How to deactivate stocks report from pull down?

how to deactivate stocks report from pull down bar?

Unlock the phone so the home screen displays.
Pull down the notification screen.
Select the "Today" tab.
Scroll down to the "Edit" button.

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    i have 3 mobileme addresses, a few of aliases, and 1 gmail account. my problem is this:
    when composing a new message, there are too many addresses the "from" pull-down menu, because mail includes both the .mac and .me versions of each of my aliases. so, instead of a list of 6 addresses, mail shows 10. furthermore, the addresses appear, in the menu, in a random order, making it even harder to find and select the address i need:
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    i must have been really tired when posting the above. lol. obviously i meant "a few aliases" and "there are too many addresses in the 'from' pull-down menu."
    i hope someone knows how to address this issue. (no pun intended.)

  • How to run a report from oracle 10g form in .csv format

    dear all,
    how to run a report from oracle 10g form in .csv format? i've already run in pdf & excel format.
    i'm using
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY (ro_report_id, report_desformat, 'PDF'); --for pdf
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY (ro_report_id, report_desformat, 'SPREADSHEET'); ---for excel
    Please Help..

    i have already tried.
    but the report show in htm or html format. that file will not save into csv. please help.

  • How can print a report from form 6i,  when I press a button?

    hi Friends,
    How can print a report from form 6i, when I press a button?
    When i press a button from Form 6i, the report should print through printer.
    I have done it by using report parameter DESTYPE Printer but problem is that when I press a button printer dialogue box appear and then I give command Print to printer, I don’t want to show Printer dialogue box.
    I want when I press a button form Forms 6i , printer will print my report directly.
    Please send me the solution of this problem.
    Best regards,

    If You are using Client server application then to passing to Add all Print Parameter in the Host Command.
    Means Print command in unix to Host(lp.............) and Other Parameter to file name of the report to print.
    If You not Use Client Server Application the Also Passing a Host Command in Button-Pressed Event and Run.

  • How to move a report from one account to another account

    Dear all ,
    How to move a reports from one account to another account.
    These are reports sent automatically. Unfortunately, I do not know where to find them and how to export to another account.

    You can use the Transaction SCC1 to move the data from One Client to Another Client for a Client dependent table.
    The data should be present in a Transport and you can import to Transport to any client using SCC1.
    Contact the Basis team to know how to use SCC1.

  • How to deactivate other phones from using my itunes account

    Please help how to deactivate other phones from using my itunes account?

    Hello Kirstyspencer
    I would sign out of your Apple ID on those devices and also change the password to your Apple ID. That should stop people from accessing and using your Apple ID.
    iOS: Changing the signed-in iTunes Store Apple ID account
    Apple ID: Changing your password
    -Norm G.

  • How to deactivate a license from a dead hard drive

    how to deactivate a license from a dead hard drive

    You can't. However, Support or chat may be able to help you reset the activations.

  • How to invoke crystal reports from Oracle forms 11g R2 along with passing p

    How to invoke crystal reports from Oracle forms 11g R2 along with passing parameter to it.
    how to pass parameters to crystal report, please help.

    how to pass parameters to crystal report, please help.This would entirely depend on crystal reports and you might find informations on crystal reports related communities more likely...I for one have seen crystal reports the last time about 12 years ago. And even back then I simply acknowledged it's existence instead of working with it.
    Maybe crystal reports can be invoked via a URL call which would make it simple as you'd need simply build an URL and show the report using web.show_document. But that's pure speculation. Also you might not be the first with this requirement, so the solution to your problem might be right under your nose and just a little google search away ;)

  • How to call BI report  from web dynpro

    Hi ,
    How to call  BI report from webdynpro application  and what are the prerequisites for that .
    Please provide an example to work with BI application frame UI element

    Hi Rajpal,
    Please go through this..
    calling BI report

  • How do I launch report from menu using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT?

    Hi all,
    Re: How do I launch report from menu (and have it print to the screen) using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT?
    I am using Oracle 9iAS on Windows 2000 and I have a similar problem with launching reports from the menu. The application should call the report via the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT builtin feature from Forms. The report is never displayed.
    The report is in the same folder as the menu form calling it. Do the reports have to be in a specific format? How do I get the report_id?
    The name of the report is seconds_calls. No user-specified parameters are passed. Also, the report object in the object navigator in Forms is Report4 (is this relevant?)
    When I try to run report via the form using this code:
         report_id REPORT_OBJECT;
         rep_status VARCHAR2(200);
         v_rep VARCHAR2(100);          
         report_job_id VARCHAR2(200);
    --     job_number NUMBER;
    --     server_name VARCHAR2(200) := 'repserver';
         report_id:= FIND_REPORT_OBJECT('seconds_calls');
         v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(report_id);
    I get this error message:
    FRM-41219 Cannot find report:Invalid ID
    And this message
    FRM-40738 Argument 1 to builtin RUN_REPORT_OBJECT cannot be null
    When I tried to use the same code (above), substituting the object name for the form name,
    I got these messages:
    FRM-41219 Cannot find report:Invalid ID
    FRM-40738 Argument 1 to builtin RUN_REPORT_OBJECT cannot be null
    And FRM-10259 Invalid null argument to packaged procedure or function (???)
    Any ideas?

    This code extracts the Reports job id from the Reports Server name. The run_report_object() built-in
    retrieves e.g. RepServ_9 as a job id, but in Reports9i you only need the '9' as a value to retrieve the
    Use the following sample a template. It is a procedure that expects the reports object name, teh reports server name and the
    output format as an argument. The call to Web.show_document expects the ReportsSrevices to be accessible from teh same server
    (relative addressing is used)
    PROCEDURE RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC (vc_reportobj Varchar2, vc_reportserver varchar2, vc_runformat varchar2) IS
    v_report_id           Report_Object;
    vc_ReportServerJob      VARCHAR2(100); /* unique id for each Report request */
    vc_rep_status      VARCHAR2(100); /* status of the Report job */
    vjob_id               VARCHAR2(100); /* job_id as number only string*
    /* Get a handle to the Report Object itself. */
    v_report_id:= FIND_REPORT_OBJECT(vc_reportobj);
    /* Define the Report output format and the name of the Reports Server as well as a user-defined parameter, passing the department number from Forms to the Report. We don't need a parameter form to be displayed, and therefore paramform is set to "no". */
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(v_report_id,REPORT_SERVER, vc_reportserver);
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(v_report_id,REPORT_OTHER,      'p_deptno='||:dept.deptno||'paramform=no');
    /* remove the Reports Server name from teh job id */
    vjob_id := substr(vc_ReportServerJob,length(reportserver)+2,length(vc_ReportServerJob));
    /* Check the report status if finished. */
    vc_rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(vc_ReportServerJob);
    IF vc_rep_status='FINISHED' THEN
    /* Call the Report output to be displayed in a separate browser window.
    The URL for relative addressing is only valid when the Reports Server
    is on the same host as the Forms Server. For accessing a Remote Reports
    Server on a different machine, you must use the prefix http://hostname:port/ */
    WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT ('/reports/rwservlet/getjobid '||vjob_id ||'?server='vc_reportserver,'_blank');
    message ('Report failed with error message '||vc_rep_status);
    END IF;

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  • How to migrate webanalysis reports from System 9.2 to System 11

    how to migrate webnalysis reports from 9.2 to Hyperion System 11. I know the migartion utility only works for Pre system 9 products. We have new env of sytem 11 and succesfully migrated planning and HFM from 9.2 to system 11. How to migarte webanalysis reports.

    Have you been able to resolve this ?
    There are various approaches possible, depending on the amount and the folder structure of your reports.
    One is to use life cycle management (not sure how stable it is in 9.2), the other is the import/export tool within web Analysis
    Hope this helps,

  • How can I clear the browser pull down list, I have followed directions using options and it just won`t clear

    How can I clear the browser pull down list, I have followed directions using options and it just won`t clear

    Entries in the location bar drop down list with a yellow (blue on Mac) star at the right end are bookmarks.<br />
    You can remove such a bookmarked item that shows in the list if you open that url in a tab and click the yellow star in the location bar.<br />
    This will open the "Edit This Bookmark" dialog and you can click the Remove button to remove the bookmark if you want to remove such a bookmarked entry.<br />
    * [[Clearing Location bar history]]
    * [[Cannot clear Location bar history]]

  • How To Deactivate Adobe Audition From Old PC Online

    How To Deactivate Adobe Audition From Old PC Online. Couz I Have sold The Old PC and Forgot To Unistall

    Hi Vicky,
    Here you go: Contact Customer Care

  • How to create a Report from WebDympro

    Hi All,
    I just want to know how I can create a report from WebDynpro? I need to pull data from R/3 using a RFC function module, but I don't know if it exists a software to create reports.
    Thanks in advance
    Alexis Ramirez

    Hi Rich,
    Even i had a similar kind of problem. I wanted to fetch data from BI through the XMLA Connector which are created in Query Designer and then i wanted to fetch these fields and rearrange them and put it in a report format by colouring certain fields. Can the same can be done in WebDynpro.

Maybe you are looking for