How to creating a web banner in Flash CS3?

Hi all,
I'm very new to Flash CS3. Can anyone give me a step-by-step
instructions on how to make a banner for a web-site? Or a link were
i can find step-by-step instructions?
I have googled it but found no real help. I have tryed
"Youtube" hoping to even fine any one (most likely a child) with
directions on how to do this. Funny thing is that it seems most 8
year olds are better at Flash CS3 than I am & i'm 45.
Anyway, if you can help please make it simple or for the
simple minded. :)
Thanks to all!!

I understand your pain...I just posted a similar request
earlier today for help but finally figured it out on my own. I've
done lots of searching online and used Adobe's Flash Classroom in a
Book and also took an online ed2go class and I still don't have a
good handle on Flash. Nothing seems to give clear step by step
directions on animating images for web banners. You just have to do
a lot of trial and error. These websites may help if you don't have
time for the classes:

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    This should be an easy question to answer...I've been able to create a variety of ad banners using Flash Catalyst but none of the online tutorials show how to link the ad banner to a URL...i.e. when someone clicks on the banner.  I don't like the idea of having to create a button + Go To URL (on click) because the button doesn't appear on all screens/states, etc.
    Is there a way to turn the entire project into a button without losing the animation action?  i.e. so that no matter what state the banner is in, if someone clicks on it, they go to the URL?

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your advice.  It's for our own sites, so we can accept the overhead.
    The animation is simply fade in image, fade out image, fade in text message, fade out text message, fade in next image, etc.
    So, when you say "they are instead wrapped inside a single custom component", I understand it conceptually but need a few details:
    1.  Does this mean I first create the custom component (before doing anything else)?
    2.  At what point to I import/load my Photoshop file with all of the layers?

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    I am trying to create an add comment form in Flash cs3. I
    have the background design and the text input areas and sub mit
    buttons. But how do I get the submit button to add the comment to a
    different area in the same flash file? My inputs and buttons are on
    the left side of the stage and my display comments is on the right
    side of the stage. How do I connect the two?

    The user types something into a text input space and when the
    user then uses the submit button, you want that same, user entered,
    text to display in another, different, text area? If that's the
    case then make that second text area a dynamic textfield and set
    its text property to the text property of the input text

  • How to create chess game using Adobe flash CS3

    I want to develop a web application that when a user is login the game will automatically search for oppents onlinethat are accessing the same website. I want to design a chess game that does not contain any AI programming. What I want is that a simple chess setup that online user can only play.

    use google to search for tutorials.  that's a very complex undetaking so unless you feel you have advanced programming skills, you would be better served starting with a simpler game like tic-tac-toe.

  • How to create an image banner that slides left to right with mouseover?

    I need to create a web banner like the one on the following site:  I have been unabe to find anything on how to create such a banner.  I believe it was created in flash but am not sure.  I want my banner to work in the same fashion so that as the mouse is moved from left to right the banner will slide appropriately. Its possible that some java script might also have been used with flash.  If someone could point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.  Thank you.

    It is a Flash design and is unlikely javascript is involved with the interaction.  There are probably a couple of ways to approach such a design, but if you have no experience with Flash, you will probably struggle to create it.  The basics involve place the different images  in a movieclip and controlling the horizontal position of that movieclip based on mouse interaction/position.  THe position controls are based on what values are needed to have a particular section of the movieclip occupy the main section of the viewing area.  Actionscript Tweens are probably employed to manage the position transitions.

  • Creating dynamic web project in flash builder 4

         How to create dynamic web project (java) in flash builder 4 ?when I navigate Help->Software Updates,I am getting No Updates Found(There are no update sites to search.Do you wish to open the "Available Software Sites" preferences?)
    Please let me know if any one knows how to create dynamic java web project.

    I have same problem.  Why are the update sites URLs not hardcoded?

  • How to create the web template

    Hi BW Experts,
       how to create the web template.....!
       I just want to know what is the use of Web template. i want to display the report
    in WEB-UI screen ( sap-crm 7.0 portal ) can any one help me please how to proceed ...!

    Steps to follow to create WAD in WEB Template in 3.5 or 7.0 u2026u2026..
    Go to All programs and select your web application designer
    Select the button to create a new page in WAD
    Select the chart and place in the layout
    Next goto Data provider Target and select your query
    Give your report name in the given data provider screen
    Select your query in History/find/Favourites/Infoareas button
    Select your query in this screen and click OPEN
    Now we can see the data provider is assigned to the chart.
    To edit the chart you have to right click on the chart
    After right click on it we will find another screen where we can edit all the settings
    In this screen we can find NEXT click button to change our settings
    In this screen we can state the tasks (Title, units, values, range)
    In this screen we can change our background /validity/color
    In this screen we can add values to the chart
    In this screen we can add validity/positions/order/axis types to the chart
    In this screen we can change the global settings/and overview of the chart.
    This screen shows that we have customized the chart successfully
    After successful creation of the chart we have to save the chart
    Save your chart in your favorites by giving the description and technical name in the given block.
    Now execute your WAD by selecting the execute button
    The BEx Web Application Designer is a desktop application for creating Web applications with BW-specific contents. Using the BEx Web Application Designer, you can create an HTML page that contains contents such as various tables, charts or maps. This HTML page (Web application) provides the basis for not only Web applications with complex interaction, but also for Web cockpits and iViews.
    Web Application Designer for Beginners
    Web Application Solutions: A Designer's Guide
    Feautures of WAD in 7.0

  • How to create a web template with company logo

    how to create a web template with company logo . can any one help me with the steps. or any notes. thnaks in advance .
    2. i have 25000 articles and client want to have a selection feild to see top article ex:50,10,20, 100, 1000 etc . same for bottom articles . plz let me know how to do it . thanks for replay . i am new bw so plz .
    thanks to you all

    1) Please read
    2) Create a condition in the Query Designer: Use a formula variable

  • How to create A web services step by step and their uses

    How to create A web services step by step and their uses with their T-Codes
    pls dont send any links
    thank you
    Jagrut Bharatkumar Shukla

    Use the Tcode <b>WFWS</b> to create the Web service
    enter the Transaction to whih you wants create the web service and save

  • How to create a web instance in weblogic?

              Dear All,
              I want to know how to create a web instance in weblogic server?
              Furthermore , where can i get more info. about the weblogic
              server , including how to use those examples pages provided from
              weblogic server, sampling of procedure to config each service ,
              e.g EJB , JSDB , JTA , etc., .

    Read the new JSP1.1 and servlet 2.2 specific for more information on
              this. You can deploy several jsp files in a single war file on a server.
              -- Prasad
              chris lee wrote:
              > Dear Prasad Peddada
              > Thank you for your helpful information.
              > I've read the page you have mentioned, I want to know
              > if I've serval pages written in jsp, how should I do if I
              > want to access those pages under the weblogic server?
              > Furthermore, Does the 'applicantion' mention in the paragraph
              > is the web instance I mentioned before?
              > Thanks,
              > chris
              > Prasad Peddada <[email protected]> wrote:
              > >
              > >
              > >-- Prasad
              > >
              > >chris lee wrote:
              > >
              > >> Dear All,
              > >> I want to know how to create a web instance in weblogic
              > >server?
              > >> Furthermore , where can i get more info. about the weblogic
              > >> server , including how to use those examples pages provided
              > >from
              > >> weblogic server, sampling of procedure to config each
              > >service ,
              > >> e.g EJB , JSDB , JTA , etc., .
              > >>
              > >> thanks,
              > >> chris
              > >
              - Prasad

  • Creating a web page in Fireworks CS3

    When I create a web page in Fireworks CS3 and export it the
    page apears on the left side of the screan. I want it to be in the
    center of the screan. How do I make it centered? I know that if I
    open it in MS Front Page I can select page properties and center
    the page in that program but how do I do it in Fireworks?

    robweed7 wrote:
    > Thanks, I am a beginner. And I understand the "(barf)"
    with frontpage. Our
    > church ordered frontpage for me to use, then I
    discovered Adobe products, and
    > can't afford it. I did get them to get me fireworks
    though and as a beginner
    > it is the coolest graphic design program I have used.
    Look at NVu which is free and does a very decent job. I tried
    it when it
    was only in beta and it was promising although it couldn't
    get me to
    switch from Dreamweaver. I haven't used the final version but
    certain it will give you better results than using Fireworks'
    rigid and
    easily breakable exported HTML and certainly a lot better
    than FrontPage.
    > I have another question should you know the answere. As
    a beginner I created
    > the web page graphics in Fireworks then opened it in
    Frontpage(barf) and
    > finished the page. I uploaded it to my server and it
    looks great in I-Explorer
    > but is all chopped up in FireFox. If I publish it
    straight from Fireworks it
    > looks fine in FireFox. Why, and what do i do?
    This is because, despite its flaws (and they are severe),
    exported code is less proprietary and more cross browser
    compatible than
    FrontPage's. I believed that later versions of FrontPage
    created better
    code but your story proves once again that no visual Web
    application that falsely promise WYSIWYG is a substitute for
    the basics of Web design and development and getting your
    hands dirty in
    HTML and CSS code to understand how things work. Web design
    is certainly
    not only about the visuals and any designer who thinks he can
    get away
    with only creating Web sites visually without the need for a
    knowledge of the underlying code is seriously delusional (not
    this is your case).
    I do not mean you need to create your sites' code in NotePad
    (which is
    completely inefficient IMO). But you do need to understand
    how things
    work under the hood to make the right decisions in your
    editor and be
    able to fix problems. WYSIWYG is a pipe dream. Don't buy into
    Until you can afford something like Dreamweaver, NVu could
    serve your
    needs as it offers a source code view and apparently creates
    decent code
    out of the box. Learning to code HTML and CSS in a more text
    application may be better for you in the long run if you are
    about learning this craft properly though. I'm sorry that I
    cannot point
    you to specific learning resources as it's been years since I
    was a
    beginner in this field and learned from too many sources. If
    there is
    one book I could recommend that I wish had been around when I
    out in early 1996, it would be Zeldman's "Designing with Web
    This could be one of the smartest investment you make right
    (direct link to book page on Amazon)
    Stéphane Bergeron
    reach : connect : communicate
    blog : tutorials : articles : gallery

  • How do I update Java for Adobe Flash CS3?

    When I ran Secunia Software Inspector today it told me that
    the version of Java I have installed on my computer is out of date.
    It tells me that it is finding 3 out-of-date files:
    Once here:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_04\bin\java.exe
    Twice here:
    and three times here:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\java.exe
    I updated Java via the Sun website and consequently the first
    and second warnings disappeared when I reran the Software
    The software inspector however is still finding an
    out-of-date Java version here:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\java.exe
    Question is: How do I update Java for Adobe Flash CS3?
    Is it adequate to copy the updated file "java.exe" from
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_04\bin\" to "C:\Program
    Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\JVM\bin\" or do I need to do anything
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    I have the same problem of you, and the same dont find a
    solution. Me it's Kaspersky Anti Virus (AV) which find this
    So (and I dont know if this solution is perfect), but I open
    Flash CS3 with the Java update choiced and apparently Flash
    fonctionnely well and Kaspersky dont find this
    prob now. But I dont never use Java in Flash (or without that
    I know that..), and same, I dont know at what Java is used in Flash
    I think that "JRE v 1.6.0_04" and more recent Java version is
    not good, because it's not quite the same Java application that in
    Flash CS3, In Flash CS3 it's "J2RE" and
    not "JRE".
    The history of all Java versions (and this) is here (
    (but in all this versions... seriousely it's a true shambles !)
    If you want the last version for J2RE in this archives it's v but the last version is J2RE but dont again in
    this archives
    (search on Java site, maybe first page ? I dont remember
    where I to find it...). But the problem... it's that this last
    version (19) is always detected bad by my AV...
    So I decide to use just the next version (v 1.5) and last
    version in this series (in archives site) which is the "JDK/JRE -
    5.0 v 5.0.16" but again named "Java 2 Platform
    Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 Update 16" in this dowload next
    archives page,
    so well again named "Java 2" in this page (that which dont
    the case for the equivalent same download page for Java 6...)
    (Choice "JRE 5.0 Update 16" in this page)
    For instal "JRE 5.0 Update 16":
    1) Supp all files and folders in "JVM" (Java Virtual Machine)
    folder in Flash CS3 (but dont supp this folder, empty now) and save
    this contents in archive in you have
    2) dl "JRE 5.0 Update 16", directly in this page if you want:
    ( [email protected]_Dev
    3) In install, choice "personal instal" (or +/- the same
    terms) and choice the "JVM" folder of you Flash CS3
    and AV dont detect this version same a bad file

  • How to create a web browser tutorial

    Is there a tutorial on how to create a flash web browser?

    i don't see a problem with your code.
    but i know not every browser lets you (the popup creator) control those aspects of the browser unless the user has settings that allow you to control them.  so, for example, the fact that you have a browser that continues to show the location field in your popup is not surprising.

  • How to create a contact-formular in flash builder 4?

    Is there any way to create a contact-formular in flash builder 4?
    Only three text-boxes (name, email, message) and the "send" button!
    I build my page in flash catalyst and export it as an fxp file to flash builder!
    What comes next? Please help me!

    You understood correctly:
    - I removed all Build Path > Source Paths
    - I moved those paths over to Library Paths > Source attachment
    I took inspiration by how the Flex SDK is added to the project. Flex and flex related frameworks (e.g. datavisualization lib)  also specify a Source Attachment under Lib Path. If I remove the source attachment I am not able to drill down into Flex code when I want to by Command-clicking on a class name (or hitting F3).
    All my SWC are open source. BTW some of the source paths I was using were the path to the Flex code and to datavisualtization lib, which I think are the biggest library I am linking against. So maybe to recreate, just add those 2 libraries and make sure to add the source path AND source attachment.
    I am using RSLs for every library if that matters.
    I don't understand why specifying a Source Attachment would cause any issues...  the swc is in sync with the source specified in its source attachment.

  • How to create a Web Dynpro Project from Downloaded zip file?

    I have been working in Java Web Dynpro for last 1 month but not able
    to create any Web Dynpro from Downloaded zip file?
    Can anybody tell me how to create a Java Web Dynpro Project from
    Donloaded zip code?
    Kaushik Banerjee

    Hi Kaushik,
    You can add the existing zip file into your workspace by the following way -
    First open the NWDS and create a new project by clicking file -> new -> Project -> Simple -> Project
    and then File -> Import -> zipfile and then browse the zip file into the newly created project.
    or else you can also unzip the zip file into a folder and then Use the option of Import an exisitng project into workspace. You can find this in the File-> import -> Existing project into workspace. and then use the Browse option to browse to the existing folder.
    After importing the project you need to rebuild the project
    Raju Bonagiri.

Maybe you are looking for

  • PDF and Dreamweaver problems

    Since I got this new iMac with 10.6.2, I noticed it will not preview some word docs, or save them as pdf's. No problem with Tiger or Leopard. Also - no WYSIWYG designing in Dreamweaver CS4

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    How do I change the charset to WE8ISO8859P1 in Oracle 10g XE ? thanks in advanced

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