requirement. We need to create one Real Time Infocube.
    Our Users will enter the data in Query Analyzer later.
    Please can anyone tell me the step by step.
    Is there any settings we need to give..
    Thanks & Regards

    Creating a Real-Time InfoCube
    When creating a new InfoCube in the Data Warehousing Workbench, select the Real-Time indicator.
    Converting a Standard InfoCube into a Real-Time InfoCube
    Conversion with Loss of Transaction Data
    If the standard InfoCube already contains transaction data that you no longer need (for example, test data from the implementation phase of the system), proceed as follows:
           1.      In the InfoCube maintenance in the Data Warehousing Workbench, from the main menu, choose InfoCube ® Delete Data Content. The transaction data is deleted and the InfoCube is set to inactive.
           2.      Continue with the same procedure as with creating a real-time InfoCube.
    Conversion with Retention of Transaction Data
    If the standard InfoCube already contains transaction data from the production operation that you still need, proceed as follows:
    Execute ABAP report SAP_CONVERT_NORMAL_TRANS under the name of the corresponding InfoCube. Schedule this report as a background job for InfoCubes with more than 10,000 data records because the runtime could potentially be long.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to create legislative seating chart with illustrator?

    What is procedure to create a legislative seating chart with illustrator. Examples of such charts are as follows: y_Kenya.svg/360px-11th_Parliament_National_Assembly_Kenya.svg.png vg/512px-14thNationalAssemblyOfPakistan.svg.png 2012.svg/360px-House_of_the_People%2C_India%2C_2012.svg.png
    Please help me. Would be thanful if someone tells me.

    One thing to note before you can add a stroke to the circles after the compound path has been released you will have to once again go to object>expand, I do not know why but it is necessary.
    Some screen shots to help you along.
    Also you actually need to make it seven concentric dividers not eight.
    In this screen shot one of the stroke circles is selected so you can see in the stroke panel the center option for the alignment is active that is the one ou need of course.
    Also I am sorry I forgot to spell check in my original posting. So you will probably have to use your imagination…quite a lot.

  • How to Create a PIE chart with PPR

    Hi All,
    Can you please help me to achieve the below.
    Can we create any Pie Chart. In Pie chart If we have 5 Parts when I click on any part of Pie chart It should display my new region below to the chart in the same page Page)?

    For Creation of pie- chart Please refer to dev guide under the section pie-graph
    and as per ur req use the normal ppr for diff sections of pie-graph
    SasiKasyap .

  • How to create a pie chart with jsp/servlet?

    I want to create a servlet which can be used like below:
    <img src="pieservlet?param1=<%=x%>&param2=<%=y%>&..." width="100" height="100" >
    can you give me some guide?

    Hai ,
    I have implemented a trial working pie chart , dynamically created from jsp using ServletOutputStream , BufferedImage & JPEGImageEncoder (found in com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.* package & bundled along with jdk ) .
    ServletOutputStream sout = response.getOutputStream();
    BufferedImage img = new BufferedImage(400,400,BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB);
    Graphics2D gr = img.createGraphics();
    /* Actually this will be got as values of request.getParameter */
    Vector values = new Vector();
    values.addElement(new String("45") );
    values.addElement(new String("125") );
    values.addElement(new String("75") );
    values.addElement(new String("25") );
    values.addElement(new String("90") );
    // my demo class      
    temp.pieChart fr = new temp.pieChart(400,400,values);
    /* This pieChart is class extends JFrame , in paint method of it all Drawing of pie chart using graphics2D fillArc done */
    JPEGImageEncoder encoder = JPEGCodec.createJPEGEncoder(sout);
    Hope this helps to build your own custom pie chart .
    Let me know if details needed on pieChart class

  • How to create a time-lapse with Premiere Elements?

    To whom it may concern,
    I have a DSLR (Rebel T3i) and I am planning to set it to take pictures every so often. I heard there was a way to do it within Premiere Elements and would rather save money since I already own this great software. I would like to have the steps to do so as soon as possible.
    Adobe Pat 206

    Adobe Pat 206
    Lots more details, but for starters please check out my blog post on Premiere Elements Time Lapse basics.
    More later.

  • How to create the timeline chart in SSRS 2008

    Hello Everyone!!
    How to create basic timeline chart with x asix as month and  show project start date as marker on this in ssrs reports
    Which type of chart i should use and any sample link?
    Something like in below link

    Hi SonikaJ,
    After testing the issue in my local environment, we can enable the Scalar axis option to display a set of axis values on a continuous scale and reset the “Interval” property of the X-Axis. For more details, please see the following steps:
    Drag a Column Chart to design surface, insert corresponding fields.
    Right click on the Horizontal Axis and open the “Category Axis Properties” window.
    Check the “Scalar axis” option, set the “Interval type” to “Months” and set the “Interval” to 1 for example.
    Right click on the Vertical Axis and uncheck “Show Axis” option to hide the Y-Axis.
    Right-click the series columns to select “Show Data Labels”, then right-click on the Label and select Series Label Properties.
    In the Expression dialog box, modify the expression to anything you like.
    To adjust the width simply select the appropriate series and go to the properties pane and drill down into the Custom Attributes and find the PointWidth. Then set the value to 0.1 for example.
    If there are any other questions, please feel free to let me know.
    Katherine Xiong
    Katherine Xiong
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to create database and table with GUI?

    How to create database and table with GUI?
    for linux can do that?
    or have only way to create table by use sql*plus.
    everyone please help me.

    go to
    here is a gui tool.

  • How to use Real time execution trace toolkit with Dual-core processor??

    hi there
    the situation as follows:
    i have a computer (PC and Laptop) types with Dual-core processors, and am trying to do simulation using Multi-core technology and based on different simulation scenarios...starting from sequantial processing,.......Piple lining processing strategy. so that i can differentiate the time delay between those types of processing based on (Using 1 processor then dual-core processor Computers)
    my question is: As i read through Ni's white papers i saw many notes refer to Real-time execution trace toolkit to investigate the (processing-time , etc) of multi-core processors in processing diffenent algorithms. My algorithms are to be run on 1 computer with dual-core processor BUT, not in real time environments, that is ( No hardware to be connected to my pc) only algorithms running on my pc....
    So, is it possible to use Real time execution trace toolkit  or anyother tools in LabVIEW to show processing-delays and/or anyother timing critical issues without using my application for  real- time hardware.???
    in other words: how to use Real time execution trace toolkit  in non-hardware and/or real-time scenarios???
    please help me in this.
    Any suggestion, comments, absolutely highly appreciated
    thanks a lot in advance
    Labview Lover

    The Realtime Execution Trace Toolkit only works for NI RT Targets.
    But you can use the Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit, just search for it under

  • Problems with Creating Real-Time InfoCube in BI 7.0

    Hello, Everybody,
    I try to create Real-Time cube for BW-BPS planning, but when i want to insert a key figure into real-time info cube i get error:
    <i><b>Short dump has not been completely stored(too big)</b></i>
    <i><b>Exception condition "Node_related_missing" raised.</b></i>
    Could You help me?
    Thanks in advance,
    Best Regards,
    Arunas Stonys

    Hi Arunas,
    I think you are not on SP10. you may need to implement the SP10 or advance correction as in this note:
    Note 968097 - Error in BI metadata maintenance (InfoCube, MultiProvider)
    Note that the attached corrections cause follow-up errors. You must also implement the corrections from Note 971918.
    You are in the maintenance dialog for an InfoCube or a MultiProvider. When you enter new key figures in this provider, a program termination occurs with message "NODE_RELATED_MISSING" in class CL_RSO_DATA_TREE.
    This problem occurs because the InfoProvider does not contain a unit dimension yet and the system tries to insert the relevant unit into the unit dimension (that does not exist).
    Other terms
    Transaction RSA1, RSDCUBE, RSDMPRO
    Reason and Prerequisites
    This problem is caused by a program error.
    SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI
               Import Support Package 10 for SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI (BI Patch 10 or SAPKW70010) into your BI system. The Support Package is available once Note 0914304 "SAPBINews BI 7.0 Support Package 10", which describes this Support Package in more detail, has been released for customers.
    In urgent cases, you can implement the correction instructions.
    To provide information in advance, the note(s) mentioned above may already be available before the Support Package(s) is/are released. In this case, the short text of the note still contains the words "Preliminary version".

  • How to build a gantt chart with BI Publisher

    Hi everybody, I need to create a gantt chart with BI Publisher. I had a look to the document "Getting Gantty" from the blog:
    but I don't understand in which way:
    1. build the data template in order to replicate the XML code in the article
    2. build and link the yellow bar which dynamically increases its length according to the meeting duration
    Anybody already tried to implement something similar ? I didn't still found a real example about how to do it......
    I need a help, please
    Thanks in Advance

    Yes that is the only option which we can stop a running report in BI Publisher
    I suspect you'll need to ask your DBA to kill the session.
    However, if you have DBA privileges yourself, you can do this by a few methods, some of which are described here:
    Mark if helps,

  • Build real-time application with Compact RIO

    Good afternoon,
    I am currently trying to run a VI on compact RIO and would like to control it through remote front panel. I followed steps on this link and successfully done everything with a simple example.
    However when I moved on and did the same thing to a more complicated VI (my purpose is to make this VI work), everything was fine until I reboot the compact RIO. After a few seconds connection lost between the host computer and cRIO, and I had to shut it down and delete the startup file (with extension .rtexe).
    I am not sure what happened since everthing works fine with simple VI but not the complicated one. It could because the second VI has many sub VIs as well as objective functions loaded in it, it could also because the VI takes too much memories of the CRIO and stop it from connecting to the host computer.
    If anyone have any ideas of how to make it work please let me know.
    Thanks very much

    Hello zzzfreedom,
    There are a number of potential issues I can see with the VI you're trying to deploy as a startup executable.  How do you intend to interact with this VI? Are you running the front panel as a remote panel or connecting to the VI using debug tools? A few points:
    - Your VI will run immediately when the RIO boots unless you're using debugging tools to prevent this from happening, keep that in mind.  It looks like you've accounted for this and required an initialize or network trigger of some sort for some of your loops, but the AI loop will start quickly and appears that it may require user input. 
    - You have several "user prompt" style express VIs.  These will not work (or will not work as expected) on a standalone RT target.  There is usually no front panel to interact with!
    - Like dialogs, event structures watching for user interaction probably aren't going to do what you want.
    - You are writing quite a bit of data to the VI's front panel, and there is at least one chart indicator.  Again, how will the user interact with this VI?  It looks like you need a host VI that will run on a machine the user will interact with.
    - You're using quite a few local variables.  It looks like you've taken a lot of care to protect against race conditions, but this causes a lot of data copies and tends to be error prone.
    - I've not analyzed all cases, but it looks like you have a number of places where the execution of a timed loop may be blocked under certain conditions.  This will likely rail the CPU due to the much higher priority of the timed loops.
    - What will happen if you lose connection with the server in your TCP command loop?  it doesn't look like there is any way for the user to reconnect without restarting the RIO.
    If you do intend to run this as a remotely accessible VI on your RT target, another point to note is that when running from the development environment, the front panel of your VI executes on the host machine. Once you deploy it as a remote front panel or debuggable RTEXE, everything is hosted on the RIO, and this has the potential to bog things down quickly.
    Here are a few references I think you might find helpful:
    LabVIEW Help: Real-Time Operating Systems - see considerations for Express VIs and Front Panel interaction
    LabVIEW Help: Real-Time Module on VxWorks Targets - see unsupported features
    NI LabVIEW for CompactRIO Developer's Guide -lots of good general information on architecting RT applications, network communication and hosts, etc. It looks like you're using the RIO Scan Engine, so the FPGA portion might not be relevant at this time.
    Best Regards,
    Tom L.

  • Cross co. code controlling area - CO Real time integration with FI

    Hi all of you,
    We are in to New GL, and implementing one controlling area for all the company codes (cross company code cost accounting) with group currency  "30". And my client requires the CO - FI Real time integration to take the segment reporting / profit center (new) FI reporting.
    My basic doubt is, when we are implementing one CO area, we taking all the company codes as cost center groupings and creating the overhead cost centers. When doing Repost CO line items in CO, how system arrives the company code since we are not referring the FI document or Company code, how system will create the FI document in the company code.
    Do we have any separate transaction to do the repost CO line items to hit the CO - FI real time integration?
    Please give me your valuable suggestions to use the CO-FI real time integration with cross controlling area assigned to multiple company codes.
    Thanks & Regards

    Thanks for your valuable reply Mr. Christian.
    So you mean to say that, when we are maintaining the cost center groupings (per company code), same will be maintained for profit center and will be assigned to the individual company codes, right.
    In CO - FI real time integration , I need to select the objects - company code and segment. Whenever any repost happened in the CO module, system will create one FI document referring to the real time objects. We have more than 12 company codes located in different countries. In this way, system is fulfilling the cross company code postings in CO and will generate the FI documents, right.
    Please give me your valuable suggestion and when I am looking the note in Market place (91055), it is showing the CAD Interface.
    Edited by: Ramki on Feb 10, 2010 5:29 PM

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