How to create W7 recovery media from retail Windows 8

I installed retail W8 on my new X230T upon purchase.
Q drive is preserved, however I cannot find a way to create recovery media from it.
Any suggestions?

I'm not sure you can, bitlocker ties your installation to the hardware.
"To P2V a BitLocker drive, please suspend the protection"

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    BAsically I created the vm with dissk2vhd and then mounting it on oracle virtual box but the bit locker is not letting the machine start. How can I bypass this
    Many thanks

    I'm not sure you can, bitlocker ties your installation to the hardware.
    "To P2V a BitLocker drive, please suspend the protection"

  • Recover Windows 7 with Recovery Media from WXP

    Created a Recovery Media from a preinstalled ThinkCentre (M58p) Windows 7. Stored on DVD including WINR.WIM total size 257 Mb. Installed Windows XP using Lenovo RnR DVD's. So far no problem.
    Now wanting to know how I can recover the factory W7. Used the Recovery Media W7, Windows starts Product Recovery, selected method 'Restore to factory default state'.
    Wizard asks for Product Recovery Disc 1.
    I created the Recovery Media in assumption having the opportunity to restore the factory Windows 7.
    Do I need the recovery disks of Lenovo for this? Does the Recovery Media only work in combination with W7 OS?
    F11 starts RnR for the WXP. The recovery partition of W7 seems to be deleted by the recovery of WXP.
    In the past (pre-ThinkVantage-period) I used Ghost for the original factory OS's, did work nicely.
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    welcome to the forum.
    Ok, so let's start from the scratch. What you have created while the Win7 was instaled was not an "image" nor a backup of your system. That was just a bootable "Rescue" disc, so that in case you cannot boot up into OS, you can boot from this CD and this will give you some options to save your date, etc.
    Unfortunately on your protection I have to tell, that it is a bit harder to differ the two buttons, where one says "Create Rescue and Recovery disc" and the second one "Create recovery media". The one will create a disk, like you have. The second one will create you a new set of recovery CDs, that you could use for the restore of your system.
    So in this situation, where also the original RnR Win7 partition is gone, Is the only chance to get back to Win7, to call support and ask for the Recovery CDs.
    Let me know, if this post helps you. a bit.
    Also feel free to asky any add question.  I'll be happy to answer them if I know the correct answer

  • Basically... I had an ipod touch sync'd to my dads i tunes.. i then got an iphone and created my own apple id.. how could i transfer the media from my ipod which was used on a different apple id onto my own account without everything deleting

    basically... I had an ipod touch sync'd to my dads i tunes.. i then got an iphone and created my own apple id.. how could i transfer the media from my ipod which was used on a different apple id onto my own account without everything deleting

    Syncing an iDevice to a computer does not remove content from the computer.
    Syncing an iDevice to a computer that it does not normally sync with will remove the content from that device.
    If the media was acquired with a different Apple ID it is in no way linked to your Apple ID.

  • How to create Qosmioplayer recovery CD on Qosmio G35

    I just bought a "factory re-certified" G35. I know that is an american model, but the american support site doesn have a forum this good.
    Apparently on the Qosmio G35-AV600 model, it is not possible to create a Qosmio Player Recovery CD once the Qosmio Recovery DVD has been used to restore the software 'image' onto the computer's hard disk drive. If I try to create a Qosmio Player Recovery CD, the computer will eject the blank CD, and the following error message will be displayed:
    "File has been deleted or co... "
    This is because the utility program that creates the Qosmio Player Recovery CD is not reinstalled by the Qosmio Recovery DVD, even though all of the other software is successfully re-installed.
    The laptop did not come with a qosmioplayer recovery CD. I downloaded the "Qosmio Player Utility for Windows XP" from the following site:
    All it seemed to do was run installshield (in xp) and unzip a few files to the 'c' drive, but that still has no affect. Apart from asking Toshiba to send me the recovery disc, is there anything that I can do?

    Hallo Saurabh
    The US Toshiba notebooks are not known to me and I also dont know how they are delivered but I can give you some info about European Qosmio models.
    Every Qosmio notebook (G30 as well) is delivered with recovery medias (Qosmioplayer Recovery Media and Recovery DVD for OS installation). Because of that it is not possible to create any recovery media. Qosmioplayer is not part of operating system and not installed on Windows partition.
    Qosmioplayer is Linux based player and preinstalled on non-partitioned part of HDD. As far as I know Qosmioplayer utility is created to import recorded movies into Windows OS to allow watching, editing and also saving on CD or DVD.
    The fact is that you can not create Qosmioplayer recovery media on your own. I am pretty sure that US units are designed and preinstalled on same or similar principle.

  • Lost my laptop, how do I transfer all media from phone to new pc?

    Lost my laptop, how do I transfer all media from phone to new pc?

    By design, the iphone will sync itunes content with one computer at a time. Any attempt to sync such content with a second computer will result in ALL itunes content being first erased from your phone & then replaced with the content from the second computer. This is a design feature and cannot be overridden. Because you are replacing your computer, your phone will see this computer as a "new" computer. The itunes content sync is one way: computer to phone. If you have photos that were synced to your phone or music ripped on your own that were not backed up, you will first have to extract them from your phone using third party software, before you do anything else, as Apple makes no provision to do so:
    Once you've done that, do the following in the order specified:
    1. Disable auto sync when an iPod/iPhone is connected under Preferences>Devices in itunes(under the edit menu if using Windows).
    2. Make sure you have one contact & one event in the supported applications(Outlook, Windows Address Book) on your computer. These entries can be fake, doesn't matter, the important point is that these programs not be empty.
    3. Connect your phone, iTunes running, do not sync at this point.
    4. Store>Authorize this computer.
    5. File>Transfer Purchases(To make sure all purchased content on your phone will be in your itunes library).
    6. Right click in the device pane & select reset warnings.
    7. Right click again and select backup.
    8. Right click again & select restore from backup, select the backup you just made. When prompted to create another backup, decline.
    9. This MUST be followed by a sync to restore your itunes content, which you select from the various tabs, You'll get a popup regarding your contacts & calendars asking to merge or replace, select merge.
    You should be good to go.

  • How to create a boot disc from Lion pre installed into my Macbook Pro 2011 ?

    Hi guys,
    I want to know how to create a boot disc from Lion pre installed into my New Macbook Pro ?
    I want to re-install the Lion from zero. When I bougth it I´ve used the Migrant assitance and now I want to re-install the Lion. How can I do it ?

    Read this about creating a lion recovery on an external drive or USB stick.

  • Unable to create RnR recovery media on Z60m

    I have a Z60m (2529-FKG) with XP Pro. I intend to replace the HD (100GB -> 300GB) and at the same time reinstall XP.
    Q1) I have an XP Pro OEM CD. Can I just use that to install, using the XP Pro key from my Z60m? Which XP Pro key should I use -- the one from the bottom of the machine, or the "-OEM-" one that System Properties shows, or the one shown by the "secret keyfinder" utilities?
    Q2) Once I have a clean XP Pro install, I'll need to install a limited set of drivers (and possibly selected tools e.g. power manager) from the ThinkVantage set. Will I still be able to install these on a "non-factory" XP Pro install? Does the "check its a Lenovo/IBM" check the BIOS string or the OS or check for existence of the recovery partition or what?
    I want to retain the option of the RnR recovery partition functionality (in case I ever decide I really really wanted the bloatware-version of XP Pro that it gives me...).
    I hadn't previously created RnR recovery media so I tried to create the media using Start->ThinkVantage->Create Recovery Media. It fails with an "encountered a problem; send error report" dialog.
    I am currently on RnR 3.0.027. Lenovo support wouldn't send me the media without charge and suggested I upgrade to a later version of RnR instead. I downloaded the 3.0.{025,027} -> 3.1.042 upgrade, but it fails to install claiming that the installed copy of Rescue and Recovery - Client Security Solution.msi "does not match the installed source". The notes for RnR 4.2 state that it can't be used to upgrade RnR 3.0.x, and that it requires CSS 8.2 (I currently have CSS 6.0 installed).
    Q3) Should I uninstall RnR 3.0 & CSS 6.0 then install RnR 4.2 and CSS8.2? Will that cause any problems? I don't have any "secure drive" files, or any backups I need to keep (I'll be making a new set using standard tools). But I do have fingerprint security configured for power/disk passwords...
    Q4) Or can I copy the recovery partition and keep the "press blue" functionality some other way e.g. by using a partition copying tool (or Linux dd /dev/sdaX ...) to copy the MBR and the recovery partition onto the new drive? Does it matter which primary partition the recovery partition goes onto?
    Thanks in advance

    hello mishad welcome to the forums
    A1)you say that you have an OEM version of xp?does it belong to lenovo?did it come with your system??you can usually use such kind of cd's with recovery cd set you obtain with your computer.
    regarding your other query no you cannot use the key from the COA sticker on your system  to install the OEM version of xp you have
    A2)if you want to create recovery media in the future and ensure that the hidden partition is created then you have to make the recovery media from the hidden partition of your system only
    A3)if you install the OEM verison of xp(which  OEM does it belong to?)you have to activate your system manually that would mean you are not using a licensed copy of windows coz that OEM cd was not intented to be installed on your system
    if you clearly read the  EULA of microsoft you can notice that xp can be installed only on one pc at a i think you got my point
    A4)regarding the thinkwantage technologies issue yeah you may be able to install the power option and all no doubt...the bios does not check whether its your xp or not for that purpose
    A5)but if you do use the xp(OEM) one which you intend to install the BIOS will check for it.......rememebr your copy of windows you obtained from lenovo is PRE-ACTIVATED at the factory itself.......
    A6)in any case use the recovery cds from the xp you have from lenovo aka the hidden partition in the future if you want to reformat every thing the hidden partition will be created by the lenovo recovery discs once again.IF YOU USE OTHER XP CD YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CREATE A RECOVERY PARITION ON THE NEW HDD
    hope this info helps
    Cheers and regards,
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    I am a volunteer here. I don't work for Lenovo

  • Using Recovery media from an identical computer?

    I don't have access to my original recovery media. Am I able to perform a factory restore using recovery media created on an identical HP Pavillion DV6-4023TX?

    I know for sure: using OS installation CD/DVD and the key at the bottom of the machine should NOT be a problem but I have not tried to use Recovery media from other machine(s). I think this won't work because the hardware signature otherwise people can clone easily. Yes, please post back the result.
    Good luck.
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  • USB recovery media from Toshiba for Windows 7 doesn´t work

    Recently as my laptop Potégé was slow I reinstalled Windows without using Toshiba recovery disks. Now I can't activate Windows 7 (64 bits), so I ordered a USB recovery media from Toshiba. I tried to use it but it doesn't work. I turn off the laptop, turn it on again pressing F12, -with the USB plugged to the laptop- and when I press HDD recovery, the system just takes me to Windows as usual, without reinstalling. Any thoughts on how to reinstall?
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    Are you getting a boot option menu when you press f12?  Have you tried going into BIOS to check your boot order?  Usually f2 or DEL will get you to BIOS, or at the bottom of the boot option menu (which I assume is f12).  Once you are in BIOS, check that your USB drive is above the others in the boot order and save your configuration and reboot.  If you are still having a problem, you might check to see how many USB devices you have plugged in, or chained, and remove the ones that are not necessary because they could interfere with booting to your USB drive.  If you are using a USB hub, you might try putting the usb key into a different slot to give it priority over the other USB devices on boot up.  The highest priority slot on a USB hub might be the one closest to the USB cable that plugs in to your laptop's USB port.

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  • How to create a new connection from SAPGUI to Test drive?

    I have installed Sap Netweaver Test drive on a linux virtual machine (windows host). The installation was successful and I was able to start the instance (application server and the database), yet I don't know how to create a new connection from my SAPGUI client (7.20) to this server. The static IP address of the server is
    I entered the following values for my new connection entry
    Description: SAP Netweaver
    Application server:
    Instance number: 01
    System ID: DB2
    SAProuter: /H/
    But it does not work. Any idea about the values needed  for creating a new entry?
    Thanks in advance,

    Dibya R Das wrote:
    > Why are you entering a router string? Can't you reach a box directly from your machine?
    > Doesn't a ping to that host & a "telnet <host/ip address> 3201" work from your machine to the SAP System.
    > Remove the router string you wont need if the above works.
    > - Regards, Dibya
    Hello there,
    Thank you very much for your answer which solved my problem. In fact there was no need of providing router string.
    Kind Regards,

  • How to create a PAR file from EAR file

       I have created an Web Dynpro Application . When i deploy it in Remote J2EE Engine, it will deploy as EAR file. It then runs as normal Web Application in Web browser. My requirement is to create an iView for my Web dynpro appn in EP. That is possible only by creating a PAR file. so How to create an PAR file from EAR in NWDS(NetWeaver Developer Studio).
    How to access the EAR file in NWDS or J2EE ?
    Thanks in Advance ,

    To create a iview,
    log on to portal, New iView and select SAP webdynpro iview.
    It will ask for namespace which is usually , local/Project Name
    and application name is the name of the application.
    We dont have to create par file for this requirement

  • My old computer with all of my pictures and music that I didn't buy on iTunes got stolen. How can I transfer my media from my iPhone to my new computer without losing it?

    My old computer with all of my pictures and music that I didn't buy on iTunes got stolen. How can I transfer my media from my iPhone to my new computer without losing it?

    Third-party software, like this:

  • How to create an XML document from a String.

    Can anyone help,
         In the Microsoft XML Document DOM there is a load function load(string) which will create an XML document, but now we are switching to Java and I do not know how to create and XML document from a string, this string �xml document� is passed to my program from a webservice and I need to read several xml elements form it in a web server.
    This string is a well formatted XML document:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Countries NumberOfRecords="1" LanguageID="en-us">

    Thanks PC!
    I made it work using:
    DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
    factory.setIgnoringComments(true); // We want to ignore comments
    // Now use the factory to create a DOM parser
    DocumentBuilder parser = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
    //TransformThisStringBuffer is a string buffer wich contain the 'XML document (String)'
    InputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(TransformThisStringBuffer.toString().getBytes());
    // Parse the InputStream and build the document
    Document document = parser.parse(in);
    But which one is faster InputSource or InputStream, were would you put the "new InputSource(new StringReader(yourString))" in the above code?

Maybe you are looking for